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The Family of Edmund Campion
Leslie Campion, 1975. 58pp, pedigree eps. Subject was executed at Tyburn for his faith. The author spent 20 years attempting to discover whether Edmund belonged to the Campions of Sawston [Cambs] or the related Campions of Witham [Essex]. Save yourself 20 years research and buy this book! Several copies available, all F but in varying degrees of d/w, the best will be issued first. (ref 0788)  12.00

Genealogical Notes of the Descent of the Family of James of Austin Friars
E Renouard James, 1898. 100pp, (5 folding pedigrees [James, Renouard [2], Ott, Gardner). Mainly London, but the family also has strong links with Essex and Kent. A rather tender copy, the outer hinge of the front board broken & the board is loose, both boards and spine are very worn & grubby. A decent copy fetches around 50, this copy (ref 8113) priced for condition at  20.00

[Morris]  School Prize
A Child's History of England presented to Gladys Morris May 1911 by the Barking Education Committee.  (ref 0000)  6.00

[Shaw of Colchester]  17th Century Document
This document, signed by John Shaw in the year 1690-1, releases his brother Thomas Shaw [also of Colchester] from all claims '.....from the beginning of the world unto the day of the date of these presents....'.  It could be the settling of some quite serious dispute or merely a legal 'full-stop' on a simple property agreement - in isolation we can only speculate what brought about this document.  Manuscript on paper, approx 8"x11".  Nice condition, signed by John Shaw and two witnesses, nice clear wax seal.  (ref 197/3)  24.00 post-free 
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[Althorne documents]  Deeds to The Foundry
A pair of parchment deeds (1893, 1905) showing the Pollard family's involvement with cottages, land and premises.  Both deeds have been used as drafts for later property deeds (not here present) and as such are much pencilled over.  The pair (ref 658/45)  15.00
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[Ashdon property deeds]  Early Deeds for Sandons
'All those messuages or tenements called or known by the severall names of Sandons and Lebands or otherwise situate and being in the parishes precincts and hamletts of Ashdon and Bartlow in the County of Essex with the lands meadow pasture feeding and wood or late in the tenure of John Schooling....' was the subject of a 1723 settlement made on the marriage of James Robinett of [Saffron] Walden and Susan Turner, daughter of Richard Turner, also of [Saffron] Walden.  On offer here is an early copy [probably contemporary] of the settlement, together with 3 parchment deeds [1704, 1728 & another 1728] to do with the same property.  The copy settlement is contained on 14 large paper sheets.  The 4 items (ref 236/11)  50.00 post-free  
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[Ashdon property deed]  Lease of Goldstones
This is a 1750 lease of 'all that capital messuage or tenement.....known by the name of Goldstones otherwise Golderstones and all that toft or piece of ground whereon formerly stood a messuage or farm house.....commonly called or known by the name of Kings, both of them situate lying and being in Ashdon in the County of Essex in a hamlet there called Wyndworth.....'.  Manuscript on parchment, approx 20"x28", one small hole with the loss of some lettering.  (ref 236/12)  15.00 post-free 
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[Ashdon property deed]  Mortgage of Cottage at Steventon End
This 1728 mortgage was taken out by Ashdon labourer John Chapman on 'all that his messuage or tenement with the outhouses yards gardens...scitutate [sic] lying and being in the Hamlet called Steventon End in the parish of Ashdon....'.  It appears that when the money was repaid (1738) John Chapman's 1728 mark and seal were cut away to void the document.  Parchment, single sheet.  (ref 236/14)  15.00 post-free
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[Aveley document]  Abstract of Title to House in Lowlands Road
This multi-page document sheds much light on the development of the general area bounded by Lowlands Road, Toplands Avenue, Blenheim Gardens and Purfleet Road.  The area now covered in houses was in Victorian times Parsonage Farm, and before that a park.  The only road was Water Lane, now called Purfleet Road.  Although specifically drawn up to prove ownership of 2 Lowlands Road, this 1953 document will be of interest to anyone studying the history and development of Aveley.  Typescript on 18 large paper sheets (there is inevitably much repetition in the wording when referring back to previous documents) accompanied by 2 extremely useful sketch maps.  Covers the period 1886 to 1953.  (ref 658/65)  18.00
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[Barking document]  Conveyance of Land at Creekmouth
This 1920 document concerns 9 acres of land at Barking or False Point.  The land was bought (and the documents signed) by Hyla Edward Elkins of Finchley for 8000.  The documents  includes a hand-coloured plan which shows the site in question to be on the North Bank of the Thames.  Manuscript on parchment.  (ref 475/38) 
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[Barking document]  Diversion of a Length of River Wall at Creeks Mouth
This 1908 document concerns a proposed alteration of the river wall.  It includes a hand-coloured plan which shows the site in question to be between a bend in Barking Creek and Creeksmouth Road (this would appear to be today's River Road).  Manuscript on parchment.  (ref 475/37) 
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Bradfield Church Essex
Dennis Bayley, 1962. 36pp + 12 plates + folding pedigree of the Grimston family. VG except for some spotting on the card covers.      10.00

[Braintree] Early Group of Deeds relating to The Boars Head Inn
8 parchment deeds, the earliest of which [1736] is a 500 mortgage borrowed by innholder Arthur Jefferys and his Bedwell stepsons. In 1741 the inn was sold [for 240] to John Paine, and in 1753 it passed to Henry Smith. When he died the inn passed to the Bush family. 2 or 3 deeds have recent tears through careless handling, nevertheless a nice little collection, each item being well over 200 years old. (ref W4/169)  95.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Clacton]  Building Accounts for Work on The Royal Hotel
A multi-page manuscript list of work done and goods supplied, 1894.   (ref 38/33)  9.00 post-free 
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[Clacton on Sea documents]  Deeds to 3 & 4 Lydford Villas
A very short sequence of 3 parchment deeds covering the period 1900-1902 during which time the owner Annie Elizabeth Baskett married Frederick Walker.  A 1919 addendum to one of the deeds records the selling on No 4, which by this time had become 'Lydford', 56 Wellesley Road.  (ref 658/57)  15.00
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[Clacton - see also Great Clacton]

[Colchester]  [Copy]   Inventory of the Fixtures, Furniture & Effects at The Grosvenor Hotel, Maldon Road
1940, foolscap size, 21pp carbon copy typescript in buff card covers, folded down the middle.  (ref 38/15)  10.00 post-free 
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[Colchester]  [Copy]   Inventory of the Fixtures, Furniture & Effects at The Castle Brewery Tap, Maidenburgh Street
1940, foolscap size, 11pp carbon copy typescript in buff card covers, folded down the middle.  (ref 38/16)  9.00 post-free 
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[Colchester]  [Copy] Inventory of the Trade Furniture, Fittings, Utensils & Effects at The Grosvenor Hotel
Carbon copy typescript on 18pp for the 1939 sale by Mrs L M Birch to G S Andrew.  Folded down centre.  (ref 38/25)  10.00 post-free 
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[Colchester]  Inventory and Valuation of Household Furniture, Trade Utensils and Effects at The Elephand and Castle Inn
Manuscript on paper, 1889.  (ref 38/29)  12.50 post-free 
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[Colchester]  Inventory and Valuation of Household Furniture, Fixtures and Effects at The Fleece Hotel
One unexpectedly early item in this 1868 inventory is a refrigerator.   Marbled boards, calf spine very badly damaged by silverfish.  (ref 38/34)   20.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Copford - see Stanway]

[Corringham documents]  Abstract of Title - Lampits Hill Farm
These associated abstracts were drawn up in 1927 and 193x.  The near-40 acre Lampits Hill Farm was created on the breaking up of the much larger Herd Farm 30 years previous.  Although specifically drawn up for an intended sale of 11 Carisbrooke Drive, the abstract provides detail on the gradual break-up of Herd Farm so is a useful document for anyone studying the general area to the North of Corringham.  (ref 658/67)  18.00
post-free  Not for export

[Dovercourt]  [Copy] Inventory of the Fixtures, Furniture & Utensils in Trade at The Victoria Hotel
Carbon copy of 14pp typescript inventory made in 1944.  Folded down centre.  (ref 38/24)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Earls Colne]  Sale Particulars of Building Land
Printed particulars of this 1885 sale.  Includes large coloured multifolding plan.  Grubby card covers but uncommon.  (ref 38/22)  16.00 UK post-free

A Brief Account of the Church of Saint John the Baptist, Finchingfield
16pp pamphlet in blue card covers, 6 photo-ills. Undated but post-1966. (ref 150/42)  1.00 UK post-free

[Frating]  Sale Particulars for Frating Kings Arms
Printed particulars for the 1885 sale of this 'very valuable full-licenced free public house'.  (ref 38/28)  15.00 UK post-free

[Great Bentley]  [Copy] Inventory and Valuation of the Furniture, Fixtures & Effects at The Victory Inn
Carbon copy of 8pp of typescript inventory made in 1937 in card covers.   (ref 38/19)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Great Chishill] Old Windmills of Chishill
Phillip Unwin, 1977. 4to, card covers, 33pp, 25 ills (mostly photo). Built before 1592, this rare example of a post-mill ceased working in 1951 but was restored in 1966. The parish became part of Cambridgeshire in 1895. Ex-lib copy with stamps on title-page and labels on spine. (ref 4025)  2.50 UK post-free

[Great Clacton]  Inventories and Valuations of Household Furniture & Effects, also Trade Fixtures, Fittings, Utensils of Trade etc at The Coach & Horses Inn
1888 inventories, manuscript on 23pp and 11pp respectively, each enclosed in blue card covers, each folded into 3.  (ref 38/32)  17.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Great Coggeshall documents]  Deeds to Cottages in Back Lane
A useful collection of deeds spanning the years 1815 to 1911 concerning a plot of land on the North side of Back Lane which by 1824 had had 4 cottages built on it by local builder Matthias Gardner.  An 1894 deed concerns 'two other more recently erected cottages or tenements adjoining the last described cottages'.  Throughout much of the 95 years covered by these deeds the properties were in mortgage.  Several deeds identify the cottages by naming former tenants/occupiers, so in conjunction with the various censuses it should be possible to pinpoint their exact location.  A total of 10 parchment deeds.  (ref 658/46)  65.00
post-free  Not for export

[Great Wigborough]  Farm Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for the 1923 sale of the 300 acre Abbot's Wick Farm.  Though only comprising 4pp, two of them contain a total of 10 photos of the various buildings.  (ref 355/59)  6.00 UK post-free

[Halstead]  Inventory and Valuation of the Furniture, Fixtures & Effects at The White Hart Hotel
Typescript inventory, 1942, 24pp foolscap, brown card covers, folded down the middle.  (ref 38/11)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Harlow]  Chaplin & Co - The Harlow Brewery - Articles of Partnership
2 sets of Articles dated 1890 and 1899.  It would appear the Harlow Brewery was formerly run by Thomas Chaplin, and his death in 1890 prompted the Articles in which Frederic Edwards and Frederick Chaplin Edwards became partners.  Fresh Articles were drawn up in 1899 to admit Frederick Edwards (who was by then deceased)'s son Arthur B Edwards as a new partner.  The earlier of the documents contains a 2pp schedule of Essex and Hertfordshire public houses leased by the company and a 2pp list of fixtures, fittings and equipment at the brewery.  Manuscript on paper.  (ref 21/46)   18.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Hornchurch]  Deeds to the Elm Park Estate
These 3 1904 parchment deeds record the purchase of plots on the developing Elm Park Estate by commercial traveller William Allsop Clowes.  Specifically the plots were in Prospect Road and Grasmere Road.  The three items (ref 55/27)  12.50 post-free   
Not for export

[Hornchuch document]  Release of Wyatt Farm
This is a 1790 deed concerning the sale for 600 of 'all that farm and all those several closes inclosures pieces or parcels of land and ground situate lying and being in the parish of Hornchurch in the county of Essex and commonly called or known by the name of Wyatt otherwise Wyatts.....containing by estimation seventeen acres.....heretofore in the occupation of Joseph Norris but now of John Rigby.....'.   Manuscript on one large [approx 35"x27"] parchment sheet, at one time a corner [as folded] has got wet and as a result there's extensive foxing in places - even worse, some of the text has gone in places and in a couple of places corresponding to the wet corner the parchment is holed with the loss of some text.  Still, as with all such deeds, you won't be able to find another copy anywhere.  Priced for condition.   (ref 4108)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Horndon-on-0the-Hill document]  Gift of Land
This deed concerns a small plot of land on the outside of the bend where Hillcrest Road becomes Oxford Road.  Then just a field, it was given to the Roman Catholic Church, presumably due to its proximity to the adjacent RC Church of the Sacred Heart.  The donor, Alice Green of Horndon Priory, would no doubt be shocked to discover so many changes have happened since her 1949 gift - the church demolished and the site now occupied by a house; the field she donated also built-on; that part of Hillcrest Road reduced to a grass track.  Typescript on paper.  (ref 658/66)  18.00
post-free  Not for export

[Ilford/Seven Kings] Group of Property Deeds - Stainforth Road
A group of 6 deeds dated from 1910 to 1931. Concerns no's 152-166 (even numbers), though not every house is mentioned on every deed. Very much to do with the Griffiths family. The 6 (ref W4/159)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

Ilford Old and New
Joyce Piggott, 1988. A5 in photo card covers, 33pp containing 60 then & now photos, some of the 'now' views quite shocking when compared to the 'then'. F. (ref 0000)  2.00 UK post-free

[Kelvedon]  Copy Sale Agreement for The Star and Fleece Hotel
This is a copy of the 1883 agreement for the sale & purchase of trade, fixtures, licence, goodwill and possession.  Manuscript on printed form, outside (as folded) is grubby.  (ref 38/23)  8.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Laindon Hills document]  Deeds to Rose Cottage, Dry Street
A short but useful sequence of 4 deeds covering the years 1889 to 1905, mostly concerning the Kilburn family.  All 4 in manuscript on parchment.  (ref 658/43)  18.00
post-free  Not for export

[Leigh on Sea documents]  Deeds to 'Lorraine', Chalkwell Park Drive
Lorraine was sold twice in quick succession, firstly to Charles Betts in 1915, who then sold it on to Ilford publican A A Jameson.  This pair of parchment deeds (ref 658/54)  15.00
post-free  Not for export

[Lexden - see Stanway]

[Leytonstone documents]  Deeds to 7 Fillebrook Road
The counterpart copy of an 1871 parchment lease;  an 1878 sale/purchase agreement on paper;  and an 1878 parchment mortgage (endorsed in 1889 confirming it had been paid off).  These 3 documents, which provide much mid-Victorian information on the property (it came with stable, coach-house and fowl-house as well as an acre of land) are accompanied by half-a-dozen associated minor papers and a printed document showing the outcome of a court case resulting in the enforced sale of the house.  (ref 229/1)  35.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Maldon]  The Jolly Sailor - Valuation 1944
10pp typescript details of fixtures & fittings.  Buff card covers, the whole lot folded down the middle.  (ref 38/17)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Manor Park, Barking, Mile End]  Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for the 1920 sale of:-
1-11 (odd), Walton Road, Manor Park
5 Sheridan Road, Manor Park
12 Eastbury Terrace, Ripple Road, Barking
39 Carlton Road, Mile End
Staples rusted.  (ref 524/59)  8.00 UK post-free

Flinten History, Being The Story of Pakefield and Its Church
B P W Stather Hunt, 1953 7th ed.  202pp inc index, 41 mostly full-page photo-ills, other ills in text.  'The writer's only qualifications are a love of his subject and twenty-five years spent in investigation and in watching the Church grow gradually into its present beauty'.  The 20pp appendix has much for the family historian.  Nice bright condition - perhaps the best copy we've seen - F.  (ref 3667)  12.50

[Rayleigh documents]  Deeds to Building Plots in Helena Road
2 early (1899 and 1905) conveyances concerning 8 of well over 700 building plots comprising the Parkland Estate.  The block of 8 plots was on the SE side of Helena Street, identified on a plan as plots 356 to 363.  The pair (ref 658/61)  15.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Rochford & Hawkwell deed]  Lease of 3 Fields
This 1772 deed records the leasing of 3 fields (one of them known as Three Acre Field) by locals William Collis (gentleman) and Joseph Wyatt (victualler) for an intended 22 years.  The lease was from Rebecca Buckle of Stepney, Middlesex, though we have a feeling she must have moved there from Rochford.  Single large parchment sheet, bears the signature Rebeca [sic] Buckle but the seal has been callously cut away.   In view of the damage (ref 0000)  12.50 post-free 
Not for export

[Shoeburyness documents]  Deeds to 15 St Andrews Road
A sequence of 4 deeds and a copy deed covering the period 1912 to 1964 chronicling successive changes of ownership from Banyard to Simpson (who appears to have been the builder) to Mann to Living to Beardwell.  It would seem that not one of these owners actually lived there.  (ref 658/55)  20.00
post-free  Not for export

[Shopland, Southchurch, Gt & Little Wakering] Report on Fox Hall & Revells
This 1857 report values the 167 acre site at 7740. It is a brief report on area, type of soil, usage, and a short list of the farm buildings. Also includes similiar details for Sluts Green, which I cannot find on the map. Manuscript on paper, 2 folio sides. (ref 754/278)  5.00 post-free   
Not for export

[Stanford le Hope documents]  Deeds to Alma Villa and 3 & 4 Salisbury Terrace
The properties concerned form an L-shape connecting Wharf Road (then part of the High Road) and Salisbury Avenue.  The deeds cover the period from 1888 through to 1901 (4 Salisbury Terrace), to 1904 (alma Villa) and 1918 (3 Salisbury Terrace).  A total of 5 parchment & 3 paper deeds together with an interesting agreement concerning shared use of a water pump.  The majority of the deeds concern the Ellis and Partridge families and to a lesser degree Foss.  9 documents in all.  (ref 658/50)  40.00
post-free  Not for export

[Stanford le Hope documents]  Deeds to 3 and 4 Fetherston Road
This pair of parchment deeds dated 1901 and 1905 chronicles how Charles Yates acquired the plots of land with 'two dwellinghouses thereon recently erected' (by local builders Herbert Butcher and John Brand) and sold them in 1905 to John Lester, innkeeper of The Bell, Corringham.  The pair (ref 658/51)  15.00
post-free  Not for export

[Stanford le Hope documents]  Deeds to 46 The Sorrells
A couple of deeds (1969 and 1975) and the draft copy of a 1963 deed infer 46 The Sorrells was built in the very early 1960s.  All 3 documents are in typescript on paper.  (ref 658/52)  12.00
post-free  Not for export

[Stanford-le-Hope document]  Abstract of Title to Houses and Cottages
This 1889 abstract provides us with property transactions going back to 1858 at which time it was described as being 'All those 3 dwelling houses & cottages....on the East side of the High Road (today's Wharf Road).....formerly one called The Vinehouse.....and also All that close piece or parcel of ground thereunto adjoining called the Acre Piece.....and also All those 2 other fields.....on the West side of the High Road extending therefrom to and abutting on the Tilbury & Southend Railway.....containing by estimation 6 acres or thereabouts'.  In passing, the abstract mentions several former sitting tenants - Dorrington, Chas Gibbs, Wm Barnard mentioned in 1858, and Thomas Allen Dent in 1887.  Manuscript on 4-and-a-bit paper sheets with a 6th as the covering sheet.  This is worn and brittle and parts are missing, but it has protected the contents.  (ref 658/69)  10.00
post-free  Not for export

[Stanford-le-Hope document]  Abstract of Title
This 1899 abstract provides us with property transactions going back to 1889 when local barge owner Ambrose Ellis acquired a plot of land on Salisbury Avenue near its junction with the High Road (today's Wharf Road).  A small hand-drawn location plan shows the specific plot.  Manuscript on 4 large paper sheets with a 5th as the covering sheet, the plan is on waxed linen.  (ref 658/68)  15.00
post-free  Not for export
NB for anyone specifically interested in Ambrose Ellis we have a deed of conveyance signed by him in 1899

[Stanway, Copford & Lexden]  Sale Particulars of Property
Printed particulars for the 1886 sale held at the Red Lion in Colchester.   Amongst the 22 lots were New House Farm and Black Pits Farm (both in Stanway), the 7 acre Lexden Field, the adjoining Barn Field, Chitts Hill Farm straddling the Lexden/Stanway parish boundary, and several other plots of land.  Accompanying the particulars are 5 large hand-coloured site plans.  Old central fold.  (ref 38/26)  20.00 UK post-free

[Stow Maries] Important Group of Deeds relating to Fambridge
1766 copy of 1680 demise & assignment Hewitson & Peck to Watson
1766 copy of 1686 mortgage Hewitson
1766 copy of 1688 assignment Hewitson to Dyke
1766 copy of 1715 release Burton
1766 copy of 1728 release Burton
1757 lease Burton to Platt
1763 purchase agreement Burton & Bram
1764 lease Burton to Collin - unactioned (probably due to death of Samuel Burton of Danbury)
1764 release Burton to Collin - unactioned (as above)
1764 lease Bugbee & Burton to Collin
1764 release Bugbee & Burton to Collin
The 4 1764 deeds are on parchment, the rest on paper. Clearly some event in 1766 (an imminent sale, perhaps) triggered off the copying of the earlier 5 deeds. All items are now well over 200 years old and are still in very nice condition. The property was known alternatively by the name Fambridge Lands but there is no obvious connection with the nearby parishes of North & South Fambridge. Very nice, if incomplete, piece of local history. (ref 50/20)  90.00  
Not for export

[Theydon Mount document]  Scheduling of Lands by the Inclosure Commissioners
Official copy of an 1872 Order scheduling the 239 acre Hill Hall Park [farm?] tenanted by James Fleming.  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 18"x15".  (ref 74/3)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Upton Park documents]  Deeds to 70 Tudor Road
An incomplete sequence from 1893 through to 1930, accompanied by a 1952 abstract of title.  Mostly concerns the Perry family.  3 parchment & 1 paper deeds plus the abstract.  (ref 658/44)  20.00
post-free  Not for export

[Upton Park document]  Abstract of Title to Property at Green Street
This abstract was drawn up in 1893 as a consequence of the bankruptcy of John Frost, a Whitechapel dairyman, who'd acquired the property in 1868.  He seems always to have been in financial difficulties as much of the documentation detailed in the abstract concerns borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.  The actual property isn't specifically described other than being on the East side of Green Street, but a sketch plan compared with a modern A-Z would seem to put it somewhere between the today's Redclyffe Road (shown on the sketch plan as 'Proposed Road') and Tudor Road.  18 large paper sheets with a 19th as the covering sheet.  (ref 658/70)  18.00
post-free  Not for export

[Wanstead documents]  Deeds to Roma, Overton Drive
This pair of 1913 parchment deeds describes Overton Drive as a new road.  Horace and Amelia Northcott (of Bow) bought the house on mortgage, which was paid off within a few years.  The pair (ref 658/53)  15.00
post-free  Not for export

[Witham]  [Copy] Inventory and Valuation of the Furniture, Fixtures & Effects at The Woolpack Inn, Chipping Hill
1934 12pp carbon copy of typescript, folded down the middle.  (ref 38/18)  9.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Witham]  Sale Particulars of Land and 8 Cottages in Mill Road
Printed particulars for the 1898 sale of these cottages, then known collectively at Hotel Cottages.  Tenants at the time were Rumsey, Hubbard, Hutley, Lapwood, Corley, Todd, Mann & Rice.  (ref 38/30)  12.50 UK post-free

[Wivenhoe]  [Copy] Inventory of the Fixtures, Furniture and Utensils in Trade at The Black Buoy [sic] Inn
1940, foolscap size, 6pp carbon copy of typescript, blue card covers, folded down middle.  (ref 38/12)  9.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Wix]  [Copy] Inventory of the Fixtures, Furniture & Effects at The Waggon and Horses
1938, foolscap size, 5pp carbon copy of typescript, buff card covers, folded down the middle.  (ref 38/14)  8.00 post-free 
Not for export

Elizabethan Essex
Essex Record Office, 1976 4th ed. Card covers, unpaginated but 38 mainly photo ills. This 'brief pictorial survey of the county' provides inspiration for local history research. VG. (ref 350/22)  4.00 UK post-free

Elizabethan Wills of South-West Essex
F G Emmison, 1973. 199pp inc indexes and list of subscribers, a few ills. 418 wills from the period 1558-1602. Signed copy, no 31 of just 400 produced. VG.  (ref 1434) 20.00

Catalogue of Maps in the Essex Record Office 1566-1860
Edited by F G Emminson, 1947.  Large 4to, 106pp inc index, 6 colour & 28 b&w plate-ills, large multifolding map of Essex hundreds and parishes in flap inside back board.  Ex-Glamorgan record Office Library, their stamp on title-page only.  G copy in G d/w, old plastic wrapper.  (ref 252/176)  25.00 UK post-free

Essex Churches 600-1800
Essex Record Office publications no 27, 1956.  Large 8vo in cream card covers, unpaginated but 54 well captioned photos, mostly 2 to a page.  '.....the booklet can do no more than show a few examples of ingenious building and fine craftsmanship, for Essex is a large county with 410 ancient parishes.'.  Decent copy, ex-Glamorgan Record Office Library, their stamp in lower corner of title-page.   G.  (ref 252/147)  4.50  UK post-free