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Yorkshire Parish Registers
Colin Blanshard Withers, 1998. 556pp. Detailed information on each of Yorkshire's 850+ pre-1832 churches & chapelries, registers (& where they are deposited), BTs, IGI coverage, whether there are any indexes/ transcripts, details of Record Offices, Family History Societies & a plethora of essential detail - everything the family historian could want in one volume. No serious researcher should be without a copy; modestly priced, it enables much preparatory work to be done before setting off to the correct Record Office and will easily pay for itself in the savings of time, travelling expenses etc. It is an ideal present for birthday/Christmas. Only a limited number of copies of this essential guide have been produced, and second-hand copies will be scarce now that the title has gone out of print. Chapel Books has been fortunate to acquire a supply of new copies, which are available at the published price (including UK postage) of £28.99

Roman Catholics in North West Yorkshire - Returns of Papists 1767
John P Perkins & Pauline M Litton, 1990. A5 booklet in blue card covers, 32pp. An index to the returns for the three Eastern Deaneries of the Archdeaconry of Richmond (Boroughbridge, Catterick and Richmond) and those parts of the Western Deanery of Lonsdale which lie in historic Yorkshire. Shows names, ages, family groups etc. The booklet also includes details of those North West Yorkshire Catholic registers deposited with the Registrar General in 1840 and now stored at the PRO, also a very useful list of recommended reading material. Several copies available, each £3.00 UK post-free

Yorkshire Inquisitions vol III
Yorkshire Archaeological Society record Series vol 31, 1902.  208pp inc index.  Details of 106 inquisitions dating from the period 1294 to 1303.  Nice clean copy.  (ref 2711)  £15.00

NB we have over 1,000 probated wills in stock for all parts of the Country amongst a stock of perhaps 15,000 items, and can email lists by surname or place-name.  Sorry, but they are not for export.


[Farmer]  Baby Photo Album
Pamela Mary Farmer was born in 1916 and this album contains photos and other souvenirs up to 1921.  Though she appears to have been born in London there are stong links with Eskrick and Folkton.  The album is very dilapidated.  (ref 0000)  £20.00 UK post-free

[Garton documents]  Documents concerning the Garton Family
The principal document here on offer is a 1774 copy of the 1759 will of Jonathan Garton of Beverley.  He seems to have been a bachelor as he left everything to his nephew Ellinor who was also executor, and as such was responsible for paying out several legacies to relatives.  The other documents are 1775 copies of 4 receipts for legacies paid by Ellinor to Jonathan Garton (grandson of the testator Jonathan), William Garton, Jane Garton and Ann Garton.  The copy will is a bit grubby and waterstained though perfectly legible.  The 5 items (ref 668/2)  £25.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Mills documents] 2 Documents dated 1917
Emily Mills of Bridlington died in late 1916.  Here you have an opportunity to acquire the copy of her will used to obtain probate - this particular document bears several rubber stamps of organisations and companies in whom Emily had shares.  This is accompanied by a deed of release in which her executors set out and approved legacies to beneficiaries.  The release in particular is an important family document bearing contemporary signatures of 6 of Emily's closest relatives.  The pair (ref 132/1)  £20.00 post-free  Not for export

[Shepherd document]  Will of John Shepherd
A typescript copy (made in 1899) of the 1890 will of John Shepherd of North Ferriby.  Two large paper sheets with a 3rd as a covering sheet.  (ref 692/3)  £4.00 post-free 
Not for export


[Beverley] Series of Property Deeds for a House etc in Lairgate
A group of 5 documents, all on parchment, tracing ownership or occupation from 1798 to 1811. In latter documents the house is described as being on the east side of Lairgate, adjacent to (and over) the entry to the Green Dragon. Surnames involved are Arkham/Skerne/ Staveley/Brigham/Hick. (ref B227)   £30.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Beverley document]  Recommendations concerning the Nonconformist Chapel
This single page 1867 report by the Borough Surveyor recommends the development of some of the land attached to the chapel to increase income.  Manuscript on lined paper.  (ref 148/49)  £10.00 post-free 
 Not for export

Green's Complete Hand-Book to Beverley, containing an Historical Sketch of the Borough, a description of the Magnificent Minster, the Grand Church of St Mary, and all the other Public Edifices and Principal Objects
J J Sheahan, 4th & revised ed, nd [but on the last page is contained 'In the present year (1881).....'].  Small booklet (pp are approx 5"x7") of 82pp in orange paper covers, 6 steel engraved plate-ills as required.  Old waterstains on covers, spine very poor due to long term storage underneath a heavy pile of books, pp are out of true.  Contents clean, though, G.  (ref 3999)  £16.00 UK post-free

[Beverley Charities] Petition for Appointment of New Trustees
This is a contemporary copy of an 1849 petition to the Lord High Chancellor to appoint new trustees to 18 local charities. Apart from their titles, no details of the charities are given. There seems to have been quite a turnover of trustees, few of whom attended meetings. Manuscript on 6 large paper sheets. (ref 290/20)    £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Beverley] Property Documents relating to Well Lane/New Street
A small group of 6 items dating from the 1840s. Without local knowledge it is difficult to know if all 6 relate to exactly the same or adjoining plots, but all certainly mention both roads. One of the 6 is a 13pp abstract of title giving details of property transactions going back to 1775. The group (ref 290/23)   £12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Beverley] Copy Report following a Proposal to transfer the Quarter Sessions from the Borough to the County
A Committee was set up and met in 1836 to discuss the various merits of abandoning Borough Quarter Sessions. This contemporary copy of the Report is in manuscript on 2pp. Interestingly, on the outside (as folded) of this copy an early hand has pencilled 'useless'. (ref 290/26)   £6.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Beverley documents]  Early Correspondence re Provision of Telephone Network in Beverley
Letters to local officials from the UK Electric Telegraph Co Ltd dated 1862 (2), 1863 (2), and 1868 together with an 1868 receipt for a shilling representing a year's rent for the passage of wires over a property at Bishop Burton.  This latter paper is very worn at the edges and parts are missing.  (ref 148/52)  £12.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Beverley document]  A Schedule of Title Deeds and Writings relating to Premises in Toll Gavel in Beverley
Drawn up in 1826, this document summarises a sequence of 7 deeds commencing in 1797.  In the intervening 19 years the property had 5 owners - William Wilberforce, Robert Ramsey, Joseph Carr, Henry William Maister and Anthony Atkinson.  Manuscript on paper, 2 sides.  (ref 148/59)  £8 post-free 
Not for export

[Beverley documents]  Abstracts of Title to Houses & Gardens in Norwood
Three abstracts of title, variously drawn up in 1858, 1873 and 1908 which between them chronicle events & people going back to 1793.  All three concern what in 1873 was described as being 'All that messuage or dwellinghouse with the yard stables coachhouse saddleroom surgery and other outbuildings.....situate on the South side of a certain street in Beverley aforesaid called Norwood And also all that messuage or dwellinghouse and being on the East side thereof.....And also all that garden or parcel of land situate on or near the South side of Norwood aforesaid and behind the hereditaments thereinbefore mentioned containing 922 square yards or thereabouts.....all of which said dwellinghouses outbuildings gardens hereditaments and premises contained 1867 square yards or thereabouts and had a frontage to Norwood of 66 feet or thereabouts....'.  Principal names in chronological order are Keld, Foster, Brown, Carrington, Norfolk, Langdale.  Manuscript on a total of 34 large paper sheets.  (ref 668/1)  £35.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Bishop Burton Mansion]  Court Case Documents
The background to these documents is Francis Watt's desire to build a new mansion on the site of one of a pair of mansions (High Hall and Low Hall) which he'd had pulled down.  Unfortunately he took ill and died before rebuilding could start, but in his will he left £15,000 (£700,000 in today's money) to ensure the new mansion.  The contract for the new mansion was let in 1871, but clearly something went badly wrong as the contractors were taken to court for damages due to late completion.  The contractors put in a counter-claim.  We didn't find any paperwork that showed the outcome of the case, but it may be there somewhere.  Heavy lot of paperwork, the bulk of it dating from 1874 but the original signed Agreement of 1871 on parchment is included.  Should keep the Bishop Burton local historian occupied for a while.  The collection (ref 148/55)  £35.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Blacktoft document]  Abstract of Title to Property in Clementhorpe and Staddlethorpe
This undated but 1856 document provides brief details of transactions going back to 1814, principal owners being Dickinson [to 1814], Cockin [1814-1824], and Pindar [1824-1856].  Manuscript on 9 large paper sheets.  (ref 148/65)  £12.50 post-free  Not for export

A copy of the above, also in manuscript though on 8 paper sheets.  This is marked 'copy' and is dated 1856.  (ref 148/66)  £10.00 post-free  Not for export

[Broomfleet documents]  Abstract of Title to Two Small Plots of Garden Land
A small group of papers drawn up in connection with the 1902 sale of these two small plots (less than an acre between them) 'adjoining the town street on the north-west'.  The group includes an abstract of title providing brief details of document going back 40 years, and incidentally demonstrating how the property was very much the concern of the Buckle family.  (ref 148/51)  £15.00 
post-free  Not for export

[Cavil with Portington document]  Extracts from the Apportionment of Rent Charge
 A copy [undated but made approx 1875] of the 1843 provisional agreement made concerning the commutation of tithes payable to the vicar.  A a result we have this record of landowners, occupiers, field names and acreages of 29 plots of land totalling 210 acres.  Manuscript on 6 large paper sheets with a 7th as the covering sheet.  (ref 148/57)  £15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Cliffe cum Lund documents]  Copyhold Deeds
Five parchment deeds recording surrenders and admittances during the period 1857-1882.  Three concern William Gleadall,  the other two concern John Wilson.  The group (ref 479/12)  £30.00 post-free 
Not for export

Heslington A Portrait of the Village
Alfred Colley, 1992. A5, pictorial card covers, 68pp containing 65 ills mostly photos, VG. (ref 6452)   £4.50 UK post-free

[Hessle] Passage of Humber
Geoffrey B Mann, nd but 1970s A5 booklet of 135pp in card covers, several photo & other ills. Published whilst the close-by Humber Bridge was under construction, this is a useful local history quoting from many transport ordinances. Clean copy. (ref 6757) £4.50

[Kingston Upon Hull] Programme of Property Sales
This 1893 programme lists approx 12 sales by auction. Most of the properties were in Hull (eg Hessle Rd & Bean St, Carr La, Sykes St & English St, Beverley Rd, Church St & Raikes St, St Hilda St, Dansom La). Nice copy. (ref T155/71)   £4.00 post-free within UK

[Kingston Upon Hull] Copy Charles II document
This is another undated copy document, undoubtedly made at the same time as the one above. This one consists of one sentence lasting for 27 large paper sheets and I lost the thread somewhere on p4, but it seems to be Charles II's blessing on Kingston Upon Hull's status as a free town. Grubby as folded. (ref 291/40) £12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Kirby Grindalyth document]  Copy of Royal Grant of the Rectory of Kirby Grindalyth
This is an undated but approx 1800 [the paper is watermarked 1798] copy of a Grant dated 26th February 4Jas 1[1606-7].  The Grant is of tithes of a number of parishes but this copy was specifically made to support a claim by a Miss Lillingston.   There are no accompanying papers to explain what her claim was all about, but it must have been something to do with Kirby Grindalyth.  There is brief mention of a windmill 'one windmill in Kirkeby in Grindaleth'.  Manuscript on 6 large paper sheets with a 7th as the covering sheet - a bit grubby.  (ref 4989)  £28.00 
Not for export

[Lund] Sale Particulars and Plan
Shaw's Farm, another un-named farm and several cottages & plots of land totalling 228 acres were put up for sale at the Beverley Arms, Beverley, in 1875. Accompanying the printed particulars is a multi-folding site plan. Nice clean condition. (ref 291/10)   £15.00 post-free within UK

[Ousethorpe document]  Abstract of Title
This 1854 abstract provides details of parties involved in this estate of about 150 acres going back to 1773.  Throughout this 80 year period it was the concern of various members of the Hildyard family.  This is a very lengthy (47 pages) document in manuscript on paper.  It contains a full-page plan of the various plots of lands, and a schedule of the 23 plots shows field names and acreages.  Rather well dogeared but the worst of this can be cured with some tlc.  (ref 148/56)  £30.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Scalby document]  The Quantity of Acres of Land on Scalby Farm
This list of field names and acreages is undated but probably dates from the early-to-mid Victorian times.  It is on a single sheet of paper approx 9"x15" from which has been cut a section approx 3"x5", though as far as we can tell this cut-off section had been blank.  (ref 148/58)  £8.00 post-free 
Not for export

Small Group of Copyhold documents for the Manor of Skidby
A nice little collection of 10 parchment documents (4 18th century & 6 19th century) spanning the period 1711-1872. The Thirsk, Andrew & Kirk families predominate, and they were perhaps related. (ref 7625) £65.00 
Not for export

Stillingfleet Church
C Hodgson Fowler, pp1-8 disbound from Yorks Arch Soc journal, nd but perhaps 1880s. Single photo of 'original oak door, ornamented with very remarkable ironwork' plus plan and drawings. In pieces. (ref 2993)  £2.50 post-free within UK

Thorngumbald - a couple of apparently unrelated deeds of 1820 and 1835 are in stock.  The 1820 deed is a mortgage taken out by John Droney Peacock of York, and the 1835 deed (which appears to be a transfer of a lease) involves quite a number of people - the transferee was Joseph Robinson Pease of Kingston upon Hull, though.  Both deeds are quite lengthy and we've not yet had time to go through them fully, but if anyone is seriously interested we'll set to.  Prices expected to be both in the £15 area.  (refs 117/16 and 117/17)

[Willerby, near Hull] Sale Particulars and Plan
This 79 acre 'residential, agricultural and prospective building estate' was put up for sale in 1909. Accompanying the printed particulars is a multi-folding site plan. A little grubby as folded but the site plan is nice and clean. (ref 291/11) £12.00 post-free within UK

The Practical Guide to the City of York and its Cathedral
Ben Johnson & Co, nd but 1880s (the population was based on the last [1881] census). 120pp + several pp of adverts, several ills. Red black & yellow printed card covers, thin cloth spine. Scattered light foxing, 2 leaves detached due to rusty staple but in view of age, VG. (ref 2736) £8.50

Georgian York
R Grundy Heape, 1937. Large 8vo, 120pp inc index, 29 plate-ills. A sketch of life in Hanoverian England. Scattered foxing, cracked inside in 2 places but still a firm copy. Some wear to top & tail of spine. G. (ref A147) £8.50

The Parish Register of St Crux, York vol 2
Yorkshire Archaeological Society Parish Register Section, 1985. Familiar grey card covers with red lettering, 361pp inc 3 indexes (the names index covers well over 100pp). Scattered minor pencilling, G. (ref 2941) £18.00

Some East Riding Families
Lord Hawkesbury, 1899, one of just 100 copies reprinted from Transactions of the East Riding Antiquarian Society vol 7, 1899.  'In attempting to give a short account of some East Riding families, I do not propose to include the great baronial families of the Norman and Plantagenet periods who held manors of the Riding....    I propose therefore to confine myself to the families of lesser rank, who owned and lived on their manors, who spent their lives and died amongst their own people, and whose pedigrees are recorded in the various Heralds' Visitations of the County'.   36pp, maroon cloth boards (bowed), badly damp-marked though the contents are clean.   Some families only get a couple of lines, others a dozen or more.  Just about G.  (ref 1166)  £22.00 UK post-free


[Gere Family of Great Broughton]  18th Century Legacy Reciepts
Three signed receipts (William & Jane Gere, 1722;  Samuel Gere, 1722;  Martha Gere 1730) each for legacies of £5 left to them in the will of William Watson.  (ref 301/42)  £18.00 post-free 
Not for export

Tugwell Family Papers
3 photos, a letter, details of the 8 children of Charles & Susannah Tugwell and several newspaper cuttings & a memorial to the late Alfred John Tugwell who died in 1921, all enclosed in a wallet or purse with initials ONT on the outside.   Very strong Scarborough connection.  (ref 0000)  £20.00 post-free 
Not for export

History of Malton and Norton
N A Hudleston, 1962.  219pp, 43 ills.  Malton [North Yorks] and Norton [East Yorks] lie either side of the Derwent.  Very nice clean copy, easily VG.  We think this would have been published with d/j but it is long gone.  (ref 3868)  £15.00

A Hundred Mickleton Years
Stanley Walinets, 1994. A5 booklet in photo-card covers, 95+16pp, 53 photo-ills. Life and times in a Teesdale village from the 1890s to the 1990s. G. (ref 6961) £3.50

[Middlesbrough plan]  Plan of Sewage Pipes under Marton West Beck
A plan produced on linen by the Brough Engineer in 1904 showing the main sewage pipe running under Cumberland Road, Eastbourne Road and Sycamore Road.   Multifolded.  (ref 301/4)  £5.00 UK post-free

[Newholm with Dunsley document]  Abstract of Title to The Broats
This 1870 abstract provides details of deeds and documents going back 40 years when the property passed from William & Alice Corner to Thomas Banks.   Manuscript on 12 large paper sheets.  (ref 301/44)  £12.50 UK post-free

[Newholm with Dunsley document]  Abstract of Title to The Broats
This undated but approx 1830 abstract provides details of property deeds stretching back to 1711 when mariner Francis Huntrodes and his wife Addeline sold 2 plots of land called The Broats to Thomas Cooper for £60.  In the 1770s the property devolved from the Cooper family to the related Corner family.  Manuscript on 13 large paper sheets, all holed where old folds cross but acceptable for age.  (ref 301/46)   £18.00 UK post-free

The History and Annals of Northallerton Yorkshire with Notes and Voluminous Appendix
Rev J L Saywell, 1885 new ed.  231+lxxiiipp, frontis photo of church, 4 other plates of which 3 are pairs of photos, several ills in the letterpress.  Scattered spotting, mainly to the first and last few leaves, a couple of leaves have old dogears, recent reback incorporating the (quite worn) original backstrip, a nice firm copy.  (ref 2325)  £70.00

The Parish Register of Raskelf 1747-1812
Yorkshire Archaeological Society vol 119, 1953.  As-issued overlapping card covers, covers printed in red, 80pp inc 2 indexes, pp untrimmed.  The registers prior to 1747 were destroyed in a fire in the clerk's house.  Covers a little grubby, contents nice and clean, VG.  (ref 2155)  £17.50

Richmondshire Civil Marriages and Richmondshire Transcripts Index
Yorkshire Parish Register Society vol 101, 1936.  Original paper covers with red lettering, 94pp and xxiipp respectively.  A transcript of  the 327 marriages from Michaelmas 1653 to the Restoration 1660 recorded in the Richmond Parish Register vol 2, which of necessity became a record of civil marriages for both Richmond and the surrounding area.  Worn but still G.  (ref 2242)  £20.00

The Parish Register of Rokeby 1598-1837
Yorkshire Archaeological Society vol 128, 1965.  As-issued buff card covers, titles printed in red, 87pp inc 3 indexes, frontis view of the church c1816.   We understand this vol is still in print at £20+P&P, our copy (ref 1881)   £12.00

Some Account of Salton Church
C Hodgson Fowler, Yorks Ach Soc, nd. 7pp of text + 4 ills. Disbound. (ref 2997)   £2.00 UK post-free

[Scarborough document] Copy Conveyance of St Peter's Catholic Church, Tollergate
This is an 1871 copy of an 1870 conveyance of 'that recently erected building called St Peter's Catholic Church and the Presbytery and cottage and other buildings....and also all that building heretofore used as a Roman Catholic Chapel but now used as a Roman Catholic School....'. Included is a hand coloured site plan on waxed tracing paper showing the area concerned was bounded by Castle Road, Tollergate, West Gate and Auborough Street. From the wording of the document the site seems to have been leased for the purposes of a Roman Catholic Chapel since 1806. Manuscript covering 6 paper sheets, small tears at edges of old folds. (ref 6065)   £20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Scarborough document] Mortgage Transfer - The York Hotel, King Street
This 1903 deed provides very brief details of the original mortgage [taken out in 1878] and comes with an 1878 valuation of the hotel and an 1880's statement.  The York Hotel was formerly known as The Kings Head.  (ref 239/42)  £10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Scarborough document] Account of Expenses - Belle Vue Cottage, Westwood Road
A signed statement by Edgar D Rooke of payments made by him during the period Oct 1881 to Feb 1887 using odd pages removed from an account book.  Rather worn.   (ref 239/54)   £10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Scarborough document] Sale/Purchase Agreement
This 1839 document relates to 'All that tenement or used as an inn or public house situate in Merchants Row Scarborough and now in the occupation of the said William Garnett.....'.  Reading between the lines it appears William Garnett couldn't pay his creditors who presumably took him to court, acquired the property, and were selling it to recoup their losses.   (ref 239/55)   £10.00 post-free 
Not for export

Photographers of Mid Nineteenth Century Scarborough
Anne & Paul Bayliss, 1998. A5 booklet in card covers enclosing 86pp inc index, several ills. Still in print at £4.50 inc postage, this F copy (ref 40/82)   £3.00 UK post-free

Scarborough Artists of the Nineteenth Century
Anne & Paul Bayliss, 1997. A5 booklet in blue card covers enclosing 40pp, contents are alphabetical. In print at £3.50 inc postage, this F copy (ref 40/107)   £2.00 UK post-free

Scarborough - A Pictorial History
R J Percy, 1995.  4to, unpaginated but 181 captioned ills, mostly photos.  2 copies available, 1 bumped at the top corner, the other slightly bumped at the foot of the spine o/w both are F in VG d/ws.  Published at £12.95 and now in print at £13.99, these copies (refs 625/20-21) each £7.00

An Act for the Rebuilding and Repairing the Piers of the Town and Port of Whitby in the County of York
1702/3 Act which continues 'Whereas the Ancient Town of Whitby in the North Riding of Yorkshire hath had Piers time out of mind which are now very much Ruined and Decayed...' 8pp printed Act, disbound, some dampmarking mostly in the margins but VG considering it is 300 years old. (ref 0000)   £12.00 UK post-free

NB the 65 or so volumes in the Publications series produced by the North Yorkshire County Record Office are perpetually in-print and the prices are so affordable.  Have a look at their web-site on and click on Publications


Bankruptcy Document - Turney, Bates & Bates
Having traded as Turney Bates and Bates for 28 years, woollen merchants manufacturers and dealers John Turney (of Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire) and William Bates (of Halifax) were declared bankrupt in 1822.  Later that year this document recorded the handing-over of their assets for the benefit of their creditor.  The assets comprised several cottages, other premises and plots of land.  Manuscript on 2 large parchment sheets.  This is the counterpart copy signed by the Bankruptcy Commissioners and the assignees.  (ref 141/64)  £20.00 post-free 
Not for export

Alexanders of Halifax
R Bretton, 1947. Pp26-53 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society. £3.00 UK post-free

The Carver Family
Mrs Joyce B Donald, 1971. Pp123-132 offprint by Halifax Antiquarian Society. £2.00 UK post-free

[Croyser] Clough in Mixenden
W B Trigg, 1942. Pp19-26 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.   £2.00 UK post-free

[Dalby Family of Bradford]  Methodist Pocket Book containing Family Details
The Methodist Pocket Book for 1816, only a fraction of the original 142pp remain, probably these were kept by a descendant of the original owner as they contain details of Dalby births for the 1860s and 1870s.  There's also a more recent Radnorshire connection 'June 28th 1877 Lucy and I came to live with William at Woodville, Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales.'.  In the pocket are a number of family mementoes including  locks of hair 'Father's Hair', 'William's Hair', [another] ' Father's Hair', 'Joseph Entwisle Dalby's Hair 1868', 'Dearest Father's Hair 1847'.  Red leather, G.  (ref 7645)  £30.00 post-free 
Not for export

A Farrer Descent
C D Webster, 1968. Pp37-43 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society. £1.00 UK post-free

The Grimshaw Family
F Baker, 1945. Pp49-72 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society. Unopened. £3.00 UK post-free

Important Hamerton Family Document
This is an 1833 apportionment made by Hannah Hamerton in favour of her4 surviving children (of an original 6) Mary Mallinson, Phebe Wood Walker, John Hamerton and Sarah Hamerton.  This lengthy document tells how Hannah was one of three married daughters of Sarah Wood (d1807), each of whom inherited a one-third share in a quite large amount of property.  In this 1833 apportionment, one of her daughters (Hannah Hamerton) effectively handed over her one-third share to her children.  The descriptions of the properties concerned are quite lengthy but include a house called Woods together with 20 acres at Southowram, a house called Southowram Pastures and 56 acres at Southowram, a mansion house called Storth plus lands at Huddersfield, and a scattering of cottages and plots of land - including coal mines at Northowram.  A very important family document in manuscript on 4 large parchment sheets, bearing the signatures Hannah Hamerton, John Hamerton.  (ref 141/63)  £30.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Hawk or Hawke document]  Settlement Paper
The 1839 settlement examination of John Hawke of Hoyland, together with a couple of scrappy notes on behalf of Ann Hawke, who we take to be his mother.  John Hawke said he was about 48 years of age and that he was born at Scoles in the parish of Kimberworth.  There is also mention of a son Joseph and a grandson, also Joseph, probably born in Rotherham.  The three items (ref 3040)  £25.00 post-free and not for export

Important Holroyd Family Document
Though relatively recent in date, this 1902 release document bears the signatures or marks of no less than 107 beneficiaries under the will of John Holroyde of Halifax (died 1864), some of of whom would surely have been born after his death.   Wranglings about the division of his estate following the 1900 death of his widow Martha  were settled in the High Court in 1901, and this 1902 release sets out how much each beneficiary received.  Many relatives' signatures appear inc Hitchen, Walker, Longbottom, Rawnsley and Riley, but there are many other names whose relationships will be obvious to the eventual purchaser of this wonderful family history item.  The one small problem with the condition of the document is the removal of the tax stamp, cut away by the dreaded collector.  This has resulted in the loss of a few words - however it doesn't diminish the genealogical value of the document.  (ref 141/62)  £30.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Horsfall of Wadsworth]  4 Elizabethan Documents
We've yet to go through them in detail, but each of these 400 year old documents involves at least one Horsfall.  Guide price something like £35 each.   (ref 49)

[Houghton]   Family Memorials of the Late Mr & Mrs R Houghton of Huddersfield and of Several of their Children
HH, printed for private circulation 1846. 206+15pp, 12mo (approx 4"x6"), aeg, mostly clean but some scattered spotting. "My father was born on 2nd January 1768 at a farmhouse about 2 miles from Huddersfield...". Covers worn but a better copy than many. (ref 1379)   £20.00

The King Family
James Eastwood, 1944. Pp11-26 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.   £3.00 UK post-free

The Leyland Family
Mary Leyland, 1954. Pp29-48 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society. £3.00 UK post-free

Malham of Elslack - Printed Pedigree
This folding pedigree, printed on linen-backed paper, has been removed from Whitaker's Craven (Upcott p1394).  It commences with Thomas Malham [c1500] and from him descends 7 generations to the late 17c.  The pedigree itself dates from the very early 19c [either 1805 or 1812].  Size approx 17"x12", and ideal for framing.  (ref 4932)  £14.00 UK post-free

The Norrises of Halifax
R Bretton, 1962. Pp65-93 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society, photo-ill of the Norris Memorial in Halifax Parish Church. £4.00 post-free

[Raynar document]  Abstract of Title to Property in Carr Street, Little London, Leeds
This 1885 abstract provides brief details from deeds and document going back to 1859.  Very much the concern of members of the Raynar family.  Manuscript on 6 large paper sheets with a 7th as the covering sheet.  (ref 148/50)  £12.50 
post-free  Not for export

Roundell of Screven near Knaresborough, and now of Gledstone House in Craven  - Printed Pedigree
This folding pedigree, printed on linen-backed paper, has been removed from Whitaker's Craven (Upcott p1394).  It commences with John Roundell [fl 15c] and traces from him 11 generations to the late 18c, on the way inter-marrying with the Dansons, the Hartleys and the Gledstons.  The pedigree itself dates from either 1805 (1st ed) or 1812 (2nd ed).  Its right-hand edge has at one time been crudely trimmed - no loss of text but the edge is now very close.  Size approx 16"x23", and would look good in a frame.  (ref 4888)  £17.50 UK post-free

Important Sutcliffe Document
This 1872 deed records a father to son property transfer.  John Crossley Sutcliffe of The Lee, Heptonstall, was the father and John Sutcliffe, also of The Lee, the son.  Substantial property was involved.  In Midgley - The Great House, together with Back Field, Wet Ing, the Great Scotland, the Parrock, the Little Well Field, the Great Well Field, the Seed Hill, the Wood Top Field and the Small Field;  in Warley - Peacock House together with The Croft, the Royd, the Goose Green, the Upper Grove, the Lower Carr, the Upper Causeway Bank, the Deal Croft, the Lamb Hill, the Laith Field, the Starnswood Field and the Three Shroggs;  in Heptonstall - the Goose Hey and the Tub otherwise Blackhall together with the Pedlar Hill, the Lane, the High Meadow, the Low Meadow, the Great Brink, the Middle Brink, the Stoney Hill, the Round Field and the Stone Hole, the Plantation, the Lane, the Tenter Croft, the Kiln Field, the House Field, the Low Meadow, the Little Field, the Leys, the Blackhall and the Croft.  Also in Heptonstall - the Tow Leys Fields, the Two Draper Lane Field otherwise North Fields or Hemingway Closes.  Also in Heptonstall - the Hare Horns with four cottages in Smith Well Lane, a house called Northwell with other property nearby.  All in all an important Sutcliffe document signed at the foot J C Sutcliffe.  Manuscript on single large parchment sheet.  (ref 53/12)  £12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Taylor family of Middop]  Family Details
William Taylor of Newfeledge made his will in 1766 and he died in 1769.  On the copy will used for probate purposes, all available margins on both sides of this parchment document have been crammed with subsequent family details eg 'Thomas Taylor born December the 1st day at noon Sunday in the year 1782'.  So much of the parchment has been used that it has been unfastened from the grant of probate which is now long-lost.  Accompanying the parchment copy will are two small sheets [approx 7"x5" and 6"x1"] also full of  Taylor family details including how [a later] William Taylor enlisted in the army in 1803 at the age of 17 and died in Ireland the following year following a nose bleed which lasted three weeks.  These two small pieces of paper appear to be what survives from two larger sheets.  To keep them together they have been pinned together many many times and they are now riddled with pinholes - nevertheless we have this wonderful contemporary record of a family over a roughly 50-year period, a record which contains details - especially of precise hours of births and deaths - which no official record such as a parish register will show (and don't forget actual dates of birth and death weren't required to be recorded in registers, let alone the time of day).  The three items (ref 7070)  £35.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Tempest deed]  Further Mortgage
This 1794 deed records the borrowing of an additional £700 (having already borrowed £1300 a year before) by Sir Henry Tempest of Tong.  It would appear the debt was repaid as the signatures of borrower and borrowee have been crudely cut away - though if you want a signature, Sir Henry signed it on the back as a receipt for the £700 and that signature remains.  Manuscript on large parchment sheet.  (ref 3360)  £12.00 post-free 
Not for export

Walkers of Crow Nest
Rowland Bretton, 1971. Pp101-122 offprint by Halifax Antiquarian Society, plate-ill of the mansion. £3.00  UK post-free

The Whitleys of Halifax
Rowland Bretton, 1963. Pp51-76 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society, photo portrait of Rt Hon John Henry Whitley MP. £3.00 UK post-free

Royds of George Street, Halifax, and of Bucklersbury, London
T W Hanson, 1941. Pp74-83 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society. £2.50 UK post-free

[Wood document]  Epitaph of Thos Wood in Tadcaster Church Yard in 1804
Small piece of paper [approx 7"x7"] recording the inscription on the gravestone of Thomas Wood, a weaver by trade but who performed the sexton's duties for 66 of his 88 years.  The chances are most or all of the wording has by now weathered away so this contemporary transcript is of significant family and local history value.  (ref 332/23)  £15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Wrigley document]  Will of Joseph Wrigley of Saddleworth
Joseph was an innkeeper of Dobcross Lane, Saddleworth.  On offer is the probated copy of his will (the next best thing to the original) made in 1836 and proved in 1837.  Both the copy will and the grant of probate are on parchment, both foxed with age but thankfully with no holes.  (ref 6/50)  £15.00 post free
 Not for export

[Wybergh/Lawson document]  Extract from Royal Assent re Name Change
A handwritten extract to the effect that in 1806 the King had approved Thomas Wybergh of Linton assuming the surname Lawson 'in compliance with an injunction contained in the last will and testament of Sir William Lawson of Brayton in the County of Cumberland'.  Small piece of paper (approx 8"x3").  (ref 332/19)  £6.00 post-free  Not for export

[Yewdall document]  Sale Particulars & Conditions - Land at Bramley
This document concerns a near-2 acre plot of land on the West side of Waterloo Street, opposite Waterloo Mills in the occupation of Mr David Yewdall.  It was put up for sale at the White Horse Hotel, Leeds, in 1863.  Manuscript on 6 large paper sheets though most of that is occupied by the laborious conditions of sale.  (ref 101/22)  £12.00 post-free  
Not for export


[Appletreewick]  Property Deeds for
'All those two several closes pieces or parcels of land or ground.....commonly called and known by the several names.....The Hough.....and High Acres.....' [description still in preparation]

[Ardsley document]  Sale Particulars of Coal Seam
Printed particulars for the 1879 sale of North Sandy Gate Close and the underlying Barnsley thick bed of coal.  Produced without a site plan.  The outside (as folded) is grubby but the rest clean.  (ref 419/17)  £15.00 UK post-free

Another Copy - and a slightly better one.  (ref 419/18)  £15.00 UK post-free

[Barkisland documents]  2 Deeds to 4 Houses
An 1891 mortgage (repaid 1895) and an 1897 conveyance both involving Jonathan Jennings Clegg, innkeeper of the White Hart at Ripponden.  The properties are described as 'All those four cottages or dwellinghouses with the large club room over the same situate at the bottom of Ripponden Old Bank in Barkisland.....'.  Both deeds have fallen victim to the tax stamp collector who has cut off the top corners - the conveyance has lost a few words as a result.  Both items in manuscript on parchment.   (ref 141/32)  £10.00 post-free 
Not for export

Bradford in History
Horace Hird, 1968. 232pp inc indexes, 60 plate ills, others in text. 24 essays on life by the broad ford from the Celtic Age to the Present Day. Nice clean copy, VG in a worn & rather sad looking d/w. (ref 2652) £12.00

[Bradford document]  Lease of Cottage at Thornton Height
This 1758 deed records the leasing of a cottage and several fields known as 'The Field Under The House', 'The David Field' and 'The Lower Field' by Peter Jowett to James Jowett.  The period of the lease was a year, and effectively gave James Jowett possession - this almost certainly would have been followed up the next day by a formal conveyance, which in all probability hasn't survived.  Manuscript on parchment, bears the signature Peter Jowitt [sic].  (ref K25/35) 
£17.50 post-free  Not for export

The Parish register of Braithwell 1754-1837
Yorkshire Archaeological Society Parish register Section vol 133, 1969.  Usual grey card covers with red lettering, 133pp inc 4 indexes.  Decent copy, G.  (ref 4224)  £8.00 UK post-free

Document concerning the Wibsey Low Moor - Brighouse - Huddersfield Toll Road
This is an 1835 obligation bond, signed by various parties involved in financing the completion of the road with funds borrowed from the King, to be partly offset by the tolls to be charged.  The seals of the 7 signatories have been cut off - presumably by a collector.  Being just a bond, the document doesn't provide much detail about the road or the toll houses etc, but it seems this is all that has survived.   (ref 6608)  £7.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Castleford]  Sale Poster
This enormous poster [approx 30"x57"] announces the 1890 sale of 14 plots of building land, formerly part of the Rectory Estate.  Streets named in the 14 lots are Cross Street, Wilson Street, Wood Street, Albion Street, North Street and Rhodes Street, all of them apparently undeveloped.  Being such a large piece of paper the edges are somewhat ragged, but there are relatively few tears along folds.  (ref 5133)  £18.00 UK post-free

Gleanings in Craven in a Tour from Bolton Abbey to Ambleside in Six Letters to a Friend in India
Frederic Montagu, 1838.  12mo, 196pp, original blind embossed boards, gilt lettering on spine, cracked at pp192/3, old dogears to bottom corners of final 3 leaves, nevertheless the best copy we've seen with no spotting or foxing of contents, easily VG.  (ref 726/15)  £80.00  UK post-free

Guide to the District of Craven and the Settle and Carlisle Railway
J Radford Thomson, 1879 2nd.  12mo, 134pp followed by 24pp of adverts, frontis map, index in prelims, several small letterpress ills.  Some embrowning of eps, nevertheless a nice copy in as-issued blind & gilt boards, spine blank, VG.   (ref 726/22)  £50.00 UK post-free

[Doncaster documents]  Sequence of Deeds for Property in the High Street
This group of 7 deeds provides a useful sequence of owners and (probably) occupiers through the period 1780 to 1875.  The property isn't specifically identified by street number, but the local historian should have no problem pinpointing it from it's description of being on the West side of the High Street and the fact that it was a solicitor's office for at least the last 22 years of the 95 years chronicled by theses deeds.  Principal parties through the years are Worsop [1780-1802]; Hepper [1803-1843];  Walker [1843-1853]; and Baxter [1853-1875].  All 7 items are in manuscript on parchment - some of them are multi-sheet deeds.  The group (ref 3060)  £65.00
post-free  Not for export

[Ecclesfield document]  Sale Particulars of 2 Houses at Wisewood
Printed particulars for the 1866 sale of two houses 'adjoining the road from Bradfield to Sheffield' occupied by Samuel Chapman and Thomas Chapman.  The outside (as folded) is quite grubby.  (ref 419/19)  £15.00 UK post-free

[Eccleshill document]  Partition Deed, Haigh Hall, Greengates, Eccleshill
This 1854 deed is a legal agreement setting out the relative proportions of rent income from Haigh Hall and accompanying land.  A generation earlier things were much simpler, with only 2 parties (Mary Clarke d1829ish and Sarah Duckett d1839) sharing the income.  Their respective descendants, the Frobishers and Strother/Ives/Bradley/Hall, all had legitimate claim to their share of the rent.   Quite lengthy deed in manuscript on 9 large parchment sheets, bears 16 signatures of both direct and indirect parties.  The deed also contains a hand-coloured plan showing Haigh Hall near the school next to the Shipley-Bramley turnpike road.  (ref G341/11)  £20.00 post-free 
Not for export

Ewood in Midgley
G Dent, 1939. Pp6-70 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.   £4.00 UK post-free

[Gawthorpe] Bundle of Deeds
This concerns land known as The Croft, Near West Croft, Far West Croft etc, formerly copyhold of the Manor of Wakefield. The documents themselves range in dates from 1824 to 1930, but an 1829 abstract of title chronicles property transactions going back to 1729 so that the collection provides 200 years of local history. Names most frequently occurring include Smyth, Taylor, Brooke, Terry and latterly Oldroyd, by which time coal mining is being carried out. 16 items altogether inc a nice hand-coloured plan. (ref 222/1) £60.00 post-free 
Not for export

Gawthorpe & Chickenley Heath Parish Magazine, December 1905
Just 8pp relate to local events/adverts, the rest consists of part of 'The Banner of Faith' or similar national publication. Old folds, rusty staples but probably quite a scarce survival. (ref T155/67)  £4.00 UK post-free

The Giggleswick Chronicle
A selection of the individual paper covered school journals in the sequence 70-78 is available, plus a few bits & pieces.  Condition of paper covers variable, contents mostly clean, and all are around 100 years old.  (ref 726)   £Negotiable, no more than £5 each post-free; less for multiple orders

The Parish Church of Giggleswick-in-Craven - Historical Notes, Ancient and Modern
Rev J C Cox, 1920.  104pp inc index, teg, frontis photo view of church from the lych-gate, 12 other plates (inc a photo which features the old register) as required..  Cracked inside at both half-title and title-pages and p64, a few leaves spotted, spine pulled at top& tail and slightly faded.  One of just 250 copies, this one easily G.  (ref 726/16)  £35.00

Halifax, inc townships such as Skircoat, Northowram, Sowerby, Ripponden, Southowram - a few dozen property deeds have just been taken into stock - about half-a-dozen have been listed on this web-page under ref 141.  Email your interests to see if anything else we have here marries up.   Oh, and we have perhaps 15,000 other deeds, documents, indentures etc covering England and Wales.  Not for export

[Halifax]  Story of the Town that Bred Us
Various contributors, compiled & published by J J Mulroy, 1948 2nd imp.   152pp, plently of photo & other ills.  Produced to mark the centenary of Halifax Town Council, the book is a compilation of articles on all aspects of Halifax's history during that 100 years.  Green buckram boards with gilt lettering & design, some foxing affecting eps and occasional tops of leaves - some of it heavy.  (ref 1520)  £10.00

[Halifax documents]  2 Deeds to Houses in Savile Park Road
An 1872 mortgage and an 1876 mortgage transfer, both involving William Henry Wadsworth, a local plasterer and slater.  The 1872 deed is particularly useful as it bears a large hand-coloured plan showing the two adjoining properties (and the fact that WHW owned other property nearby).  The two multi-sheet parchment deeds (ref 141/54)   £18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Halifax documents]  2 Mortgage Deeds to Property in Spring Hall Lane
2 mortgage transfer deeds dated 1887 and 1893 concern a 'joiners shop twelve houses and house and shop' originally mortgaged for £1000 by James Lilley and John Mansley in 1875.  One of the 1875 lenders was Hannah Farrar (died 1884) and the 1887 mortgage transfer bears the signatures of six Farrars.  The 1893 mortgage transfer has fallen victim to the tax stamp collector and the top right-hand corner has been cut away (inc 2 or 3 words on the reverse side).  (ref 141/55)  £12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Halifax document]  Mortgage of The White Swan Inn
This 1808 deed records the borrowing by innkeeper Richard Ludley of £1600 on 'All that messuage dwellinghouse or tenement situate in Halifax in or near the Market Place there and commonly called or known by the name of the White Swan Inn formerly in the possession of George Slack afterwards of Richard Schorey but now in the possession and proper occupation of the said Richard Ludley.....' [there follows brief descriptions of various outbuildings and minor plots of adjoining land belonging to the White Swan].   An important 200-year old survival in manuscript on 3 large parchment sheets, bears the signature Richd Ludley together with his (effective) guarantor Richd Lightfoot, a local surgeon.  (ref 141/61)  £20.00 post-free 
Not for export

A Guide to Haworth Parish Church
1960s pamphlet containing 11 ills. A little fragile. (ref 150/49) £1.00 UK post-free

[Heptonstall]  2 Deeds to The Tub
These deeds dated 1775 and 1823 relate to 'all that messuage or tenement with the appurtenances situate and being in Heptonstall.....commonly called or known by the name of The Tub.....and also all those several closes inclosures pieces parcels of arable meadow or pasture ground to the said messuage or tenement belonging called known or distinguished by the several names of the Mowing Ing, the Upper Black Hall Ing, the Lower Black Hall Ing and the Lees.....'.  Very much the concern of the Sutcliffe family and the related Crossleys.  The pair (ref 53/7)  £22.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Heptonstall]  2 Deeds for Goosehay
Though 40 years apart, these parchment documents are linked by Henry Draper [1719] and his daughter Hester, wife of Luke Crosley [1759].  (ref 53/8)  £32.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Heptonstall documents]  Road Improvements between Cross Lane and Needless Road
In January 1855 an Order was issued requiring improvements to a 369-yard stretch of the highway which '....would be conducive to the convenience and safety as well of themselves [the related Mitchells and Cousins, the owners of the Slater Bank Estate] as of their tenants and friends as likewise of the public generally if the said highway were diverted and widened and the gradient thereof improved.....'.  On offer is this Order - which contains a very useful location plan of the proposed alterations - and two copies of an October 1855 agreement where the owners gave their consent.  The three documents in manuscript on paper (ref 53/10)  £18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Heptonstall document]  Conveyance of a Right of Way - Slater Bank Wood
This is a duplicate copy [though signed and sealed just like the original] of the 1918 purchase by Todmorden RDC of a right of way through Slater Bank Wood.  The document bears a useful location plan.  Manuscript on parchment, 6pp.  (ref 52/11)  £10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Heptonstall document]  Conveyance of 2 Cottages at Hollins
This 1802 deed records a sale by John Foster (of Lear Ings) to Thomas Foster (of Slaterbank).  The cottages lay 'on a certain way leading from Hebden Bridge to a certain messuage or tenement called Dogbottom.....'.  This otherwise straightforward deed contains specific conditions concerning a well or spring situated above the cottages and the use of Slater Bank Well should it go dry by (apparently) diverting the water supply along a sluice at the top of Muckley Croft.  A very interesting insight into water supply 200 years ago.  Manuscript on large parchment sheet, signed John Foster.  (ref 53/21)  £18.00 post-free 
Not for export

Howden documents]  Abstract of Title to Farmhouse and Lands at Knedlington
This 1881 abstract provides details of deeds and documents going back to 1866.  There are few names supplied for the various buildings, cottages and land, but we noticed Booth Lane, New Close, Stephenson's Close, The Garths and Sands Close, and that should help the local historian work out where in Knedlington the lands were.  There appear to have been several tenant farmers, principally Elletson and Long, but the actual owners during the 15 years covered by the abstract were Hartleys.  This document alone is on 15 large paper sheets, and there are 3 further associated documents, all dated 1881.  (ref 148/54)  £20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Huddersfield document]  Property Sale Poster
Very large [approx 25"x40"] printed poster advertising the 1927 sale of a house called Lynwood in Gledholt Road.  Despite the large size and having been multifoilded for many years the condition is quite good - the only faults worth mentioning are a couple of small tears in the top margin (text unaffected).  Two copies are available (refs 7717 and 7718) and the slightly better copy will of course be sold first.  £20.00 each UK post-free

Keighley - A Pictorial History
J Stewart Cardwell, 1997.  4to, unpaginated but 174 evocative ills (almost all are photos - some dating back to the Victorian era) with captions.  Very nice clean condition, F though the bottom corner of the front board is dented - the book's clearly been dropped.  However, an opportunity to acquire the book at less than 60% of the current in-print price of £13.99.  (ref 0000)  £8.00

[Knaresborough] The Life & Prophecies of Ursula Sontheil better known as Mother Shipton
Carefully collected & compiled for J C Simpson, nd small pamphlet containing 29pp, 4 ills. Born in 1488, Ursula married Toby Shipton of Shipton and died in 1561. She foretold the Dissolution of the Monasteries, The Spanish Armada, The Great Plague, The Fire of London, and many other important events. Blue printed paper covers, VG. (ref 6558) £4.00 UK post-free

A History of Leeds
W R Mitchell, 2000.  4to, 166pp inc index, 99 ills inc many photos.   F copy though in one spot the fep has become stuck to the front pastedown.  With care, damage in separating these can be kept to a minimum, the result being a saving of over 40% on the in-print price of £15.99.   (ref 0000)  £9.50

Leeds - The Architectural Heritage
George Sheeran, 1993. Card covers, 64pp, as many photos by Ian Beesley illustrating a wealth of 19th century structures. VG. (ref 100/29) £4.00 UK post-free

A Concise Account of some Natural Curiosities in the Environs of Malham, in Craven, Yorkshire
Thomas Hurtley of Malham, 1786.  68+199pp, 3 engraved plates as required.  Early half calf on marbled boards (both quite worn), varying degrees of foxing & spotting inside as usual - though many leaves are unaffected, front inner hinge cracked though board secure.  A little over 300 subscribers are listed.   We couldn't find a comparable copy on the internet below £150 - our price allows for some restoration, if thought necessary.  (ref 726/11)  £90.00 UK post-free

A History of the Parish of Mitton in the West Riding of Yorkshire
Frederick George Ackerley, 1947. 68pp followed by list of subscribers, 30 photo ills (mostly 2 to a page) as required. Long term storage of several newspaper cuttings has broken the internal binding at title-page & the book is now very loose. Unusually the d/w is present, though it is in several pieces and probably beyond saving. Priced for condition. (ref 8159) £8.50

[Ovenden documents]  2 Deeds Concerning Grayshaw Syke
An 1807 mortgage surrender and an 1820 conveyance both involving local worsted manufacturer John Hey.  The conveyance is particularly useful as it bears John Hey's signature together with the mark of his wife Mary.  Both deeds in manuscript on parchment.  The pair (ref 141/33)  £20.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Penistone document]  Sale Particulars for Don Villa and the Eagle Works, Penistone Bridge
Printed particulars for the 1901 sale of Don Villa (which lay between the River Don and the Penistone-Hoyland Swaine road) together with the nearby Eagle Works.   It would appear the fixtures fittings and equipment originally to have featured in this sale had already been sold as they have been deleted - indeed the mention of Eagle Works is downgraded to workshop.  No plan accompanies the particulars as it was to be included in one of the title deeds to be handed over to the successful bidder, local engineer Edmund (or Edward) Wood.  The outside (as folded) of this document is quite grubby.  (ref 419/10)  £15.00 post-free

[Potternewton document]  Abstract of Title to parts of Gipton Farm & Gipton Wood
This lengthy 1814 abstract provides details of property transactions going back to 1672 when Sir Robert Long paid £6500 for Gipton Manor.  The manor, together with much other property, remained in the Long family - and was the subject of several marriage settlements - until about 1800 when financial commitments forced the sale of Gipton Farm and Gipton Wood which were acquired by Thomas Strother of Leeds (1804).  In 1807 Strother sold parts to Samuel Elam, and in 1811 it was acquired by John Dixon of Allerton Gledhow.  The drawing up of this abstract in 1814 was probably in anticipation of yet another sale.  Manuscript on 34 large paper sheets with a 35th as the covering sheet which has protected the contents from most of the grubbiness accumulated over 200 years.  (ref 101/20)  £28.00 post-free  
Not for export

The History of Ripon, Comprehending a Civil and Ecclesiastical Account of the Ancient Borough, to which is added a Description of Fountains Abbey, Studley and Hackfall....
Printed and sold by W Farrer, 1801.  12mo, 282pp inc index.   Ex-Nottingham Libraries, their round stamp on t/p and on half-a-dozen or so other pp scattered through the book, no lib labels etc though, as the book has been completely rebound in half calf with marbled boards and new eps which should last another 200 years.   Contents mainly clean though increasingly towards the end of the book there is some occasional offsetting and embrowning of leaves.  (ref 8333)  £110.00 UK post-free

[Seacroft document]  Certificate from Register Office
A document signed in 1772 by the Deputy Registrar at Wakefield Register Office to the effect that he'd searched through the register office records back to 1730 'for incumbrances by deed or deeds made by any of the surname of Nelthorpe'.  The document sets out the important bits from the nine documents discovered, ranging in dates from 1737 to 1772.  Manuscript on paper, several repairs with archival tissue.  Vital document providing detail for both the local and family historian.  (ref 201/5)  £15.00 UK post-free  Not for export

[Seacroft document]  An Abstract of the Deeds &Writing belonging to the Mannor of Seacroft in the County of York
This abstract was drawn up in 1721 and provides very brief details of 23 deeds ranging in dates from 1603 to 1701.  In most cases only names and dates are listed - nevertheless it is perfectly possible the original documents haven't survived and this Abstract is the only evidence they existed.  Manuscript on paper, one large and one smaller sheet, both multifolded and rather fragile.  As abstracts go, this is one of the earliest we've seen and is a quite remarkable survival.  (ref 201/6)  £20.00 UK post-free  Not for export

[Selby] Papers relating to The Unicorn Inn, Bondgate
7 items, all dated 1908, mostly copy documents/letters etc relating to this copyhold inn. 5 typescript, 2 manuscript. (ref G336/47) £5.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Sheffield & Ecclesfield] The Cutlers of Hallamshire 1624-1699
Ed by Prof David Hey, Sheffield University, nd but 1990s. A5 booklet in shiny card covers, 132pp, no index. Details of apprenticeships and freemen. During the 17th century most cutlers were descended from families which had long been resident in or near Hallamshire. Most local families had at least one member who worked in the cutlery trade, and some families can be traced for several generations.  Top corner bumped o/w M. (ref 7122) £4.00 UK post-free

The Parish Register of Sheffield vol 5
Hunter  Archaeological Society of Sheffield, privately printed 1927.  Tall 8vo, grey paper covers with red lettering, 266pp inc index, a mostly unopened copy with nice clean contents.  Paper covers spotted o/w a nice copy.  Covers baptisms & marriages 1703-1719 and burials 1686-1703.  (ref 2333)  £20.00

The Parish Register of Sheffield vol 6 1720-1736
Yorkshire Archaeological Society Parish register Section vol 143, 1981.   Familiar grey card covers, 384pp inc 3 indexes.  Nice clean copy though top cover scuffed.  (ref 1181)  £20.00

[Sheffield document]  Sale Particulars - Glossop Road
Printed particulars for the 1897 sale of Brunswick House, 299 Glossop Road, owned & occupied by the late W F Favell, and the adjoining property Ashleigh, 301 Glossop Road which was occupied by Wallace Revill.  The particulars are accompanied by a large multifolding coloured plan in good clean condition except for a 3"tear along a fold.  The outside (as folded) of the particulars is quite grubby and there's a piece torn away - fortunately not affecting the text.  (ref 419/23)  £15.00 UK post-free

The Parish Registers of Snaith Pt 1
Yorkshire Parish Register Society vol 57, 1917.  Original printed paper covers enclosing 234pp inc indexes of persons & places.  This first vol in the Snaith series covers baptisms 1558-1657 and marriages 1537-1657.  Occasional pencil markings (someone appears to have been totting up the baptisms), the front cover is detached, the rear cover is long gone  and the paper spine is extremely worn (top couple of inches missing).   An ideal project for the amateur binder perhaps to convert this to hardback.  On balance, G.  (ref 2529)  £18.00

Two Old Sowerby Bridge Houses
H P Kendall, Halifax Antiquarian Society offprint, 1913. 42pp booklet with plain card covers, 2 pedigrees of the Waterhouse family. Very much to do with the Waterhouse and associated families. F. (ref 0000) £3.50 UK post-free

[Sowerby document]  Conveyance of Land In or Near Sowerby New Road (Later to become Margate Street and Bouton Street)
In this 1889 deed there are four vendors (James Richard Barker of Norland, Hephzibah Hoyle of Sowerby New Road, George Thomas of Mill Bank, and William Edward Barker of Norland) who sold to John Normanton of Barkisland a plot of building land running north-east from the Sowerby New Road.  The deed is endorsed by a 1902 memorandum to the effect that at least 12 houses had been built on the land and sold in fours to Mrs Louisa Uttley, Mrs Grace Wheelwright and Mrs Hannah Broadbent.  Large parchment sheet, bears signatures of the 5 parties to the 1889 conveyance, and a hand-drawn coloured plan showing the streets as part of a wider building spree.  Quite an important document concerning the early development of this part of Sowerby.  (ref 141/11)  £10.00 post-free  Not for export

[Stansfield]  3 Deeds to High Coat
 These 3 parchment deeds are dated 1763, 1783 and 1804.  (ref 297/31)  £25.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Stansfield]  Sale Conditions - Laneside
'All those two freehold cottages or dwellinghouses called Laneside in the Eastwood within Stansfield.....' came up for sale in 1791, and these manuscript conditions of sale not only set out for prospective buyers their legal obligations but also record the bidding progress and the names of the 10 or so bidders.  The successful bidder was William Marshall at £100.  (ref 49/47)  £12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Stansfield]  Sale Poster
This 1818 poster announces the sale of  'all those two cottage houses with the two adjoining closes of land.....situated at Laneside, Eastwood, in the Township of Stansfield, now in the occupation of John Fielden Senr, John Fielden Junr and James Fielden.'.  Printed poster, approx 13"x10", extensive ink notes in contemporary hand are the gist of statements taken about the local water supply.   Folded, edges a bit dogeared, some offsetting, and some of the ink has come through from the back..  (ref 49/86)  £12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Stansfield]  Sale Conditions - Lower Birks
Lower Birks was put up for sale at The Golden Lion, Todmorden, in 1783.   It is described as being 'A freehold estate.....consisting of two messuages, two barns, two cottages and other outbuildings, with about forty two days work of land or ground with the appurtenances in the several occupations of John Sutcliffe, and Alexander Crossley, or their respective undertenants.'.  As well as all the legal conditions, this particular copy was used to record the bidding progression and who was bidding.   The 9 or so bidders were keen enough to raise the bidding progressively from £700 to £860, the successful bidder being Mr Atkinson, who was probably an agent.  A bit over-folded but quite respectable given the age.  (ref 49/52)  £12.00 post-free 
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[Stansfield]  2 Property Deeds - Lower Birks
Acquired from a completely separate source we can now offer the subsequent sale/purchase agreement of 1783 and the legal conveyance of 1784, the latter on one large parchment sheet.  The property is described as 'All those two several messuages or tenements and two cottage houses to the same belonging situate standing and being at Eastwood in Stansfield.....called and commonly known by the name of Lewis Pighill, otherwise Lower Birks aforesaid, and High Coats, together with sixteen acres of land arable, meadow and pasture ground.....'.  The pair (ref 297/29)  £18.00 post-free
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[Thurlstone document]  Sale Particulars for the Hazlehead Hall Estate
Printed particulars for the 1899 sale of the Hazlehead Hall Estate 'nearly midway between Sheffield and Manchester on the Great Central Railway Company's main line'.   With Hazlehead Hall and 187 acres of land came Copperas House, Catshaw, tenanted by J Goldthorpe.  The particulars and conditions are very worn and a large piece is missing (some Phillistine has torn away a Victorian postage stamp).    Accompanying the particulars are 3 large multifolding coloured plans in surprisingly good condition considering the state of the covering paperwork.  (ref 419/15)  £20.00 UK post-free

[Thurlstone document]  Sale Particulars for Bell Royd Farm
Printed particulars for the 1880 sale of Bell Royd Farm.  The particulars are very brief - indeed they are incorporated on to a large [approx 25"x15"] plan showing field names & acreages - as such it is highly suitable for framing.  The tenant farmer is shown as John Charlesworth.  Some mild staining and foxing but acceptable given the age, minor holes where old folds cross, all folds inc some long tears have been strengthened by neat paper strips.  The outside (as folded) is quite grubby.  (ref 419/22)  £15.00 UK post-free

[Thurgoland, nr Sheffield, document]  Sale Particulars for The Bridge Inn and Cottages
Printed particulars for the 1904 sale of The Bridge Inn and five adjoining cottages tenanted by Joseph Hanson, James Thompson, William Thompson and Reuben Green.   Accompanying the particulars is a large multifolding coloured plan showing the immediate area.  There are a couple of minor tears where old folds cross, so the plan should be unfolded with care.  The outside (as folded) of the document is quite grubby but a soft rubber will cure the worst of this.  (ref 419/11)  £20.00 UK post-free

[Totley/Holmesfield/Sheffield/Dore document]   Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for the 1908 sale of:
112 Westbourne Road, Sheffield.
Woodthorpe Farm, Holmesfield [tenated by G H Hattersley]
Woodthorpe Hall Farm, Holmesfield, [Ruth Crapper]
Owler Lee Farm, Holmesfield [Ruth Crapper]
7 plots of land, Totley [Thomas Andrew]
Limbrook, Dore New Road, Dore [Mr Owen]
For the Holmesfield and Totley properties there is a large multifolding coloured plan.   No mention is made of a plan for the other lots.  The outside (as folded) is a bit grubby but careful use of a soft rubber will cure the worst of it.  (ref 419/12)   £20.00 UK post-free

[Wadsley Bridge & Birley Carr] Pledge Ticket
1884 ticket, unsigned, for the Wadsley Bridge & Birley Carr United Gospel Temperance Society. The would-be signatory promises - albeit with Divine help - to abstain from intoxicating drinks as beverages, and to attend some place of worship. G. (ref 0000) £1.50 UK post-free

[Wadsworth & Heptonstall]  Deed of Partition of Properties
This is a contemporary copy of an 1867 deed, essentially between two sisters -Sarah Ann Mitchell and Mary Elizabeth Cousin, both of Boston Hill, Wadsworth.   Properties concerned are Old Town Hall(Wadsworth), Fearney Fields(W), Parrock Head(W), Old Field or Latham Slack(W), Acres otherwise Ackers(H), Popples(W), Little Nook(W), Slater Bank(H).  Manuscript on 9 large paper sheets, nice clean condition (ref 297/26)  £14.00 post-free 
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The Chantry Chapels of Wakefield
J W Walker, 1929. Grey card covers, 48pp followed by 4pp index, 12 ills. VG. (ref 8218) £5.00 post-free within UK

[Wakefield Prison]  Photograph of Rev Alderson, sometime Chaplain
Somewhat faded carte-de-visite, approx 2"x4", undated but perhaps 1880s.  (ref 731) £8.00
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[Warley document]  Admittance as Copyholder
This 1770 document is a contemporary copy of an entry in the court rolls of the Manor of Halifax, admitting Ann Illingworth of Kighley [sic] as copyholder to 'All that messuage or tenement commonly called or known by the name of Warley within the graveship of Sowerby.....and in all those six closes of land .....called or known by the several name or names of the Over Ing, the Nether Ing, the Bank, the Over Ley, the Middle Ley and the Lambhill.  Manuscript on single parchment sheet.  (ref 6941)  £12.00 post-free  Not for export