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[Barlow document]  Will of John Barlow of Manchester
A contemporary copy of the 1846 will of John Barlow Esq, which mentions  his daughters Sarah Clark and Mary Graves, sons Richard and John, also Elizabeth, Ann, William, Mary, Henry, George and Edward.  A very lengthy will in manuscript on 16 large paper sheet with a 17th as the covering sheet.  This is a little bit grubby and a little bit torn (nothing serious) so it has done its job.  (ref 125/1)  £22.00 post-free  Not for export

[Butterworth document]  Re-assignment to Former Bankrupt
An uncommon form of document is this 1830 re-assignment of property to Edmund Butterworth of Whitworth near Rochdale who'd just been released from Lancaster Gaol, all his debts having been paid off.  Manuscript on paper - extensively torn along old folds and almost in two pieces, due paradoxically to the superior quality of the handmade paper (watermarked 1826) which has not enjoyed being folded for so long.  Handle with utmost care.  (ref 464/33)  £18.00
post-free    Not for export

[Delaunay document]  Copy of Conveyance of Property for Creditors
This is a near-contemporary copy of an 1853 conveyance of properties in Blackley and Crumpsall by Louis Barthelemy Delaunay of Blackley to pay off debts owing to various (mostly un-named) creditors.  A schedule at the end lists a variety of plots of land including such names as Woe Croft, the 19-acre The Park, Johnson's Meadow, House Lawn Dye Works (all in Crumpsall), and Jack Hill inc reservoir, the Great Hazlebottom Field, the Little Barren Hill, Willey Field, together with several unidentified cottages (all in Blackley), the whole amounting to 50-odd acres in Crumpsall and 40-odd acres in Blackley.  Manuscript on 5 large [approx 13"x16"] paper sheets with a 6th as the covering sheet.  The whole lot has been folded into 4 for many years.  (ref 125/4)  £18.00 post-free  Not for export

[Holt and Kershaw Families]  Pedigree Papers
A gathering of 8 mostly scrappy papers, all in manuscript and in a variety of hands, the most detailed of which [drawn up in about 1840] traces the Holt family back to John Holt of Clitheroe Castle, 1329.  By contrast the Kershaw details only commence from 1773 when Abraham Kershaw married Hannah Holt.  Invariably none of the papers are dated, but we'd say most if not all had been compiled before 1850.  Rather scrappy but the information may prove useful.  (ref 219/24)  £15.00 post-free 
Not for export

Know anyone researching the Lyon family in Oldham? - get them to contact us ref 4057  Not for export

[Margisson Family of Docker, Whittington]  Early Documents
The probated copy of the will of John Margisson (made 1701, proved 1704); that of his widow Agnes (made 1732, proved 1741); together with a 1694-5 probate inventory of Stephen Margisson.  Two items on paper, the other on parchment.  Agnes' will has some old worming which affects the grant of probate.  Priced to keep the documents together.  (ref 40516)  £55.00 
Not for export

William Roscoe of Liverpool 1753-1831
George Chandler, 1953.  Large thick 8vo, 470pp, 102 ills.   Historian, attorney, banker, MP, President of the Liverpool Royal Institution, one time bankrupt, author and poet perhaps best remembered for the children's classic The Butterfly's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast.  A superb copy (no 274) of the ltd de-luxe ed of just 500 copies printed on hand-made paper and with elaborate gilt tooling on both boards and especially on the spine.  Gilt top edge, rest untrimmed, an unopened copy still in Mint condition after 50-odd years.  (ref 4414)  £40.00

[Stones/Boys document]  Marriage Settlement
This is an 1845 settlement made previous to the marriage of William Boys Stones of Blackburn and Martha Boys of Pleasington.  With the settlement come several legacy documents consequent on their deaths (1854 and 1897 respectively).  The legacy documents are on paper, the marriage settlement covers 3 large parchment sheets and bears the signatures W Boys Stones and Martha Boys.  The little collection (ref 828/1)  £28.00 post-free  NB we have several other documents for the Stones and Boys families, almost all of which have come into stock piecemeal. 
Not for export

Amongst many Lancashire deeds and documents we have in stock, the following list is of wills bearing original signatures or marks.  Such wills are reasonably scarce on the market as they were often destroyed when testators made subsequent wills due to changed circumstances:
E&OE, + or x means signed with a mark, the 78s are our ref no's, prices are post-free, and as always
Not for export
Barlow, Ellen, of Blackburn, +, 1838, 78/11, £10
Beardwood, Nancy, of Blackburn, x, 1837, 78/10, £10
Blundell, John, of Blackburn, signed, 1824, 78/21, £15
Chadwick, Alice, of Blackburn, x, 1840, 78/24, £10
Chadwick, Alice, of Blackburn, +, 1840, 78/25, £12 - this is an excellent example of the value to family historians of previous wills.  Alice made wills in both March and August 1840 - in between, one of her four neices (un-named) died.  Alice wanted to ensure that whatever was due to her late neice would instead go to the neice's children.
Crabtree, James, of Blackburn, signed, 1845, 78/9, £10
Grimshaw, Edward, of Shadsworth, +, 1831, 78/16, £10
Habitshaw, Richard, of Blackburn, signed, 1845, 78/12, £10
Hartley, Thomas, of Blackburn, x, 1842, 78/29, £12
Hesketh, Margaret, of Little Harwood, +, 1832, 78/20, £10
Hindle, John, of Blackburn, signed, 1838, 78/26, £15
Kershaw, Robert, of Oswaldtwistle, signed, 1836, 78/33, £18
Leeming, Ralph, of Little Harwood, signed, 1824, 78/27, £12
Leeming, Ralph, of Dutton, signed, 1838, 78/28, £15
Livesey, Elizabeth, of Shadsworth, signed, 1846, 78/23, £15
Martland, Richard, of Blackburn, signed, 1850, 78/32, £20
Oldham, John, of Blackburn, signed, 1835, 78/18, £12 - an unusual error in this one as according to the wording, should his wife pre-decease him everything was to be left to his dead children and grandchildren - let's hope that when it came to John's final will the error had been spotted.
Riley, John, of Blackburn, signed, 1836, 78/31, £12
Riley, William, of Witton Stocks, x, 1843, 78/15, £12
Standing, Nancy, of Blackburn, x, 1829, 78/14, £10
Strachan, James, of Blackburn, signed, 1837, 78/17, £12
Tomlinson, Thomas, of Blackburn, x, 1837, 78/22, £10
Walkden, John, of Lower Darwen, +, 1836, 78/19, £15
Walker, Benjamin, of Blackburn, signed, 1841, 78/30, £12

For details of other Lancashire (or for that matter, any county) documents, we can email lists by surname or by location.

[Accrington documents]  8 Property Documents - The Newhouse Woodhead Estate
8 documents surviving from what originally must have been a sequence of 30 or more, concerning several properties copyhold of the Manor of Accrington New Hold.   The documents date roughly from the period 1830-1850, but one of the items is an abstract of title which may well be the only surviving evidence of deeds and documents going back to 1723.  Earlier transactions involve Roger Ray, but in 1753 copyhold was granted to Robert & Mary Nuttall.  The copyhold remained with the Nuttall family for 80 years, at which point the Hargreaves family begins to acquire the property piecemeal.  Interesting lot of documents chronicling the people concerned with such properties as Rough Field, Daisy Hill (formerly Old Wood), Barn Meadow, Old Meadow, Stone Pit Field, Lawnd Field, Sun Bank, Lobbie's Meadow etc etc.  4 parchment and 4 paper documents, the abstract of title providing all the historical detail occupies 11 large paper sheets.  The collection (ref 1530)  £60.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Accrington documents]  Copyhold Documents concerning Baxenden, The Ing Farm etc
Two large parchment documents dated 1897 and 1905 which mention Baxenden and Ing Farm, many field names in the surrounding area  and quite a few un-named cottages, the whole of the properties being the concern of John Hargreaves.  The documents provide a quite detailed description of the area a century ago.  If you're still not quite sure about exactly which part of Accrington the documents refer to, two inns get a very brief mention - The Bay Horse and The Dog & Partridge.  Each document consists of two large parchment sheets.  (ref 168/1)  £22.50 post-free  
Not for export

[Accrington documents]  Documents concerning Shops & Cottages in Church Street
A broken sequence of 8 documents spanning the period 1822 to 1887 concerning a plot of land, formerly part of Chapel Holme,  with 7 cottages which in 1822 were described as 'lately erected and built' by Hugh Boyle.  The most recent document talks of 5 cottages and 2 shops - evidently 2 of the cottages had been converted to shops since 1876.  Several people feature in the documents, but the main ones are Hugh Boyle, Thomas Charles and John Hargreaves.  All but 1 of the documents are on parchment.  The collection (ref 5451)  £40.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Hillfold Mill, Astley Bridge papers]  Papers re Plot of Land fronting Broad o' th' Lane
These papers concern a small strip of land fronting Broad o' th' Lane.  They date from the period 1873-1976 and consist of 3 parchment deeds of 1873 (this bears a useful site plan), 1878 and 1905, abstracts of title drawn up in 1878 and 1905, the remainder being minor correspondence of 1936, 1950s, 60s and 70s.  A dozen items altogether.  (ref 329/3)  £25.00 post-free 
Not for export

Barrow and District - An Illustrated History
F Barnes, pub by Barrow-in-Furness Library & Museum Committee  1951 as part of the celebrations for the Festival of Britain.  Beige overlapping card covers printed in blue, 144pp inc index, plenty of photo & other ills inc folding map of Dalton 1825 and Ulverston 1832.  Covers grubby, the overlap worn, but the contents are clean and thus we grade this one as G.  (ref 2141)  £12.50

Billington - see Rishton

Blackburn Cemetery - Inscriptions & Designs for Tombstones
A collection of 11 packets of papers containing inscriptions and designs approved by the Cemetery Committee at their monthly meetings during 1901. The one for May 1901 is missing, but the other 11 provide contemporary detail of (presumably) all the scores of headstone erected during the year. All but 1 of the packets has remained sealed since 1901. The collection (ref 441/23) £35.00 UK post-free

[Blackburn] List of Houses due for Compulsory Purchase but occupied by Labouring Class Tenants or Lodgers
1892 printed form giving very brief details eg 25 cottages & common lodging houses, Blakey Moor, Engine Street & Cannon Street, occupied by 51 persons [NOT named]. Single sheet approx 9"x13". (ref 441/24) £4.00 post-free within UK

[Blackburn] Accepted Tender for Demoltion of Buildings in Chapel Street and Pearson Street
This tender was made by Mark Brown and accepted by Blackburn Corporation in 1895. The buildings concerned were 115 & 117 Chapel Street and 33-39 (odd) Pearson Street. (ref 441/25) £5.00 post-free within UK

[Blackburn] Lists of the Committee Members of the Borough Council
11 large printed sheets (the smallest measures approx 10"x16") covering the period 1857-1867. Each list shows the aldermen and councillors for each ward, and on which of the various committees each person sat. A little crumpled but mostly clean. (ref 441/26) The group £10.00 post-free within UK

[Blackburn Police] Estimates of Pay 1885-1894
Each week the Chief Constable had to produce a statement of the amount required for pay and allowances. This is an incomplete run from October 1885 to December 1894, mainly covering the years 1886/1887/1889/ 1890. 152 items in all. (ref 441/27) The group £30.00 post-free
   Not for export

[Blackburn] Water Supply, Peacock Row, Little Harwood
This is a notice instigating the provision of a piped water supply to Peacock Row. Single paper sheet, foxed. (ref 441/28) £3.00 post-free within UK

[Blackburn] List of Tenders for Installation of Electric Lighting in the Town Hall, 1895
An incredible 32 tenders were received, and this is a typewritten summary breakdown. The Town Hall housed the police station and cells as well as the various council offices. 2 large paper sheets. (ref 441/29) £3.50 UK post-free

[Blackburn] Certificates of Workmen's Wages
Printed forms with manuscript entries showing the totals of workmen's wages for the various departments of Blackburn Corporation for the weeks of 12/1/1889 and 24/10/1894. Bears the signatures of the various department heads. (ref 441/93) 2 items £5.00 UK post-free

[Blackburn] Estimates of Pay for the Blackburn Police Fire Brigade
Printed forms with manuscript entries showing weekly estimates, both signed by the Chief Constable. The weeks are 5/10/1893 and 25/10/1894. (ref 441/94) 2 items £6.00 post-free within UK

School Record Book, Convent of Notre Dame Secondary School, Blackburn
Black cloth boards with gilt lettering & crest, this is the school record of Eileen Heatley from 1928 to 1931.  (ref 1366)  £10.00 post-free
   Not for export

[Bolton documents]  Documents concerning Houses in Willows Lane
7 documents from the period 1892-1950 concerning numbers 31, 33, 37, 39, 45 and 47 Willows Lane which appear to have been built in 1892.  (ref 329/4)  £20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Broughton]  Building Plans for Workshop/Garage in Duchess Street
Four architects plans on waxed linen for proposed alterations to 9 Duchess Street in 1928.  Multifolded.  (ref 369/90)  £10.00  UK post-free

The Land of Cartmel - a History
J C Dickinson, 1980.  4to, 112pp inc index, 16 plates, 5 other ills.   The first general study of the area to appear since Stockdale's 1872 'Annals of Carmel', this book covers period from early times to about the end of the 19th century.   Nice clean copy, VG in G price-clipped d/w.  (ref 3323)  £18.00

[Castleton]  Sale Poster for White Horse Farm
This large poster announces the 1855 sale (to be held at The White Swan, Rochdale) of White Horse Farm, Broad Lane, then tenanted by John Ashworth.  Included in the sale were 4 cottages adjoining the farm, though only one of the tenants (James Mills) is named.  Quite good condition with no tears or holes, though it could do with a gentle iron.  (ref 303/23)  £22.00 post-free within UK

[Charnock Richard & Chorley]  Sale Particulars of Farms, Cottages & Land
Printed particulars for the 1920 sale of:
Charnock Richard - cottages at Whitegates Fold and Chorley Lane, also Whitegates Farm and Worsley Farm
Chorley - 58-64 Parker Street and 1 Garden Street
Accompanying the particulars are 2 large folding plans of the Charnock Richard properties.   Evidently used at the sale as the results are pencilled in.  Printed olive green thick paper covers almost in 2 pieces.  (ref 303/21)  £12.50 post-free within UK

[Chatburn] Deeds relating to Victoria Mill
A very useful collection of deeds & papers including some copyhold admittances & surrenders, ranging in dates from 1865 to 1915. Very much to do with the Hargreaves and Mothersill families. 25 items [of which 15 are parchment], 6 of them containing coloured site plans. (ref 41/7) £85.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Chatburn] 3 Deeds relating to Land next to Victoria Mill
This is an 1170 sq yd plot fronting Ribble Lane and backing on to the Chatburn Brook. The documents consist of a 1913 covenant to surrender the copyhold on this plot of land, and two 1915 copyhold surrenders/admittances. All in manuscript on parchment, the 1913 covenant includes a useful coloured site plan. (ref 41/8) £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Chatburn] Single Copyhold Document relating to Land the other side of Victoria Mill
This is a 1911 surrender/admittance of a 1.262 acre plot of land called The Raggolds or Raghills, nicely identified as area no 122 on the Ordnance Survey 25" map. Though just a single item, it does refer to earlier documents going back to 1891, and it contains a nice hand-coloured 1:2500 site plan. [It would appear that a row of houses was subsequently built fronting Ribble Lane as the reverse of the document records the sales of no's 28, 20, 22, 26, 24 & 18 during the 1970s]. (ref 41/9) £6.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Cheetham deeds]  Pair of Deeds 1901
This pair is an assignment and a duplicate copy.  They concern the transfer of leasehold property including 3 houses in Clarence Street and 3 in Exchange Street, delineated in a nice hand-coloured plan scaled at 20 feet to the inch.  The pair (ref 369/91) £20.00 post free 
Not for export - This pair came into stock with a very jumbled collection of Manchester area deeds and there may be associated items - depending on whether you're a local historian or genealogist

[Chorlton-upon-Medlock]  Lengthy Property Deed involving the Westhead Family
This 1902 conveyance bears a large hand-coloured plan showing the property in the Sackville Street/Charles Street area of Chorlton, much of it adjoining the river Medlock.  The deed provides details of earlier transactions going back to 1835 - the Westhead family became involved in 1847.  The parties in this 1902 deed were George Montagu Brown-Westhead of Lea Castle [Worcs] and Catherine Westhead of Harlech [Merioneth].  Lengthy deed in closely worded manuscript on 6 large parchment sheets with the large plan filling a 7th sheet.  (ref 120/57)  £20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Chorlton-upon-Medlock]  7 Property Deeds re House in Plymouth Grove
7 parchment deeds, an incomplete sequence running from 1869 through to 1915.   Plymouth Grove was formerly Albert Road and earlier deeds mention Daisy Bank Road.   The earliest of the deeds contains a location plan and is perhaps the most important item as all the other deeds refer back to it.  The collection (ref 331/23)   £30.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Chorlton-upon-Medlock]  Conveyance & Mortgage of 8 Houses in Cecil Street, Greenheys
These 1890 deeds on parchment relate to no's 72-86 Cecil Street.  (ref 331/25)  £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Chorlton-upon-Medlock]  3 Deeds for Property in Upper Brook Street & Rosamund Street
These 3 deeds of 1878, 1878 and 1896 concern 16 Upper Brook Street and 2&4 Rosamund Street.  Manuscript on parchment, one of the 1878 deeds contains a schedule of earlier deeds going back to 1851.  The three deeds (ref 331/28)  £18.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Chorlton-upon-Medlock documents]  Abstracts of Title to Rents from Property in Plymouth Grove
Two fairly lengthy abstracts drawn up in 1853 and 1860 concerning rents arising.  They provide details of ownership going back to 1805 when William and John Shelmerdine acquired land in Plymouth Grove (at that time called Plymouth Street).  The property was still the concern of the Shelmerdine family when the second abstract was drawn up 55 years later.  Manuscript on a total of 28 large paper sheets.  Some dogearing.  (ref 646/29)  £22.50 
post-free    Not for export

[Chorlton upon Medlock document]  Sale Agreement for Plot of Land on High Street
This 1869 agreement concerns a 2024 square yard plot of land to be acquired by linen merchant Samuel Greaves Nicholson.  The document is in manuscript on paper, ten sides, and bears the clear signature Saml Greaves Nicholson.  On the second page is a location plan showing the land on the[ South side of the] High Street.  Rather grubby and with a few dogears.  (ref 125/3)  £15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Chorlton upon Medlock document]  Sale Agreement for Plot of Land on High Street
This 1867 agreement concerns a 1044 square yard plot of land to be acquired by builder James Howard Ryder.  The document is in manuscript on paper, three large sides, and with the bold signature James Howard Ryder.  On the back is a very useful location plan showing the land on the South side of the High Street.  (ref 125/2)  £15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Colne]  Providence Sunday School Class Register of Girls 1904
Small format [approx 5"x7"] register in printed green card covers, just a few pp.  Lists 12 girls in ink and a further 10 in pencil.  For the 12 girls whose names are in ink there are weekly records of attendance during the year.   Although Colne isn't specifically mentioned, a search through the 1901 census shows a good proportion of the girls aged around 12 or 13 employed as cotton weavers.   Corners becoming dogeared, spine worn away, but hardly surprising given the age.   Clean though.  (ref 2555)  £18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Colne]  Providence Sunday School Class Register of Girls 1918
Small format [approx 5"x7"] register in printed pale green card covers, just a few pp.  Lists 10 girls in ink and a further 6 in pencil, though 4 of the 6 pencilled names are crossed through.  For the 10 girls whose names are in ink their addresses are shown, also their weekly records of attendance during the year.   Grubby & stained covers, contents clean.  (ref 3224)  £15.00 post-free  
Not for export

The Registers of the Parish Church of Colne in the County of Lancaster - Christenings, Weddings and Burials 1599-1653
Lancashire Parish Register Society vol 17, 1904.  Usual olive green covers with gilt lettering and design, 308pp inc indexes of names and of places, 2 frontispieces, one a view of the church, the other a photo of a page of the register.  Very nice clean copy, VG.  (ref 4449)  £30.00

[Crompton document] A Lyst of the Constibles Mayde in the Year of Our Lord 1712
Contemporary list in manuscript of the 34 pairs of parish constables, showing for which districts of Crompton they’re responsible. An incredible survival as such paper items are invariably fragile. Written on 2 sides, each approx 6"x16", old folds, worn through where they cross, grubby with age and needs very careful handling. (ref 4760) £40.00 post-free Not for export

[Crumpsall]  Conveyance of Plot of Land on Wilton Road/Holland Road
Also bounded by the turnpike road between Manchester and Middleton as shown on the nice plan drawn on this 1866 deed.  A schedule gives details of previous deeds going back to 1786.  Manuscript on 3 large parchment sheets.  (ref 331/12)   £15.00 post-free  
Not for export             

[Didsbury]  Property Deeds etc for Plot of Land on the Corner of Cresswell Grove & Lapwing Lane
This always seem to have been merely a plot of land as no buildings are mentioned.  On offer are 5 parchment deeds ranging in dates from 1868 to 1895 together with 5 minor papers and an 1885 'abstract of deed' (actually a copy of one of the 5 parchment deeds).  This and the corresponding parchment deed both bear a large folding plan showing the measurements of the site.  Owners are Longworth (1868-1870); Brown (1870-1877);  Sexton & exectutors (1877-1895).  The 11 items (ref 331/24)  £28.00 post-free
   Not for export

[Everton]  Property Deeds to 51 Plumpton Terrace
An incomplete sequence of 9 property deeds spanning the perion 1872-1905.   A plan on an 1873 conveyance shows the property stretching the 60 yards between Everton Road and Back Guilford Street.  Principal parties are George Byford, James Rodger and William Wood.  The collection (ref E279/20)  £25.00 post-free 
Not for export

Grassendale Sunday School Class Register 1917/18
A dozen or so pp, of which just a very few have been used - manuscript entries of names and addresses of 18 boys, their ages, most of their birthdays, and hours attended from December 1917 to March 1918. Attendance began to tail off as soon as the new year had started, and it would seem the Sunday School class was abandoned, only 9 boys turning up at the end. (ref 8131) *£20.00  
Not for export

[Great Harwood] Deeds concerning a Plot of Land at the Corner of Windsor Road & Park Road
6 deeds ranging in dates from 1911 to 1947. The earliest one is a 999 year lease for the purposes of building a Methodist Chapel. Latterly the surrounding land seems to have contained a factory, leased to Oxo Ltd in 1947. An interesting, if incomplete, group of deeds of which 2 contain site plans. (ref 41/6) *£20.00  
Not for export

A Register of Births and Baptisms, Deaths and Burials 1788-1812 and of Baptisms and Burials 1813-1837 in the Parish of Hawkshead Lancashire
Edited by Kathleen Leonard, 1971.  228pp inc separate indexes for baptisms & burials.  Very nice clean copy, F in VG though price-clipped d/w.   £15.00

A Register of Marriages in the Parish of Hawkshead Lancashire
Edited by Kathleen Leonard, 1969.  70pp inc index.  Covers the period 1754-1837.  Very nice clean copy, F in VG though price-clipped d/w.  £10.00

Hollinwood Cemetery - Regulations and Plan
The regulations (1889) are on 18 large paper sheets, signed by the Town Clerk and with the seal of the Borough of Oldham. Also in this small collection is an 1891 table of fees signed by the Bishop of Manchester, a printed table of fees 1946, ditto 1953, and a large multifolding multicoloured cemetery plan on linen dated 1952 signed by the Mayor & Town Clerk. The group (ref 66/88) £20.00 UK post-free

[Kirkby in Furness document]  Farm Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for the 1922 sale of the 43 acre High Gill Farm, and the 44 acre Rectory Farm.  Accompanying the particulars is a multifolding plan scaled at 1:2500.  Decent copy.  (ref 355/65)  £12.00 UK post-free

The History and Antiquities of the Town of Lancaster
Rev Robert Simpson, 1852. 376pp followed by list of subscribers, frontis, index is in prelims. Much space (over 200pp) devoted to pre-Norman history. Ex-lib copy with label on front pastedown & occasional stamps, original blind stamped cloth boards, gilt lettering on spine (as well as snopaked lib class mark). Boards very sunned and worn, spine ragged at top & tail & horizontal split across bottom inch of backstrip, this part hanging off. Contents mostly quite clean with one or two old stains at hinges. Uncommon. (ref 2799) £45.00

[Liverpool] Deeds to 5 Houses in Bala Street
These 3 parchment deeds (1878/1879) concern 31-39 Bala Street. 2 of them contain site plans. The 3 (ref 8/133) £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Liverpool documents]  Documents and Papers concerning St Luke's Church
An accumulation of items comprising:
1.  The deed of consecration of 1831.  It is a puzzle why such a fundamental item isn't in the diocesan archives, so perhaps this is a duplicate made at the time.  Nevertheless it is on parchment and signed J Chester (John Bird, Bishop of Chester), also bears the signatures of rector Angus Campbell;  Richard Blacow, incumbent of St Mark's;  Thomas Tattershall, Minister of St Augustine's, Everton;  John Smith, Minister of St James's;  and Chas Thos Gladwin, assistant Minister of St Martin in the Fields.
2.  An 1893 deed altering the boundaries of the District - it appears Liverpool was divided up into one Parish and several Districts at the time.  A schedule outlines precisely which roads contained the boundaries, and the document also contains a map indicating the extent of St Luke's and identifying the names of the surrounding 'districts'.  The document occupies several parchment pages and bears the bold signature J C Liverpool (John Charles, Bishop of Liverpool).
3.  Ten copy licences appointing assistant curates to serve St Luke's.  These range in dates from 1900 to 1914.
4.  Two 19th century blank marriage certificates, both with an attractive engraving of the church at the top.  One version for handing to married couples, the other version for later production, if ever required.
5.  An 1885 faculty to convert the churchyard into 'an ornamental ground.....the said churchyard hath never been used for interments.....'. 
6.  An 1899 faculty for the installation of electric lighting to replace the gas lighting equipment.
7.  A 1909 faculty to install a Lawrence family marble tablet above the vestry door.
8.  A 1915 faculty to replace plain glass in two (specified) windows with stained glass - the 3 figures depicted in each of the windows are named.  One window to be dedicated to a former parishioner, the other to be dedicated to the son of a former vicar.
9.  A 1916 faculty to replace plain glass in another (specified) 3-light window with stained glass in memory of a former vicar.  The figures and emblem depicted are described.
10.  A 1917 faculty to replace the former pine Holy Table with one made of oak in memory of a former parishioner.
11.  A formal copy of a 1914 'citation to lead to faculty' to install an oak shelf behind the Holy Table, and for the provision of a pair of brass flower vases.
12.  Various misc papers comprising tenders for the installation of electric lighting;  a £400 bill for redecorating the church;  a bill for various works inc 'taking down gasmeter cupboards';  a window cleaning bill;  a bill for the supply of 530 hassocks;  a bill for axminster pew mats with a credit for the hair contained in the old cushions.  All these items are dated 1899.
13.  An 1897 fire insurance policy together with a 1923 policy on St Luke's school, and a 1916 air-raid/bombing policy.
14.  Two ecclesiastical Instruments, one of 1898 abolishing rents on 50 pews, and one of 1903 abolishing rents on all pews.  Both are in manuscript on parchment, and both bear the signatures of the Bishop of Liverpool, the vicar, and the churchwardens.
All the foregoing items (ref 465/35)  £100.00 post free
Not for export

[Manchester] Bundle of Papers re Warehouse & Buildings at Back Pool Fold
This collection of 15 papers dates from the 1840s. It resulted from deliberations - including the memories of people who had known the premises for many years - on what should be done about recently enlarged adjacent property now blocking old windows (a classic case of Ancient Lights, perhaps, though this custom isn't mentioned as such). Of particular interest is a 1:48 sketch-plan. This is a very useful and of course contemporary view of this very specific part of Manchester. (ref 269/45)   £25.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Manchester]  Schedule of Title Deeds to Properties in Market Street Lane & Pool Street, 1805
Brief extracts from deeds going back to 1733.  Formerly known as Horse Pool Meadow.  Manuscript on 3 large paper sheets, rather fragile with age.  (ref 408/172)  £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Manchester] Notice to Treat - House etc in Peter Street/Lad Lane
This 1877 notice is to acquire property as a consequence of the 1875 Manchester Corporation Waterworks and Improvement Act, and it would appear the property was one of a whole line to be redeveloped. This particular property, owned by Joseph Harrop Green, was close to the junction of Peter Street & Jerusalem Place according to the plan. It backed on to Lad Lane. Clean but very crumpled, signed by the Town Clerk. (ref 72/10)   £5.00 post-free   Not for export

[Manchester]  Property Deed for House in Plymouth Street, Chorlton Row
This 1818 deed relates to 'all that messuage or dwelling house of him....John Simpson situate in and forming part of Plymouth Street and Rosamund Street in Chorlton Row in the parish of Manchester...'.  The house seems to have been recently built.   Manuscript on 4 large parchment sheets.  (ref 331/26)  £18.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Manchester]  Property Deed for Plot of Land & House in Rosamund Street, Chorlton Row
This 1820 deed is between the same parties as the 1818 one described above, though its clearly a different location in Chorlton Row (it may perhaps be adjacent?).   It is described as 'all that plot of land or ground situate and being in Chorlton Row....a certain street of fourteen yards wide called Rosamund Street....and bounded on the southeasterly end thereof by and extending into the middle of Rosamund Street....on the northwesterly end thereof in part by the passage forming a communication with Plymouth Street....and also all that messuage or dwelling house erected and built upon the said plot of land or some part thereof....'.  Manuscript on 5 large parchment sheets.   (ref 331/27)  £18.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Manchester, Old Trafford, Beswick, Salford, Winton]  Sale Particulars of Pub, House, Shops, Land etc
Printed particulars for the 1892 sale of:
Manchester - a plot of land at the corner of Fennel Street & Long Millgate, the plot included The White Lion.
Old Trafford - 17 houses in Shrewsbury Street, Henrietta Street & Stamford Street.
Beswick - 20 houses in Philips Park Road & 4 in Bank Street, 12 in Flint Street & 5 in Gibbon Street.
Salford - 2 shops in Chapel Street, 7 cottages in Islington Street/Mason Street, a shop in The Crescent, 9 cottages in Turner's Fold, 2 houses in Hulme Street and 3 cottages at Beever's Buildings.
Winton - 7 cottages in & near Cleaveley Road.
The outside [as folded] is grubby but the contents - including 6 coloured site plans - are nice and clean.  (ref 303/17)  £15.00 post-free within UK

[Manchester]  Sale Particulars of Town Hall Buildings
Printed particulars of the 1876 sale of 3 plots of land in the Tib Lane/Essex Street/King Street area.  Nice coloured plan.  (ref 303/18)  £12.50 post-free within UK

[Manchester & Salford]  Plan of Land in Albert Place Manchester & Chapel Street & Jones Street Salford
This 1880 coloured plan has become detached from the sale particulars of land next to the Irwell, Manchester, and development land at Jones Street/Edmund Street and William Street/Chapel Street in Salford.  Large multifolding plan, worn through where folds cross.  (ref 303/20)  £8.00 post-free within UK

A Volume of Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester in the Sixteenth Century
Chetham Society vol 63, 1864.  Usual format, 208pp inc index, contents cover the period 1552-1586, useful appendixes include surnames of jurors and lists of dead persons & their next of kin.  Wear & fading due to age, contents nice and clean though.  Better than most, so VG.  (ref 4464)  £28.00

[Manchester document]  Abstract of Title to Houses in Richmond Street
This undated but approx 1830 abstract provides details of interested parties going back to 1794 when builder Thomas Taylor acquired a plot of building land with 4 newly built houses which he immediately sold on to Charles McNiven in order to pay off a mortgage debt.  Despite this he ended up being declared bankrupt.  The property was put up for sale in November 1794 and bought by Robert Thompson.  On his death (c1817?) the property passed to his sister Elizabeth Brammall with other property.  There is much contemporary crossing out in ink of what appears to have been thought superfluous detail, but this will be very useful to the modern researcher.  Manuscript in several different hands on 17 pages (9 large paper sheets).  (ref 464/31)  £15.00
post-free    Not for export

[Morecambe] Architect Plans for Boarding Houses & Shops
3 plans (the smallest of which is 20"x15") on waxed linen paper showing floor plans, side & front elevations of 5-storey property in West End Road "for Mr [Thomas] Baxter". Drawn up in 1897 and scaled at 8 feet to 1 inch. A little crumpled and some light foxing on the bottom sheet. (ref G168/38) £12.50 post-free within UK

[Moss Side, Manchester, documents]  Deeds to Houses & Shop on the Corner of Yarburgh Street/Stanley Street
Six parchment deeds ranging in dates from 1883 to 1916 chronicle successive owners of 55-65 Yarburgh Street and 18 Stanley Street.  Not one of these deeds bears a location plan;  instead, they all refer back to an earlier (1877) deed, not here present.  However, with these six deeds comes an abstract of title drawn up in 1883 which provides details of deeds going back to 1875 and including hand-drawn copies of plans of 1875 and 1877.  Moreover, the detail contained in one of these abstracted deeds includes a schedule of even earlier deeds stretching all the way back to 1808 - though admittedly the detail on them is very brief.  Nevertheless this small collection of deeds provides the researcher with more than a century of detail on this specific part of Moss Side.  7 items altogether  (ref 107/11)  £35.00 post-free  Not for export

[Moss Side, Manchester, documents]  Deeds to Six Houses in Platt Street
Seven parchment deeds ranging in dates from 1877 to 1899, all relating to a block of 6 houses (34-44 inc) in Platt Street.  In a separate location plan (of which there are 5 copies) the houses are shown to be opposite New Lorne Street.  (ref 107/12)   £30.00 post-free  Not for export

[Moss Side, Manchester documents]  Abstracts of Title to Land in Platt Street (Now thought to be Alexandra Road)
5 large paper documents which between them chronicle owners of this small part of Moss Side from 1808 through to 1881.  The majority of this detail is recorded in an 1877 abstract of title showing the Lloyd family influence - a Yorkshire family with Manchester connections.  The particular plot of land, which had houses built on it in 1877, appears to be that part of today's Alexandra Road running from Raby Street to Bold Street, though at the time these documents were drawn up it was known as Platt Street.  On researching, we noted several streets on today's street map which bear family names seen in these Victorian documents - Greame, Yarburgh, Lloyd - hinting the family's much wider involvement in earlier times - indeed the family ownership in 1808 is put at 52 acres.  Manuscript on paper (ref 114/21)  £35.00
post-free  Not for export

[Moss Side, Manchester, documents]  Property Documents
A sequence of abstracts and supplementary abstracts concerning a plot of land and four houses 96-102 Graeme Street, described as being part of the Greenhill Estate - indeed this had once been Greenhill Farm, owned by the Bradshaw family from 1809 to 1874.  7 large multi-page documents.  (ref 97/1)  £POA

[Oldham] Fees for Burials/Cremations
A roneo'd table of burial fees, 1919, a printed table of burial fees, 1936 (signed by the Mayor & Town Clerk), and a 1965 table of cremation fees signed by the Town Clerk. The three items (ref 52/105) £5.00 post-free within UK

[Oldham document]  Abstract of Title to Property called Harrops
This 1848 abstract provides details of owners going back to 1770 when John Harrop acquired 'All that messuage or tenement called or known by the name of Harrops.  The property was soon mortgaged, a burden which eventually (1801) resulted in it being sold to James Lees of Greenaces Moor.  There were several subsequent transactions involving  successively Whiteley, Clough, Rimington, but throughout all this time the property retained the name Harrops.  Manuscript on 14 large paper sheets.  (ref 464/30)  £15.00
post-free    Not for export

[Preston]  Sale Particulars of Walton Lodge
Walton Lodge and 286 acres (which included Osbaldeston House & Sallom House farms, came up for sale in 1812 at the Red Lion, Preston.  Accompanying the particulars is a printed map, now rather grubby though with care the worst of this can be removed.  Printed sale particulars of this vintage are rare survivals.   Originally a 3pp item, the covering sheet has become detached.  (ref 408/153)   £25.00 post-free within UK

[Preston]  Notice of Grand Bazaar in aid of Preston National Schools Improvement Fund
Printed notice of this 10 day event which took place in the Public Hall in 1894.  Long list of local dignitaries who acted as patrons and patronesses.   Multifolded.  (ref 408/155)  £4.00 post-free within UK

[Preston document]  Scheduling of Glebe Lands by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1893 Order concerning 10933 square yards of glebe land.   The schedule lists 7 occupiers/tenants (Richard Tuson, Alfred Ratcliffe, George Wall, H & G Curwen & Co, Joseph Milner, Thomas Barrow and William Charnley).   Manuscript on parchment, size approx 20"x15", multifolded but nice and clean.  (ref 131/17)  £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Rishton & Billington document]  Scheduling of Farms & Other Property by the Inclosure Commissioners
Official copy of an 1880 Order affecting 686 acres in Rishton and 1030 acres in Billington, broken down into 9 and 12 parts respectively.  Not only that, but the acreage of each farm/plot of land (they must surely all be farms as the smallest plot is 36 acres) and the name of the occupier/tenant farmer is shown.  A most important piece of local history for these two townships.  Manuscript on large parchment sheet, multifolded.  (ref 131/12)  £15.00 post-free  
Not for export

An earlier Order - this one dated 1877 for the same properties.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 18"x18" (ref 445/1)  £15.00 post-free  Not for export

An later Order - this one dated 1882 for the same properties.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 20"x18" (ref 445/2)  £15.00 post-free  Not for export

An earlier Order - this one dated 1886 for the same properties.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 21"x12" (ref 445/3)  £15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Rishton document]  Scheduling of Farms by the Inclosure Commissioners
Official copy of an 1877 Order concerning the 153 acre New Inn or Bay Horse Farm (tenanted by William Dewhurst's executors) and the 47 acre Henmoss Farm (tenanted by Mary, Ann and Isabella Thompson).  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 21"x15", quite foxed in places but perfectly legible.  (ref 445/8)  £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Royton Cemetery] 2 inaugural documents
1. The 1873 consent of owners & occupiers living within 100 yards of the proposed cemetery. Manuscript on paper, approx 8"x12", bearing over 40 signatures/marks, somewhat torn along folds.
2. The 1879 deed of consecration, signed by the Bishop of Manchester. Manuscript on parchment, approx 27"x23", accompanied by hand-coloured site plan on waxed linen approx 19"x13". The plan bears the signature of the vicar of Royton, Rev Richard Hill.
The 2 items (ref 52/107) £25.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Rusholme document]  Abstract of Title to Part of the Hunt's [or Hulme] Meadow and Brick Kiln Field and Part of Far Chamber Field
This abstract, drawn up in 1852, provides details of property transactions and the parties involved, going back to 1824 when Joseph Denison acquired a plot of land on what appears from a sketch plan to have been a newly formed road called Park Road.  The 1824 document  contained a schedule providing details of earlier transactions stretching back to 1789 involving principally Bayley, Edge, Gorton, Holland, Gleave, Gartside, Waddell, Fletcher, Clough and others.  In 1846 the property moved from Fletcher to Clough, and then in 1852 it moved from Clough to Bellhouse - incidentally there's some useful Clough detail at that point.  Manuscript on 16 large paper sheets with a 17th as the covering sheet.  A couple of the sheets bear useful location sketch-plans on the back.  The outer (17th) sheet  is very grubby but it has done its job in keeping the rest nice and clean.  (ref 125/5)  £22.00 post-free  Not for export

[St Annes on Sea]  2 Prescriptions issued by Richardson & Taylor, Chemists
2 small and barely decipherable prescriptions still in the envelopes provided by the chemists.  One dated 1894, the other presumably of similar date.  The pair (ref 408/167)  £5.00 post-free within UK

A History of St Helens Libraries
St Helens Borough Council, 1997. A5 in cream card covers, 66pp, lots of photo & other ills.

[St Helens deed]  Lease of the St Helens Waterworks
This is a duplicate copy of an 1851 lease from the St Helens Waterworks Co to the St Helens Improvement Commissioners.  Not sure exactly of the reasons behind the lease - presumably it's in the small print - but we did note the period of the lease was for 5000 years.  Manuscript on 3 large parchment sheets with a 4th as a covering sheet, all very nice and clean.  This being a duplicate there are no actual signatures although the deed bears the seals of both organisations.  (ref 307/53)  £15.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Salford] Large Group of Property Deeds - Corner of Chapel Street/Clowes Street
Ranging in dates from 1773 to 1905, these deeds not only record the parties involved in the various property transactions, but they indicate the development of this very specific part of Salford which 200 years ago was Warmingham's Orchard. 39 items in all, parchment and paper. Sold individually the deeds would fetch something of the order of £250-£300 but in an effort to keep them together this nice collection (ref W4/165) is offered at £160.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Sefton document]  Scheduling of the Crosby Hall Estate by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1889 Order concerning the 141 acre Crosby Hall Estate.  Three tenants are named, principally James Wright and Richard Latham.   Manuscript on parchment, size approx 27"x22" though a good deal of this is taken up by a table of loan repayments projected over 25 years.   (ref 445/9)  £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

Swarthmoor Hall, Ulverston
1971 reprint, 5pp pamphlet. £0.50 post-free within UK

[Urmston]  2 Copy Conveyances of Land for the Railway
A contemporary copy of an 1868 conveyance of land by Lawrence Fogg for building part of the railway from Manchester to Liverpool - just one of many compulsory purchases to enable the line to be built.  In 1891 the railway company needed a bit more land to give them a wider margin.  Lawrence's 2 small plots of land were on the South side of the railway, and were either side of the Jewish Burial Ground which is clearly marked on a plan attached to the 1891 document.  As the railway hadn't yet been built in 1868, the plan attached to that document is only a brief outline.  2 copy deeds on a total of 11 large paper sheets.  (ref 303/14)  £15.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Walney Island document]  Farm Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for the 1923 sale of the 33 acre Biggar Farm, tenanted by J W Townson.  (ref 355/63)  £6.00 UK post-free

[Walsden document]  Lease of Lower Farm, Allescholes
This 1802 lease concerns brother and sisters John, Mary, Jane and Hannah Kershaw, children of the late Abraham Kershaw.  The period of the lease was one year at a peppercorn rent.  As well as Lower Farm, the lease was for property in Yorkshire Street Rochdale and other land in Spotland.  Manuscript on parchment, bears the signatures of Mary, Jane and Hannah.   (ref 219/12)  £12.50

[Warrington] Plan of Properties in Dallam Lane/Tanners Lane
This is hand-drawn sketch plan on orange tracing paper, undated but perhaps mid-19th century. Not all the site is shown to have buildings on and without local knowledge it is difficult to know whether the site was undeveloped or certain buildings have been omitted as they were not the reason for this plan. Scale 30 feet to an inch, fair condition. (ref 269/44)   £12.00 UK post-free

[Whalley and Kirkby Lonsdale (Westmorland) document]  Scheduling of the Gawthorpe Estate under the 1864 Land Improvement Act
An 1892 schedule of lands owned by the Rt Hon Sir Ughtred James Kay Shuttleworth, Bt, MP, amounting to 2590 acres, of which about two-thirds lay in the parish of Whalley.  The estate is broken down into farms and other blocks of land.  It is particularly useful to both local and family historians in that the farms and other blocks of land are named, together with their acreages, and the names of the 30 or so occupiers - ie tenants - are also shown.  By all means contact us to check whether your ancestor is listed before you buy.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 25"x19", multifolded, nice and clean.  NB this is also listed on our Westmorland page.  (ref 161/14)  £18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Whalley/Blackburn/Bolton/Leigh/Dean document]  Scheduling of the Huntroyde Estate by the Land Commissioners
Official copy of an 1886 Order concerning the 7224 acre Huntroyde Estate, parts of which lay in 5 parishes.  The schedule breaks down the Estate into more than 120 blocks (most of which are named) and details their acreages and tenants eg the 13 acre Fiery Woods [farm?] Whalley was tenanted by John Haworth, and in Dean the Westhoughton Chapel was occupied by Paul Gerrard and the Westhoughton Corn Mill by Miss Haddock.  A quite useful document for both local and family historians midway between the 1881 and 1891 censuses.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 27"x22".  (ref 445/4)  £25.00 post-free 
Not for export

A later Order - dated 1891, by which time the Estate had grown to 7690 acres.  William Ray is now the tenant of Fiery Woods.  There may be other subtle changes but we haven't checked.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 27"x22".  (ref 445/5) £25.00 post-free  Not for export

[Whittington area document]  Letter to Margisson Johnson
This evidently hand-delivered letter concerns Margisson Johnson's Inclosure allotments on Docker Moor, part of which he appears to have been allocation on Inclosure, part of which he bought from Nancy Billington, making his total allotment 37 acres.  The letter is principally about fencing off his (now) three plots of land.  The letter is undated, and on unwatermarked paper so there's no clue as to date but we assume within (say) 5-10 years from Inclosure.  The paper is waterstained and there a couple of minor tears along old folds.  Hopefully we've priced it to sell.  (ref 6624)  £8.00 post-free 
Not for export

A Miscellany of Documents relating to Widnes and its Environs
Halton Historical Publications, 1988. A4 booklet of 42pp with plastic spiral spine. Includes lists of manorial tenants, hearth tax returns, parish constables, militia rolls etc for the various townships in & around Widnes. (ref 0000) £2.50 post-free within UK

[Wigan document]  Scheduling of Lands in the Townships of Ashton, Billinge, Orrell, Pemberton, Upholland and Winstanley
Official copy of an 1891 Order by the Board of Agriculture affecting well over 4000 acres spread around these 6 townships.  An important document for both the local and family historian as the schedule breaks this all down into a large number of farms, cottages, houses, inns etc, showing the acreage and crucially who was the occupier/tenant (all 140-odd of them).  Manuscript on 2 large parchment sheets, multifolded but nice and clean.  (ref 131/11)  £30.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Withington/Rishton document]  Scheduling of the Carill Worsley Estate by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1891 Order concerning this 42 acre estate owned by Mrs Elizabeth Tindal-Carill-Worsley and occupied/tenanted by Thomas Mellor.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 26"x22" though the bulk of this is taken up by a table of loan repayments projected over 25 years.  Bears the embossed seal of the Land Loan & Enfranchisement Company.  (ref 445/7)  £12.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Various parishes]  Manuscript Rental Book 1799-1808
A remarkable survival is this manuscript rental account book, consisting of 65 paper pages sewn together using the back of an old parchment deed as a crude cover.   Of the 65pp, 52pp contain manuscript details of half-yearly rents received from:
William Fish, followed by James Partington, for Coopers, Ramgreave, during the period 1799-1808
Alexander Sharples for Cunliff Moss, Ramsgreave, 1799-1808
William Walmsley for Longworth Farm, Ramsgreave, 1799-1808
John Bolton for Meadow Top, Ramsgreave, 1799-1808
Henry Eddleston for Lower House, Ramsgreave, 1799-1808
John Thornley for Old House, part of Cunliffs, 1799-1801
Ephraim Maymon for Wood, Mellor, 1799-1805
William Sharples for Slater House, Whittingham, 1799-1808
Thomas Smith for Wood Nooke, 1799-1808
Joseph & betty Sykes for a cottage at Woodnock, Osbaldeston, 1800-1808
Joseph Procter for Tattersall, Osbaldeston, 1799-1809
Robert Hubberstey for tanyard & house, 1799-1808
Lawrence Sharples for Sisecroft & Longue Rope, 1799-1805
Thomas Barton for Wayrins, Osbaldeston, 1806-1807
James Leyland, followed by George Helmn for Sharples, Osbaldeston, 1799-1808
Elizabeth Corless for farm, part of Fletchers, 1799-1807
Thomas Horsefield for Cunliff, 1807-1808
John Aspden for Calverts in the Wood, 1807-1808
John Cowell for Woodnock, Osbaldeston, 1809
Joseph Croasdale for Sisecroft & Longuerope, 1809
James Barnes for house, 1809
Ephraim Ashton for house, 1809
The detail on most of the pages is crossed through, a routine we assume the holder adopted for easy reference to pages in current use.  In addition to the sewn-in pages are 6 or 7 loose sheets concerning details of lettings of several properties inc Slater House and Meadow Top.  The only possible clue to the identity of who was collecting the rents is on the parchment cover which is marked 'RB1799' - though admittedly this could merely stand for Rent Book 1799.  (ref 3636)  £90.00 post-free 
Not for export

A Supplementary Index to the 'Infra' Wills & Admons Now Preserved in The Probate Registry at Chester
The Record Society, 1912. 11pp pamphlet listing c250 wills/admons for the year 1693 not included in The Record Society's vol 18. [Infra in this context means less than £40]. Mainly Cheshire & Lancashire but there are a very few Derbyshire people listed. (ref 0000) £1.50 post-free within UK

The River Mersey
William T Palmer, 1944. 243pp, 17 photo ills, folding map. Contents clean but boards grubby & stained, particularly affecting the spine. (ref H95/19) £4.00

History Directory and Gazetteer of the County Palatine of Lancashire - Vol 2
Edward Baines, 1825.  744pp.  Vol 2 covers the towns in alphabetical order from Lancaster to Wigan, plus Stockport.  This has recently had a new calf spine with the remains of the old backstrip laid down and the eps have been renewed.  A nice tight copy with at least another 100 years use in it.  (ref H95/30)  £90.00
post-free within UK

Abstracts of [Lancashire] Inquisitions Post Mortem made by Christopher Towneley and Roger Dodsworth - vol 2
Chetham Society vol 99, 1876.  Usual format, 205pp inc 2 indexes.   Mainly 15th but also a number of 16th and very early 17th century IPMs, all of them transcribed in the original LatinMany are accompanied by brief pedigrees deduced from the evidence in the IPMs.  Nice, copy, VG.  (ref 2558)   £25.00