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[Bell of Bintree]  Correspondence/Bills to Benjamin Bell of Bintree
2 1815 letters, statements of 1815 and 1816, and 3 unusual survivals - copyhold bills from the solicitor acting as clerk to the lord of the manor [of Stibbard].   All on paper, one bears the signature Benjn Bell.  One of the copyhold bills is in two.  The collection (ref 39/50)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Chaddock/Chadwick family]  4 Legacy Receipts
Frances Chaddock was due a 10 legacy, but died prematurely.  The 10 devolved to her 4 children John Chaddock of Burnham Westgate, William Chaddock of Dartford, Kent, Ann Chaddock of South Creake and Robert Chadwick of Norwich - apparently christened Chadwick by mistake when baptised at Burnham Sutton in 1766.  On offer here are the 4 receipts (2 made their mark, 2 signed) all dated 1787.  Intriguingly William Chaddock signed as Chadwick - this paperwork may well solve a problem with someone's research.  All 4 on paper, all in very nice clean condition.  (ref 39/19)  25.00 post-free 
Not for export

The Corbould Genealogy
George C B Poulter, 1935. 4to, 165pp inc index, 26pp of ills/pedigrees, map eps. Contents very clean and fresh. Rear board scored, bottom corners worn. (ref 0954) 25.00

[Gunton document]  Abstract of the Wills of Mr Samuel Charles Gunton Senr and Mr Samuel Charles Gunton Junr both late of New Buckenham Norfolk Wine Merchants dec'd
This abstract drawn up in 1852 provides the important parts of the wills of Charles Samuel Gunton who died in 1845 and his namesake son who died in 1849.  A significant document which contains vital contemporary family detail.  Manuscript on 4 large paper sheets with a 5th as the covering sheet which has kept the others nice and clean.  (ref 7728)  15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Harwood document]  Conveyance of Possessions by Bankrupt Bartholomew Harwood of Norwich
This very lengthy document signs over Bartholomew Harwood's possessions to trustees appointed by an astonishing 70 creditors.  His debts totalled well over 4700.  As well as several loans of cash and 850 owed to the Guardians of the Poor of Norwich, the debts include monies owed to various traders such as peruke maker, mantua maker and 3 booksellers.  A schedule of Bartholomew's goods includes 26 salts, 3 orange strainers, 5 porringers, 62 pairs of buckles (presumably all silver), together with quite a few gold and silver items - but no furniture is listed, nor any of the books he presumably owed money on.  A very interesting insight into the level of debt people could find themselves.  Very lengthy document on 5 large parchment sheets, bears signatures of Bartholomew & Frances Harwood, the (featureless) seal of the Guardians of the Poor, and signatures of 67 of the creditors.  The document has been stored in far from ideal conditions.  The parchment is extensively foxed and where old folds cross it has worn away - perhaps the least affected sheet is the one containing the schedule of creditors with amounts owed and the schedule of goods being signed over to creditors.  The wording in places is indistinct - in a few places it has virtually disappeared.  Such documents often result from persons having been officially declared bankrupt by the Court of Bankruptcy, but here we have an example where the creditors felt they'd get a better return by avoiding the legal expense of getting Bartholomew declared bankrupt.  (ref 88/311)  30.00 post-free 
Not for export

Haddon Family Documents
This group of 8 parchment and 5 paper document spanning the period 1866 to 1898 concerns Robert and Mary Anne Haddon of North Walsham.  (ref B294/48)  40.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Humphrey document]  Release of Properties in Norwich
This 1745 deed records the sale of what appears to be several houses or cottages, some of them adjacent to the church of St Michael in the parish of Coslany, Norwich.  The vendor was widow Rebecca Humphrey and the purchaser Richard Humphrey, but there's nothing to say what their relationship was, if any.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 32"x22".  (ref 117/15)  25.00 
Not for export

[Mack document]  Observations on the Tunstead Poors Rate
This 1860 document raises questions about what should be the precise assessment of the amount payable by John Mack.  Manuscript on paper, 1 side.  (ref 350/5) 8.00 post-free  Not for export

[Page documents]  Family Papers
A bundle of papers concerning sisters Elizabeth and Susanna Page of Norwich - Elizabeth died 1907, Susanna a few years later.  Mostly minor paperwork concerning wills and codicils, shares, legacy duty etc, but there are several letters bearing original signatures sent to solicitors.  Relatives are only rarely mentioned - Johnson and White.  Over 50 items, some multi-paged.  (ref 230/31)  30.00 post-free   
Not for export

Newspaper Ads re Late Philip William Rose
Pages taken from the Norfolk Chronicle and the Norfolk News, April and May 1879 (though the year in the Norfolk News is misprinted 7918) containing solicitor's adverts calling for creditors of the recently deceased Philip William Rose of Newmarket Road Norwich to come and state their claims.  One of the pages gives details of the annual meeting/dinner of the Yare Preservation and Anglers Society, another one reports at length on the recent Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race.  These 4 odd pages (ref 405/19)   8.00 post-free within UK

[Steward document]  Oath signed by Thomas Steward
Thomas Steward was a King's Lynn merchant.  This is an oath he signed in 1775 concerning money owed him by a bankrupt for coal delivered but not paid for.   Manuscript on paper, a peculiar hole about an inch below the top margin (an old spike hole, perhaps?), an old two-inch tear affects 5 lines of text, but nice and clean and signed Thos Steward with a bold flourish.  (ref Q250/40)  15.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Turner document]  Abstract of Title - Carleton Rode
This undated but approx 1855 abstract provides us with the important bits from property deeds going back to 1758 when John Turner of New Buckenham borrowed 130 on a cottage at Carleton Rode 'then in the occupation of John Spurling' and another cottage at Flaxland.  In 1762 the property, together with a cottage called both Scrabbetts and Scarletts on Shipcoat Lane,  devolved to his son [another John Turner] of Wymondham.  The Turner family continued to be associated with the property at least until the most recent [1796] document mentioned in this 1850's abstract.  Manuscript on 9 large paper sheets.  Almost certainly there would have been a 10th blank covering sheet - if there was, it is long gone.  (ref 7730)  15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Turner documents]  Papers re Sarah Turner of Hackford, died 1921
In her will, Sarah described herself as 'spinster and farmer' and was clearly the last of the line in her family so was obliged to keep the farm going .  There wasn't a single relative left when she died, so she left the bulk of her estate to her 'faithful domestic servant' Lorenza Read.  As well as the probated copy of her will there are several other earlier papers, some mentioning a brother and one or two other relatives who clearly all pre-deceased her.  Ask for details (ref 230)




[Alburgh & Denton] Extracts from Confirmed Apportionments of the Rent Charge in Lieu of Tithes
1865 Tithe Commission extract giving details of landowner, occupier, description of land, state of cultivation, area and amount of rent charge. Covers 33 plots of land in Alburgh and 92 in Denton. Useful piece of local history. Grubby paper covers but contents clean. (ref K25/191) 22.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Alburgh]  Abstract of Title to Messuage
An unusually early [undated but the paper is watermarked 1806] abstract.  This takes us back to 1714 when Matthew Postlethwaite was admitted as copyholder in succession to his uncle John Postlethwaite who died the previous year.  It seems no buildings worth mentioning were involved, as the property is described as 'one piece of meadow containing two snorces lying in a certain meadow called Marsh Meadow.....abutting on the common river towards the South.....'.   Matthew Postlethwaite was succeeded by his son John in 1747.  He died in 1750 and was succeeded as copyholder by his two sisters Barbara Kerrick and Elizabeth Postlethwaite, and it seems they sold the copyhold to John Van Kamp in 1752.  John Van Kamp [then of Bungay] died in 1800 and the copyhold passed to his daughters Tabitha and Susanna Maria.  This abstract also covers another piece of copyhold land which John Van Kamp acquired in 1788 from Henry Clarke, who in turn had inherited the copyhold from his brother John who'd died in 1779.   Manuscript on 3 large paper sheets, torn along 200 year old folds [the longest tear is about 4"].  On a blank part of the abstract is a faint  sketch-plan of the immediate area showing the river.  (ref 4750)  18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Aldborough]  4 Copyhold Documents to House & 4 Acres
Contemporary copies of an admission of 1840, another of 1841, and a surrender dated 1858, together with an abstract of title containing details of other documents reaching back to 1779, for a 2 acre plot with a house called Batts, and other land.   John Wickes, a Blickling farmer, acquired the copyhold in 1779 and it remained in the family until 1841 when Susan Wickes surrendered it in favour of Dennis Whitaker Gunton.  The 4 items (ref 64/34)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Aldborough]  Documents for Several Small Plots of Copyhold Land
These contemporary copies of 6 documents relate to small plots of land, copyhold of the Manor of Bassingham, and totalling about 8 acres including a ruined cottage and another cottage which in 1849 is described as being '.....wherein the Widow Clarke now or lately dwelt.....'.  3 of the documents are admissions of 1787, 1838, 1849, 2 are surrenders of 1841 and 1858.  The 5th document is an abstract of title listing documents going back to 1780 when John Wickes was admitted as copyholder.   The property remained with the family for more than 60 years before Susan Wickes surrendered the copyhold in favour of Dennis Whitaker Gunton.  The group (ref 64/36)   15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Aslacton Windmill deeds]  Conveyance and Mortgage 1915
In October 1915 Aslacton mill was sold for 400.  The conveyance provides details of earlier events going back to 1903.  Both deeds are in manuscript on parchment and are in nice clean condition.    (ref 5401)  25.00 post-free 
Not for export
Aslacton mill ceased working with sails in the late 1920s, and in 1931 was described as being 'very dilapidated - for more detail see the highly recommended Norfolk Mills website at

[Aylsham manorial document]  Surrender of The Swan, Hungate Street
This 1878 surrender of the copyhold of The Swan is signed by William and Marianne Bircham (both of Reepham) in favour of Henry Tyrwhitt Staniforth Patteson of Cringleford.  Interesting in that with the inn came a 'washhouse, skittle ground and outbuildings and the use of the well in the adjoining yard.....'.  Manuscript on 3 sides of paper each approx 9"x14".  (ref 5784)  12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Blo' Norton document]  Inclosure Award to George Walton
1822 10pp printed document with manuscript insertions awarding George Walton 5 small plots of land, much of it former common or waste land.  (ref 6934)  12.00  post-free 
Not for export

[Calthorpe documents]  Documents from the Manor of Calthorpe Hook Hall
Boundaries of manors hardly ever coincided with boundaries of parishes, and we understand part of this manor lay in the parish of Erpingham.  We have several documents including some admittances and surrenders of copyholds etc dating from the period 1737-1830.  A variety of copyholders get a brief mention, but the specific properties within the manor do not - for this you'd need to refer to the original court rolls.  All in manuscript on paper (some extremely brief).  Email details of your Calthorpe/Erpingham & district ancestors in case one of them was a copyholder.

[Cossey document]  Scheduling of Part of Home Farm under the Land Improvement Acts
An official copy of an 1894 Order involving a 479 acre portion of Home Farm, tenanted by Cook Robins.  Manuscript on parchment, approx 24"x19", signed & sealed by the Land Loan & Enfranchisement Company.  (ref 119/3)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Downham]  Sale Poster - 11 Acres of Land
Large printed poster announcing the 1919 sale of 3 plots of land 'bounded on the North by the Melton Road' owned by Walter Wharton but tenanted by J Pond.  Size approx 17"x25", multifolded, some offsetting but nothing serious and quite a decent fresh copy.  (ref 82/15)  12.50 post-free within UK

[East Dereham]  Sale Particulars for House, Workshops and Land
Printed particulars for the 1883 sale - consequent on the dissolution of the partnership between Messrs H J and A W Ireland - of a semi in St Nicholas Street [occupied by William Farrow and George Hooper], a coach-builder's premises with a 51 feet frontage on the Wellington Road [late C Middleton] and a cattle sale yard with offices also on Wellington Road 'within two minutes walk of the Cattle Market'.  Issued without a plan.  Nice clean condition with no tears.  (ref 5421)  15.00 post-free within UK

[East Dereham]  Sale Particulars for 3 Cottages at Toftwood
Printed particulars for the 1875 sale of a double cottage tenanted by Wm Adams and a cottage tenanted by Richard Mayes.  Quite good condition. Issued without location plan.   (ref 5410)  12.00 post-free within UK

[East Dereham]  Sale Particulars for The Guild Hall Estate & Two Houses
Printed particulars for the 1869 sale of a 4 acre estate near the church in the centre of the town known as The Guild Hall comprising a mansion, coach houses and grounds.  Also 'two excellent residences' nearby, one of them tenanted by Lewis Barton, the other [Guild Hall Cottage] tenanted by Rev Forbes E Winslow.  Also in the sale was a piece of pasture ground described as the Guild Hall Cricket Ground.  The particulars were produced without a map or plan.  (ref 5420)  18.00 post-free within UK

[East Dereham]  Sale Particulars of Twelve Coomb Brewery
Printed particulars for the 1856 sale of Twelve Coomb Brewery in the centre of East Dereham near the market, and described as being late in the occupation of Mr William Cooper and since of Mr Simon Bale.  The particulars were produced without a map or plan.  Nice clean condition.  (ref 6644)  18.00 post-free within UK

[East Harling document]  Assignment of Personal Estate by Bankrupt
This 1817 indenture assigns the personal estate of bankrupt cabinet maker William Bailey for the benefit of his many creditors.  Quite a significant local item as it bears the signatures of 17 creditors - most of whom would surely have lived in East Harling or nearby - as well as of William Bailey.  Single large parchment sheet in nice clean condition despite the age.  (ref 6677)  22.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Gimlingham document]  Abstract of Title to Copyhold Land
This abstract, undated but drawn up about 1860 (the paper bears 1855 watermarks) provides details of successive copyholders of a one-acre plot of land stretching back to 1764.  The people who drew up the abstract knew which acre of land they were describing - unfortunately it is identified solely by the names of the successive copyholders:-
1764 Jonathan Bond of Gimlingham
1767 his son John Bond
1783 his son William Bond
1795 his son Robert Bond of Southrepps who immediately surrendered it in favour of Thomas Shephard of Dilham
1801 William Arness of Northrepps
1803 William Hewitt of Gimlingham
1805 George Scott of Norwich
1827 John Scott of Tunbridge Wells
1843 Daniel Twiss of Rotterdam
Manuscript on 4 large paper sheets with a 5th as the covering sheet.  (ref 211/10)   9.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Great Yarmouth document]  Mortgage of 64 Regent Road
This 1887 mortgage was taken out by widow Jane Plowman, and it bears her signature.  Manuscript on parchment, nice and clean.  (ref 362/33)  8.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Great Yarmouth (probably)] Bill for New Gravestone Slab in North Aisle of St Helens Church
This 1790 bill is for providing and laying a portland stone gravestone for Mrs Margerum, the bill being submitted by James Turberville. Depending on victorian church 'restoration', this stone may or may not still be there and this bill may or may not throw a small ray of light on the history of the church. Manuscript on paper approx 8"x8". (ref 36/27) 10.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Hackford]  Sale Poster for 4 Lots of Land on the Hardingham Road
This 1842 printed poster announces the forthcoming sale of 4 plots of land totalling about 37 acres, identified as follows:
The 4-acre Clay Allotment
The 6-acre Clay Pit Close
The near 5-acre Middle Piece
The 3-acre Barn Allotment
The 5-acre Palegate Piece
The 4-acre Upper Palegate Piece
together with other un-named land.  The only person named is the sitting tenant William Head.  Single printed paper sheet, approx 8"x13", suprisingly good condition and ideal for framing.  (ref 4081)  18.00 post-free within UK

[Hackford]  Sale Particulars for Small Farm
Printed particulars for the 1882 sale of an un-named 19 acre farm 'situate at Hackford in Norfolk and next or near the road from Deopham to Hingham'.  Issued without plan and the details are disappointingly sparse - but of course in 1882 everybody knew exactly which farm it was.  Clean.  (ref 5413)  10.00 post-free within UK.

[Hackford]  Draft Copy of Sale Particulars for Cottage and Land
The draft for a 1920 sale of 'a capital double cottage' on the road from Deopham to Hackford, tenanted by George Mann and James Reynolds.  Manuscript on 3 pages with a 4th as a covering sheet.  (ref 230/30)  8.00 UK post-free

[Hardwick - see Pulham Market]

[Heacham & Sedgeford]  Conveyance of Heacham Hall and Farms, Schools & Cottages
This lengthy 1904 conveyance was of Heacham Hall together with the 621 acre Church Farm, several 'villa residences' called The Homestead, The School and School House, The Shooting Lodge, The Keepers Cottage and Rose Cabin, a row of cottages facing Church Green, a pair of Cottages also facing Church Green, a row of 3 cottages adjoing The Allotments, The Lodge, and in Sedgeford the 458 acre West Hall Farm also known as Anthony's Farm, the 242 acre Binks Farm formerly known as Wethered's Farm, several smallholdings, Sedgefield Cottages (5 cottages at Comforts Corner), Sedgefield School and Master's House plus various woods and other lands - the whole estate totalling 1430 acres as detailed on a schedule.  The conveyance is in manuscript on 9 large parchment sheets with a 10th sheet used to provide a hand-coloured estate plan.  Provides much detail on the Neville-Rolfe family.  (ref 120/49)  30.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Hoveton document]  Scheduling of Part of the Hoveton House Estate by the Board of Agriculture
This is an official copy of an 1890 Order scheduling a 239 acre part of the Hoveton House Estate, of which by far the largest part was Church Farm, tenanted by William Hargrave.  Manuscript on large (approx 28"x23") parchment sheet, multifolded but clean, bears the embossed red seal of the Board of Agriculture.  (ref 119/2)  16.00 post-free 
Not for export

St Margaret's Church Kings Lynn
10th ed 1952. Small (approx 3x4") booklet, 22pp, paper covers. Some water staining. 0.50 post-free within UK

The Port of King’s Lynn
King’s Lynn Conservancy Board, 1961. 4to booklet in card covers, 86pp, photo & other ills, 3 folding maps, one of them heavily annotated with many details of former residents (Miller, Morris, Riches etc). Former owner has updated with amendments up to 1968. G. (ref 8319) 5.00

[Langham/Stiffkey document]  Scheduling of Farms by the Land Commissioners
This is an official copy of an 1886 Order by the Land Commissioners on 876 acres owned by Florance Thomas Stephen Rippingale of Langham.  It mainly comprised the 262 acre Crafers Farm, Langham (tenanted by Charles Crafer); the 279 acre Cubitts Farm, Langham (Golden Cubitt and Algernon James Cubitt); and the 295 acre Stiffkey Farm, Stiffkey (William George Wood) and Charles George Wood).  Manuscript on single parchment sheet approx 27"x22", multifolded but in nice clean condition.   (ref 119/11)  16.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Marlingford document]  Sale Particulars for Marlingford Windmill
Printed particulars for the 1879 sale of this 'well situate and substantially built brick tower wind mill containing five floors.....', then tenanted by 'George Coote who will quit at Michaelmas next.'.    (ref 3323)  15.00 UK post-free

St Martin's Church, New Buckenham
Hugh Whitwam [vicar], undated but probably early 1970s church guide of just 4pp of text in card covers. (ref 0000) 0.50 post-free within UK

[North Walsham]  Amiss Family Property Deeds
A collection of 10 mostly parchment documents ranging in dates from 1827 to 1859 concerning both freehold and copyhold land.  The small estate seems to have been built up piecemeal by Thomas Amiss over 20-odd years and on his death (1856) the property devolved to his widow Sarah (died 1857) & thence to his son John.  An isolated 1894 family deed (contemporary copy only) records the death of John who was succeeded in turn by his son William.  Useful group of family deeds spanning 3 generations.   11 items in all, of which 8 are on parchment.  (ref 5093)  48.00 post-free   
Not for export

[North Walsham]  Abstract of Title to a Piece of Copyhold Bruery or Marshland
This undated but approx 1840 abstract concerns 'one piece of Bruery or Marsh containing in length ten perches and in breadth one perch'.  The abstract commences in 1785 with the admission of William Rudd as copyholder.  In 1792 he surrendered the copyhold to Thomas Gaze (of Paston).  32 years later his grandson surrendered his copyhold to local innkeeper James Legood.  The abstract ends with the death of James Legood in 1840.  Manuscript on paper, 4 large sheets.  (ref 64/30)  10.00 post-free   
Not for export

[North Walsham]  Abstract of Title to Copyhold Cottage
This undated but approx 1840 abstract concerns 'one cottage and 9 perches of copyhold land' and covers the period from 1782.  Occupied by various members of the Barcham family until 1811 when it was sold for 90.  There followed a couple of short term copyholders until 1814 when Thomas Hammont Cooper was admitted.  In 1826 he surrendered his copyhold in favour of local innkeeper James Legood.  Manuscript on paper, 5 large sheets.  (ref 64/31)  10.00 post-free  
Not for export

[North Walsham]  Abstract of Title to Half Acre of Copyhold Bruery
This undated but approx 1835 abstract is accompanied by a supplemental abstract (also undated but approx 1841), between them giving details going back to 1792 for 'All that half acre of bruery whereupon two cottages formerly stood but then down & wasted lying between the Common of North Walsham on the part of the East and a certain footpath leading from Knapton to North Walsham on the part of the West.....'.   Further identification was provided in 1815 - number 272 on the Inclosure Map.   Very much the concern of various members of the Gaze family until 1822 when the copyhold was bought for 55 by local innkeeper James Legood.  Manuscript on 5 large paper sheets.  (ref 64/32)  10.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Norwich]  Mortgage of Maids Head Hotel, Wensum Street
This 1898 mortgage is signed by licensed victualler Henry Lewis Clark.   Manuscript insertions on printed paper.  (ref 21/61)  5.00 post-free  
Not for export  

[Norwich]  Sale Particulars of 13 Houses - Dereham Road & Bethel Street
61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 117, 119 & 165 Dereham Road and Nos 1-5 St Giles Terrace, Bethel Street came up for sale at The Royal Hotel in 1906.  These printed particulars were clearly used at the sale as all the hammer prices and purchasers names are listed. Most of the occupiers names are also included in the printed particulars.   Some foxing but nothing serious, piece missing (no text involved).  (ref 17/15)  12.00 post-free within UK

Pulham St Mary Magdalen document]  Conveyance of Yew Tree Farm
This 1945 typescript deed records the selling of Yew Tree Farm by Charles Harris to Herbert George Lincoln.  The deed contains a useful hand-coloured plan on waxed linen.  Both the plan and the deed are signed C Harris.  A memorandum shows that part of this 43 acre farm was later sold off to Norfolk County Council - perhaps for road widening.  (ref 5473)  10.00 UK post-free
 Not for export  

[Scarning documents]  3 Copyhold Admissions
Though not a complete sequence by any means, these 3 parchment documents of 1814, 1817 and 1862 nevertheless provide details of copyholder families [Girling-Hazle-Thacker] over this 48 year period.  The plot of land is only identified as being no 45 on the Scarning inclosure map, so with some research it could be pinpointed.  The three (ref B294/12, 17, 19)  28.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Seething documents]  Deeds to Cottage and Garden
A very nice accumulation of deeds, and certainly from the earliest one (a 1762 mortgage) through to 1836 a succession of owners can be traced despite there being several deeds missing.  The mortgagee in 1762 was James Wigg, who borrowed 22 from Robert Daft.  By means unknown (documentation missing) Robert Daft became the owner of the property, and in 1772 he sold it to Charles Maltby, a Norwich surgeon.  On his death the property devolved to his nephew Rev John Humfrey of Smallburgh, who in 1790 sold it to Norwich banker (Sir) Roger Kerrison.  By 1810 Kerrison had died and his surviving business partner Thomas Allday Kerrison declared bankrupt.  The cottage was put up for auction by his creditors, and as a result it was acquired by William Chasteney who had in fact been sitting tenant for at least 20 years.  In 1836 Chasteney sold the cottage to Robert Lovick.  The cottage is only identified by surrounding properties, called Jones (at one time occupied by John Tower), another cottage at one time occupied by Wiggs, then by Stacey, and a house called Lynes Croft.  These 8 parchment deeds consist of:
1762 mortgage
1772 release
1790 lease and release
1810 lease and release
1835 mortgage
1836 deed of sale.
(ref 658/62)  85.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Seething documents]  Two Deeds of Enfranchisement
These 1899 deeds record the freeing of copyhold land in favour of Norwich solicitor Henry Blake.  These are significant local history documents providing much detail on several cottages and many fields and plots of land, the plots being identified by name, acreage and in many instances by occupier.  Manuscript on a total of 3 large parchment sheets.  (ref 658/63)  35.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Silfield]  Sale Particulars for Farm
Printed particulars for the 1905 sale of an un-named 48 acre farm.  The particulars were produced without a location plan.  Apparently this is the auctioneer's own copy as the bidding progression is entered in the margin.  (ref 82/12)  10.00 post-free within UK

[Southburgh document]  Abstract of title to Copyhold Cottage & 5 Acres
This is an undated but approx 1815 abstract, with a later (also undated but probaly no later than 1830) abstract tacked on, for ' messuage or tenement built, and five acres of land to the same belonging with the appurtenances, situate lying and being in Higham Barrow otherwise Southbergh.....'.  Between them they contain details of deeds and documents going back to 1733 when widow Mary Barrett was admitted as copyholder.  On her death 30 years later she was succeeded as copyholder by William Middleton - possibly a relative as it seems he was mentioned in her will.  He died about 1777 and in his will he left the property to his 3 year old daughter Millderredge, though in practical terms her interests were looked after by her mother Sarah, who then married a Worship.  in 1795 Millderedge, then of Gt Ellington, surrendered the property to Elizabeth Cork.  Subsequently Elizabeth married Simeon Knowles.   When Elizabeth died in 1825 Simeon continued to live in the cottage and was still there when the continuation abstract was drawn up.  There's no clue as to exactly where in Southburgh the cottage was, though in William Middleton's time it was known as Buttels.  A document for the serious local historian with intimate local knowledge.   Manuscript on 6 large paper sheets, 5 of which bear 1815 watermarks, the 6th sheet is watermarked 1824.  Most of the sheets are torn along old folds and the outside one a bit ragged, but all perfectly legible.  (ref 6932)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Suton]  Sale Particulars for 2 Farms
Printed particulars for the 1919 sale of the 49 acre Holme Farm tenanted by A C Nickalls, and the 48 acre Leeder's Farm tenanted by R Daines.  The particulars were produced without a location plan.  Nice clean copy.  (ref 82/14)  10.00 post-free within UK

[Suton and The Lizard]  Sale Poster - 2 Cottages
Large printed poster announcing the 1919 sale of a cottage situated 'at the junction of Suton Street and the road leading from Wymondham to Spooner Row' tenanted by Mr Moseley; and No 9 Long Row, The Lizard, tenanted by J W Smith.  Multifolded, some offsetting but still a decent copy though there is a 2" tear along an old fold.   (ref 82/16)  12.50 post-free within UK

[Thornham] Land Tax Detail
Brief details of the total acreage of the parish chargeable with Land Tax and the proportion of the Rectory in 1786. This is undated but probably near-contemporary. Single sheet, very creased and torn in the middle. A second (small) sheet refers very briefly to the 1791 Land Tax. It tails off in mid-sentence and is thus perhaps an unfinished draft or a subsequent sheet is missing. NOTE - the only persons specifically mentioned are Mr Cary and Mr Hogg who were evidently successive incumbents at the time. (ref 188/340) 8.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Thurgarton]  Contemporary Copies of 4 Copyhold Documents
Contemporary copies of 2 surrenders, an admission and an abstract of title concerning 2 acres of common pasture.  Altogether the surrenders/admission cover the period 1840-1858 but the abstract provides details of events going back to 1780.   This little group (ref 64/29)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Toftmonks and Stockton]  Sale Particulars for the Great Wooden Sluice Marsh, Part of Carr's Marshes
Printed particulars for the 1870 sale of 'two pieces of valuable freehold tithe-free marsh land of fine grazing quality with early possession situate next the River Waveney in that reputed level called Carr's Marshes containing together 31A 2R 4P......'   Later on it informs prospective bidders that Mr George Pettingill, the Marshman, will show the land.  Although not produced with any formal site plan, there is included with these particular particulars a very useful hand-sketched plan on orange tracing paper.  A bit dogeared but clean.  (ref 5404)  12.50 post-free within UK

[Winfarthing]  Sale Particulars of [Un-named] Farm
This 49 acre farm came up for sale at The King's Head in Diss in 1898.   As well as the farm (apparently tenanted by Edward Roper) came a row of 3 cottages on the main road to Diss occupied by Arthur Reeve, Robert Newstead and H Ragg, also an adjacent pair of cottages occupied by Robert Fulcher and Ellis Lankaster.  No site plan as this 'will be produced at the time of Sale'.  (ref 17/11)  10.00 post-free within UK

Another Copy is available - not quite as fresh a copy - (ref 17/14) at 8.00 post-free within UK

NB - a year before the same farm and cottages had come up for sale at The Royal Hotel, Attleborough.  Printed particulars for this sale - together with coloured site plan - are available (ref 17/12) at 12.50 post-free within UK

[Wymondham]  Sale Poster for New House in Bellrope Lane
According to the poster the house was most substantially built of brick and tiles in 1910.  The poster announces the sale to be held at the Kings Head in June 1912.  Size approx 19"x30", multifolded & thus some offsetting.   (ref 30/50)  2 copies, each 12.50 post-free within UK

[Wymondham]  Sale Particulars of Messuages, Cottages, Brick-Kiln, Yards & 9 Acres of Land
Printed particulars of the sale held at the Green Dragon in 1877.  The 5 lots in the sale were:
1. A messuage and 4 cottages near the Cock Inn at the junction of the roads leading to Dereham, Kimberley and Melton.
2. 3 acres of arable land lying next to the road to Melton and Kimberley.
3. A cottage with brick-kiln sheds and brick-yard adjoining the road leading to Melton.
4. A 'fine piece of arable land' adjoining Deep Road.
5. A messuage with cottage, workshops, sheds & yard in Damgate Street 'for many years in the occupation of the late Mr John Bunn, Cooper'.
(ref 694/1)  10.00 post-free within UK

Another Copy, though this is the copy actually used at the sale to record the biddings and the purchasers, who were respectively Cross, Cann, Mays, Knivett and Clarke.  (ref 694/2)  14.00 post-free within UK

[Wymondham, Deopham & Ashwellthorpe]  Sale Poster
This poster announces the forthcoming sale of 13 houses & 2 farms as follows:
Dwelling house in Town Green, Wymondham.
3 cottages 'Standley Terrace', Pople Street, Wymondham.
Chain Entry cottage, Damgate Street, Wymondham.
Double Dwelling, Norwich Road, Wymondham [Skipping Block Row].
5 cottaes, Norwich Common, Wymondham.
A Plot of land in Ashwellthorpe.
Small farm in the Suton Division of Wymondham [Sawyer's Lane].
A dealer's occupation in the Suton Division of Wymondham.
Small farm in the parish of Deopham.
Loosely enclosed is a cutting from a local paper giving further details of the properties in this 1906 sale.  Tenants/occupiers of the various properties were Banham, Bullen, Brown, Semmence, Milton, Blazey, Woodrow, Miller, Hammond, Garrod, Walker, Savory, Peel, Lain, Bales.  This multi-folded sale poster is worn and there are occasional tears along folds or where folds cross.  An unusual survival in any condition, though.   (ref 17/17)  15.00 post-free within UK

[Wymondham]  Sale Particulars of Houses, Cottages, Brick Kiln, Yards and Land
Printed particulars for the 1877 sale held at the Green Dragon Inn, of:
1.  A house & 4 cottages near the Cock Inn
2.  3 acres of land on the Melton-Kimberley road.
3.  A cottage with brick0kiln sheds & brickyard on the road to Melton.
4.  3 acres of land adjoining Deep Road.
5.  A house, cottage, workshop, sheds & yard in Damgate Street.
On offer here are 3 lots of particulars, each used to draw up the formal agreements recording the deposit paid and with the signature of the successful bidder (these cover items 1-3 above), together with associated paperwork.  (ref 39/34)  22.50 post-free  
Not for export

[Wymondham]  Sale Particulars for Farm at Northfield
Printed particulars for the 1912 sale of an un-named 30 acre farm sold on behalf of the executors of Mrs Eliza Self - from one of the clauses in the sale conditions it appears the farm had been in the family for a good 40 years.  No location plan was provided, so all we have to go on is the description 'abutting on the South upon the road leading from Wicklewood to Norwich....and on the West by the Great Eastern Railway'.   These particulars appear to have been the sale as the bidding progression is entered in the margin - quite possibly this is the auctioneer's own copy.  Clean copy.  (ref 82/11)  10.00 post-free within UK

Bernard E Dorman, 1998 rep. 183pp inc index, 30 photo ills. F in F d/w. 6.00

Monasteries of Norfolk
Richard le Strange, 1973. 139pp. A gazetteer giving brief histories of priories, nunneries, chapels etc. Successive adjustment of pencil prices on fep have damaged top corner o/w G in G price-clipped d/w. (ref 2673) 9.50

NB the few documents listed amongst the books above are just a small selection from our stock of perhaps 15,000 items covering much of Britain - many of which relate either to Norfolk people or Norfolk property.   Email the names or locations you are researching and we'll provide details of anything we have that might link up.