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[Dent Family] Collection of Genealogical Papers relating to the Dent Family of Hallaton
Includes 7 manuscript pedigrees, a (contemporary?) copy of the 1724 will of Henry Dent, extracts from parish registers, various notes etc. In various handwritings ranging from the 18th to 20th centuries. Some tears along folds, some old sellotape repairs. The collection of 22 items (ref 6623) 42.00 post-free 
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The Greys of Bradgate
The Bradgate Books vol 2, 1977 2nd ed.  A5 in card covers enclosing 23pp inc index, a few ills, maily drawings.  The Greys of Groby, and later of Bradgate, were one of the noble families of England, entangled through conspiracy, feud and marriage with most of the other great houses of the land.  Lady Jane Grey, the 9-day Queen of England, spent most of her childhood at Bradgate.  She was beheaded at 16.  VG.   (ref 0000)  4.00 UK post-free

[Payne]  Admission of James Payne as Freeman of the Borough of Leicester
The printed form used for the 1842 swearing-in of wine merchant James Payne, his qualification being that his father had been a Leicester apprentice.  (ref B340)   7.50 post-free 
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[Smith]  Will of Ann Smith of Hose
On offer is the probated copy of the will of widow Ann Smith of Hose, who died in 1888.  Both the copy will and grant of probate are on parchment.  Nice and clean.  (ref 4051)  10.00 post-free 
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[Ashby de la Zouch]  Deeds to Rose Villas
Rose Villas would appear to have been built in 1903 in what is today's Lower Packington Road (towards the Avenue Road end).  The plot of land reached back towards the railway line, a good proportion of which would now appear to be covered by Tudor Close/Stuart Way.  The documents on offer comprise 4 abstracts of title dated 1902-1936 (the 2 earlier ones contain small site plans) and mortgages dated 1921 and 1936.   The site was part of the former 10 acre Hopyard Meadow.  The 6 items (ref 9/11)  22.50 post-free 
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[Ashby de la Zouch]  Deeds to 4 Houses in Tamworth Road
These houses were built (on a 500 sq yd plot of land fronting the Tamworth Road) by local builder John Salisbury in about 1850.  The documents cover the period from 1844 to 1933 though the last actual property deed is dated 1896.  Principal parties were Dalby (1844-1850); Salisbury (1850-1862); Carver (1862-1863); Fernyhough (1863-1868); Beckwith (1868-1891); Towle (1891-1933), though none of them actually occupied any of the 4 houses (apparently no's 34-40 even).  A total of 15 items (7 on paper, 8 on parchment).  (ref 9/12)  65.00 post-free 
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The History and Description of Ashby-de-la-Zouch with Excursions in the Neighbourhood
W & J Hextall, 1974 facsimile rep of the original 1852 ed.  Small 8vo, 166pp, 16 ills.  Very nice clean copy, F in clear plastic wrapper.  (ref 2365)  15.00

The History of Bradgate
The Bradgate Books vol 3, 1974.  A5 in card covers enclosing 40pp inc index, quite a few ills inc drawings and some taken from engravings.  Of all the medieval parks in Leicestershire, Bradgate alone retains the natural unspoilt beauty of its original landscape.  The building of Bradgate House, one of the country's earliest unfortified great houses, began c1490.  The house began to fall into decay when the Grey family chose to live on the family estates in Staffordshire.  VG.   (ref 0000)  4.00 UK post-free

The Rocks of Bradgate
The Bradgate Books vol 4, 1975.  A5 in card covers enclosing 36pp, several good photos & other ills.  Geological interest.  VG.  (ref 0000)  3.00  UK post-free

[Cold Overton document]  Scheduling of North Field Farm by the Land Commissioners
Official copy of an 1887 Order concerning the 118 acre North Field Farm, tenanted by William Palmer.  The schedule breaks the farms into 6 blocks, one of them a 23 acre field/meadow with the intriguing name of North America.  Manuscript on single parchment sheet, approx 15"x14" and would look good in a frame.   (ref 443/6)  12.00 post-free  
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[Cold Overton/Pickwell/Whissenden (Rutland)/Knossington/Braunstone document]  Scheduling of Farms etc by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1892 Order scheduling 2924 acres under the 1864 Land Improvement Act.  Less than 50 acres lay in the Rutland parish of Whissenden.   Very detailed document in that it shows tenant farmers, field names and acreages.   Manuscript on 8 parchment sides, approx 10"x15".  (ref 443/5)  Also on the Rutland page 25.00 post-free  
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[Cold Overton/Knossington document]  Scheduling of Farms by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1892 Order concerning several farms variously tenanted by G W Brown, William Chamberlain, D Freeman, Glover and Carter, F Marriott.  Curiously the field names and acreages are shown but not the actual names of the farms - however this detail will surely be found by cross-referencing with the 1891 census.   Manuscript on 4 parchment sides, approx 10"x15".  (ref 443/7)  22.00 post-free  
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[Dingley Grange document]  Farming Stock  Sale Catalogue
Small printed catalogue for the 1886 sale of live and dead stock, 'The property of T H Bland Esq who is leaving the Dingley Grange Farm...'.  Overwhelmingly livestock including some prize animals whose pedigrees are listed as well.  Held together by two now quite rusty staples, back page dogeared.  (ref 403/23)  12.00 UK post-free

[Dingley Grange document]  Farming Stock  Sale Catalogue
Small printed catalogue for the 1886 sale of live and dead stock, 'The property of T H Bland Esq who is leaving the Dingley Grange Farm...' and a follow-on sale to the one listed above.   In this sale the lots are predominantly 'implements of husbandry in every variety'.  Held together by a now quite rusty staple.  (ref 403/24)  12.00 UK post-free

[Fleckney document]  Sale Catalogue - L Essam's Farm Stock
Small 8pp printed catalogue (held together by a very rusty staple) for a sale of 'The whole of the valuable live and dead farming stock' at The Glebe Farm in 1920.  (ref 403/16)  10.00 UK post-free

Glenfield - A Considerable Village
Jonathan Wilshere, 1984 2nd ed. 40pp booklet, card covers, 21 ills. G. (ref 6971) 4.00 UK post-free

[Great Glen, Wistow & Great Stretton document]  Sale Catalogue of 575 acres of Summer Keeping
A small printed card catalogue for the sale held in 1917.   (ref 403/17)  10.00 UK post-free

Glimpses of Ancient Leicester in Six Periods
Mrs T Fielding Johnson, 1891. 306pp inc index, 3 maps, 39 other ills, useful list of books consulted. The town from Roman times to the end of the 18th century. Rather loose and worn copy lacking the fep. (ref 2330) 12.50

Our Century - A Scrapbook of Leicester
Radio Leicester, A4 booklet in printed card covers, nd but approx 1981. 59pp, many photos. Top corners dogeared, G. (ref 7162) 4.00 UK post-free

Victorian Leicester
Malcolm Elliott, 1979.  192pp inc index, 37 plate-ills mainly photos.  The edge of the rear ep has become stuck to the d/w and will need careful separation - but a very nice clean copy which would o/w be F.  The title is still in print at 9.95, this F copy in price clipped but VG d/w (ref 0000)  4.00

A Walk Through Leicester
Susanna Watts, 1967 facsimile rep of her original ed, pub anonymously in 1804, one of the earliest of all town guides.  12mo, 148pp, multifolding map at end.   Ex-college lib, both front pastedown & fep are damaged by removal of labels, 'withdrawn' stamp on fep and verso of t/p, nevertheless a clean copy.  Originally supplied with slipcase, now missing.  A comparable copy is currently on offer on the internet at 43, our copy (ref 2177) a bit more affordable at  12.00  UK post-free

An Account of Leicester Castle
James Thompson, 1859.  Original gilt & blind limp boards (now very faded), 54pp, frontis eng of the interior as it was in 1821, site plan, two engs of the old dungeon, another plate is of architectural details & ground plan of the hall.   Contents clean, recently rebacked & eps renewed, spine blank.  (ref 6568)   20.00  UK post-free

[Leicester document]  Abstract of Title to Property in West Street, Braunstone Gate
This 1895 document provides details of property deeds going back to 1876, and throughout much of this time it was the concern of John Dove Harris, then his widow Clara.  A couple of hand-drawn location plans show the property alongside the River Soar.  Lengthy document in manuscript on 12 large paper sheets with a 13th as the covering sheet. This is marked up as a supplemental abstract, indicating a previous one going back even further, but this appears not to have survived.   (ref 826/33)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

Bygone Loughborough
Herbert W Cook, 1934.  162pp inc index, 9 ills on 8 plates as required.   Chapters of local history from the earliest days to the incorporation of the borough.  Extensive embrowning of pp34/35 and pp110/111 probably due to loose insertion of newspaper clippings o/w a decent enough copy with no serious faults, G.   (ref 2924)  20.00

[Stoney Stanton document]  Scheduling of May's Farm under the 1864 Land Improvement Act
Official copy of an 1881 Order by the Inclosure Commissioners concerning a loan of 1576/5/1d for [unstated] improvements to the 87 acre May's Farm, owned by Edward Frewin (of Sussex) but tenanted by Geoffrey May.   Manuscript on parchment, much of the text consisting of a schedule of repayments projected over 25 years and irrelevant to us looking back from well over a century.   (ref 74/7)  18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Stoney Stanton document]  Assignment of Loan
Within 10 days of securing the loan in the above document the money was pledged to a life assurance company.  Not absolutely sure what this implies, but we get the distinct impression the tenant farmer Geoffrey May was destined not to see any improvements to his farm.   Manuscript on parchment, approx 16"x14", single sheet and ideal for framing.  This came to us from a separate source and is  listed thus, but we can make the price affordable to enable someone to acquire both documents.  (ref 443/3)  12.00 post-free 
Not for export
Whoever buys 74/7 can have 443/3 for 1

[Theddingworth document]  Sale Catalogue of George Glover's Farming Stock
A small printed catalogue for the 1903 sale of 'valuable live stock, implements of husbandry, harness, dairy utensils, brewing vessels and a quantity of household furniture etc' on the retirement of farmer George Glover.  (ref 403/14)  12.00 UK post-free

[Theddingworth document]  Sale Catalogue of Farm Stock - Beech House Farm
A small printed catalogue for the 1934 sale of implements, sheep, cattle and horses, the sale consequent upon the death of John Henry Smeeton.  (ref 403/15)  10.00 UK post-free

Village History in Records
Heather Broughton, 1982.  A4 in card covers, 24pp, plenty of ills.   A good beginners guide to local history, using examples of Leicestershire documents to illustrate the range of sources.  Ex-Glamorgan Record Office Library, their stamp at bottom corner of title-page.  G.  (ref 252/135)  2.50 UK post-free

The Economic Development of Some Leicestershire Estates in the 14th & 15th Centuries
R H Hilton, 1946.  168pp inc index, 3 maps as required.  Chapter headings comprise Leicester Abbey at the end of the thirteenth and beginning of the fourteenth centuries;  The Workings of the Estates of Leicester Abbey;  Development of Leicester Abbey economy in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries;  The estates and resources of Owston Abbey;  and Details of Owston Abbey economy.  Generally a G copy but the title page is torn away from halfway down the right-hand edge to the bottom left-hand corner.  Ex-ref lib copy with just the one stamp on title-page, former owner's bookplate on front pastedown.  (ref 252/195)  8.00