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Hassell Family Bible
Containing a short family register, this concerns the family in Bishop Sutton in the 1870s. 18.50

[Skurray=Clement  document]  Marriage Settlement
This 1799 settlement was drawn up in contemplation of a marriage between Stephen Skurray of Beckhampton and Sarah Clement of Frome.  It is overwhelmingly a Skurray item containing much contemporary and background detail on various members of the Skurray family.  It is in manuscript covering 4 large parchment sheets and is signed by all parties.  (ref 3403)  45.00 post-free  Not for export

[Whale=Cockburn document]  Marriage Settlement
This 1859 settlement was drawn up in contemplation of a marriage between Rev Thomas William Whale and Dame Emma Cockburn, both of Bath.    He brought to the marriage property near Southampton and she brought property in Bath together with a substantial sum of money.  The deed is in manuscript on 7 large parchment sheets, the 7th one bearing the bold signatures Thomas William Whale and Emma Cockburn.  (ref 3402)  35.00 post-free  Not for export

[Whish family]  Family Papers etc
An array of minor papers from the 1900s to the 1940s, some of them providing detail going back to the 18th century.  At the time these papers were written/printed the family lived at Fulford Grange, Kingston near Taunton.  Included are several photos and newspaper cuttings.  One of the more recent items is an account book of the sale of the contents of Fulford Grange in 1949.  (ref 267/20)  12.00 UK post-free


Undated, probably c1920. One of the small [approx 4"x5"] 'Notes on the Cathedrals' series produced by SPCK. 16pp, 15 photo-ills. Mild foxing to 1st page. Originally 1d, now 0.50 UK post-free

[Bath]  List of Mural Tablets in the Town
Carbon copy of typescript list of murals erected between 1899 and 1938 commemorating the residences of famous people.  73 items in all, including details of who performed the unveiling.  (ref 80/16)  5.00 UK post-free

[Bath]  Covenant to Produce Title Deeds
This 1871 covenant concerning a couple of houses in Bath has a schedule of title deeds, the majority concerning various members of the Rivers family of Hampshire.   2 large parchment sheets.  (ref 3/475)  8.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Bedminster]  Abstract of Title of the Bristol Dock Company to the Redcliff Meads
The detail provided by this undated but undoubtedly 1810s abstract commences in 1739 when Sir John Smyth of Long Ashton left in his will the manor of Bedminster (the abstract is only concerned with this portion of what must have been a very large estate) to his three sisters, Anne Smyth, Florence Smyth and Arabaella Gore.  The Bedminster property stayed in the family until it was effectively compulsorily purchased following the 1803 'Act for Improving and Rendering more Commodious the Port and Harbour of Bristol'.   The abstract specifically mentions three plots of land then known as  Big Redcliff Mead [22 acres], Middle Redcliff Mead [8 acres] and Little Redcliff Mead [6 acres] which were acquired for over 12,000.  Although about two thirds of this abstract provides details of what appears to be inter-family property transactions in the 18th century, for anyone researching the formative years of the Bristol Dock Company this could be quite a useful document.  Manuscript on 32 large paper sheets.  The watermarks bear no date, but since the last transaction in the abstract is dated 1810 we are assuming the abstract will have been drawn up within a few years.  Normally an abstract of title has a blank sheet attached to keep the contents clean when folded for storage.  In this case it is clear this didn't happen, and as a result the last page is worn, torn & holed - fortunately without loss of text.  (ref 197/1)  33.00 post-free  
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[Chew document]  17th Century Property Deed
This 1627 deed records the leasing out of a copyhold  cottage occupied by widow Sara Jones.  The parties to the deed were  Thomas Jones and Thomas Weale of Chew, John Tibbett of Whitchurch (Felton), and Thomas and John Hall of Chew.  One wonders whether Sara Jones had any say in the matter.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 27"x12", signed by Thomas Jones, Thomas Weale and John Tibbett.  All three  seals are still attached.    (ref 117/12)  48.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Clevedon] Inventory of House Contents of St Mary's Lodge, Walton Park
Carbon copy of 1921 typescript inventory covering 6pp. Each item is separately valued, the most expensive item being a walnut cased grand piano at 30. (ref 188/352) 5.00 UK post-free

[Draycott]  Sale Poster
This sale of outdoor effects, shop goods and furniture was held at the Post Office in 1921 following the death of Henry Spencer.  Being only a poster announcing the sale, the descriptions of the items are only very general, nevertheless this is a useful local history item.  Items in the sale include 'Excellent Waggonette with Cushions and Hood.....2 Blacksmith's Pear-shape Bellows.....Iron French Bedsteads.....Costly Knitting Machine.....Seven Pairs of Men's Army Boots'.  Paper, single sheet, approx 17"x22", multifolded, very nice condition.  (ref 5128)   12.50 UK post-free

[East Compton, near Pilton]  Conveyance of Manor Farm
This 1914 deed records the sale of the 52 acre Manor Farm, East Compton, to Frank Miell (the sitting tenant being William Miell).  Incorporated into the deed is a large multifolding hand-coloured plan.  Later endorsements show that 28 acres were sold off in 1948, and a further 17 acres in 1961.  Both the multi-page deed and the plan are on parchment.  (ref 658/64)  25.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Gasehill and Witham Friary + parishes in Wiltshire document]  Scheduling of Lands by The Land Commissioners
Official copy of an 1889 Order concerning 7310 acres of land owned by The Duke of Somerset.   Much of the land consisted of farms, and the schedule provides details such as name and acreage, together with tenants, eg the 308 acre Quarhill Farm in Witham Friary was  occupied by James Croom.   This huge area was sprinkled amongst the parishes of Maiden Bradley, Semington, Seend and Hill Deverill in Wiltshire, and Gasehill and Witham Friary in Somerset.  In all, some 36 tenants are specifically named.  Manuscript on large parchment sheet [size approx 27"x22"].   By all means check with us before you buy, if you want reassurance your ancestor is mentioned.  (ref 447/10)  22.00  post-free  Not for export     NB this is also listed on the Wiltshire page

[Godney documents]  Authorities to Churchwardens to Collect Tithes etc
Two formal authorisations of 1919 and 1934 bearing embossed seals of the Vicar General and signed by the Registrar.  Also a carbon copy of a similar authorisation of 1938.  Also an office copy of the 1929 authority, plus one other associated document.  5 items in all, either manuscript or typescript entries on printed forms.  (ref 191/51)  20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Ilminster document]  Lease of Property at Winterhay
This 1790 deed records the lease of 'All that messuage or tenement containing.....two and fifty acres and a half or thereabouts' and there follows a written breakdown of the 52 acres into 9 blocks (mainly pasture land).  Names mentioned are Pring, Newcomen, Good and Petten.  This lease, although technically for a year, gave possession to Hugh Petten and there would have been a release (ie deed of sale) the day following.  This deed of release appears not to have survived.  Manuscript on parchment.  (ref 479/26)  12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Keinton Mandeville documents]  Property Deeds
These deeds both concern Thomas Gray, a Sussex grocer, who in 1847 took a lease of 'all that dwellinghouse.....and the stable garden and orchard adjoining.....situate and being in the parish of Keinton Mansfield otherwise Keinton Mandefield at a place called Townsend which said premises were heretofore in the tenure of John Higgins.....'.  The lease was for three lives;  Thomas Gray aged c35, Eliza Gray aged c31 and Thomas William Gray aged c5.  The lease bears a useful location plan showing the plot on the Somerton/Castle Cary turnpike road at a crossroads - one way leading to the church, the other way towards Baltonsborough.  In 1862 Thomas Gray assigned the lease over to local tailor and draper John Dark.  Both deeds in manuscript on parchment.  The pair (ref 191/28)  20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Martock documents]  Deeds to Cottages in North Street
These 5 deeds provide details of owners and some occupiers from 1866 to 1889.  Principal owners were local schoolmaster James Andrews and (we assume) his widow Margaret.  Manuscript on parchment.  (ref 191/27)  35.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Moorlinch documents]  Property Deeds to House adjoining The Moorlinch Inn
A broken run of 4 (of an original 6) parchment deeds for 'all that dwellinghouse with the outhouses garden and premises.....formerly in the possession of Thomas Jeffery.....afterwards of Amos Ames, then of Isaac Ames, afterwards of John Ames, since of Samuel Venn, late of Charles Dowden and now of Richard James Luscombe or his tenant on the North side of.....[what had once been one large house known as] The Church House but lately called.....The Moorlinch Inn.....'.  A pair dated 1837 and a pair dated 1848.  There were another two deeds drawn up between these dates but they appear not to have survived.  The 4 (ref 191/14)  25.00 post-free 
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Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oare
Single sheet, 1970. Just send 8x5" SAE - Free

The History of Taunton
James Savage, 1822 2nd.  608pp, frontis of St Mary's church.  This is one of a number of copies which also contains 3 folding plates from the 1st ed.   Savage's ed is an updated and considerably enlarged version of Toulmin's original ed (1791), a small part of the additions being the inclusion of monumental inscriptions at St John's, St Mary's and the Baptist Chapel.  Recent half calf, mbld bds, new eps.   Scattered spotting & foxing mainly confined to the 1st & last  several leaves, offsetting from plates, minor dogearing to lower corners of quite a number of leaves.  For all these typical minor faults this is a better than average copy of this reasonably uncommon book (of which fewer than 300 copies were subscribed for).   (ref 7471)  100.00

[Taunton document]  Assignment of Goodwill
This 1845 deed records the purchase of the reputation and goodwill of Robert Buncombe [who] 'hath for many years carried on the business of a Chemist & Druggist.....' by John Melhuish.  Manuscript on 2 large parchment sheets, signed by both parties.  A bit grubby but nothing serious.  (ref 103/4)  15.00
  post-free  Not for export

Wedmore's Moors and The Enclosure Acts of the 18th Century together with Some Records of the Parish relating to This Subject and Period
Cuthbert Arthur Rose, priv pub 1982.  Large 8vo, 142pp, plenty of photos & other ills, 18 chapters, 11 schedules and 4 plans which together are a local historian's dream - there's also a great deal for the genealogist.  Very nice clean copy, VG in G d/w.  (ref 1202)  18.00

[Wellington documents]  Property Deeds - Improvement Place
A broken sequence of deeds chronicling owners/occupiers/leaseholders of 46-48 Improvement Place, formerly 5 Improvement Place, before that Potmans, and formerly Munday's Close.  5 manuscript deeds on parchment covering the period 1838-1887.  (ref 191/24)  40.00 post-free 
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