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Bass Photograph
Sepia postcard photo of girl in school uniform, aged about 12/14, annotated on the back 'Irene Bass, Lydd, Kent'.   Date unknown, but perhaps 1920s/30s?  There can't have been too many Irene Bass's in Lydd, she may well be alive today.  (ref 3327)  8.00 UK post-free

[Banyard document]  Will of Elizabeth Banyard of Greenwich
This is the probated copy of Elizabeth's will.  She died in September 1832.  The will names 6 children.  (ref 3326)  12.00 post-free 
Not for export

Some Account of the Child Family 1550-1861
Kenneth Child, 1973.  A5 booklet in blue card covers, 52pp, 15 ills, double-page pedigree commences with William Child's marriage to Elizabeth Warren in 1576.   A Sussex family with Kentish roots.  Some damage to front cover.  (ref 5383)  4.50  UK post-free

[Cook documents]  Notices of Summonses served on behalf of William Cook
William Cook was a prize-winning poultry breeder in the 1890s at St Mary Cray.  On offer here are 12 small orange notifications issued by various county courts concerning summonses issued on his behalf.  Reasons are not given but presumably in connection with non-payment of goods.  (ref 750/19)  15.00 post-free  
Not for export

Godfrey  Photograph
Sepia postcard photo of girl aged about 14/15, annotated on the back 'Catherine Godfrey, Lydd'.   Date unknown, but perhaps 1920s/30s?  There can't have been too many Catherine Godfreys in Lydd, she may well be alive today.  (ref 3315)  8.00 UK post-free

Genealogical Notes of the Descent of the Family of James of Austin Friars
E Renouard James, 1898. 100pp, (5 folding pedigrees [James, Renouard [2], Ott, Gardner). Mainly London, but the family also has strong links with Essex and Kent. A rather tender copy, the outer hinge of the front board broken & the board is loose, both boards and spine are very worn & grubby. A decent copy fetches around 50, this copy (ref 8113) priced for condition at 20.00

[James document]  Will of Charles James of Littlebourne
This is a copy made for probate purposes though the actual grant of probate is missing.  The will is dated 1832 and there's an 1858 codicil.  Manuscript on 2 large parchment sheets.  (ref 3325)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Parkins document]  Will of Thomas Parkins of Warehorn
This will dated 1701/2 is missing the grant of probate - hardly surprising considering it is now 300 years old.  Manuscript on single parchment sheet - rather torn and worn but a remarkable survival in any condition.  (ref 3324)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

Quested Pedigree
Large roneo'd or perhaps dyeline pedigree tracing the family from 1717 to 1863.  Mainly Aldington and Lympne.  Crumpled and waterstained, nevertheless it may save someone hours of research.  (ref 6920)  6.00 UK post-free

[Slader/Fowler document]  Statutory Declaration
This 1875 declaration concerns Elizabeth Slader of Lewisham who died in 1864 and who'd been a trustee of a settlement made on the marriage of John Robert Fowler to Helen Drummond Slader.  With the declaration comes an 1875 copy of Elizabeth's death certificate.  (ref 3319)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Webber document]  Separation Agreement
A rare survivor is this 1818 separation agreement signed by Bishop Webber of Plough Green, Lewisham, and his wife Elizabeth.  Paper, single sheet, an old fold is weak due to damp (the ink has run), but this  document  is remarkable to have survived in any condition.  (ref 3363)  20.00 post-free 
Not for export


[Bexley document]  Deed of Sale of Lands in Weavering Street
We couldn't find Weavering Street in our A-Z but the local historian will know to which street this 1677 deed relates.  In it, Edward and Elizabeth Hales sell to William Gregory several plots of land in Weavering Street inc the acre-and-a-half Bernettes, an un-named 9-acre pasture, the 2-acre Little Gidds, the 2-acre Broomehills and the 4-acre Broadfield.  Manuscript on large [approx 28"x23"] parchment sheet, bears the mark of Edward Hales.  (ref 103/24)  38.00 
post-free  Not for export

[Brabourne document]  Abstract of Title to Farms
This 1918 abstract concerns Prospect Farm, The Lees Meadows, and Tutts or Elms Farm.  A very lengthy document in typescript on 53 large paper sheets - and such a difficult item to keep unfolded we ran out of patience.  We infer that there was a sale of substantial property, all or part of the Smeeth Paddocks Estate, of which the 67 acre Prospect Farm (tenanted by T Wilson), The Lees Meadows and the 61 acre Tutts or Elms Farm (W Chittenden) were parts.  This abstract was drawn up to prove title.  (ref 307/54)  18.00  post-free 
 Not for export

[Brenchley]  Deed of Exchange of Lands next to The Bull Inn, 1898
This deed concerns a few slivers of land, but the large folding site plan shows the outlines of The Bull, the yard, the stables, the coach-house, the shop next door and the changing buildings in between.  Manuscript on parchment, signed by all parties concerned.  (ref 23/18)  *12.00  
Not for export

Index of Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury vol 4, 1584-1604
Index Library, British Record Society vol 25, 1901.  Large thick 8vo, 568pp inc indexes.  Cracked inside in a couple of places, occasional small ink references in margins (on average perhaps one per page), corners a bit bumped, but considering the age and weight and compared to most other copies VG.  (ref 1242)   60.00

[Catford documents]  Deeds to Houses in Silvermere Road
These deeds (conveyances of 1898 and 1900, and an 1898 mortgage) relate to what in 1898 was described as a plot of land on the West side of Silvermere Road, which by 1900 had had 12 houses (97-121 odd) built on it.  NB the 1900 conveyance only relates to 97-109.  3 manuscript deeds on parchment (ref 504/58)  15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Charlton] Important Group of Property Deeds
The collection relates to an area on the North side of Woolwich Road once known as Simmonds Marsh. It relates specifically to the area from today's West Moor Street to Hardens Manor Way. It chronicles events from 1845 through to 1910 when the LCC had begun to acquire it for a road widening scheme. This part of the former Greenwich-Woolwich turnpike road was very much the concern of the Roupell family. The collection is important in that it documents the acquisition of land for a Wesleyan Methodist chapel (built 1847/8) on the corner of the former Ardens Manorway, and the Victoria, a public house on the corner of the former East Street (East Street is shown on a plan accompanying an 1847 deed as 'intended new street'). The collection also charts property name changes such as Star Terrace and Albert Place which were both subsumed into Woolwich Road. At some point the chapel came under the auspices of the Salvation Army. Undoubtedly some of the documents would have borne General Booth's signature - sadly these have been removed so the collection is not quite complete. However it remains a valuable local history consisting of 30 parchment deeds plus a dozen or so on paper. The collection 140.00  
Not for export

[Charlton] Group of Property Deeds
The collection relates to 8 houses in the former West Street, now West Moor Street. It chronicles events from 1852, when the houses were clearly brand new, to 1925. For the whole of that time they were owned by the Roupell family though leased out to a succession of non-residents. The group of houses started life as no's 41-48 but were re-numbered 56-70 (even). There are gaps in the collection, though it is latter part that is most incomplete - probably due to many more hands becoming involved. 18 deeds altogether, of which 14 are on parchment. 75.00 
Not for export

Charlton Parish Register 1653-1753
Printed transcript, nd but 1960s/1970s.  Approaches A4 size, green paper covers, 81 single-sided pp followed by indexes of names & places.  Front cover   has old creases and is worn, contents are nice and clean but several leaves are dogeared.  G.  (ref 2959)  14.00  NB this is the Charlton near Greenwich.

[Chislet]  Draft Copy of Conveyance of Land near Upstreet Congregational Chapel
This little plot of land next to the chapel was bought (for 5) by the chapel trustees.  Scrappy manuscript on several paper sheets.  (ref 12/14)   *5.00 
Not for export

[Deal]  Mortgage of Hotel and Shop
This 1935 document concerns 143 & 143c High Street, owned & occupied by the Deal Constitutional Club.  Parchment, 4pp.  (ref 21/57)  *5.00

[Deptford] Lease of The Crown and Sceptre Public House, Friendly Street
This 1889 lease was to licenced victualler Frederick James Fryer. The deed includes a hand-coloured site plan showing the pub on the corner of Friendly Street and an 'intended new street'. Parchment. (ref 1/219) *10.00 
Not for export

[Deptford]  Lease of No's 5 and 7 Arklow Road
This 1881 lease to local grocer Thomas Carroll is for 81 years.  Being the lessee there was no need for him to sign the deed.  Manuscript insertions on printed parchment deed, size approx 28"x22", bears a hand-drawn plan of the properties.  (ref 5142)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Dover] Abstracts of Title to Properties in Queens Gardens
Several abstracts are available jointly tracing the history of the general area. One abstract contains brief details of property deals going back to 1710, though the area seems not to have been substantially built upon until about 1785. Later abstracts are specifically of no's 12 and 27. There is a great deal of local history material to be gleaned from this little collection. (ref 226/231) *30.00 
Not for export

The Parish of Erith in Ancient and Modern Times
John Harris, 1885.  85pp, 20 plates. Just 105 copies were subscribed for.  Cracked inside in several places but considering the age of the book and that is ex-ref lib (with labels/stamps), not a bad copy of this uncommon title.  G.   (ref 8058)  45.00

Farnborough Manor in the 17th and 18th Centuries
M F Bond, nd but late 1940s rep from Archaeologia Cantiana vol 59 (1944). Pp7-18 in grey card covers. The events used to illustrate manorial life in these dozen pages provide a flavour of the rich detail contained in court rolls. 3 copies (refs 350/18-20) available, each VG. *4.50 each

The History of Faversham
Edward Jacob, 1974 facsimile rep of the original 1774 ed.  69+19+222pp followed by index, double-page map, other ills inc several full-page.  One of the earliest town histories published, this remains one of the standard books on Faversham.   A VG clean copy in a G but very faded (esp the spine) d/w.  (ref 3666)  20.00

[Gravesend] Property deeds concerning 'Summerbank', Windmill Street
These 4 deeds chart the progress of a plot of land (once part of Gravesend Farm) from 1876 to 1916. A 5th deed (missing) of 1886 may have helped pinpoint when the former West Hill Road was re-named Windmill Street, and also when Summerbank was built. All 4 on parchment. (ref 11/6) *20.00  
Not for export

[Gravesend]  Property Deeds for Houses in Wrotham Road
A broken sequence of 8 parchment property deeds from the period 1845-1904.   Originally numbered 65-69 Wrotham Road, they were re-numbered 123-127 and at the time of the latter document appear to have been going through a second re-numbering to 30-38 even.  Names most frequently occurring are Bundey, Price, Short, Lees, Missing.   The group (ref 45/4)  *42.00 
Not for export

[Hever document]  Scheduling of Warren House & Park by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1892 Order concerning the 32 acre Warren House & Park, then tenanted by Mowbray Vernon Charrington.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 20"x15".  (ref 74/8)  18.00  post-free 
Not for export

Notes on Hythe Parish Church and on the Bones in the Crypt
Rev H D Dale & F G Parsons, 1905 3rd. 23+32pp booklet, paper covers, single photo-ill, amateur (unfinished?) pen drawing on blank page. Base of paper spine torn o/w a decent copy. (ref L78/48) *6.00

[Keston document]  Sale Particualars of Keston Lodge
Printed particulars for the 1848 sale of Keston Lodge and an acre plot of building land at Bromley Common.  Keston Lodge is described a Gentleman's residence most delightfully situated in miniature park-like grounds extending over about six acres of meadow land.  Unusually for sale particulars as early as this comes a hand-coloured site plan showing the estate where the Westerham-Bromley road crosses the Hayes-Farnborough road, and across the road from the Keston Cross public house.  The plan is slightly over-sized compared with the sale particulars which are approx 15"x10" and the margin rather worn, but since the plan is loosely inserted both it and the particulars would be highly suitable for framing.  As far as we can make out from our modern A-Z the entire estate is now built upon - difficult to be precise, and it really needs someone familiar with the area.   (ref 3878)  *25.00

[Ladywell] Counterpart Copy of Lease of The Freemasons Railway Tavern
Being the counterpart copy, this 1907 lease is signed by the lessor, beer retailer Edward Edwin Cooper (who was living in Brighton at the time). The lease bears a nice hand-coloured site plan showing the tavern to be on the corner of Prospect Place and Ladywell Road. Parchment. (ref 1/217) 10.00  post-free 
Not for export

[Mereworth and West Peckham document]  Scheduling of Yotes Court Estate
Official copy of an 1889 Order by the Lands Commissioners scheduling this 940 acre Estate owned by Viscount Torrington, and which evidently straddled the Mereworth/West Peckham parish boundary.  The Estate is broken down into 13 blocks, and details are shown of acreages and tenants.  Nice and clean.  Size approx 25"x20".  (ref 74/6)  25.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Plumstead]  3 Documents concerning House in Vicarage Park
Each of these 3 property documents for no 1, Vicarage Park involves James Baxter.  One of them bears a hand-coloured plan.  All 3 are in manuscript on parchment.  (ref 524/11)  *12.50 
Not for export

[Ramsgate] Abstracts of Title
Several are available, briefly as follows:
4 Chapel Place, 1854 abstract spanning 65 years, 39 sheets. (ref 226/225) *18.00  
Not for export
5-10 Harders Road, 1909 abstract spanning 34 years, 8 sheets. (ref 226/222) *8.00   Not for export
43 West Cliff Rd, 1877/1887 abs spanning 71 years, 5+7 sheets. (226/217&221) *15.00    Not for export
SE Side, George Place, 1840 abstract spanning 67 years, 18 sheets. (ref 226/219) *15.00    Not for export
George Place, 1842 abstract spanning 69 years, 21 sheets. (ref 226/215) *15.00    Not for export
Border of Ramsgate/St Lawrence, 1867 abs spanning 68 yrs, 23 sheets. (ref 226/226) *18.00   Not for export

We've scores of inexpensive draft copies of Victorian documents for the Ramsgate area - email a list of surnames & we'll check if there's anything for you.   Not for export

[St Lawrence] Abstract of Title to part of the Granville Estate
This 1891 abstract contains details of deeds etc going back to 1829 when Augusta Emma D'Este acquired this property (which according to 3 accompanying plans on orange tracing paper was on the Thanet Road South, next to the Coastguard Station). She married Sir Thomas Wilde in approx 1845 (they subsequently became Lord & Lady Truro). He died in 1855 and she died in 1866. The property passed through several hands during which time a number of houses seem to have been built on it. Interesting piece of local history on 13 large paper sheets, all watermarked 1891. (ref 226/218) *8.00   
Not for export

[St Peter in Thanet] Abstract of Title to Cottages etc near Westwood
This 1899 abstract provides details of owners/occupiers going back to 1850, and the various transactions between them. Principal parties in rough chronological order: Dilnot, Stride, Greenway, Laslett. In 1850 the properties are described as 'at or near a certain place called Wedwood otherwise Westwood'. Rather depressing typescript on 14 large paper sheets. (ref 226/220) *10.00  
Not for export

[St Peter in Thanet] Plan of Building Land
An undated but approx 1870/1880 plan of the Livingstone Road area with Baird Hill Road at the top and 'road to lime kiln' at the bottom. This approx 20"x23" plan is on orange tracing paper and is scaled at 32 feet to the inch. It was evidently drawn up to be used in conjunction with a sale of a number of vacant plots of land. Occupied buildings/plots are shown together with names of occupants/owners - most likely owners. Multifolded, G for age. (ref 226/230) *8.00  
Not for export

[Westerham document]  Scheduling of Lands by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1898 Order concerning Redlands, Redlands Farm and Coakham [farm?].  Manuscript on parchment, bears the red embossed seal of the Lands Improvement Company.  (ref 74/9)  18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Westgate on Sea]  Copy of Draft Lease of Station Hotel
This was to be a 15 year lease from 1903.  The property stood at the corner of St Mildred's Road and Cuthbert Road as the little plan on tracing paper will show.  Interesting list of fixtures and fittings on 6 of the 20 leaves.  (ref 12/22)  *6.00 
Not for export

[Wingham] Petition to the Lords of the Treasury
This is a contemporary copy of an 1830 petition by trustees for the sale of property at Wingham, formerly of the late Rev Thomas Hey of Wickham Breux, in an effort to legalise the effects of a William Jumper who was involved in a 1777 lease and who left no traceable living relatives. Manuscript on 4 large paper sheets, 1827 watermarks. A bit dogeared, rather grubby on the outside (as folded), otherwise in decent condition. (ref 754/258) *6.00  
Not for export

[Various parishes]  Scheduling of the Kent Lands of Viscount & Viscountess Holmesdale
Official copy of an 1869 Order by the Inclosure Commissioners scheduling 3263 acres under the 1864 Lands Improvement Act.  The schedule lists 18 large blocks of land - most of which would appear to consist of farms - and gives details of acreages and tenants.  The lands lay predominantly in the parishes of Marden, Maidstone and Egerton and to a very much lesser extent Boughton Malherbe, Smarden and Pluckley.  By all means email us to check on relevance to your research.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 26"x21", foxed with age but perfectly legible.  (ref 74/1)  22.00 post-free 
Not for export

A later schedule - This copy Order by the Inclosure Commissioners is dated 1871 and covers the same properties with the same tenants, the difference being the amount loaned under the Act.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 21"x15".  (ref 74/2)  22.00 post-free  Not for export

A later schedule - This copy Order by the Inclosure Commissioners is dated 1872 and covers the same properties with the same tenants, the difference being the amount loaned under the Act.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 24"x18".  (ref 74/4)  22.00 post-free  Not for export

Oasthouses in Sussex and Kent - Their History and Development
Gwen Jones and John Bell, 1992.  A5 booklet in blue pictorial card covers enclosing72pp, many ills inc 31 photos.  VG copy of a title we understand is still in print at 6.95, this copy (ref 625/210)  *4.00