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[Carpenter document]  Will of Mary Anne Carpenter
This is the copy of Mary Anne Carpenter's will used for obtaining probate.   Mary Anne, who lived at Worthing (and formerly of Brighton), died in December 1901.  The document comprises the copy will in manuscript on parchment, together with the grant of probate with the  embossed seal of the probate office.  This is the next best thing to the original will.  (ref 3/316)  6.00  post-free  Not for export

Some Account of the Child Family 1550-1861
Kenneth Child, 1973.  A5 booklet in blue card covers, 52pp, 15 ills, double-page pedigree commences with William Child's marriage to Elizabeth Warren in 1576.   A Sussex family with Kentish roots.  Some damage to front cover.  (ref 5383)  4.50 UK post-free


[Bexhill documents]  Deeds to Land & Cottage at Little Common
Drawn up during the period 1885 to 1918, these 4 parchment conveyances chronicle successive owners of a plot of land on the North side of the Pevensey-Bexhill Highway.  Owners were Collins (1885);  Lennard (1885-1886);  Stratford (1886-1890);  Ransom (1890-1918).  Some time during the Ransom ownership, a cottage was built on the land.  The 1918 conveyance concerns the sale of that cottage, known as Fairview.  The 4 deeds (ref 658/59)  22.50
post-free  Not for export

History of Brighthelmston or Brighton as I View it and Others Knew it, with a Chronological Table of Local Events
John Ackerson Erredge, 1862.  383pp, aeg.  Recently resewn and rebacked incorporating remains of original backstrip, corners renewed, new eps, now a very nice tight & serviceable copy .  (ref  7272)  70.00

[Brighton]  Sale Particulars for 3 Houses
Printed particulars for the 1925  sale of 8 St Michaels Place and 57 & 59 Islingword Place (let respectively to H Macey and B Jeal).  Creased and torn along the edge.   (ref 578/3)  6.00 UK post-free

Another Copy - and a better one.   (ref 578/4)  10.00 UK post-free

[Brighton documents]  2 Deeds to a Pair of Houses in Marlborough Street
An 1834 mortgage and an 1835 conveyance concerning 13 & 14 Marlborough Street, both the concern of Charles Duke, who in fact built the properties.  Both these parchment deeds have rodent damage, the conveyance having lost a corner which when unfolded reveals  a hole about an inch or so square in each of the 3 sheets with loss of text.  Priced accordingly.  The pair (ref 88/314)  12.50 post-free  Not for export

[Brighton document]  Sale Particulars - 72 Grand Parade
Printed particulars for the 1862 sale of this 'substantially built freehold family residence' to be sold at The Old Ship Hotel.  Old folds but a clean enough copy given the age.  Printed locally.  (ref 5403)  15.00 UK post-free

City of Chichester
Chichester City Council, 1957 16th ed. Small 8vo, 72+24pp, index, 20 photo plates, 5 maps, other ills in text. This is essentially a Guide, the bibliography provides details of local history material. VG. (ref 6804)  4.50 UK post-free

[Dallington & Hailsham document]  Sale Particulars of Cottages
Printed particulars for the  sale of 3 cottages known as Sunnyside, tenanted by A Burgess, B Oliver and J Winchester; a pair of cottages tenanted by Messrs Watts and Cox; and 32 & 34 Bellbanks Road, Hailsham, tenanted by J Smith and J R Cottingham.  This 1911 sale was held at the Crown Hotel, Heathfield.  (ref 578/1)  12.00 UK post-free

[Eastbourne property deed]  Mortgage of 3&4 Mark Terrace, Taddington Road
Mark Terrace seems either to have been demolished or possibly re-named - however Taddington Road still exists.  On offer here is an 1879 mortgage taken out by local plasterer William Hookham on these 2 'newly erected messuages tenements or dwelling houses'.  The document records that he increased the mortgage in 1880, and that the mortgage was paid off in 1897.  Lengthy document in manuscript on parchment, nice and clean.  (ref 3002)  10.00
post-free  Not for export

A History of East Grinstead
Wallace Henry Hills, 1906.  288pp inc index.  Scattered spotting here & there o/w a nice clean copy, the only faults being a faded spine and the internal binding being cracked in several places (front inner hinge, pp16/17, pp64/65, pp80/81, pp128/129, pp144/145, pp160/161, pp192/193, pp208/209).  The book isn't falling to bits by any means - the cracked inner joints are most probably caused by an over enthusiastic reader.  Reasonably uncommon as only just over 200 copies were subscribed for.  (ref 2385)  28.00

[Hastings documents]  Property Deeds - St Mary's Terrace
A small run of property deeds to 18 & 19 St Mary's Terrace provides us with details of owners and leaseholders from 1851 to 1868 - ideal for checking against the 1851 and 1861 censuses.  Principal names on the deeds are Mace, Barton, Staines and Thorpe.  4 manuscript deeds on parchment, one of which bears a useful hand-drawn location plan.  (ref 191/19)  30.00 post-free  Not for export

[Hastings documents]  Deeds to 131, 131a and 131b Emmanuel Road (formerly St Mary's Cottage)
A group of just 4 deeds which chronicle this property from 1879 (at which time it was a plot of land on the newly formed Emmanuel Road) to 1935, by which time St Mary's Cottage had been built, numbered 131 and subsequently turned in to flats.  The 1879 deed is particularly useful as it bears a hand-coloured site plan;  also a schedule of deeds going back to 1843.  The group  (ref 193/15) 
15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Hastings documents]  Deeds to 235 Mount Pleasant Road (formerly 23 Broomsgrove Terrace)
A broken sequence of 3 deeds spanning the period 1913-1928.  (ref 193/17)  10.00 post-free  Not for export

[Hastings documents]  Deeds to 88 (formerly 155) Mount Pleasant Road
These 3 deeds are a broken sequence covering the period 1886-1911, the earliest deed containing a site plan.  (ref 193/18)  12.50 post-free  Not for export

[Hastings documents]  Deeds to 1 and 2 Earl Street (formerly James Street)
Deeds dated 1890 (mortgage) and 1922 (conveyance), the latter bearing a useful site plan, are accompanied by abstracts of title drawn up in 1890 and 1921 together with a supplementary abstract also dated 1921.  The 1890 abstract is particularly useful in that it provides details of transactions going back to 1876 when the houses were described as being 'recently erected'.  5 documents altogether.   (ref 193/19)  20.00 post-free  Not for export

[Hastings documents]  Deeds to 24 (formerly 11) Priory Avenue
A useful group of 12 mostly parchment deeds spanning the period 1888-1936, 4 of which bear a site plan.  (ref 193/26)  35.00 post-free  Not for export

[Hastings documents]  Documents concerning Christine Villa, 2 Edgar Road
An 1898 conveyance (at which time it was just a plot of land), an un-dated but approx 1900 abstract of title, a 1926 abstract of title with small site plan attached, a supplemental abstract also of 1926 and another document dated 1927.  The group (ref 193/27)  14.00 post-free  Not for export

[Hollington document]  Abstract of Title to Land on the Battle-Hastings Turnpike Road
This abstract relates how in 1864 George John Mills acquired a near-2 acre plot of land, part of a farm formerly called Hannington or Washbrooks.  A plan shows the dividing up of the land into 22 building plots and the newly formed Church Road.  Strictly speaking the abstract is concerned with just a couple of plots,  but much of the detail applies equally to the entire estate.  Manuscript on 10 large paper sheets of which sheet 5 comprises a site plan. (ref 193/23)  14.00 post-free  Not for export

[Hove] Property Deeds for 26 Lansdowne Place
These 4 conveyances trace ownership from 1857 to 1917. All are on parchment and bear signatures & seals. The 4 (ref 8/104)  15.00
post-free  Not for export

[Kingsfold]  Sale Poster for Cottages and Land
This 1841 printed poster announces the forthcoming sale at The Wheatsheaf Inn of:
1.  A cottage on the East side of the turnpike road, occupied by Henry Charman,
2.  A cottage adjoining, occupied by William Charman.
3.  2 plots of land on the West side of the turnpike road, occupied by Henry Charman.
4.  A cottage occupied by James Redford.
5.  An adjoining cottage, occupied by Richard Cheesman.
6.  A cottage occupied by William Booker
7.  A cottage 'now or late in the occupation of Matthew Napper'.
Large poster [approx 18"x25"], terribly torn along folds, but nothing missing.  Unfold with great care to avoid further damage. We've reduced the price by a third because of the extensive tears.   (ref 557/3)  12.00 UK post-free

[Pevensey document]  Sale Particulars for Part of Rickney Marsh
Printed particulars for the  sale of 42 acres of Rickney Marsh.   This 1926 sale was held at the Crown Hotel, Hailsham.  From the way the top edge is rough, we assume a blank page has been removed.  With the particulars comes a nice coloured plan, approx 13"x13".  (ref 578/2)  10.00 UK post-free

[Rodmell document]  Sale Brochure for Northease Manor
15pp printed brochure for the  sale of this 'beautiful Queen Anne house'   'one of the foremost properties in Sussex' which was due to come up for sale at The Shelleys Hotel in Lewes in 1962.  As well as extensive details on the manor and the cottages that came with it, the brochure also contains 8 tipped-in real photographs.   (ref 578/5)  20.00 UK post-free

Another Copy - not quite as nice - the tipping-in of the photos is showing through to the other sides of the pages - but this copy comes with a site plan.  (ref 578/6)  20.00 UK post-free

[St Leonards-on-Sea documents]  Deeds to 17 Vale Road
A group of four deeds spanning the period 1917-1919 together with seven associated minor papers.  (ref 193/14)  12.50 post-free  Not for export

[St Leonards-on-Sea documents]  Deeds to 3 West Ascent
These deeds relate how widow Fanny Tomlinson bought 3 West Ascent in 1921 (the deed of conveyance contains a schedule of deeds from 1870), mortgaged it in 1921 and repaid the loan in 1936.  3 items altogether.  (ref 193/16)  10.00 post-free  Not for export

The Poor of the Parish and the Work of the Westbourne Select Vestries 1819-1835
Peter Ellacott, Westbourne Local History Group, 1986. A5 in card covers, 32pp, 3 ills of documents. Very good little booklet with plenty of extracts from vestry minutes & overseers accounts. F. (ref 0000)  1.50 UK post-free

[West Grinstead property deed]  Lease of Huckmans/Tuckmans
This is a 1695 lease for a year of 'all that messuage or tenement barne garden orchard farme lands and premises.....in the parish of Westgrinsted in the county of Sussex commonly called or knowne by the name or names of Huckmans als[o] Tuckmans.....'.   The lease - though for 'one whole yeare' at a peppercorn rent - would almost certainly have been followed up immediately by a release [ie sale] of the property.   Manuscript on parchment, signed by the lessor, Rotherfield yeoman John Moone.   (ref 236/16)  22.50
post-free  Not for export

Historical Notes of Withyham, Hartfield and Ashdown Forest
Rev C N Sutton, 1902.  388pp inc index, 32 plate-ills as required.  A decent copy given the age.  (ref 4484)  30.00 UK post-free

[Worthing documents]  Deeds to Houses in Howard Street
An accumulation of 9 deeds and documents concerning houses on the South side of Howard Street and once part of South Farm, Broadwater.  The earlier documents [1885-1899] mention building plots 84-88 and one document [of 1893] mentions plot 83 but by 1901 7 houses had been built, and we infer from a 1916 deed of assent the houses had become 33-45 (odd) Howard Street.  This 1916 document has been used to record 14 subsequent changes of ownership over the period 1949-1979.  As a result it has become very dilapidated and repaired with sellotape which now tends to stick to itself when folded - unfold with great care.  9 items in all.  (ref 504/56)  30.00 post-free  Not for export

Field Paths and Green Lanes
Louis J Jennings, 1877. 293pp, 8 plates from sketches & photos. A series of walking tours almost exclusively in Sussex and Surrey. Occasional underlining, cracked internally in several places & thus a rather loose copy , G. (ref 8297)  15.00

Genealogists Guide to the West Sussex Record Office
Peter M Wilkinson, 1983 2nd.  Oblong A4, plastic spiral bound, 123pp.   Though nearly 20 years old, there's plenty of detail in here to whet the appetite, including a folding map of the various parishes.  G.  (ref 350/60)  4.50

Sussex Genealogies - Horsham Centre
John Comber, 1931.  406pp inc a 14pp list of surnames and 2pp list of the [just] 49 subscribers.  Invaluable reference work which should be on the shelf of every serious Sussex genealogist.  Why pay a paltry tenner for this on a  CD when you can possess the real thing (ref 2728) for 35.00?