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Acland/Oxenham/Ivie Pedigree etc
A genealogist's dream is this pedigree drawn up between 1815 and 1818 (the '5' in 1815 is amended to an '8') commencing with George Ivie of Crediton whose will was proved in 1678, and charting another 5 generations ending up with John Acland of Fairfield, Somerset.  This single page pedigree is supported by copious extracts from parish registers etc on a further 6pp.  Manuscript on 7 large paper sheets with an 8th as a covering sheet.  This 8th sheet has done it's job and while worn and grubby it has protected the others.  (ref 104/18)  20.00 post-free
  Not for export

[Allin]  Photographs
A series of 3 photos taken in fairly quick succession of 'Great Uncle William Somerville Allin' mounted on strong card.  The photos are approx 3"x2" each, the mount 8"x10".  (ref 267/12)  10.00 UK post-free

The Bartow Family in England
Rev Evelyn P Bartow, 1890. 44pp, 2 engravings, loose folding pedigree. Paper covers, the front crumbling & with parts missing, the rear one wholly missing. Just 2 of the original 11 ills remain.  Contents clean, corners rather dogeared. Would benefit from being hard-bound. Very scarce, especially with the pedigree.  18.50

Bearsley Bible
'Presented to James Bearsley from Union Place Sunday School, Longford, Decr 31st 1899' and that is all the information contained in this bible - but a descendant may well wish to acquire it as a small family heirloom.  Quite worn.  (ref 1010)  15.00

The Beevor Story
Anne Carter, 1993.  A4 size in maroon paper covers, 289pp inc indexes of people and of places, 30 ills inc portraits, photos, coats of arms etc.  The fruits of many years of researching the family archives at Hargham Hall, Norfolk.  A very nice clean copy but the front cover is dogeared.  VG.  (ref 0000) 

[Bell=Nicholson document]  Marriage Settlement
This 1866 deed is a settlement on the marriage of George William Bell of Guernsey and Julia Nicholson of Barwick-in-Elmet, Yorkshire.  Manuscript on parchment, multi-paged, bearing signature of all parties.  (ref 452/1)  28.00  post-free 
Not for export

[Photograph of]  William Arthur Brain, Age 9
Attractive posed sepia photo, size approx 3"x5", undated but c1900 give or take.  No clue as to location.  (ref 3033)  5.00 post-free 
Not for export

The Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court, Hereditary Masters of the Royal Buckhounds, with Some Account of the English Rule in Aquitaine
Montagu Burrows, 1886.  Thick 4to, 496pp inc 2 indexes, 26 plates as required, teg, rest untrimmed.  Front hinge cracked at half-title page, contents nice and clean, and the gilt on the brown morocco spine is still nice and fresh.  Quite a decent copy of a book constructed with hinges too weak for the job - every copy we've seen has either needed - or had - hinge repairs.  Compared with others VG.  (ref RK)   90.00

[Brodie=Harmsworth document]  Marriage Settlement
This 1928 settlement is on the forthcoming marriage of Capt Colin David Brodie  and Daphne Cecil Rosemary Harmsworth.  It is manuscript on 13 parchment pages nicely bound in black morocco boards with gilt lettering.  The settlement bears the signatures of the parties involved.  (ref 120/59)  *20.00 
Not for export

Pedigree of Bromhead, Pulton, Bliss, Moore, Walker and Giffard
Printed pedigree which essentially shows how the various families were related rather than going back through many generations.  The common ancestor was Thomas Staveley.  Undated but quite possibly 18th century.  Single hand-made paper sheet, approx 17"x11" (though with wide margins) folded into 4.  (ref 3670) 
12.00  UK post-free

The Calls of Norfolk & Suffolk, Their Paston Connections & Descendants
Charles S Romanes, priv printed 1920. Copy no 9 of ltd ed of 300. Signed dedication by author. 103pp inc indexes of persons & places. Large (approx 39"x17") multifolding pedigree spanning 500 years, 124 ills (many photos) on 40 plates. Teg, bevelled boards, spine faded and torn at top. Scattered foxing to initial 5pp, rest clean. 4to, generally VG.  48.00

The Family of Edmund Campion
Leslie Campion, 1975. 58pp, pedigree eps. Subject was executed at Tyburn for his faith. The author spent 20 years attempting to discover whether Edmund belonged to the Campions of Sawston [Cambs] or the related Campions of Witham [Essex]. Save yourself 20 years research and buy this book! Several copies available, all F but in varying degrees of d/w, the best will be issued first. (ref 0788) 12.00

Carfrae Family Papers
A small but significant group of papers, chronicling the family from 1808 through to 1880.  They include an 1831 banns certificate heralding the Christmas Day wedding of Thomas Carfrae and Mary Ann Tress, baptism certificates of 3 of their children, an 1880 death certificate for Mary Ann, and a burial fee receipt from All Saints cemetery, Kensal Green.  Mary Ann was born in Faversham, married & had children in the Edinburgh area and died on the Isle of Wight.  Just 7 papers altogether.  (ref 89/16)  20.00  post-free 
Not for export

[Carr and Ellison]  Merchants and Gentry in North East England 1650-1830
A W Purdue, 1999.  4to in pictorial card covers, 273pp inc index, 12 ills.  The book follows the progress of the Ellisons of Hebburn Hall and the Carrs of Dunston Hill from their mercantile success in the 17th century to their solid gentry and land-owning status in the 19th century.  Although a nice clean copy the latter leaves are rippled as though the book has been in damp storage for a while.  Originally pub at 16.95 and currently on special offer at 12.95, our copy (ref 2686)  10.00

The Carver Family
Mrs Joyce B Donald, 1971. Pp123-132 offprint by Halifax Antiquarian Society.  *2.00

[Cattlow document]  Admission of John Cattlow as Solicitor to the High Court of Chancery
This 1823 document confirms the enrolment of 'John Cattlow late of Warrington in the County Palatine of Lancaster but now of Philpott Terrace Edgware Road in the County of Middlesex.....'.  Manuscript on single parchment sheet.  (ref 143/1)  *8.00  
Not for export

[Cavendish]  William Senior's Survey of the Estates of the 1st & 2nd Earls of Derbyshire c1600-28
Derbyshire Record Society vol 13, 1988.  221pp inc 2 indexes, 2 tables, 3 figures, 8 plates.  One of the most extensive and most detailed surveys of a great landed estate (97,000 acres of which about half lay in Derbyshire, the rest scattered over 10 other counties) to have survived from this period anywhere in England.  This is of great interest to both family and local historians in that the survey breaks down each location into acreages and often provides names of tenant farmers etc - indeed so many people are mentioned the index of names runs to 13pp.  We understand the title is still in print at 20.00 - our VG copy 8.00

Some Account of the Child Family 1550-1861
Kenneth Child, 1973.  A5 booklet in blue card covers, 52pp, 15 ills, double-page pedigree commences with William Child's marriage to Elizabeth Warren in 1576.   A Sussex family with Kentish roots.   Some damage to front cover.   (ref 5383)  *4.50

The Corbould Genealogy
George C B Poulter, 1935. 4to, 165pp inc index, 26pp of ills/pedigrees, map eps. Contents very clean and fresh. Rear board scored, bottom corners worn. (ref 0954) 25.00

[Coutts]  At The Three Crowns
Pub by Coutts & Co, being a reprint of an article in the Connoisseur Year Book, 1957.  Large format (a bit bigger than A4) in much worn maroon buckram-covered soft boards.  The article commences with the founding of the company in The Strand by John Campbell.  A distant relative, James Coutts, joined the company in 1755.   There's useful family detail in this 8pp article - including 3 family portraits.   (ref 210/59)  6.00

[Craven deeds]  Documents concerning A J Craven
These odd few documents came into stock together.  One is a power of attorney signed by Arthur Julius Craven, two concern new trustees to the marriage settlement between AJC and his wife Edith Maude, and two are deeds involving dozens of  properties in Notting Hill and Croydon.  Four of the 5 also involve L B Craven.  The property deeds are 1909/1910 and the others date from the 1920s.  Four on parchment the other on paper.  The group (ref 475/44) 22.50 post-free

[Cross=Perch document]  Marriage Settlement
This 1899 settlement is on the forthcoming marriage of Herbert Samuel Cross and Edith Charlett Perch.  Manuscript on 4 large parchment sheets.  (ref 120/58)   *15.00 
Not for export

NB we have well over 100 other marriage settlements in stock

[Croyser] Clough in Mixenden
W B Trigg, 1942. Pp19-26 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.  *2.00

[Dale/Hett document]  Transfer of Medical Practice in Bayswater Middlesex
This 1872 document records the preliminary partnership and intended sale of the medical practice of Dr George Cornelius Dale of Bayswater to Dr Geoffrey Hett of Brigg in Lincolnshire.  It is in manuscript on 4 sides of foolscap paper and bears the clear signatures of both parties.  The paper is damp-affected down the right-hand edge and the paper here is somewhat fragile.  (ref 103/15)  10.00 
post-free  Not for export

The Family of Dalston
Francis Haswell, 1910, reprinted from Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society's Transactions vol 10.  Pp201-270 in printed paper covers, several photo-plate ills.  Covers rather worn and sunned, contents not bad considering the age.  (ref 2347)  15.00

Bundle of Papers concerning Captain Leonard C Dart
Captain Dart wrote to his attorneys/solicitors in Carlisle, though he appears to have been living in Massachusetts at the time of the correspondence (1890s-1900s).   Some of the correspondence concerns shares in the ship Alcides, and includes letters sent from Hull, Tyne Dock, Bristol, Cambridge (Mass), Shanghai & New York.   Mainly minot stuff, a couple of dozen or so items.  (ref 405/20)  *10.00

Day Pedigree
No location for this Day family is shown, only dates.  It ends with the following baptisms:-
Thomas 1793
William 1797
Robert 1798
John 1802
Frederick 1810
all of whom were sons of Thomas & Mary (there must have been daughters, but they are ignored).  2 earlier generations are detailed.  Manuscript on paper, folded.   Difficult to say when this was drawn up, but we'd guess mid-19c.  (ref 524/63)   *10.00

Dean Scrapbook
4to scrapbook compiled pre-WW1 containing 78 of an original 102pp.  On the back cover is written Dene Records and on the front cover is written Adene.  The book consists of a peculiar mixture of press cuttings, copies of drawings & engravings, many of which relate to various churches and cathedrals, Gloucestershire, also Egypt and China, but there are many snippets covering all sorts of subjects.  There are mentions of Deanes (mostly of the Bristol area), but these are very few - it may well be that the 'Dene Records' were on the pages now missing.  This isn't a pure family history scrapbook, more a general scrapbook crteated by a Dean(e).  Front inner hinge broken12.00

Dickinson Prayer Book
The Book of Common Prayer bound with Proper Lessons bound with The new Testament, published in 1864 and with the ownership signature of Miss Marian Dickinson January 24th 1865 on the front pastedown.  Thick 16mo [pp approx 3"x5"], brass lined edges with clasp, contents acceptable for age.  (ref 2718)  18.00

A Farrer Descent
C D Webster, 1968. Pp37-43 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.  1.00 UK post-free

Index Volume to Farrer Wills
Compiled and edited by Freda Podmore, 1951.  220pp 3-way index to Farrer Wills pub in 1936.  Nice copy, VG.  (ref 2789)  25.00

Another Copy.  Much the same (ref 1377)  25.00

Some Notes on Finnimore, Phillimore, Fynmore, Fillmore, Filmer & their Allied Surnames
William P W Phillimore, 1883. 10pp pamphlet published 20 years before the author's 'Genealogy of the Family of Phillimore'. Interesting insights into the very varied spelling of the family name. Printed paper covers, VG. (ref P219/101)  6.00 UK post-free

[Fussell=Dalrymple document]  Marriage Settlement
This 1847 settlement was drawn up in contemplation of a marriage between Rev James George Curry Fussell of Somerset and Janet Jemima Dalrymple of Middlesex (though her relatives seem to have lived in Scotland).  He brought to the marriage property in Somerset (this is detailed in a full-page schedule) and she brought lots of cash.  This very lengthy deed is in manuscript covering 13 large parchment sheets, the reverse side of one being used in 1878 to record a substantial settlement on two daughters.  A very precious family document providing contemporary detail on several family members.  Signed by 5 parties.  (ref 3401)  45.00 post-free  Not for export

[Gascoyne deed]  If anyone knows Bamber Gascoigne we have an 1811 deed signed by his namesake. (ref 529/17)

The Grimshaw Family
F Baker, 1945. Pp49-72 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society. Unopened.  3.00 UK post-free

The History of the Gwydir Family
Sir John Wynn of Gwydir, faithfully printed from his original manuscript 1927 (he died in 1627).  Small 8vo, xxii+75pp, teg, rest untrimmed.  A VG and partially unopened copy which still has the original tracing paper wrapper, now rather the worse for wear but usually doesn't survive at all.  (ref 1718)  35.00 UK post-free

Some Notes on the Hall Family of Stumperlow and Leeds
Susan Brooke, 1954. Pp309-351 offprinted from the Thoresby Society vol 41 (Miscellanea) with the 4 accompanying plate-ills. Pedigrees of Hall, Clayton, Broadbent, Smeaton and Clapham. Blue marbled paper boards, blue cloth spine (blank). VG. (ref 7856)  12.00 UK post-free

A Memorial of the Parish and Family of Hanmer in Flintshire
John Lord Hanmer, 1877.  Large 8vo, 274pp.  Earlier & later leaves extensively foxed, odd spots here & there throughout the rest of the book, binding cracked internally in several places making contents rather loose, boards worn & chipped.  Formerly the property of Hugh Hanmer (1882) and the Earl of Belmore (1934).   (ref 2648)  75.00

[Hart/Eales/Nichols family documents]  Legal Paperwork
A bundle of papers concerning a court case affecting the daughters and sons-in-law of James Nichols of Staindrop, Durham (died 1858).  Daughter Elizabeth had married Christopher Eales and moved to London.  Daughter Margaret had married Francis John Hart of Forncett, North Yorkshire [described in one of the documents as 'an unprincipled silly fellow'] and whose money problems were such that he and his wife were taken to court in 1871.  Well over 70 items, and although much of this is minor correspondence between solicitors there are also some lengthy multi-page documents which will be of particular interest to the family historian.  (ref  6801)  33.00 post-free  Not for export

[Haslehurst/Grimsditch/Burgess/Harrison document]  Release and Indemnity
This 1873 document tells the story of a mistake made in settling the will of a Thomas Grimsditch [of Macclesfield, died 1864].  His executors divided the estate between three nieces, Elizabeth Burgess, Mary Harrison and Margaret Catherine Haslehurst, apparently unaware of a fourth niece Mary Elizabeth Haslehurst.  Some re-adjustment of the respective inheritances became necessary, and this deed is Mary Elizabeth's formal approval of the outcome - as well as promising not to take the matter any further.  Manuscript on two large parchment sheets, bears the signature Mary Elizabeth Haslehurst.  (ref 219/26)  12.50 post-free  Not for export 

The Descendants of Philip Henry, MA, Incumbent of Worthenbury in the County of Flint
Undated facsimile reprint of 1844. 68pp inc index. Philip, who moved to Worthenbury in 1653 was born in Westminster in 1631. His father John was born near Swansea. Reprint limited to 250 copies. F, covers a little grubby.  12.00

Some of Our Local People Named 'Holroyde'
H Wright, 1932, pp93-108 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.   Gives details of the family from 1619, and places mentioned include Rishworth, Barkisland, Scole Carr, Elland, Cockroft, Sowerby and Ripponden.  Unbound, but nice and clean.  *4.50

[Houghton] Family Memorials of the Late Mr & Mrs R Houghton of Huddersfield and of Several of their Children
HH, printed for private circulation 1846. 206+15pp, 12mo (approx 4"x6"), aeg, mostly clean but some scattered spotting. "My father was born on 2nd January 1768 at a farmhouse about 2 miles from Huddersfield...". Covers worn but a better copy than many. (ref 1379)  20.00

[Howard=Croshaw document]  Marriage Settlement
This 1905 settlement is on the forthcoming marriage of Henry Southey Howard and Dorothy Kathleen Croshaw.  Together with two other related documents the settlement is bound in black calf boards with gilt lettering, marbled eps.  This has not always been stored in ideal conditions and the front pastedown is peeling away.   This and other relatively minor problems can easily be fixed by a bookbinder - should  you feel the need.  (ref 120/60)  *22.00 
Not for export

Extracts from the Pedigrees of James of Barrock [Hesket]
HEMJ & WAJ, 1913, privately printed for handy & confidential family use only. 4to, unpaginated. This is extract no 7 containing the descent of James, Ashworth & Ramsden, Moir, Maitland and Pugh. Boards grubby & corners waterstained, gilt arms & lettering (that on spine is quite sunned), marbled eps. (ref 7501)  37.50

Extracts from the Pedigrees of James of Barrock [Hesket]
HEMJ & WAJ, 1913, privately printed for handy & confidential family use only. 4to, unpaginated. This is extract no 12 containing the descent of James, Williams, Romer and Younghusband. Boards grubby & corners worn, gilt arms & lettering (that on spine is quite sunned), marbled eps, contents nice and clean. (ref 3222)  38.00

The King Family
James Eastwood, 1944. Pp11-26 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.  *3.00

[Kite=Brown document]  Marriage Settlement
This 1848 deed is a settlement upon the marriage of Frederick Robert Kite of Sydenham, Kent, to Julia Alice Brown of Addiscombe, Surrey.  We haven't gone through all this lengthy deed but there's some useful background detail on the Kite family, and members of both families were party to the arrangement.  Manuscript on 7 large parchment sheets, bears 7 signatures.  (ref 6656)  25.00 post-free 
Not for export

The Leyland Family
Mary Leyland, 1954. Pp29-48 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society.  4.00 UK post-free

[Documents]  Longworth Family Papers
An accumulation of papers, principally concerning Hilda Grace Longworth.  From a school report we infer she was born in 1896.  There are several of her letters to her parents sent from boarding school (St Mary's Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire) and many items of correspondence from friends and (we assume) family.  The bulk of the paperwork dates from the period between the wars.  In excess of 80 items, the most recent being a 1976 letter from Rt Rev David Sheppard, Bishop of Liverpool.  The collection (ref 329/2)  48.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Malcolmson documents]  Marriage Settlement & Other Deeds
These five parchment deeds all concern the related Willis and Malcolmson families.  The principal deed is an 1863 settlement on the marriage of George Forbes Malcolmson and Matilda Willis - both Londoners - a lengthy document on 8 large sheets.  From the associated deeds we learn the marriage was a short one, Matilda dying in 1865.  The deeds range in dates from 1863 to 1889.  (ref 232/17)  75.00 post-free 
Not for export

A History of the Mallory Family
S V Mallory Smith, 1985.  162pp inc index, followed by list of subscribers, 16 plate-ills, other ills (of memorial brasses) in the text, 23pp of pedigrees.  The blurb on the d/w commences 'The history of the Mallorys, one of the oldest armigerous families in the country...'.  Until fairly recently the title was in print at 25.00 - this o/w F copy, with 2 leaves [pp89-92] detached due to mis-binding is available at 12.00

The Marleys of Langton, Ingleton, Hilton and Houghton-le-Side
Thomas W Marley, 1920. Large 4to, 13pp of text followed by 10pp of pedigrees. Thick paper wrappers, much worn, but a nice clean copy. (ref 1206)  15.00

Some Notice of Various Families of the Name of Marsh
G E C(okayne), 1900.  56pp inc 2 indexes.  Ex-Brighton Reference Library, their labels on pastedown and on fep - apparently the last time it was borrowed was in 1914 - the obligatory class mark at the foot of the spine, two or three blind stamps inside.  Cracked at half-title page yet it remains a nice firm copy of quite a scare book.  (ref 2544)  *25.00

The History of the Martyn or Martin Family Part 1
Bryan I'Anson, part 1 1935 (all published). 4to, 55pp interspersed with 22 plates, 2 other ills, large folding pedigree, other pedigrees in text. Gilt crest on front board o/w covers & spine blank. Eps browned, scattered foxing in varying degrees o/w VG. According to Thomson, just 250 copies were produced. (ref 7966)  65.00

[Documents]  Mills/Dormer Marriage Settlement etc
In 1804 a settlement was made on the forthcoming marriage of John Mills of Warkleigh [Devon] and Susanna Ann Treffry Dormer of Fowey [Cornwall].  The husband brought to the marriage his estate at Warkleigh and the wife brought her share of property in Cornwall.  This deed of settlement, bearing the signatures John Mills and Susannah Ann Treffry Dormer, is in manuscript on 5 large parchment sheets.  The first sheet is worn through along an old fold for about 5 inches and there is some loss of text.   Accompanying the settlement is an extensive mortgage indenture of 1829.  This is also in manuscript on 5 large parchment sheets and bears the signatures John Mills, S A T Mills, Susan Mills and Elizabeth Mills.  The mortgage indenture shows that by 1829 the family had moved from Warkleigh to Poole in Dorset.  This pair of lengthy documents (ref 51/108) 45.00 post-free 
Not for export

Original Documents relating to the Monoux Family
Walthamstow Antiquarian Society, 1928.  Large format in as-issued buff overlapping card covers, 57pp inc 2 indexes, 2 photo-ills as required.  One of those family names with a variety of spellings in earlier times, so if you're researching them the book could save weeks of research.  The family's origins were Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the neighbourhood of London.  The major part of the book consists of transcripts of 73 important documents.  Ex-lib copy with labels & stamps, old waterstains, foot of spine pulled.  Uncommon.  (ref 4787)  22.00

[Document]  Moore/Constable Marriage Settlement
This is a 1717 copy of a 1668 settlement on the marriage of John Moore of Kirklington [Nottinghamshire] and Catherine Constable, 3rd daughter of John Viscount Dunbarn.  A quite lengthy document in manuscript on 17 large paper sheets, some dogears but in good condition given its age.  (ref 113/2)  30.00 post-free  Not for export

[Mordaunt] The Old House at Walton
Elizabeth Hamilton, 1988. 287pp inc index, 15 ills. Four generations of the family, commencing in 1769. F in VG d/w. (ref 4229)  7.00

The Mullins Family of Box, Wiltshire
Patrick Mullins, 1991. A4 25pp, thin card covers, paper spine. Small lib stamp at foot of p1. (ref A116)  *3.50

[Murgatroyd]  Baby Progress Book
This is the family-kept progress book (to about age 20) of Phyllis Irene Murgatroyd, born in Huddersfield in 1922.  As well as all the facts and figures are photos (5 over the 1st year, then one almost every year after that up to age 21) and a lock of her hair.  Typically for a teenager, at age 14 she is described as 'bad temper - sulkiness - laziness - untidyness & what have you'.  Can't imagine how the family would let such a precious record go, and it would be so nice if this record book could find it's way back again.  4to, 96pp, very worn & torn at top of spine, boards loose, but of course it is unique.  (ref 801)  15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Nicolls document]  Prosecution Brief
This brief was used by the prosecution attorney at the July 1838 trial of James Nicolls for larceny held at the Staffordshire Midsummer Assizes.  The brief starts 'The prisoner is a private soldier in the 98th Regiment of Foot and was at the time of committing this offence on a recruiting party at Leek - he came to Leek about a month ago and has been billetted at the Kings Head Public House in the Market Place about a week'. The brief goes on to say that the victim - an Irish hawker named John Devitt - arrived at Leek on 12th July and stopped at the Kings Head.  He arrived with two gold sovereigns, one of which he changed there.  With some of the change he bought 'three or four quarts of ale' and not surprisingly was 'taken to bed drunk by the landlord'.   In the room were two beds, one slept in by John Devitt, the other slept in by James Nicolls.  There must have been something about Nicolls that was suspicious, as one of the servants at the Kings Head, Mary Lomas, decided to spy on him after he went to bed.   She saw him go through Devitt's pockets and take some coins.  In the morning Devitt realised someone had gone through his pockets and he told the landlord, who called the police, who searched through Nicolls possessions and found some money - but apparently not the sovereign which Devitt was sure was there when he went to bed (albeit drunk).  On the front of the brief are the word '12 months imprisonment' so clearly the jury were in no doubt about James Nicolls' guilt.  The brief is in manuscript on 8 large paper sheets with a 9th as the covering sheet.  (ref S357)  30.00 post-free 
Not for export 

The Norrises of Halifax
R Bretton, 1962. Pp65-93 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society, photo-ill of the Norris Memorial in Halifax Parish Church.  *4.00

The Notcutt Family History 1515-1989
Michael Edward Notcutt and Marian Phyllis Sartin, 1989.  4to, 12+131pp inc 2 indexes, 11 pedigree charts - mostly folding.  The definitive history of the Notcutt family from its origins in Somerset to Essex and Suffolk.  Nice clean copy, VG in G d/w.  Only 6 copies remain.   15.00

The Ogilvies of Boyne
Alistair and Henrietta Tayler, 1933.  76pp inc index, frontis photo of Boyne Castle, folding pedigree at end.  Uncommon.  Elsewhere on the internet at 69.00, our copy (ref 4474)  30.00

Ollis Photograph
An approx 7"x5" black & white photo of a family group.  Only two people are fully named [Bridget Ollis and George J J M Ollis] but there are enough other forenames [Uncles Alf, Cyril and John, Aunts Eva, Ciss and Mag] for some hopefully to claim this group as theirs.  No clue as to the date of the photo, perhaps 1910s or 1920s - if so, the actual print doesn't look contemporary and is possibly a later print taken from the negative.  (ref 5459)  8.00 UK post-free

[Padley family document]  Abstract of Title to Various Properties in Arnold, Nottinghamshire
This lengthy abstract, drawn up in 1861,  provides details of deeds and documents going back to 1784.  It is almost entirely concerned with successive members of the Padley family, the ones most often mentioned being Dorothy Padley, Robert Padley, Alfred Padley and  Charles John Allen Padley.  The plots of land with various dwellings are referred to as Pollin Hill Close, Churchmoor Close, Dalcot or Dorket Head Close, Brockhill or Broomhill Close, Maiden Dale Close, Tavile Field, Dorket Lane Close, Flat Close, Quarry Close etc etc.  If you're researching the Padley family in Nottinghamshire, you're in for a real treat.  Manuscript on an impressive 54 large paper sheets, plus a 55th as the covering sheet.  (ref 754/266)  *30.00 
Not for export

[Pain family document]  Pain=Smith Marriage Settlement
A deed drawn up in 1847 in anticipation of the marriage of Thomas Pain of Salisbury and Georgina Smith of Toxteth Park, Lancashire.  Lengthy document on 6 large parchment sheets.  Bears the signatures of all parties.  (ref 6799)  25.00 post-free  Not for export

Abstracts of Parry Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
1911.  152pp inc 28pp of indexes. Boards & eps missing, pp untrimmed.  A nation-wide list of 689 Parrys and nee Parrys in both geographical and chronological [1488-1810] order.  Ex-West Surrey FHS, their stamp at head of 1st page.  This will save someone many hours of research.  (ref 0000)  12.00

[Phillimore - see Finnimore]

The Radcliffes of Leigh [Pennington] Lancashire
E M Darlington, printed for private circulation 1918. 4to, 31pp, 9 plates as required, pedigree covering the period 1587-1918. Teg, rest untrimmed. Lovely clean fresh copy, F. (ref 1608)  40.00

The Rawdon Family
H Armitage, 1967. Pp37-53 offprint by the Hailfax Antiquarian Society, photo-ill of Underbank Hall near Hebden Bridge.  *4.00

[Ridpath document]  Assignment of Goods to Creditors
This 1784 document is the counterpart copy of an assignment of the goods of bankrupt George Ridpath [of Berwick upon Tweed] for the benefit of his creditors.  Being the counterpart copy, it bears the signatures of the two creditors Jno Forster, a Berwick wine merchant, and Alexr Robinson, a Berwick cornfactor.  Manuscript on single parchment sheet.  The outside (as folded) is quite grubby with age.  (ref 503/12)  15.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Risley Family]  Collection of Minor Papers
16 items on paper, mainly short letters dated 1894 or 1895.  Places mentioned are Deddington (Oxon), Shelstone (Bucks) and Ferryside (Carmarthenshire).   Signatures noted are of John Barber Risley, William Cotton Risley and Holford C Risley.  The collection (ref 405/18)  *8.00 
Not for export

Pedigree of Ruddiman of Edinburgh
Printed to accompany the book The Ruddimans in Scotland, Their History and Works, privately published by G Harvey Johnston, 1901 (of which only 21 copies were produced). Fresh-looking copy but grubby in places.  *10.00

Rydal Family Register
Parchment bound book used by Francis Rydal (1824-1875) as the family register, undated but we'd guess no later than 1870.  Contains details of him, his wife Elizabeth (nee Horsfall) and their 7 children.  Only 10pp of the 21pp of the book are used.  Parchment grubby, contents nice and clean.  (ref 1114)  *25.00  
Not for export

[Samuel & related families]  Family Papers
We are assuming all these papers belong together as they came into stock together.  There's what's left of a national registration card for Hillyer Samuel, mourning cards for Anna Maria Samuel (1912) and Arthur Amos Samuel (1906), and several unidentified photographs, together with items for Chitty, Impey and Wright.  The lot (ref 3004)  12.00 UK post-free

George Sitwell's Letterbook 1662-66
Derbyshire Record Society vol 10, 1985. 301pp inc 2 indexes, 4 ills inc Sitwell pedigree. For most of his life, George Sitwell was involved in the iron trade and for upwards of 25 years he was a leading figure in the East Midlands iron industry. The 500 letters copied into the letterbook provide a wealth of information on the operations of a country ironmaster, his products, consumption of charcoal & other raw materials, sales locally & nationally. There's also much incidental detail on money-lending, credit, internal transport, the postal service and the activities of a gentry family generally. In print at 20.00, this F copy in F d/w (ref 0000)   10.00

[Smith=Coe document]  Marriage Settlement
This document, drawn up in 1909, is a settlement made in anticipation of a marriage between William Humphrey Smith of Doncaster and Ethel Margaret Coe of Hampstead.  A quite lengthy document in manuscript covering 7 large [11"x17"] parchment sheets (ie 14pp) and bearing the clear signatures W H Smith and Ethel M Coe.  (ref 7419)  25.00  Not for export

The Later Smyths of Ashton Court from their Letters 1741-1802
Anton Bantock, 1984. 237pp inc index, 16 portraits, lots of drawings. Useful bibliography. Card covers, VG.  (ref 4344)  6.00

[Documents]  Strang/Staples Papers
The main item in this small collection is a deed of family arrangement drawn up following the death of Lilla Janet Blanche Strang of Crickhowell, Breconshire.   She died in 1901.  She left property in London and Warwickshire which devolved to her Hertfordshire Staples relatives - in particular her mother Blanche.  As well as property there were many personal items such as jewellery and furniture.  The deed is bound in boards like a book, and it is accompanied by 4 other Staples items dating from the period 1910-1917.  The collection (ref 534/89)  *18.00 
Not for export

Tarbuck Pedigree
A 7-generation pedigree tracing the family's descent from 'Tarbuck of Chester' through Robert Tarbuck [died 1715] to 3 Tarbucks born in the 1860s and cousins by the names of Saul and Reeve.  Single paper sheet, approx 21"x14", multifolded.  The evidently 17th century Tarbuck of Chester is the only geographical clue as to where the family lived.  (ref 89/18)  12.50 post-free  
Not for export

The Trimbles & Cowens of Dalston, Cumberland
William Tennant Trimble, 1935. 4to, 68pp inc index, teg, 18 plates as called for. Damp-affected copy, the boards are dampstained, there is some mould inside as well as scattered spotting, and the pages are rippled. VG copies command 50 or more, this copy (ref 2458) more affordable at  30.00

Walkers of Crow Nest
Rowland Bretton, 1971. Pp101-122 offprint by Halifax Antiquarian Society, plate-ill of the mansion.  *3.00

The Whitleys of Halifax
Rowland Bretton, 1963. Pp51-76 offprint by the Halifax Antiquarian Society, photo portrait of Rt Hon John Henry Whitley MP.  4.00 UK post-free

The Family of Withypoll with Special Reference to their Manor of Christchurch, Ipswich
C G Moor Smith, Walthamstow Antiquarian Society Official Publication No 34, 1936. Large 4to, 100pp inc index, 9 ills as required, folding pedigree at end. Original printed card covers, inside of front cover a little damaged by removal of label, nevertheless a VG copy. (ref 2659)  22.50

Pedigrees of the Wright and Allis Families
Compiled from family records by Reginald J Wright, 1926.  Size approx 8"x10", buff card covers enclosing 5 multifolding pedigrees tracing the family from 1495 (Wright) and 1787 (Allis).  Predominantly Derbyshire and Gloucestershire.   Ex-lib copy with usual library embellishments but still G.  Scarce - we haven't seen a copy before - and there appears not to be a copy in the British Library.   (ref 4828)  20.00

Worswick Family Research Archive
A genealogist's dream is this century-old accumulation of correspondence, lists, records, pedigrees etc, the bulk (if not all) of it compiled for Major W W Worswick of Normanton Hall, Hinckley, by professional genealogist Francis Whitgreave who appears to have travelled extensively, visiting archives and record offices and sending dozens of letters and reports from hotels etc around the country.  One of his productions is a 48-page exercise book full of details of births and deaths from the Catholic register of Ashton-in-Makerfield.  As far as we can tell the greater part of the family's background is in the North West of England, particularly Lancashire and Cheshire.  We haven't attempted to count all the papers but there must be 250-300 or more, all quite jumbled and in need of tidying up.  The collection (ref 4898)  125.00 UK post-free

[Documents]  Yates Papers
A small collection of papers, all from the mid-1860s, concerning James Yates who appears to have died in about September 1863.  He seems to have been a Staffordshire man, not exactly clear where he lived but he owned property at Stanley in the parishes of Leek and Stoke-on-Trent.  All 11 items are on paper, some rather grubby.  (ref 0000)  11.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Documents]  Young Papers
Originally from Felton in Northumberland, William Young moved to Torquay where he died of consumption in 1842, aged just 24.  In his will, made the day he died, he left everything in trust for the building of a Catholic chapel.  The will sparked a court case by his relatives.  As well as several attorney's documents which show how a compromise was reached between the trustees and the relatives, there are more than a dozen certified entries from parish registers obtained to support the relatives' claim, together with another 30-odd papers including his death certificate and the administration of his will.  A very interesting collection shedding fresh light on the Young family.  (ref 4904)  80.00 post-free 
Not for export

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