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[Denchfield documents]  Family Papers
A useful collection of papers mainly concerning Richard Denchfield of Boycott, some of them mentioning William Denchfield of Akely - both were farmers.   The paperwork ranges in dates from 1828 to 1854  - however the vast majority of it results from the death of Richard in January 1853.  There are solicitors bills, a large number of tradesmen's bills (mostly with spike holes) inc some nice blacksmith's bills and various other papers.  In all there are about 90 items.  Mostly small stuff, but a Denchfield researcher will find the large proportion of tradesmen's bills essential 'primary evidence' of the family's day-to-day expenses.  (ref 212/2)  35.00 post-free   
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Arbitration Brief - Lee v Moore
This dispute came to arbitration at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford in 1879.   Less than 3 years before, Timothy Wood Lee had sold his Little Milton medical practice to Samuel Moore and moved to Thame where his father and brother had already been practicing for many years.  On offer is the brief for the plaintiff (T W Lee), in manuscript on 14 large paper sheets.  (ref 323/53)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

Woodrooffe=Reade Marriage Licence
This licence was issued in 1820 in anticipation of Rev Thomas Woodrooffe's marriage to Sophia Brooke Reade.  Very much to do with Ipsden.  Printed form with manuscript insertions, size approx 8"x9", wafered seal of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  (ref 7735) 
30.00 post-free  Not for export


[Arncott documents]  Sale of Priors Hill
In August 1840 the beneficiaries of the will of John Spier Hughes (of Ruthin, Denbighshire) agreed to sell to John Greaves the 71 acre Priors Hill 'formerly in the tenure or occupation of George Norris and afterwards of the said John Spier Hughes.....' for 1450.  In November the formal sale/purchase took place, and this lengthy deed is signed by a number of Hughes, Matthews and Edwards (who we assume were all related to John Spier Hughes) and by the purchaser John Greaves.  The former document is in manuscript on 2 large paper sheets, the latter in manuscript on 5 even larger sheets of parchment.  Both items (ref 307/8)  25.00 post-free 
 Not for export

[Asthall Leigh documents]  Lists of Fittings & Utensils at the Crown Inn
Lists drawn up on changes of tenants in 1912 and 1915, both appear to have been organised & agreed between tenants rather than calling in professional valuers.  (ref 68/23)  12.00 UK post-free

[Bampton documents]  Inventories of Fittings & Utensils etc at the Eagle
Typescript inventories of 1933, 1934 and 1948, all on changes of tenant, together with handwritten versions of 1934 and 1948, 5 items in all.  (ref 68/11)  20.00  UK post-free

Marriage Register of Banbury pt 1 1558-1724
Banbury Historical Society vol 2, 1960.  Printed card covers, 15+200pp inc indexes of names, of places & of trades/professions.  Copy no G.  (ref 3160)  12.00

Marriage Register of Banbury pt 2 1724-1790
Banbury Historical Society vol 3, 1961.  Printed card covers, 10+178pp inc indexes of names, of places & of trades/professions.  Old creases in back cover & last few leaves, small dent in front cover, G.  Copy no 24 of just 125 copies produced.  (ref 6764)  10.00

Marriage Register of Banbury pt 3 1790-1837
Banbury Historical Society vol 5, 1963.  Printed card covers, 8+126pp inc indexes of names, of places & of trades/professions. Lower corner of back cover bumped, G.  Copy no 31 of just 150 copies produced.  (ref 7222)  10.00

Baptism and Burial Register of Banbury Oxfordshire pt 1, 1558-1653
Banbury Historical Society vol 7, 1965-66.  Tall 8vo, 16+313pp inc 3 indexes, parish map.  Very nice clean copy, VG.  Copy no 179 of a ltd ed of just 250 copies.  Edges of spine worn  (ref 2682)  20.00

Baptism and Burial Register of Banbury Oxfordshire pt 2, 1653-1723
Banbury Historical Society vol 9, 1968.  Tall 8vo, 18+269pp inc 3 indexes, town & parish maps.  Very nice clean copy though top corners bumped - nevertheless VG.  Copy no 61 of a ltd ed of just 270 copies.  (ref 1334)  25.00

Amazing - we've just acquired copy no 62!  This is a better copy, corners-wise - but there is a splash-mark on the back board (not water, more like milk as the mark is white) and so we've reduced this one by 5.  (ref 2681)  20.00

A History of Banbury
William Potts, 1958.  253pp, 51 plate-ills.  One of the standard Banbury histories though it has always been an affordable one.  D/w missing, boards & covers have lost some of the glazing on the dark-blue cloth, but contents nice and clean - on balance G, and a lot of book for your money.    (ref 3557)   12.00

[Barton document]  Inventory of Fixtures and Stock-in-Trade at the Fox
Inventory drawn up in 1921 on change of tenant, which looks as though it was re-used in 1923 for the next change.  It appears to have been compiled and agreed between tenants rather than going to the expense of a formal professional assessment.  Handwritten on small sheet of paper.  (ref 68/21)  8.00 UK post-free

[Bicester]  King & Son Billhead
King & Son were ironmongers and also traded in oils, paints & colors (sic).  This 1907 invoice is for various items inc 'drawing charges out of 3 revolvers'.  (ref 333/33)  2.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Bladon document]  List of Furniture & Utensils at the Lamb Inn
A handwritten list drawn up in 1916, presumably on change of tenant though no names are shown.  Also a handwritten list made in 1914 of recently installed fixtures deemed the property of the landlord (the brewery).  (ref 68/26)  10.00 UK post-free

Botley - see Berkshire list

[Brookhampton documents]  Inventory of Fixtures and Fittings at the Bear and Ragged Staff
A scrappy inventory drawn up in 1900, an inventory of 1901 written on the back of brewery-headed notepaper, and an inventory made in 1914.  (ref 68/29)  12.00 UK post-free

[Chalgrove documents]  Lists of Fixtures and Fittings at the Lamb Inn
Changes of tenancy in quick succession resulted in two lists being drawn up in 1898.  Both handwritten on single sheets.  There are also papers - including a list of fixture etc - concerning a change of tenant in 1933.  (ref 68/42)  15.00 UK post-free

[Charlton on Otmoor documents]  Property Deeds
A broken sequence of deeds fortunately detailed in a 1858 abstract of title.  They mostly concern a near-10 acre plot of grassland awarded to John Jarvis in 1829 following the Otmoor drainage.  In 1831 the land was sold to Henry Walter, who by the time of his death [1845] owed a lot of money.  A court case ensued which incidentally recorded much genealogical detail on the Walter family.  Henry Walter's widow died in 1851, effectively ending the court case, and the property eventually acquired by Rev George Bull in 1853.  Rev Bull had already acquired other plots of land in Charlton on Otmoor, and conveyances of 1847 and 1851 record purchases from Sarah Clarke and Samuel Byron respectively.  These and other properties were sold by Rev Bull to John Rowland of Islip.  In all this small associated collection comprises 6 parchment and 6 paper documents.   (ref 661/2)  55.00 post-free  Not for export

[Charlton-on-Otmoor documents]  Inventories of the Crown Inn
Inventories drawn up in 1903, 1905, 1909 and 1933 on changes of tenant.  Also a note signed by the tenant in 1892.  (ref 68/16)  20.00 UK post-free

[Chinnor documents]  Inventories and Valuations of Furniture, Utensils etc at the Kings Head Inn
Carbon copy typescript inventory drawn up for change of tenant in 1925.  There are 2 other inventories - both undated - at least one of which is certainly earlier than 1925.  4 items in all.  (ref 68/46)  12.50 UK post-free

[Culham document]  Valuation of Furniture Fixtures & Fittings at the Red Lion
3pp typescript copy of a 1922 professional valuation made on change of tenant.  (ref 68/24)  10.00 UK post-free

[Dorchester documents]  Inventories of Fixture & Fittings at the Plough Inn
Inventories made in 1887 and 1916 on changes of tenant.  (ref 68/39)  10.00 UK post-free

[Ensham]  Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for the 1842 sale held at the Red Lion of:
Lot 1.  A newly built cottage and 135 acres of land known as Ambury Closes.
Lot 2.  12 acres of land near Ensham Bridge.
Lot 3.  The 32 acre Wrothys 'bounded by the River Isis'.
Lot 4.  A cottage & outbuildings tenanted by Edward Holloway.
In the event only lot 2 was sold - the name of the purchaser is scrawled but appears to read Samuel Dance.  Sale particulars of this age are relatively scarce, and this one is in surprisingly good condition - just a trace of curling at the top, but this  can be flattened out in time.  (ref 6633)  20.00 UK post-free

[Faringdon documents]  Inventory & Valuation of Fixtures & Effects at the Duke of York
3pp handwritten professional inventory drawn up in 1875 on change of tenant.  Also a 1900 professional inventory, unvalued as the assessor was awaiting clarification on some matter from the landlord (the brewery), and a 1900 letter from an incoming tenant.  (ref 68/48)  20.00 UK post-free

[Finstock documents]  Inventories of Fixtures and Fittings at the Crown Inn
Inventories made in 1889, 1895, 1909, 1916, 1931 and 1949, all on change of tenant.  (ref 68/14)  20.00 UK post-free

[Forest Hill document]  List and Valuation of Furniture and Utensils etc at the White Horse
2pp typescript inventory compiled on change of tenant in 1956.  (ref 68/38)  8.00 UK post-free

[Freeland documents]  List of Trade Fixtures & Utensils at the New Inn
An undated but apparently 1906 list, accompanied by handwritten notes of 1907, 1912 and 1926 about new fittings being the property of the brewery.  The 4 items (ref 68/30)  12.50  UK post-free

[Hanborough documents]  Inventory and Valuation of Furniture & Effects at the Bell
Professional inventory and overall valuation drawn up in 1869 on change of tenant, together with less formal inventories made in 1935, 1938 and 1939.  The 4 (ref 68/53)  18.00 UK post-free

[Leafield documents]  Valuation of Furniture and Fittings at the Fox
Valuation made in 1898 on change of tenant.  This is accompanied by inventories of 1899, 1921 and 1951, again on changes of tenant.  (ref 68/27)  20.00 UK post-free

[Lillingstone Lovell] Grant of Land to extend burial ground
1889 land grant (signed) by James Bogle Delap. Parchment. Site plan. (ref B165 - also on the Buckinghamshire list)  8.00  UK post-free

[Marston]  Sale Particulars of 45 Acre Farm
Printed particulars for the 1875 sale of this un-named farm (tenanted by William Andrew).  The only clues as to it's location are contained in the breakdown of fields etc, the two largest ones being the 15 acre Scales Hedge and the 16 acre Litchfield's Ground.  The farmhouse is described as having 'Parlour, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Pantry, capital Dairy, 4 Bedrooms and 2 Attics;  also a large and excellent Garden and Orchard, Barn, Tool House, 2 Stables, capital stone-built and Slated Cart Hovel, Piggery, Cowhouse, Cattle Hovels &c together with 5 Inclosures of first-class Pasture Land....'.  Nice clean condition.  (ref 5398)  12.00 UK post-free

[Minster Lovel]  Sale Particulars - House & Land on the Windrush
Printed particulars for the 1858 sale (held at the Marlborough Arms Inn, Witney) of this property 'very pleasantly situated on an eminence overlooking the River Windrush, which River bounds the estate for nearly three-quarters of a mile........The estate is situate within three miles of the capital market town of Witney, and four of Burford.....'.  It seems that shortly before the sale a labourer's cottage and garden were withdrawn from the sale of this 20 acre estate, as details are crossed through.   Some pencillings, evidently scrappy notes probably made during viewing.  The outside (as folded) is rather grubby, but the worst of this can be removed with care - otherwise quite good condition.  (ref 6618)  15.00 UK post-free

Register of Exeter College, Oxford
Oxford Historical Society, 1894. 183+399pp inc index, 4 plates at end as required. Rectors, Fellows and other members, prefixed by a history of the college. Front inner hinge badly cracked, not helped by the thickness of the book. Familiar mauve cloth boards, gilt crest & lettering, edges & corners worn but perhaps not unduly considering age. G. (ref 2280)  18.00

Monumental Inscriptions on the Floor of the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford
A scrappy manuscript list, with corrections in another hand, on 26 paper sheets.  No clue as to when this was done but we'd guess between the wars.  (ref 80/17)  8.00 UK post-free

[Oxford]  Sale Particulars - Houses and Building Plots
Printed particulars for the 1925 sale held at the Golden Cross Hotel of:
3 & 4 William Street, tenanted by E A Hurst and Henry Dixon
124 Cowley Road, (Mrs Dawson)
4, 5 & 6 Juxon Street, ( H White, T W Scroggs, Mrs Jones)
46 Boulter Street, St Clements (Mrs Armstrong)
3 building plots in Victoria Road, Summertown
Rather grubby, but with care the worst of this can be removed.  (ref 6664)  12.00 UK post-free

[Oxford document]  Inventory and Valuation of Fixtures etc at the Balloon, Queen Street
2pp manuscript inventory drawn up in 1896 on change of tenant.  (ref 68/10)  8.00 UK post-free

[Oxford documents]  Inventories of Items at the Marlborough Arms, St Thomas'
Inventories made on changes of tenant in 1921, 1928, 1940 and 1948.  The 4   (ref 68/12)  15.00 UK post-free

[Oxford documents]  Inventory and Valuation of Fixtures etc at the Bird in Hand, King Street, Jericho
Copies of inventories drawn up in 1908, 1909 and 1912 on changes of tenant.   (ref 68/17)  12.00 UK post-free

[Oxford document]  Inventory of  Fixtures & Utensils at the Prince of Wales, Walton Street
Double-foolscap handwritten inventory signed by the incoming tenant in 1930.  The covering sheet is quite ragged and this is reflected in the price.  (ref 68/20)  8.00 UK post-free

[Oxford document]  List of Utensils etc at the Gardeners Arms, North Parade
Single sheet list on brewery headed paper, 1928.   (ref 68/22)  8.00 UK post-free

[Oxford documents]  Lists of Fixtures and Fittings at the Carpenters Arms, Thames Street
A professional valuation made in 1902, re-used in 1903, together with rather less august productions of 1901 and 1894.  Also a slip of paper concerning sheets of corrugated iron declared the property of the landlord (the brewery).  4 items altogether.  (ref 68/43)  12.50  UK post-free

[Oxford documents]  Lists and Valuations of Fittings and Utensils at the Bird-in-Hand, Princes Street
Handwritten lists made on change of tenant in 1914, 1927 and 1936.  (ref 68/44)  12.50 UK post-free

[Oxford documents]  List of Furniture & Fixtures at the Duke of York, New Street
A rather scrappy list and valuation made out in 1905, presumably on change of tenant though no names are shown.  Also a slip of paper dated 1914 listing new fixtures deemed to belong to the landlord (the brewery).  (ref 68/45)  10.00 UK post-free

[Oxford documents]  Lists of Beerhouse Fixtures and Fittings at 10 Bath Street, St Aldate's
Lists drawn up in 1927 and 1935 on changes of tenant.  (ref 68/47)  10.00 UK post-free

[Oxford documents]  Lists of Furniture & Utensils etc at the Fox and Hounds, Abingdon Road
A scrappy list drawn up in 1911 on change of tenant, and what appears to be an earlier (1907) list - even more scrappy.  3 papers in all.  (ref 68/49)  10.00 UK post-free

[Oxford documents]  Schedules of Furniture, Fittings etc at the Old Wheatsheaf, St Aldate's
Carbon copies of typescript lists made in 1912.  (ref 68/54)  12.50 UK post-free

[Sandford on Thames documents]  Lists of Fixtures etc at the Fox
Lists drawn up in 1909 and 1917 on changes of tenant, together with short notes made in 1917 and 1923 about certain newly installed items declared the property of the landlord (the brewery).  (ref 68/37)  10.00 UK post-free

[Tetsworth]  Abstract of Title to Cottage
This cottage 'bounded on the South by the London Road, on the West by the Marsh End and on the North and East by the Common.....formerly in the occupation of James Bowell and afterwards of Edward Butcher and now or lately in the occupation of William Ellis' came up for sale at the Spread Eagle, Thame, in 1899.  This abstract gives details of property deeds going back 25 years.  Very much the concern of Joseph Charles Cornish and his sons Henry and Alfred.  Manuscript on 7 large paper sheets.   (ref 323/52)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Thame Documents]  4 Deeds to House
These 4 parchment deeds, dating from the period 1807-1825, relate to 'all that messuage or tenement situate and being in New Thame in the parish of Thame..... heretofore in the occupation of Thomas Hall, since of William Howkins and.....Edward Burnard deceased and now of Mary Burnard widow mother of the said Edward Burnard party hereto together with liberty of free passage.....leading into the yard and backside of the messuage or tenement formerly The Sun public house'.  All 4 involve one or more members of the Burnard family.  (ref 321/6)  30.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Wheatley documents]  Inventory and Valuation of Fittings, Fixtures etc at the Plough Inn
A typescript professional inventory drawn up in 1922 together with one from 1919, both on change of tenancy.  The pair (ref 68/33)  12.50 UK post-free

[Wheatley document]  List of Fixtures at the King and Queen
A list plus valuation, all on one sheet of paper drawn up on change of tenant in 1898.   (ref 68/51)  10.00 UK post-free

A Village on the Thames, Whitchurch Yesterday and Today
Sir Rickman J Godlee, 1926. 283pp, map eps, 20 plate-ills, mostly full-page. A series of articles written for the parish magazine assembled & published after the death of the author.  Ex-College library with label on verso of fep, lib mark (in snopake!) on (faded) spine. However, VG. (ref 1494)  15.00

Some Notes of the History of the Parish of Whitchurch, Oxon
Rev John Slatter, 1895.  150pp, parish sketch-map frontis.   Contents nice and clean except for minor underlining (affects about 4 or 5 pp), scatted spotting affects first & last few leaves, small stain on front board, brown cloth with green spine, bevelled boards, quite a decent copy.  (ref 3111)  38.00

The Wigginton Constables' Book 1691-1836
Banbury Historical Society vol 11, 1971.  144pp inc 3 indexes, frontis ill of the church, double-page map taken from Davis' Oxfordshire of 1797.  The constables' book is a chronicle of monies expended on a whole range of subjects - and, most importantly, who it was paid to.  The introduction begins 'Preserved in the church chest at Wigginton is a collection of records which together serve to provide a remarkably complete picture of life in an Oxfordshire village during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries'.  Ex-college lib, the only library trimmings being a stamp on the verso of the t/p and the remains of the library card holder on the front pastedown.  Still a decent copy, easily G in a reasonably G d/w.  (ref 3565)  9.00

[Wolvercote documents]  Inventory of Fixtures and Fittings in the Plough
This is a carbon copy of a 5pp typescript inventory drawn up in 1927 on change of tenant.  A small handwritten paper attached records new shelving in the bar in 1933.  (ref 68/19)  12.00 UK post-free

Old Oxfordshire Churches
W Hobart Bird, 1932.  10mo, 182pp inc index, 12 photo-plates, 11 of which contain 4 small ills.  'A concise guide, especially compiled for motoring folk and others interested in the architecture of our churches, and also their contents, screens, fonts, brasses etc'.  G.  (ref 3316)  10.00 UK post-free

NOTE: Present-day South Oxfordshire includes most of those parishes on and north of a line from Ashbury to Moulsford [Wallingford for example], which were formerly in Berkshire. Any material on this area will be on the Berkshire list.