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[WANTED - photographs, negatives, schedules etc of  London's trolleybuses, whether in service, in the depot, awaiting disposal or at the scrapyard.  Also service/repair ledgers, records, timetables, blinds, doors & other parts.]

[Chalwin document]  Will of Mary Chalwin
This is the copy of Mary Chalwin's will used for obtaining probate.   Mary, who lived at Dorking, died in January 1914.  The document comprises the copy will in manuscript on parchment, together with the grant of probate with the red embossed seal of the probate office.  This is the next best thing to the original will.  (ref 3/321)  6.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Chandler document]  Will of Mary Chandler
This is the copy of Mary Chandler's will used for obtaining probate.   Mary, who lived at Ockley, died in February 1912.  The document comprises the copy will in manuscript on parchment, together with the grant of probate with the red embossed seal of the probate office.  This is the next best thing to the original will.  (ref 3/326)  6.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Matthews document]  Will of Henry Matthews
This is the copy of Henry Matthews' will used for obtaining probate.   Henry, who lived at Ash, died in August 1899.  The document comprises the copy will in manuscript on parchment, together with the grant of probate with the wafered embossed seal of the probate office.  This is the next best thing to the original will.  (ref F195/102)  10.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Walker document]  Will of James Walker
This is the copy of James Walker's will used for obtaining probate.   James, who lived at Ash, died in   September 1885.  The document comprises the copy will in manuscript on parchment, together with the grant of probate with the wafered embossed seal of the probate office.  This is the next best thing to the original will.  A short but interesting will - James was a bargeman and left his sons two (named)  barges each.  (ref F195/103)  10.00 post-free  
Not for export

About 300 other mid-Surrey probated wills are in stock - why not email us for bang-up-to-date lists?

Inder Family Bible
Samuel & Mary married in 1878 at Camberwell. Details of their dates of birth, their marriage & one child. Heavy book, covers & spine worn & scuffed, front cover detached.  20.00

Account of the Janssen Family
This manuscript account was copied from Wotton's 1741 Baronetage and other sources.  No clue as to when it was written - we'd guess pre-WW1.  The gist of the info is that the family originated in Holland and after a spell in France became naturalised in England in 1685.  They seem to have settled in Wimbledon.  These quite scrappy notes may well provide vital clues to a Janssen researcher - certainly it'll provide pointers as to where to look.  Some of the notes are transcribed in French.   Paper, 8 sides.  (ref 405/22)  10.00 UK post-free

The Family of St John of Lambeth
Charles F H Evans, 1966. Pp151-156 offprint from the Surrey Archaeological Collections. Plain card covers.  3.50 UK post-free

[Smith documents]  Papers re the Late Marion Smith of Surbiton
A bundle of accounts and schedules concerning the settling of Marion Smith's affairs (died Sept 1939).  Several names appear such as Emson, Butler, Spence, Piddington and Coles though we can't tell if any or all are relatives.  The collection (ref 84/2)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export


The Parish Registers of Abinger, Wotton, and Oakwood Chapel, Co Surrey
Surrey Record Society vol 9, 1927.  Familiar tall 8vo format in plain paper covered boards with as-issued printed linen spine.  304pp inc 2 indexes (names and places), frontis sketch-map.  Boards sunned at edges, as is spine, contents nice and clean apart from about 20 or so pp which have scattered foxing.  The index of names runs to 38pp.  Overall G.  (ref 2636)  25.00

Another Copy - Some scratching along the top edge of the front board o/w a decent enough copy, G.  The linen spine is split along one edge for about 3".  (ref 2505)  25.00

[Addington - see Warlingham]

A History of Beddington
Rev Thomas Bentham, 1923. Small 8vo, 90pp inc index, many ills. Scattered foxing, top board & first few leaves waterstained, boards grubby & worn, G. (ref 2698)    5.00

The Parish Registers of Beddington, Co Surrey
Priv pub by the Parish Register Society in c1900 and bound in strong olive green cloth boards (poss c1922).  60pp inc indexes of people and places.  This printed transcript is of  the earliest register, covering the period 1538-1673.  From the library of  (and bears the bookplate of) Robert Washington Oates, antique dealer and antiquarian bookseller who in 1954 was largely responsible for securing The Wakes, Selborne, home of naturalist Gilbert White.  Oates was also cousin of the famous polar explorer Capt Lawrence Oates who died on Scott's 1912 expedition.  The fep shows evidence of the removal of a bookplate  of a previous owner.  Easily VG, though.  (ref 1204)  28.00

[Bookham document]  Scheduling of the Bookham Grove Estate by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1890 Order affecting the 225 acre Bookham Grove Estate.   The schedule breaks down the area into plots and buildings, predominantly the 177 acre Grove Farm and Bookham Grove itself which consisted of the mansion and 41 acres.   It was not thought necessary to name the various cottages affected by the Order, but thankfully the names of the various tenants are listed - all 21 of them (and of course the 1891 census can be used to discover the names & exact locations of the cottages).   A useful piece of Bookham local history in manuscript on parchment.  The size is ideal for framing, 20"x15".  (ref 429/2)  16.00
post-free  Not for export

[Bourne] Change in the Village
George Bourne [the pen-name used by George Sturt], 1984 Penguin paperback [the original was pub 1912]. 176pp. A detailed and careful examination of the nature of village life a hundred years ago. Reasonably G. (ref 1014) 2.50 UK post-free

[Camberwell] 3 Property Deeds to 21 McDowall Road
Newly built, this property was leased in 1889 by William Minet to Andrew McDowall (surely not a coincidence?). In 1901 his widow signed over the lease to Catherine Elizabeth Harris. Before his death Andrew McDowall had mortgaged the property (this document is missing) and the mortgage was transferred to another lender in 1891. This mortgage transfer document also bears a further transfer dated 1894. The three surviving deeds of 1889, 1891 & 1901 are all on parchment and are all G. (ref W4/158)  12.50 post-free  
Not for export

[Camberwell] Three Mortgages of The Kings Arms Public House
These are dated 1872, 1889 and 1892. Licensed victuallers involved are Henry Cantrill Dean (1872), Kate Cavanagh (1889) and Alice Jane Pargeter (1892). The pub is described as being 'on the North side of the Grand Surrey Canal' and on 'the West side of Wells Street' [now Wells Way]. The middle mortgage is damp damaged, all three are on parchment. (ref 1/222)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Carshalton]  3 Deeds to 'Braeside' and 'Bantry', Gordon Road
Mortgages of 1906 and 1908 and a 1911 conveyance, all on parchment.  The properties were situated at the Bridge Road end of Gordon Road.  (ref 8/305)  12.50
post-free   Not for export

[Carshalton]  Stanley Park Road Deeds
A pair of early 1930's deeds records a couple of houses (no's 217 and 219) built on a vacant plot.  One of the deeds specifically concerns no 217 but the other deed has a memo which records the selling of 219.  Manuscript on legal quality paper.  (ref 8/377)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Cheam]  2 Conveyances for South View, South Drive
These must be 2 of the earliest deeds specifically concerning what was originally plot 31 of the new South Drive estate.  2 conveyances dated 1927 & 1931, both containing location plans.  (ref 8/146)  10.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Cheam]  3 Deeds to Hillbury, Holland Avenue
3 deeds covering the period 1923-1925.  (ref 8/147)  10.00 post-free   
Not for export  NB see the entry for Hillbury under Sutton - surely the same house?

[Chelsham - see Warlingham]

[Clapham]  Abstract of Title to 13-23 White's Square
This 1883 abstract gives details of changes of hands going back to 1822.   For the major part of the period the properties were the concern of the Hanson and related families.  Manuscript on 30 large paper sheets.  (ref 21/49)  12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Clapham]  2 Deeds to 18 & 18a Old Town
2 parchment deeds dated 1912 (mortgage) and 1915 (surrender of lease).   (ref 8/307)  8.00
post-free  Not for export

[Croydon]  4 Deeds to Clifton Villa, Alexandra Road
An 1896 lease and its counterpart, an 1897 assignment of the lease and a 1909 further assignment, all 4 on parchment.  Throughout this time the owner of Clifton Villa was William Cooper though the lessee for much of the period was Thomas Loosley.   (ref 8/141)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Croydon]  3 Deeds to 29 Carlyle Road
Deeds of 1914, 1927 and 1929 all concerning the Poulton family.  The 3 (ref 8/176)  11.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Croydon document]  Conveyance of 46 Houses in Mitcham Road (Cecil Road?)
This 1901 deed records the sale of 1-46 Tankerton Terrace, Mitcham Road.  We couldn't find Tankerton Terrace on our street atlas.  The only reference point on the plan enclosed with the deed is Brading Road which divides Tankerton Terrace, and which may possibly be today's Cecil Road.   Manuscript on parchment, and includes a nice large plan.  (ref 475/36)  10.00  Not for export

[Croydon document]  Conveyance of 40 Houses in Priory Road
This 1900 deed records the sale of 55-95 (odd) and 60-96 (even) Eaton Road.  It seems that even as the document was being signed plans were afoot to change the name of the road to Priory Road.  Manuscript on parchment, and includes a nice large plan.  (ref 475/35)  10.00  Not for export

[Croydon]  6 Deeds to 'Stanford', St Augustine's Road
These deeds cover the period 1906-1921 and in that time it increased in value from 150 to 1200.  The earliest of the deeds incorporates a site plan.  The 6 (ref 8/174)  20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Croydon]  3 Deeds to Powis Lodge, South Park Hill Road
3 parchment deeds of 1885, 1896 and 1924, the 2 earlier deeds incorporate site plans.  (ref 8/175)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Croydon]  Deeds to Property in the High Street
Three deeds dated 1819 to a house on the West side of Croydon High Street.   The house had been built on the site of  three earlier dwellings - indeed with these 1819 deeds come a couple of 1762 deeds for those 3 demolished buildings.  All 5 in manuscript on parchment.  (ref 88/109)  35.00 post-free 
Not for export

[see also South Croydon]

[Dorking]  Property Deeds for 'Woodbourne', Horsham Road
5 parchment deeds chronicle this property from 1884 to 1921 and for virtually all this time it was the concern of various members of the Bargman family.  (ref 8/150)  22.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Dorking]  1 Year Lease of 3 Houses on the Site of the Former Kings Head Inn
This 1820 lease recounts the three houses were 'lately erected and built' by Joseph Peters.  The lease would almost certainly have been followed up by a release of the properties (to Edward Swan), a document that appears not to have survived.   Single parchment sheet (ref 3/471)  12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Dorking documents]  Paper concerning Dorking Waterworks
A loose group of papers dating from the period 1852-1870, mostly about selling the site, including the aptly named Fountain Cottage.  Several plans, mostly small, but including a hand coloured one dating from 1848.  The group (ref 369/89) 20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[East Sheen - see Barnes]

[Gipsy Hill] Counterpart lease of property in Alexandra Road
This 1888 document concerns a property known as Honeycombe which appears to have been being built at the time. I think this is the Alexandra Road near the modern Penge East station, but a plan of the property shows the property to be adjacent to a Victoria Road, which I cannot locate. The house next door was called Pentillie. (ref 6949)  8.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Godstone/Bletchingley/Caterham/Tandridge/Warlingham/Chelsham document]  Scheduling of Property by the Land Commissioners
Official copy of an 1883 Order affecting 2759 acres laying in the various parishes above, owned by Sir William Robert Clayton Bt.  Several farms are named, also several unhelpful 'cottage and lands' and there are other entries such as Flinthall, Garston, Ivy Mill, Tillingdown, Birchwood, Westhall and Lay Meads.  Fortunately for all the named and un-named properties the names of tenant or occupier is shown - in all there are 14.  If your ancestor lived on the (apparently) scattered Marden Park Estate he just might be listed - email to check.  The schedule is in manuscript on a single parchment sheet, approx 19"x15" so would frame quite well.  Bears the embossed orange seal of the Land Commissioners together with signatures of two of the commission's representatives.  (ref 429/6)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Godstone document]  Architect's Report on the Godstone Park Estate
This 1867 mortgage suitability report by a London architect concerns a 30 acre piece of land, clearly part of a much larger area being sold off piecemeal for development.  Despite a plan being attached to the report we found it impossible to pinpoint the location of this not insubstantial plot.  The few roads on the plan are all annotated as newly formed roads.  As far as the report concerns (which we'd regard as a surveyor's report rather than an architect's) the wording that might help is "Blindley Village Church is within half a mile of the site, and the new and commodious Hotel with the extensive Stabling attached and the adjoining shops are still nearer.  The Railway Station is little more than half a mile off....".  Manuscript on 2 large paper sheets with a 3rd as the covering sheet, hand-drawn & coloured plan which breaks the plot down into smaller plots marked 1010, 1011, 1012, 1013 and 1017 which are either from the OS map or perhaps the tithe map.  All rather worn & torn, and priced accordingly.  (ref 3357)  10.00 UK post-free

Historic Guildford Castle
Mary D Liggett, nd but late 1960s. 16pp booklet in the Pitkin Pride of Britain series, 14 ills inc those on the card covers. VG.  1.50 UK post-free

[Haslemere] Land Tax Certificate
1814 certificate for property owned by Lord Lonsdale, though the occupier is shown as 'late Crump & Chitty'. Some tears where folds cross but clean condition. (ref 7616)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Haslemere] Papers re Petworth Road Forecourts, The Old House
In 1956 Haslemere Urban Council's desire to create a footpath sparked off much debate about legal ownership of the piece of land involved. Half a dozen or so carbon copy letters plus a newspaper clipping. (ref 7618)  6.00 UK post-free

[Holmwood Common]  Sale Poster for Cottage
This 1849 printed poster announces the forthcoming auction at The Bull's Head, Dorking, of 'a very desirable freehold cottage now occupied as two tenements, one by Mr James Strudwick......The other......[by] Thomas Worsfold......surrounded by a plot of excellent garden ground occupying an area of about half an acre, standing on an elevated and healthy scite, commanding delightful views; near the main turnpike road, and within three minutes walk of the District Church......'.  Approx 15"x19", bottom edge worn, old folds down the right-hand edge, a few minor tears plus one a couple of inches long.  Size and single sided printing makes this highly suitable for framing.   (ref 557/1)  18.00 UK post-free

[Horsell document]  Scheduling of Grove Barrs & The Vigory by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1898 Order affecting these 40 acres owned by Gertrude Rowland and tenanted variously by Capt Octavius Parker, John Morrison and Joseph Pafill.   Manuscript on parchment, size approx 24"x19", bears the red embossed seal of the Lands Improvement Company and the signature of the company's secretary.  (ref 429/3)  15.00
post-free   Not for export

[Kenley]  Property Deeds for 4 Cottages in Lower Road
The cottages are identified as Armitza, Smallbridge, Lower Road Stores and Calsay.  6 parchment deeds chronicle events from 1903 to 1915 and the principal parties are Varley and (especially) Slatter.  (ref 8/151)  25.00 post-free  
Not for export

The Early History of the Church of Kingston-upon-Thames with Notes of it's Rectors and Parish Accounts together with the History of the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, Kingston and the Conversion of the Fabric into the Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth at Kingston-upon-Thames
Major Alfred Heales, 1883.  Xiv+263pp inc index, 15 ills inc 12 plates as required.  Original bevelled boards with gilt lines and lettering, teg.  VG.  (ref 2220)  70.00

The History of St John the Baptist Church, Kingston Vale
Thomas Henry Bankier, 1948 2nd. 4to, 26pp, 7 photo-plates all retaining tissue-guards. Nice clean copy, both inside and out, VG. (ref 2756)      12.00

The History and Antiquities of Lambeth
John Tanswell, 1858.  245pp followed by1pp list of corrections, frontis engraving of Lambeth Palace and Church, several plate and letterpress ills.   Internally very nice and clean - and partially unopened.  Marbled boards, half red cloth bound, recent title-piece on spine, recently renewed eps, a nice firm copy, VG.   (ref 2690)  70.00

Lambeth Churchwardens' Accounts 1504-1645 and Vestry Book 1610 vol II
Surrey Record Society vol XX, 1950.  Tall 8vo, grey paper covered boards, printed linen spine.  Pp277-434.  This vol II is essentially the index to vol I.  The Society appears to have changed their minds about the numbering of this particular vol, necessitating a reprint of the title-page.  G.  (ref 4844)  12.00

[Lambeth document]  Transfer of Lease of The Mansion House Public House
This 1842 indenture is a deed of transfer of the unexpired part of a 29-year lease of The Mansion House 'on the West side of the road leading from Kennington to Newington in the parish of Saint Mary Lambeth.....'.  This would appear to be the former Mansion House at 46/48 Kennington Park Road which closed in 2006.  Manuscript on large parchment sheet, signed by both parties Samuel Small Clark (of The Black Prince, Walworth Road) and Robert Clark (of The Mansion House).  (ref 452/2)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Limpsfield document]  Sale Agreement
This is a draft copy of an intended 1903 sale (to Henry Sykes of Oxted) of a 42 acre plot, which appears to have been all or part of Chartlands Farm.  In a schedule at the end are listed the names of several fields - Kilnfield, Lower Longlands, Upper Mead, Lag Mead, Lower Mead, Upper Bottom Field and Lower Bottom Field  - and with these came Chartlands Farmhouse and a former hop garden.  Being just a draft copy, the writing is scrappy and there are many alterations in several hands;  nevertheless there must be some useful detail to be gleaned from these 9 large paper heets.  (ref E354/168)  6.00 post-free 
 Not for export

Mortlake and Her Church
Maurice S Cockin, privately published 1954. Mortlake's place in history from ancient times. Thick card covers. A little grubby and a small tear on back cover otherwise VG.  10.00

Another copy
As above but slightly grubby & no tear. G.  9.00

Mortlake and Her Church
Maurice S Cockin, privately published 1954. 132pp inc index, 7 ills. Mortlake's place in history from ancient times. Green cloth boards, an ex-lib copy which has been given a fresh fep and thus no longer has the usual label & stamps - indeed the only library 'trimmings' are a couple of class marks on the verso of the title-page in ink and one on the spine in snopake. Nice clean copy, VG but without d/w. (ref 7918)  6.00

[Mortlake document]  Certificate of Redemption of Land Tax in favour of Maltster John Prior
An 1839 manuscript copy of a 1799 certificate that John Prior had contracted to pay 587 [in 13 instalments] as a once-and-for-all payment of his land tax.  A quite important local history document in that one of the plots of land covered is described as 'A brewhouse malthouse and dwellinghouse lately occupied by William Richmond but now in his [ie John Prior's] own occupation'.  Another entry reads 'A public house the sign of the Jolly Gardener in the occupation of John Watts.'  The outside (as folded) of the document is very grubby but the inside quite decent given its age.  (ref 219/15)  15.00  post-free  Not for export

[Mortlake - see also Barnes]

[Ockley]  Sale Poster for Two Adjoining Cottages
This 1840 printed poster announces the forthcoming sale at The Red Lion of 'Two neat cottages with gardens, pleasantly situated, overlooking the Green within a few yards of the Turnpike Road at the South end of the village of Ockley.....'.  One of the cottages had only recently been built.  It seems both cottages were empty as the poster makes no mention of tenants/occupants.  Size approx 13"x20", old folds, an old crease will flatten out with care, but the poster would look good in a frame on the wall at The Red Lion.  (ref 557/2)  20.00 UK post-free

[Peckham] Documents relating to 22 & 24 Choumert Grove
This little group of deeds chronicles the ownership of the above pair of houses (originally numbered 5 & 6) from 1884 to 1922, though contained in the 1884 mortgage are details going back to 1868. For much of the time the concern of the Hayward family. 5 items altogether. (ref 20/46)  15.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Peckham] Three Deeds relating to Beerhouse at 75 Lugard Road
An 1897 lease and its counterpart, and an 1898 counterpart lease. No licenced victuallers are mentioned but it would appear that in between the two leases the property was acquired by the Commercial Brewery Ltd who were based at Stepney. Parchment, the two 1897 items are printed. (ref 1/224)  12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Peckham/New Cross] 2 Assignments of The Canterbury Tavern, (Near) Old Kent Road
These 2 assignments are dated 1891 and 1895. The tavern is described as being situated 'near the Old Kent Road...and at the corner of two Streets there called Manor Grove and Canterbury Road...', which would seem to put it near the New Cross Hospital. Both on parchment, the earlier one is signed by victuallers Henry Parkingson and Charles Bull and the later one by victualler Edwin John Howell. There is clearly one or more missing documents dated between the two. (ref 1/221)      12.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Peckham New Town] Agreement concerning the Duke of Sussex alehouse, Park Road
This is an 1832 agreement signed by various interested parties, two of whom (John Dean of Camberwell and Thomas Wilthew of Park Road, Peckham) are described as victuallers. The property had "lately been licenced" and this is clearly this is an early piece of documentation. Manuscript on 3 sides of folio paper. Evidently each of the 4 parties had their own copy as two are available. (ref 754/264) each  6.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Purley]  3 Deeds to 9 & 10 Cross Road
These 3 parchment conveyances record 3 changes of ownership in less than 3 years (1908-1911).  The 1909 & 1911 deeds each contain a location plan.  It would appear the house had only recently been built.  (ref 8/144)  12.50 post-free   
Not for export

[Purley]  Deeds for Mincoed', Foxley Hill Road
Mincoed appears to have been built in 1907.  These 4 parchment deeds (3 conveyances & a mortgage) chronicle the site from 1906 - when it was laid out for building purposes - to 1908.  3 of the deeds bear location plans.  (ref 8/145)   15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Reigate document]  Scheduling of the Reigate Priory Estate by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1895 Order affecting over 400 acres of Reigate, principally Reigate Priory Gardens & Park, London Lands Farm, Priory Farm, Lords Mead, many houses, shops and several public houses in the High Street, ditto Bell Street, several houses in Church Street, London Road, Hardwicke Road, Worcester Road, Yorke Road, Somers Road, Nutley Lane, Back Lane, quite a few in West Street, a few in Crossways and Priory Lane, Cockshot Hill, South Park and Reigate Heath.  An important document for both the local and family historian in that well over 200 tenants/occupiers are named - all the properties being owned by Lady Henry Somerset of Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire and The Priory, Reigate.   Manuscript on 2 large multifolded parchment sheets (approx 28"x23" each), bears the red embossed seal of the Land Loan & Enfranchisement Company and the signature of the company's secretary.  (ref 429/4)  30.00
post-free   Not for export

[Reigate document]  A similar document of slightly later date
An official copy of an Order dated 7 months later than the one above.   As far as we can tell the same properties are involved.  Manuscript on 3 large (and fiesty) parchment sheets, the final one bearing the red embossed seal of the Land Loan & Enfranchisement Company and the signature of the company secretary.   Multifolded.  (ref 429/5)  30.00
post-free   Not for export
The two Reigate documents above are examples of late Victorian Government-orchestrated schemes - commencing with the 1864 Land Improvement Act - which enabled  landowners to borrow large sums of money ostensibly to carry out improvements to land (such as improvements to drainage etc) and other property.  In the above examples Lady Henry Somerset appears to have borrowed 7200 in March 1895.  The later (November 1895) document mentions a figure of 6620, though we haven't been able to determine whether this was a lowering of the original amount borrowed or an addition sum.  In both documents the reason for the borrowing is given as 'for the improvement of the Mansion House known as The Priory Reigate by alterations and additions thereto.....'.  We'd welcome any further insight into the scheme in general.  We know that much of the funding originated from professional lenders such as insurance companies, but little else about a scheme that was clearly nation-wide.

A Prospect of Richmond
Janet Dunbar, 2nd revised ed, 1979. 224pp inc index, 32 ills. A nice copy of one of the standard works on Richmond. VG in G d/w. (ref 120/15) 7.50

[Richmond]  Deeds and Documents to Houses in Windsor Road
These concern 8 houses built in the then Battenberg Road in 1895.  The houses were leasehold from day 1 and the collection of documents includes the original 1895 leases for 3 of the 8 (Elm Villa, Laurel Villa, Maple Villa) and their counterparts.   Together with 6 other deeds, they provide early detail on the 8 houses.   Subsequently the houses were numbered 47-59 Battenberg Road and sometime between 1918 and 1920 the road was re-named Windsor Road.  Interesting group of 12 deeds, all but 1 on parchment.  (ref 8/246)  55.00 post-free
Not for export

[Richmond]  Deeds and Documents to Houses in Selwyn Avenue
A useful group of 10 deeds and documents spanning the period 1895-1947, principally concerning no 24 though several also concern no's 20 & 22.  It seems the houses were built in the early 1890s, so here's an opportunity to acquire some early documentation - a couple of which show the properties across the road as 'vacant land'.   The group (ref 5141)  33.00 post-free 
Not for export

[South Croydon]  3 Deeds to 159/161 Selden Road
An 1899 conveyance and 2 mortgages dated 1901 and 1908, all on parchment.   The 1901 mortgage records the houses were ' in the course of erection...'.   (ref 8/171)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[South Norwood]  Conveyance of Small Plot of Land behind 42-46 High Street
This 1921 conveyance is unusual in that it contains a large scale [8 feet to the inch] multifolding plan showing the layout of the many yards gardens & stabling behind 42-46 High Street.  The strip of land the subject of this document is only 2 feet wide.  Arrows at the High Street end indicate Croydon to the West and Goat House Bridge to the East.  (ref 8/231)  8.00 post-free 
Not for export

[South Norwood]  Deeds for 42-46 High Street
8 deeds covering the period 1911-1921, some on parchment, some incorporating small plans.  Such a property tangle that the group cannot be split.  (ref 8/198)  22.50 post-free 
Not for export

NB the above 2 items clearly belong together and are thus offered at 27.50 post-free

Weddings at St Saviour's, Southwark, from AD1606 to 1625
19c reprint from The Genealogist bound in half calf on marbled boards, 71pp, manuscript index bound in at end.  Formerly owned by York Herald Sir Alfred Scott-Gatty, and with his bookplate on the front pastedown.  An inscription at the top of the 1st page reads 'I know of but two complete copies of this reprint, vizt this and my own.  Keith W Murray, 1893'.  Calf very worn, esp edges of spine and corners.  One perhaps for the collectors.  (ref 1218)  25.00

[South Norwood documents]  Deeds to 1 Eldon Park
A fairly recent but useful sequence of 4 consecutive conveyances commencing in 1896 (Bennet to Stringer), through 1924 (Stringer to Gemelly), 1926 (Gemelly to Kidd) and ending at 1931 (Kidd to Kidd).  4 deeds in manuscript, 2 paper, 2 parchment, all bearing signatures.  The earliest deed bears a small location plan.  The 4 (ref 8/375)  25.00
post-free  Not for export

[Sutton]  Deeds to House in Holland Avenue
A mortgage of 1913 and conveyances of 1913 and 1918 for the newly built Hillbury.  Each document is signed by Edgar Field Course.  All 3 in manuscript on parchment.  (ref 8/249)  12.00 post-free 
Not for export  See Cheam above

[Sutton]  2 Deeds to Lily House, Gander Green Lane
A pair of 1922 deeds both signed by Charlotte Sophia Ellen Hall.  (ref 8/250)  9.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Sutton]  2 Deeds to Esher Villa, Bushey Road
Conveyances of 1897 and 1919.  Very strong Bickerton connection.   (ref 8/253)  9.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Thornton Heath]  Deeds for 'The Limes', Melford Road (Corner of Melfort Avenue)
This house appears to have been built in 1897 or very shortly before.   The deeds run from 1897 to 1922 and principally concern Henry Carnelly.  5 parchment and a copy of 1 of them on paper.  1 of the parchment deeds bears a location plan.  (ref 8/162)  22.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Thornton Heath]  Deeds for 152 Woodville Road
5 parchment deeds covering the period 1904-1930 show this was leasehold from when it was first built (evidently 1904).  A couple of the deeds (a lease and its counterpart) bear location plans.  (ref 8/163)  20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Thornton Heath]  5 Deeds to 30 & 32 Kitchener Road
These were built in 1903 as this sequence of deeds from 1903 to 1919 will show.  There may have been a re-numbering at some time, as pencilled on one of the documents is '62 & 64 Kitchener Road'.  (ref 8/314)  16.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Waddon]  Property Deeds for Houses in Godson Road
Just 3 deeds, but between them they pinpoint the building of no's 27-47 Godson Road between 1906 (a conveyance of a plot of land) and 1907 (2 mortgages, each of 6 houses).  The principal party was builder William Weston.  All 3 on parchment.   (ref 88/111)  18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wallington]  3 Deeds to 29 Belmont Road
These 3 1920/1921 parchment deeds all involve Florence Free.  (ref 8/318)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wallington]  2 Deeds to a Corner Plot - Clarence Road/Springfield Road
These parchment deeds of 1895 and 1914 concern the Elliott family.  This is the eastern corner at the northern end of Clarence Road.  The pair (ref 8/235)   9.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wallington]  Early Deeds to Stratton House, Woodcote Avenue
These 3 deeds of 1908 and 1909 [x2] date from when the house was built by local builder Alfred James Morris.  Clearly the plot of land in the 1908 deed was split into 3 before Stratton House was built.  Manuscript on parchment (ref 8/236)   12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wallington]  3 Deeds to a Plot of Land in Sandy Lane
These 3 deeds (a mortgage and 2 conveyances) concern what was then (1912-1917) a vacant plot adjoining the house called Cottesmore.  Manuscript on parchment.  (ref 8/237)  12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wallington]  2 Deeds to Property in Woodcote Avenue
Conveyances of 1900 and 1920 for property adjoining the Presbyterian Church (the church being on the corner of Woodcote Road & Stratford Road).  Between those dates the house called Benloyal was built.  The pair (ref 8/239)  9.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Wallington]  3 Deeds to Elmwood, Stanley Gardens
3 early 1920s deeds, manuscript on paper.  (ref 8/240)  12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Wallington]  2 Mortgage Documents for 88 Park Lane
One dated 1922, the other 1927, both taken out by Alexander Paterson.   (ref 8/243)  6.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wallington]  2 Conveyances of Property on the Corner of Park Lane/Springfield Road
These conveyances of 1904 and 1920 both involve Martha Wilmot (of Croydon).   Between these dates the house Ccalled Pebworth was built on the site.  Both in manuscript on parchment.  The pair (ref 8/244)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wandsworth]  Plan and Section of Proposed New Road, 1882
Multifolding plan on waxed linen, scaled at 88 feet to the inch.  The 'new' road was destined to be Bramford Road.  (ref 524/28)  8.00 UK post-free

[Wandsworth]  Certificate of Redemption of Rent Charge
An interesting formal copy of an 1880 document by the Tithe Commissioners saying that due to the land in question - Hill Side Shot, Little Hill Side Shot and Swandon Shot,  owned by the brewer Daniel Watney - having been set out as building plots, an annual rent charge was impractical so it had been redeemed.  Evidently the shots were the original names of the meadow and garden ground soon to be built upon - there's no clue as to what the street names were to become, but the serious local historian will be able to find out.  Manuscript on parchment.  (ref 5143)   15.00 post-free 
Not for export

Wandsworth Churchwardens Accounts from 1631 to 1639
Cecil T Davis, reprinted from Surrey Archaeological Collections, 1911.   Red card covers enclosing pp1-70.  A shame there's no index, but if your ancestor was around at the time there could be some vital detail here that you won't find anywhere else.  Remains of label on otherwise blank spine, but considering the age surprisingly good condition, easily VG.  (ref 1679)  12.00 UK post-free

All Saints Warlingham and St Leonard's Chelsham
Souvenir brochure produced in 1962 to mark the 700th anniversary of the rebuilding of Warlingham Church. Oblong 8vo [pp are approx 9"x5"], card covers, 43pp inc about a dozen ills. VG. (ref 170/14)  3.00 UK post-free

[Warlingham]  4 Deeds concerning Building Plots in Homefield Road
A couple of mortgages dated 1890 and 1893 and conveyances of 1897 and 1899 are all that remain from what must have once been quite a collection.  (ref 524/49)   16.00 post-free 
Not for export

The Church of St James Weybridge Monumental Inscriptions
Walton & Weybridge LHS, 1979.  A5 booklet in blue card covers, 75pp inc indexes.  Nice clean copy.  (ref 1401)  6.00 UK post-free

[Wimbledon]  4 Deeds to 5 Courthorpe Road
4 parchment deeds spanning the years 1909-1925.  (ref 8/310)  15.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Wimbledon]  2 Deeds to 23 Gap Road
Spanning the years 1898-1919, one involves Augustus Holt, the other his widow Emma.  (ref 8/311)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wimbledon]  6 Deeds to 14 Vineyard Hill Road
These deeds span the period 1898-1922, the earliest documents indicating the house known as Colinton was built in the period June 1898-June 1899.  (ref 8/312)   22.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wimbledon]  4 Deeds to 29 & 31 Norman Road
These parchment deeds cover the period 1899-1913.  At one time they were known as Dix's Cottages.  (ref 8/313)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Wimbledon Surrey
William A Bartlett, 1971 facsimile rep of the 1865 original.  Small 8vo, 222pp inc index, frontis engraving of the windmill on the common, 5 other full-page ills as required, folding parish map at end.  A few light spots on eps o/w a nice clean copy, easily G in G d/w.  (ref 2898)  12.50 [price-guide for a decent copy of the original - 45 or thereabouts]

[Windlesham document]  Scheduling of Property by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1893 Order concerning property owned by Rev Charles Bathurst Fendall and tenanted by A Paddison.  The 35 acres comprised Woodcote House, several paddocks and several (un-named) cottages & gardens.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 24"x19", bears the red embossed seal of the Land Loan & Enfranchisement Company and the signature of the company's secretary.  (ref 429/1)  12.00
post-free  Not for export

A List of Monumental Brasses in Surrey
Mill Stephenson, 1970 rep of 1921. 585pp inc index, 150 ills. Nice copy, F in VG d/w. (ref 6692)  12.00

Another Copy
Also F but in G price clipped d/w. (ref 7962)  10.00

Calendar of Lay Subsidies - Western Surrey - 1585-1603
Cliff Webb, West Surrey Family History Society, 1985. A5 booklet in familiar crimson card covers, 39pp inc indexes of names & places. (ref 6988)  2.50 UK post-free

Calendar of Lay Subsidies - Western Surrey - 1603-1649
Cliff Webb, West Surrey Family History Society, 1984. A5 booklet in familiar crimson card covers, 68pp inc indexes of names & places. (ref 6984)  4.00 UK post-free

Field Paths and Green Lanes
Louis J Jennings, 1877. 293pp, 8 plates from sketches & photos. A series of walking tours almost exclusively in Sussex and Surrey. Occasional underlining, cracked internally in several places & thus a rather loose copy , G. (ref 8297) 15.00

Abstracts of Surrey Feet of Fines 1509-1558
Surrey Record Society vol 19, 1946.  Tall 8vo, familiar grey printed thick card covers enclosing 179pp inc 2 indexes.  Final concords are well  known for their vagueness, but any records which provide details from the early 16th century must be consulted, and here are the important bits of over 1000 of them - and in plain legible English.  Very nice clean copy, VG.  (ref 2344)  16.00

Surrey Quarter Sessions Records - Order Book and Sessions Rolls 1666-1668
Surrey County Council, 1951.  Familiar linen spine, familiar buff paper covered boards, 357pp inc indexes of (1) persons & places mentioned in the text, and (2) names of persons occurring in the Sessions Rolls not mentioned in this particular volume - people such as jurors, officials etc.  Sessions rolls have long been acknowledged as an under-used facility by family historians, not surprising since originals (being essentially un-indexed) are so dauntingly voluminous when looking for individuals.  The 35pp index 1 here makes things easy.  Nice copy, VG.  (ref 2448)  15.00