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Abstract of Arkwright/Davenport Marriage Settlement
This 1871 abstract supplies us with all the important bits in an 1866 settlement on the marriage of John Hungerford Arkwright of Hampton Court and Charlotte Lucy Davenport of Foxley.  Charlotte brought almost 15,000 to the marriage - roughly 900,000 in today's money.   Manuscript on 3 large paper sheets.  (ref 73/1)  10.00 post-free 
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[Davey documents]  Davey Property Paperwork - Ross on Wye
A useful accumulation of papers concerning Alfred and Anne Davey and their selling of Trelleck Cottage, Camp Road, and two plots of land on the Cawdor Estate consequent upon their move from Ross to Southfields, London.  One of the papers is a typescript (carbon) copy of an abstract of title providing details of Trelleck Cottage property deeds going back to 1890, and there's a similar abstract for the plots on the Cawdor Estate providing details from 1902.  In all there are 16 individual items plus a couple of small bundles of day-to-day correspondence including original Davey letters.  (ref 91/39)  20.00 post-free  Not for export

[Freeman documents]  Papers concerning the Freeman Family of Hope Mansell
A group of mainly office copies etc of correspondence of 1913 and 1914 attempting to bring about an amicable settlement of the financial affairs of the 9 children of Nathaniel Weaver Freeman (died 1894).  (ref 91/37)  10.00  UK post-free

[James document]  Probated Will of William James
William James of Wilcroft in the parish of Lugwardine died in 1856.  The original signed will is in permanent storage in the appropriate Probate Registry (Canterbury?) and here we have the next best thing - the copy of the will made for obtaining probate in 1856.  A relatively lengthy will covering 3 large parchment sheets, together with the grant of probate, also on parchment.  The grant of probate has had it's embossed revenue stamp callously cut away by a collector, and the original embossed seal of the probate office is missing.  This probated will was examined by several companies which indicates the testator had shares in each.  (ref 7722)  15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Lloyd documents]  Papers re the Late Henry Lloyd of Glewstone
A small bundle of papers resulting from the death of Henry Lloyd of The Yell, who died in 1929.  The papers include an office copy of his will, some draft copies of estate duty forms, some original signed receipts for legacies, and an interesting collection of tradesmen's bills, the whole lot dated 1929.  (ref 91/18)  15.00 post-free 
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[Oliver documents]  Oliver Paperwork
A small group of office papers concerning Gilbert and Mary Oliver of Goodrich, some of it to do with their 1933 purchase of a property called Westbourne in the parish of Walford.  A mix of original routine day-to-day correspondence and office copies of documents, all 1933 or 1934.  (ref 91/40)  10.00 UK post-free

A Roll of the Household Expenses of Richard de Swinfield Bishop of Hereford during part of the Years 1289 & 1290
Ed by Rev Thomas Webb, The Camden Society, 1854. Large 8vo, usual green cloth with gilt lettering etc, blind stamped boards, 242pp. An insight into the character & mode of ecclesiastical life 700 years ago. The text is in the original abbreviated Latin. Some spotting but generally VG. (ref 2274) 24.00

[Watkins documents]  Paperwork following the Death of George Henry Watkins of Bromsash
Draft and office copies of papers resulting from the 1924 death of George Henry Watkins, including a carbon typescript copy of his 1922 will.  The paperwork ranges in dates from 1924 to 1932, the bulk of it 1925, and all routine stuff.  In all there are 23 items.  (ref 91/26)  12.50 post-free 
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[Webb documents]  Paperwork concerning The Oxlet, Walford
A small group of papers dated 1898 and 1899, mostly drafts and office copies, concerning a cottage and land described as being' all that cottage (now in ruins) with the garden and piece or parcel of rough arable or pasture land situate at The Oxlet.....formerly in the possession of James Webb the grandfather and afterwards in the possession of Edward Webb the father.....and now in possession of the said Edward Webb party hereto.....'.  One of the draft documents is an affidavit by someone who'd known all three generations of Webbs;  another item is an office copy of an admon granted on the death of James Webb, and perhaps most interesting of all a letter from an affronted brother of Edward accusing him of selling off the family property on the quiet and threatening legal action. '.....I should be ashamed to treat a brother in the way you are treating one.....'.  12 items altogether.  (ref 91/19)  10.00 post-free 
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[Abbey Dore document]  List of Owners/Occupiers
This is an undated but approx 1865 schedule headed 'The apportionment of half a year's rent charge of 680 in lieu of tithes from the land within the Parish of Abbey Dore in the County of Hereford due 1st April to the Revd J James the Rector'.  The schedule lists 16 or so landowners, 50 or so occupiers, acreages, and amounts assessed.   The schedule is in manuscript and occupies 6 of 14 pages.  The brown paper cover and 1st page are crumpled and will require careful flattening.  An accompanying schedule - undated and perhaps 20 or 30 years younger than the other one, and only concerned with the lands of T Freke Lewis - shows names of farms and quite a few field numbers from the tithe map.  The two schedules complement each other and provide much useful 19th century detail on the parish.  The pair (ref 5474)  20.00 post-free  
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[Amberley and Marden]  Sale Poster
This printed poster advertises the 1891 sale of 12 acres of pasture and orchard land in Amberley, tenanted by James Hodges.  Also a 3 acre plot of land in Amberley adjoining the Hereford/Small Ashes road (also James Hodges).  Also an 8 acre piece of meadow land in Lugg Meadow, Marden, tenanted by William Bennet of Sutton Walls.   Large poster [approx 17"x22"] minor splits along old folds, nevertheless in nice condition and being single-sided the poster is  eminently suitable for framing.  (ref 469/3)  15.00 post-free within UK

[Bishops Frome document]  Unfinished Deed of Conveyance of Police Cottage
This is an uncompleted and unstamped 1919 conveyance of  'all that cottage or tenement and garden adjoining the main road leading from Ledbury to Bromyard.....which said premises were formerly part of the garden belonging to 'The Court' and are now used as a Constabulary.....'.  The parties were due to have been Pudge and Woodward.  Manuscript on paper.  (ref 270/15)  5.00 post-free
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[Breinton document]  Statement of Tithe Rent Charges
A very detailed statement - covering 14 double-width pages - of 397 plots of land showing landowner, occupier, plot number, state of cultivation, acreage and amount payable.  The statement, which is undated (our best guess would be about 1909/10) is dogeared and the outer leaves are torn - indeed the back page is missing a large part of the top corner, though fortunately it is a blank page.  The statement is accompanied by a key, in numerical order, telling the reader which page of the schedule each of the plot numbers is to be found.  A useful - if rather down-at-heel looking - piece of local history for this small Wye-side village.  (ref 270/25)  15.00
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[Brilley]  Sale Particulars of the Cefn Farm
Printed particulars for the 1906 sale of the 248 acre Cefn Farm (tenanted by W O Mainwaring) which included three stone-built cottages as well as the recently re-roofed farmhouse.  The schedule lists many old field names.   Accompanying the particulars is a large [approx 31"x23"] multifolding coloured location plan identifying the many plots of land, also the locations of 3 cottages (one of them specifically shown as Trenewydd Cottage).  The outside (as folded) is grubby but the rest of the particulars and plan are nice and clean.  (ref 135/16)  15.00 post-free within UK

Another copy - a bit grubby but the plan is very clean and crisp.  (ref 349/19)  18.00 post-free within UK

A 3rd copy - The outside (as folded) is grubby but the rest (inc the plan) is nice and clean.  (ref 446/44)  18.00 post-free within UK

[Burghill document]  Copy Lease
This is an undated but early copy of a 1781 lease by Londoner James Hague from John Croose of The Lodge, Burghill.  Ostensibly the period of the lease was a year but it was almost certainly drawn up in order to give legal possession to James Hague to enable him to buy [the next day] 'All that Capital Messuage or Mansion House commonly called or known by the name of The Lodge' together with many fields and plots of land - too many to list here but some of the more distinctive names are Calves Close or Lawn Pasture, Hop Ground, Quibbs, Pyfinch, Gorsey Plock, and parts of Windmill Field which may help to pinpoint where in Burghill the lands were.  Manuscript on 5 large paper sheets with a 6th as the covering sheet.  Some dogearing affecting 4 sheets.  (ref 7726)  15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Burghill and Wellington document]  Copy Release
This is a copy (undated but surely near-contemporary) of a 1784 deed concerning Portway Orchard, a house called The Boggs together with Boggs Meadow, The Bank, The Side Land Piece, The Upper Piece, an un-named house with fields called Carr Field, Clanly Field and Carr Meadow, plus a plot of land in Wellington Meadow, Wellington.  The document provides information of previous deeds going back to 1707.  Many names are mentioned, the ones mentioned most frequently being Croose and Lushington.  A very lengthy document in manuscript on 7 large paper sheets with an 8th as the covering sheet.  (ref 7727)  18.00 post-free  Not for export

[ Clyro (Radnorshire) and Brilley (Herefordshire)]  Sale Particulars for the Cabalva Estate
Printed particulars for the 1913 sale of this 958 acre estate straddling the Radnorshire/Herefordshire county boundary.  For the purposes of the sale, the estate was broken up into 10 lots as follows:
1.  Cabalva House (vacant) & 49 acres of meadow let to S Meredith and M Crump.
2.  22 acres of pasture let to J W Jones.
3.  Cabalva Cottage (M Crump).
4.  Lower Bettws & Cwm-y-Rafor (S Meredith).
5.  The 157 acre Chapel Farm (J W Jones).
6.  Old Chapel House & Smith (C Nott).
7.  The 102 acre Penrheol Farm (J W Jones).
8.  The 233 acre Pentwyn & Pencesty Farms (W D Prosser)
9.  The 172 acre Wern Farm (T B Prosser).
10.  10 acres of pasture land (G Davies).
A particularly important item of local history as it not only describes the various lots in quite some detail but it contains 4 photos and a 36"x29" multicoloured multifolding location plan in a flap inside the back cover.  Card covers, overall size 10"x14".  Covers grubby and detached from contents, and spine torn to the extent that the front and back covers are almost separated; also the map has gained an extra crease due to careless return to its pouch.  We've recently sold a very nice copy at 40, and by comparison this copy (ref 446/48)  is priced at  20.00 post-free within UK

[Brilley paperwork]  Account of the Receipt of the Rectorial Tithe of the Parish of Brilley in the County of Hereford Held at the New Inn Brilley on Saturday November 12th 1887
Manuscript statement covering 3 double-width pages listing 72 properties showing occupier, owner, and amounts due and paid.  Over the years one leaf has become detached but it remains an excellent piece of local history.  With the statement comes a wadge of paperwork from 1892 - mostly correspondence concerning the Brilley tithes.  In all there are about 30 items.  The collection (ref 270/23)   20.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Burghill] Small Group of Documents Relating to Elton's Marsh
Elton's Marsh is on the modern A4110 road heading North from Hereford. This nice little group of 5 documents comprises 2 abstracts of title [c1805 and 1861], a copy mortgage of 1843 and 2 actual deeds [an 1842 mortgage assignment and an 1861 conveyance]. Between them, they record events from 1742 to 1881. For the first 50 years or so the property concerned was part of a much larger estate owned by the Salway family of Richards Castle, but in 1799 butcher John Powell acquired 6 acres of then meadow land adjoining the then Hereford-Dilwyn turnpike road. By 1811 5 houses had been 'lately erected' when farmer James Floyd of Pipe & Lyde acquired the property, which in turn passed to the Lane family through mortgage. In 1861 it was sold to John Turner, and 20 years later sold to labourer John Powell. It is intriguing to speculate on whether he knew of the involvement of his namesake & possible relative 80 years earlier. All in all an interesting chronicle of local events spanning 140 years. The group (ref 172/C) 35.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Contemporary Copy of Coddington Poor Rate 1837]   An Assessment for the Necessary Relief of the Poor and for other purposes.....
Manuscript entries on printed form detailing names of occupiers, names of owners, type of property, name of house or land and amounts to be collected as at 7th June 1837.  Paper, two large sheets folded down to about 6"x6", bearing 1833 watermarks so it is safe to assume this copy was made out in 1837.  With the list running to 51 entries this is a very nice piece of local history dating from a few years before the earliest detailed census.  (ref 502/14)  35.00 post-free  Not for export

[Dilwyn]  Sale Particulars for the Townsend Estate
Printed particulars for the 1889 sale of the 54 acre Townsend Estate, comprising Townsend House (let to T Lambert Hall Esq) and the Townsend Farm (let to James Williams).  With the particulars comes a 22"x16" multifolding coloured location plan scaled at 25" to the mile.  We have three copies available (refs 446/36, 37, 38) each at 15.00 post-free within UK

[Fownhope/Kings Caple]  Sale Particulars of Yew Tree Inn and Wye Meadows & Woodland
Printed particulars for the 1898 sale of a 57 acre strip of land inc the best part of a mile fronting the Wye and inc the Yew Tree Inn, all of it apparently tenanted by Edmund Bellamy.  With the particulars comes a multifolding coloured location plan.   Very nice clean condition.  (ref 446/45)  20.00 post-free within UK

[Goodrich documents]  Paperwork concerning George William Watson, Chapel Cottage, Myrtle Cottage, Hillend and other Ruined Cottages on Coppett Hill
A bundle of papers, all of them dated 1926, consisting of a flurry of correspondence and draft/office copy documents following the death of George William Watson of Chapel Cottage.  Much of the paperwork concerns the children, but a few are specifically about Chapel Cottage itself, several others relate to a pair of cottages (Myrtle Cottage and the close-by Hillend which was in ruins) sold for 100, and another few papers concern a pair of un-named ruined cottages sold for just 15.  31 papers of all shapes and sizes plus a bundle of perhaps 50 day-to-day small papers stapled together and entitled 'correspondence'.   The property documents provide evidence of cottages which presumably no longer exist, but we felt we couldn't separate them from what is essentially a family collection.  (ref 91/16)  22.50 post-free
Not for export

[Goodrich documents]  Abstract of Title to 'Riverhill'
This 1922 abstract provides details of transactions going back to 1869.  Attached is a rather flimsy location plan on orange tracing paper.  Manuscript on 3 paper sheets with a 4th as the covering sheet.  The abstract is accompanied by a draft copy of a 1939 conveyance and a scrappy note of a 1939 'interview & inspection' concerning the water supply.  (ref 91/33)  12.50 UK post-free

[Hereford]  Papers Mentioning The Old Harp Inn, Widemarsh Street
In passing, these few papers trace the ownership of The Old Harp from James Price (d1822?) to his son James Price (d1845?), his daughter Elizabeth Waring and her two daughters Mary Ann Waring and Eliza Watkins, who appear to have sold the inn to William Preece in 1858.  His daughters were Eliza Morris (d1887) and Mary Ann Taylor.   Mary Ann seems to have emigrated to New York.  7 documents ranging in dates from 1858 to 1904 together with a brief sketch-plan dating from 1817.  4 of the documents are Inland Revenue succession duty forms.  The collection (ref 405/25)   15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Hereford]  Documents concerning Eign Mill & Lands
In 1796 John Vevers took out a 21 year lease of Eign Mill from the Dean & Chapter of Hereford Cathedral.  Four years later the lease was taken over by Richard Thomas.  On offer here is an 1824 assignment of a mortgage taken out in 1811, and the counterpart copy of a 21 year lease taken by Samuel Carless in 1839.  These two ostensibly routine property deeds provide much incidental detail on names, dates and legal transactions etc during a 40-odd year period before the mill's decline and eventual demolition.  The 1824 assignment is quite a lengthy document on 5 large parchment sheets, the 1839 lease on a single large paper sheet.  With these two deeds comes 2 small papers dated 1847 and 1854 and an undated but we'd say early 19c valuation of the mill and lands.  The 5 items (ref 4700)  35.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Hereford]  Sale Particulars for the Hinton Court Estate
Printed particulars for the 1927 sale of the 208 acre Hinton Court Estate in the parish of St Martin.  The particulars provide a breakdown of the 208 acres forming 27 lots, the various sitting tenants being W G Howells, A H Powell, Mrs Davies, H Morgan, J Preston, P H Slann, Mrs A L Perry, W C Minton, W J Andrews, H P Williams, A E Andrews and (principally) R H Clutterbuck.  Thick paper covers, approx 10"x15", old folds down the entire document, the plan which accompanied the particulars is missing.  (ref 446/19)  12.00 post-free within UK

[Hereford]  Deeds to Property in Wye Bridge Street
These 3 parchment deeds chronicle owners & occupiers of a former malthouse which had been converted into one or more dwellinghouses.  Between them, they cover the period 1803-1847, the two principal parties being Jones & then Roberts.   The 3 (ref 270/18)  30.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Hereford document re Widemarsh Street]  Copies of Entries of Leases in the Lease Book of the Corporation of Hereford Relative to a Piece of Orchard Land sold by the said Corporation to Mr Daniel Ridgway
Copies of the important bits of successive leases dated 1748 [to Philip Symonds of Preston-on-Wye]; 1758 [to Rev John Jones and William Gwillim]; 1766 [also to Rev John Jones and William Gwillim]; 1773 [to Elizabeth widow of Rev John Jones and William Gwillim]; and 1780 [also to Elizabeth Jones and William Gwillim] of a plot of garden/orchard on the West side of Widemarsh Street and a 10 acre field in Holmer.  The rent included 'one couple of Fat Capons to the Mayor at Easter yearly'.  Manuscript on 5 large paper sheets with a 6th as the covering sheet.  Undated but the paper bears 1822 watermarks which would indicate the copies were made c1825 in connection with a sale of the lands.  Nice condition.  (ref 219/22) 
15.00 post-free Not for export

[Hereford document]  Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for the 1896 sale by auction of The Mansion House in Widemarsh Street and The Bowling Green Inn in Bewell Street.  Included is a large m/f site plan.  Several copies available, each at 15.00  UK post-free

[Hoarwithy documents]  Paperwork concerning the Cottage 'Squirrels Hut'
An accumulation of day-to-day office correspondence dated 1935-1940 together with a draft copy of a 1935 declaration by Thomas Dance who'd known the cottage (apparently situated near the Wye) since 1900 though it was 'ruined' by 1938.  (ref 91/34)  12.50  UK post-free

[Holmer]  Sale Particulars of Various Properties
Printed particulars for the 1895 sale of:
1.  Hopbine Villa [occupied by Mrs Packwood].
2.  4 acres of land next to the Hereford & Worcester Railway [H Cresswell].
3.  An acre of land next to Holmer Old School [H Cresswell].
4.  24 acres of meadow land near Lugg Bridge [A B Brain].
5.  2 acres of rich meadow land bordering the river Lugg [A B Brain].
Hopbine Villa would appear to be on today's A4103
Decent copy accompanied by a nice clean coloured multifolding plan [size approx 27"x18"].  (ref 135/23)  15.00 post-free within UK

[Ivington]  Deed of Exchange of Lands
This is an 1814 agreement between Thomas & John Berington of Winsley   and William & Anne Wall of Ryelands, for an exchange of lands.  This lengthy document concerns several plots of land including Baker's Plock, Fleet Field, Quarry Field, Marsh Field etc.  Manuscript on 5 large parchment sheets.  The outside (as folded) is grubby.  (ref 270/14)  25.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Kingsland document]  Lease of The Dayhouse
This 1766 deed records the leasing by William Wanklin of 'All that capital messuage tenement and farm commonly called and known by the name of The Dayhouse together with all houses outhouses edifices buildings barns stables.....all which premises are now in the tenure or occupation of the said William Wanklin'  for an intended 12 years.  Manuscript on single parchment sheet and with the clear signature William Wanklin,  (ref 104/15)  20.00  post-free
  Not for export

[Little Dewchurch document]  Lease of Farm
This 1818 lease was for 7 years, the owner being Thomas Morgan of Tupsley who leased the farm to widow Elizabeth Jones and William Jones (both of Little Dewchurch) & William Preece of Little Birch.  The lease is in manuscript on 2 large parchment sheets.  A small area of damp damage along an old fold has resulted in the wearing away of the parchment with the loss of a couple of words, and the deed has been carelessly folded - though the worst of this can be remedied by more careful folding and flattening - but the fact that this has survived in any condition is remarkable.  The deed bears the clear signatures Thos Morgan, Elizabeth Jones, William Jones, William Preece.  (ref 50/75)  18.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Contemporary Copy of Little Marcle Poor Rate 1837]  An Assessment for the Necessary Relief of the Poor and for other purposes.....
Manuscript entries on printed form detailing names of occupiers, names of owners, type of property, name of house or land, amounts assessed and amounts collected as at 4th July 1837.  Paper, single large sheet folded down to about 6"x6", bears 1833 watermark so it is safe to assume this copy was made out in 1837.  The details cover just 15 lines, nevertheless this is a very nice piece of local history dating from a few years before the earliest detailed census.  (ref 502/12)  25.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Llangarron documents] Papers concerning Little Kilreague and Tre-Essey
A bundle of papers ranging in dates from 1932 to 1948, the principal parties being Wood and to a much lesser extent Miles.  Quite a proportion of the documents are only drafts or office copies, nevertheless there's much for the local historian, including a 1948 sale brochure and three or four map/plans.  34 items altogether.  (ref 91/15)  20.00 post-free
Not for export

[Lugwardine]  Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for the 1907 sale by auction of Hagley House 'lately occupied by George Lowe' and Hagley Cottage which was occupied by E Hill.  Several copies available, each at 8.50 UK post-free

[Luston]  Sale Particulars & Conditions of 3 Cottages
The exact location of these 3 cottages, which came up for sale in 1821, isn't shown.  Only the names of the 3 occupants - William Ward, John Price and Thomas Burton - give us, looking back from 190-odd years later, any clue as to where they were.  This is a very unusual arrangement inasmuch as John Price - presumably the John Price shown as occupant of one of the cottages - was effectively selling his life interest in the cottages which, on his death, would revert back to the next 'life'.  This is reflected in the purchase price - just 20 - paid by Edward Scarlet of nearby Eye.   The sheet containing details - such as they are - of the cottages is a cut-down version of a larger sheet, the top half of which (undoubtedly cut away in 1821 & not here present) related to other Luston property in another sale.  Printed particulars, now on a single 8"x6" paper sheet, accompanied by printed conditions with manuscript insertions on 2 sheets each approx 8"x13" and bearing the signature Edward Scarlet, he having paid 4 deposit.  Well worth buying if Edward Scarlet was an ancestor, perhaps not so for descendants of William Ward or Thomas Burton as their names only appear the once.  (ref 3006)  28.00 post-free within UK

[Marden] Sale Poster - Timber & Poles from Coppice Wood at Burlingate Farm
This poster announces the 1935 sale of the timber and poles standing on 15 acres of coppice wood in Burling Coppice.  Tenders were to be submitted by post and pre-sale viewing had to be arranged with tenant farmer H Panniers.  Printed on paper, approx 10"x16", good clean condition and highly suitable for framing.  (ref 469/1)  9.00 post-free within UK

[Monnington on Wye deed]  Conveyance of 23 Acres of Glebe Land
This 1921 deed concerns 4 plots of glebe land (numbered 64, 65, 80 & 84) adjoining Monnington Walk being sold for 947.  Manuscript on parchment, bears signatures G Herbert Jones and Geoffrey Cornwallis and a useful full-page hand-coloured location plan.  (ref 270/19)  8.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Orcop] Property Deeds to Cottage(s) & 8 Acres of Land
6 parchment deeds ranging in dates from 1798 to 1852. An 1852 conveyance mentions 'two cottages or tenements' though clearly one was in a very dilapidated state - even as far back as 1833 it was described as ' decayed'. With the cottage(s) came 8 acres of land & although there is no continuity of ownership between deeds of 1798 and 1833 the '8 acres or thereabouts' is a common theme. (ref 16/23) 30.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Peterchurch & Dorstone] Abstract of Title to 2 Plots of Land bordering the Golden Valley Railway
This 1894 abstract lists property transactions going back to 1882, though the story really starts with the death of Walter Gilbert Price (of Holmer) in 1851. He left the 98 acre Snodhill Mill Farm (and the watermill) to his nephew Nicholas Gilbert Price. Latterly, and heavily mortgaged, the farm devolved to other parties. All this is background to the presumably intended sale of 2 small plots of land which appear to have formed part of the original 98 acre farm. Plots no's 311 (in Peterchurch) and 922 (in Dorstone) on the tithe map are both described as meadow, and a small accompanying map shows them bordering the then Golden Valley Railway. Manuscript on 9 large paper sheets. (ref 3680) 8.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Preston Wynne paperwork]  Tithe Rental Statements & Correspondence
A large quantity (over 50 items) of papers dating mainly from the period 1910-1916, though there's also a large (albeit very dogeared) detailed statement dated 1903.  Separate annual statements for each of the years from 1910 to 1916 provide details of landowners, occupiers and plot numbers which chronicle a variety of changes just prior to, and during WW1.  Though the collection includes a fair few receipts for payments made, there's several items of correspondence from Preston Wynne residents themselves - all in all a very useful collection for the local historian.  (ref 270/24)  35.00
post-free  Not for export

[Ross-on-Wye documents]  Documents concerning 1 Kent Avenue
A bundle of 28 documents, ranging in dates from 1929 to 1951.  Once part of the Royal Cross Estate and used as allotments, this former 'two pieces or parcels of land', formerly known as Brica-Brac but by 1951 called Sunnyhulm, is most often referred to as No 1 Kent Avenue.  It must be stressed that the majority of these papers are either drafts or office copies;  nevertheless there's much detail in them for the local historian.  (ref 91/11)  20.00  post-free
  Not for export

[Ross-on-Wye documents]  Documents concerning Merrivale House
A bundle of 30 documents, ranging in dates from 1904 to 1925, mostly 1920s.   Principal parties are Blake and Best.  Predominantly draft or office copy documents including much legal correspondence.  There are two or three maps, a couple on very flimsy orange tracing paper which have largely fallen apart, but one that has survived is on waxed linen.    (ref 91/14)  20.00  post-free
  Not for export

[Ross on Wye documents]  Papers concerning Gresley Meadows
Small bundle of papers concerning 'all that piece or parcel of meadow or pasture land containing 3.412 acres or thereabouts formerly called Upper Alton Brook Meadow and also all that strip of land part of the adjoining meadow formerly called Lower Alton Brook meadow containing .060 acres or thereabouts all which premises are part of two several pieces or parcels of land called The Gresleys or Gresley meadows....'.  7 loose draft or office copy papers together with a small group of a dozen or so items of minor correspondence.  (ref 91/17)  10.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Ross on Wye documents]  Paperwork concerning the Ross Dispensary and Cottage Hospital
A fairly large accumulation of documents [admittedly they are mostly drafts and office copies] ranging in dates from 1921 to 1937.  These are predominantly administrative concerns rather than property transactions - for example a flurry of paperwork resulted from the local electricity board's decision in 1926 to change the electricity supply from DC to AC and its effect on the x-ray equipment.  There are also groups of papers concerned with bequests left in the wills of benefactors,  the 1922 appointment of Lloyd's Bank as trustee of the real estate, printed annual reports in brochures dated 1914, 1923 and 1937, and the acquisition by the Hospital of a small strip of adjoining land in 1925. Difficult to count the number of papers as they are mostly in small groups, but there are hundreds. We understand the Hospital buildings were demolished about 10 or 12 years ago and the site now occupied by retirement flats.  (ref 91/21)  60.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Ross on Wye documents]  Paperwork concerning 'Leigh', Camp Road
A small accumulation of mostly draft or office copy papers, all of them dated 1935 and concerning 'all that piece of land fronting Camp Road.....bounded on the North by other land of the vendor.....on the East by the said road, on the South by a dwellinghouse and premises called 'Gebba' and on the West by the Chase Estate together with the dwellinghouse and premises recently erected on the said piece of land by the vendor called 'Leigh'.....'.  9 items altogether, though one of those is a small group of original day-to-day legal correspondence.  (ref 91/23)  10.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Ross on Wye documents]  Paperwork concerning The Roxy Cinema Cafe
Draft and office copies of documentation, together with some original day-to-day legal correspondence, concerning the Roxy Cafe which occupied premises on the ground floor of the Roxy Cinema.  The bulk of this collection is dated 1941, brought about by an intended (but apparently not carried through) transfer of the business lease.  11 items altogether.  (ref 91/25)  10.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Ross on Wye documents]  Paperwork concerning House and Photographic Studio on Gloucester Road/Chase Lane
A small number of draft and copy documents dated 1896/1897 concerning a 400 mortgage of  'All that messuage or dwellinghouse known as "Warrendale" situate in the Gloucester Road and Chase Lane.....with the garden and premises thereto belonging Also all that building for many years past used as a photographic studio with the office adjoining together with the garden ground thereto belonging all in the possession & occupation of the said A H Pearson.....'.   5 items altogether with a duplicate copy of one of the five.  (ref 91/26)  10.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Ross on Wye document]  Papers Concerning The White Hart Inn
A small group of 8 items, a mix of draft or office copy documents with some original legal correspondence concerning  'All that messuage tenement or beerhouse called The White Hart Inn situate at the corner of Henry Street and The Crofts.....and now in the occupation of Charles Albert Price as tenant thereof'.  The paperwork is variously dated 1922 and 1925.  NB two of these items are drafts of the same 14 year lease to Alfred Harry Llewellyn.  (ref 91/28)  10.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Ross on Wye document]  Abstract of Title to Property at Overross
This is a carbon copy (presumably kept as an office copy) of a typescript abstract drawn up in 1933.  It provides info on transactions from 1899 ('All that mansion house, pleasure grounds, stabling, farmhouse.....containing 106 acres.....' which by 1927 had become the 97 acre Over Ross Farm.  However the abstract was really drawn up to prove ownership of a small plot (presumably part of Over Ross Farm) described as 'fronting the Ross and Ledbury road, bounded on the North West by the said road.....which said piece of land has a frontage to the main road of 169ft.....'.  8 large paper sheets with a 9th as the covering sheet.  (ref 91/32)  9.00 UK post-free

[Ross on Wye documents]  Papers concerning House at Ashfield
A small group of 1939 papers concerning the letting of a house called Beaumont.  Mostly day-to-day correspondence but including an interesting inventory of fixtures and fittings, and the typescript draft copy of a 7 year lease.  (ref 91/35)  10.00 UK post-free

[Ross on Wye documents]  Papers concerning Sale of Land
Office copies of correspondence dating from 1927 concerning 'All that piece or parcel of land formerly part of two pieces of land called The Field Gardens and Saffron Close.....containing 1 acre or thereabouts.....'.  A plan on rather flimsy tracing paper is attached to the draft copy of a conveyance of the land by Brown to Fowler.  (ref 91/38)  12.50 UK post-free

[Ross on Wye document]  Conveyance of Land at Over-Ross
This is just a draft copy of an intended 1933 conveyance of a plot of land on the East side of the Ross-Ledbury road.  A hand-coloured plan shows this was one of two adjoining plots of land earmarked for building a pair of houses, the far end of the plot bounded by Over Ross Farm.  Typescript on paper.  (ref 91/44)  6.00 UK post-free

[Ross on Wye document]  Papers re The Bungalow, Kyrle Street
A small group of draft and office paperwork brought about by the 1930 sale of The Bungalow.  A useful plan on waxed linen shows the property across the road from the gas works.  7 items in all, a mix of manuscript and carbon copy typescript.  (ref 91/51)  10.00 UK post-free

[Sellack document]  Paperwork concerning The Grove
A small group of papers, mostly drafts or office copies but including some original correspondence, relating to 'all that freehold cottage called 'The Grove' (formerly called Pool Cottage) and the garden adjoining thereto situate at the Lower Grove Common.....'.  A carbon copy of a typescript abstract of title provides details of property transactions going back to 1907.  11 items altogether including a couple of small but useful plans.  (ref 91/22)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Shobdon documents]  Deeds to Property at The Downwood
An 1827 conveyance and an 1830 lease (for possession) and conveyance all concerning 'All that piece or parcel of land late part of the Downwood Common and being the allotment made to the said Charles Hopton by the award of the Commissioners under the said Inclosure and whereas the said William Beavan hath lately erected and fenced out a messuage and dwelling house barn cowhouse and garden.....'.  The 1827 conveyance bears the mark of Charles Hopton and the 1830 deeds are both signed Wm Beavan.  The 3 deeds (ref 104/22)  25.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Stoke Prior document]  Papers Concerning Blocwardine Cottage
A small collection of papers from 1922 to do with Luther James' purchase of the cottage from George William Godfrey.  6 items in all.  (ref 270/27)  5.00
post-free  Not for export

[Tillington]  Sale Poster - the former Live and Let Live
Small printed poster announcing the 1913 sale of  'a Dwelling House (formerly Licensed Premises) known as The Live & Let Live with productive garden & pasture orchard, in all about 2 acres in extent'.....'about 2 miles from Credenhill Station and 5 miles from Hereford'.  The sitting tenant at the time was Charles Langford.  Paper, single sheet, approx 8"x11", and highly suitable for framing.  (ref 423)  9.00 post-free within UK

[Ullingswick]  Sale Particulars for The Steppes Farm
Printed particulars for the 1913 sale of The Steppes Farm, the particulars containing a schedule breaking the 57 acres down into 16 parts, each with the OS no, state of cultivation and acreage.  Incorporated is a large [approx 25"x19"] multifolding location plan scaled at 1:2500 showing a  rather scattered farm (tenanted by R W Benbow).  Very nice clean copy, especially the plan.  (ref 446/41)  12.00 post-free within UK

[Walford documents]  Papers concerning Land at Coughton
A small group of papers - mostly office copy and draft documents - to do with 'all that piece or parcel of land.....fronting the road leading from Walford to Hope Mansel containing four acres or thereabouts....'.  and which at least from 1919 was known as Mud Pool Lawn, alternatively Mudpool Meadow.  All the papers date from 1943 (when it was put up for sale at The Kings Head in Ross) and 1944.  One of those papers is a carbon copy typescript abstract of title providing details of property transactions going back to 1862.  Some of the paperwork is damaged halfway down the right-hand edge due to over-tight red tape - nothing serious though.  16 items in all.  (ref 91/20)  12.50 post-free
  Not for export

[Weston Under Penyard papers]  Paperwork concerning House in School Lane
A small group of predominantly draft or office copies of documents but including some original legal correspondence, relating to 'All that dwellinghouse with the gardens outbuildings thereto belonging situate in School Lane.....called Brynrhias all which premises contain 1 rood or thereabouts and are bounded on the North West side by Hyded Orchard, on the South East side by the School Lane and on the South West side by the Church path and are now in the occupation of the vendor.'.  9 items altogether, one of which bears a location plan.  (ref 91/24)  10.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Whitchurch] Conveyance of Cottage of Great Doward Hill
This 1841 conveyance is accompanied by a 9pp abstract of title giving details of previous property deeds going back to 1819. The property came to Burges Bryan from the Hudson family in 1819 and in 1830 his brother sold it to James & William T Horniblow. The conveyance records their selling the property to John Watson, the only local person involved. The 2 items (ref 16/72) 15.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Woolhope papers]  Correspondence & Tithe Statements
Item 1 - Three short letters from landowner Sir Robert Lighton's agent in London (1881), one of them containing a statement detailing Sir Robert's 37 plots of land in Woolhope, their acreages and occupiers/tenants.
Item 2 - An undated 3pp statement containing a long list of tenants and landowners (though not identifying which plots of land).
Item 3 - A scrappy pencilled 2pp list of names and amounts dated 1878.
Item 4 - What appears to have been the draft of an 1856 list - very useful as it is in alphabetical order by name of occupier, also shows landowner and arrears if any.
A nice little collection all on paper.  (ref 270/22)  15.00 post-free
  Not for export

Index to Transactions of the Woolhope Club 1973-1975
Pp377-383. 4to, matching green card covers, VG. (ref 4512) 2.50 post-free within UK

Index to Transactions of the Woolhope Club 1976-1978
Pp313-324. 4to, matching green card covers, corner bent o/w VG. (ref 4513) 2.50 post-free within UK