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The Bartow Family in England
Rev Evelyn P Bartow, 1890. 44pp, 2 engravings, loose folding pedigree. Paper covers, the front crumbling & with parts missing, the rear one wholly missing. Just 2 of the original 11 ills remain.  Contents clean, corners rather dogeared. Would benefit from being hard-bound. Very scarce, especially with the pedigree. 18.50

[Norman family documents]  Deeds to Property in Collumpton
Five eighteenth/nineteenth century documents are offered as follows:
1. A 1762 conveyance to John Norman, a Collumpton mason, of 'all that messuage tenement dwelling house and smith shop containing two under-rooms and two chambers over the same.....situate lying and being in the town of Cullompton aforesaid adjoining a street in the West end of the town known by the name of Exeter Street and next to a street leading to Crowgreen.....'.
2. A 1762 receipt for the amount involved in the above deed.
3. A 1766 assignment (to John Norman) of the unexpired part of a 99 year lease on 'all that dwelling house containing one ground room and chamber over the same together with a garden plot.....lying in Crow Green.....on the West side of a house now belonging to John Norman.....'.
4. A 1767 grant of a plot of land by John Norman the elder to John Norman the younger of 'all that piece or plot of ground lying on the North side of the highway leading from the lower part of the town of Collumpton aforesaid to the City of Exon [Exeter] being the ground whereon formerly stood a dwelling house and premises and blacksmiths shop.....whereon the said John Norman the younger is going to build a dwelling house and premises....'.
5. An 1820 conveyance by John Norman and his wife Mary.  This quite lengthy deed mentions earlier property transactions, the deeds of which are not here present, nevertheless it constitutes a very useful document from a local history point of view.  This particular deed covers 5 large parchment sheets.
The 5 items (ref 267/19) 
55.00 post-free Not for export

Parris family document
This document stems from the 1897 death of William Parris of Clyst Hydon.  In it, his children consent to his executors proving the will and agree to indemnify their mother (Mary Ann Parris) who was to carry on the farming business.  Manuscript on paper.  (ref 267/16)  10.00 post-free  Not for export


[Broadwood Kelly and Cheriton Fitzpaine]  Mortgage Deeds to Middle Cott and Cheriton Barton
Middle Cott (alternatively known as Middlecoate or East Middlecott) was the subject of a 1795 settlement - presumably long since lost - on the marriage of John Hole and Lydia Arundell.  Together with Cheriton Barton, it devolved to their daughter Lydia Fothergill, who mortgaged the properties in 1869.  In 1877 and 1878 the mortgage was transferred to new mortgagees.  Useful detail on various Fothergills.   The three documents + 1 other (ref 338/2)  25.00 post-free 
Not for export

The History of the Feoffes of Colyton 1546-1946
Reginald G C White, 1951. 49pp, 7 ills. Nice bright copy but cracked at pp 18/19 and bottom of 2 leaves crumpled, some light foxing on eps and large inscription (details of 2 members of Bilham family) on front pastedown. (ref 1385) 8.50

Darfield Village and Church
Margaret E Mann, nd (late 1960s?). 65pp, 4 photo ills. Some sellotape damage to fep, contents clean, G in G d/w. Small 8vo. 4.00

[Devonport - see Stoke Damerel]

[East Budleigh]  3 Deeds to Cottages and Gardens
Though they range in dates from 1862 to 1907 these 3 parchment deeds may be the only property deeds drawn up in that 45 years.  The cottages are described as being near the church in Vicarage Road.  Clearly some building had been constructed during that time as the 1907 deed refers to 5 cottages.  The area was formerly known as Maunders (1862) though the cottage(s) was/were in existence in 1712.  Very much the concern of the Pyne family.  (ref 8/138)  18.00 post-free 
Not for export

Exeter, Truro and The West
Edward Foord, Cathedrals Abbeys & Famous Churches series, 1925. 12mo, usual red card covers, 191pp inc index, 19 photo-ills, 30 other ills in the text. Nice clean copy, VG. (ref 0000) 3.50 UK post-free

[Exeter documents]  Deeds and Papers concerning 16/17 Gandy Street
An incomplete nevertheless useful group of documents which between them provides details of owners and in some cases occupiers of this property from 1721 (when the house formed part of a settlement on the marriage of Benjamin Ivie to Elizabeth Michell) through to 1869.  These parchment and paper items are accompanied by a couple of leases (one for No 16 and one for no 17) drawn up in 1962, and from this we infer the much earlier documents must relate to the same property - though the only mention of position is on the South side of Gandy Street.  5 parchment deeds (1819-1863), 3 paper deeds, 3 abstracts of title on paper plus a supplementary abstract also on paper.  (ref 104/10)  65.00
post-free  Not for export

[Exminster document]  Official Copy of Board of Agriculture Order under the 1864 Land Improvement Act
This contemporary copy of an 1893 Order concerns the 40 acre Kenbury estate of Augustus Warwick Bampfylde Daniell Esq.  Manuscript on parchment, approx 20"x15".  (ref 70/20)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Exminster document]  Official Copy of Board of Agriculture Order under the 1864 Land Improvement Act
This contemporary copy of an 1897 Order concerns the 40 acre Kenbury estate of Augustus Warwick Bampfylde Daniell Esq.  Manuscript on parchment, approx 17"x11".  (ref 70/22)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Exmouth]  4 Deeds to 1 & 2 Albert Place
1 & 2 Albert Place were bought on mortgage by local builder William Hall in 1857, nevertheless the principal parties in these deeds are John & Edward John Carter.  4 parchment deeds spanning the years 1857-1864.  (ref 8/137)  22.00 post-free  
Not for export

Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton & District
E Hayne, nd but 1950s approx 6"x5" local guide booklet with 6 photos & double-sided folding street maps. G. (ref 8122)  2.50 UK post-free

Hartland Church Accounts 1597-1706
Transcribed and edited by Ivon L Gregory, vicar of Hartland, privately published 1950.  xix+372pp, 2 plates - one a photo  of the church, the other taken from a print of Hartland Quay in 1835.  An unabridged transcript of the churchwarden's accounts.  First few leaves spotted, rest of contents clean as are the dark green boards black lettering on spine.  Nice copy.  (ref 3757)  28.00

Another Copy
Much the same condition.  Author signed.  (ref 2266)  28.00

[Hartland document]  Official Copy of Board of Agriculture Order under the 1864 Land Improvement Act
This contemporary copy of an 1892 Order contains a schedule of 1400 acres comprising 7 blocks of land, all of it in the parish of Hartland.  The schedule is useful to local and family historians in that it identifies each of the blocks (one of them being 'Hartland Abbey & Lands'), names the occupiers or tenants and shows the acreages.  If you're uncertain about buying, by all means contact us if you think your ancestor was one of the 6 tenants [Cole, Pickard, Ellis, Pennington, Ashton, Fulford].  Manuscript on parchment, approx 25"x19", nice and clean.   (ref 70/19)  18.00 post-free 
Not for export

The Parish Church St Peter, Lew Trenchard & The Rev Sabine Baring-Gould
Bickford H C Dickinson, nd probably 1960s. 16pp, 2 full-page photo ills. Card covers, a little grubby but G. 0.50 UK post-free

[Marldon]  Assignment of Interest in Property at Compton, 1807
This rather involved indenture concerns a cottage and several plots of land 'known by the name or names of The Park, Park Orchard, Yeabsley's Meadow, Churchwardhay and The Two Either Hays'.  Bears signatures of Hellyer, Mervin, Templer and Wotton, though their precise involvement will need careful working out.  2 large parchment sheets.  (ref 676/18)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

The Church of St Mary of Ottery
John A Whitham, 1968 4th ed. Small booklet in pale blue card covers, 44pp, 13 ills, plan of church inside back cover. (ref 150/44)  1.50 UK post-free

Pictures of Paignton
Peter Tully, 1988.  Landscape A5, red card covers, 64pp of which 62 bear full-page photos with captions covering the period from Victorian times to the present.  Nice clean condition.  (ref 2464)  3.50

[Payhembury documents]  Important Collection of Papers Concerning Improvements to Church in 1856
This useful collection of papers comprises:
1.  A quote by James Baker to 'colour and varnish' the pulpit desk, singing gallery, to repair the screen and to alter and varnish the tower door.
2.  A quote by Samuel Warren and John Digby for window replacement.
3.  An estimate by James Baker for altering the gallery - which appears to have become unsafe - 'the gallery to stand on 4 2-inch iron columns'.  The estimate also includes the provision of 31 doors for the new seats.
4.  A quote by William Shute, plumber and glazier, to 'fix the new windows' and 'fix the copper wire' (presumably the lightning conductor?).
5.  An estimate by Samuel Harris for masonry, carpentry and joinery work in making 4 new pews under the belfry.
6.  A slight later estimate by Samuel Harris for carpenters, joiners and masons work in making 7 new pews under the belfry.
7.  A quote for unspecified work by J P Eames.
8.  A contract, signed by the Minister, one of the churchwardens and John Mason of Exeter, for new pews, for repairing the pews in the centre of the church, to take up and relay the stone floor, and to 'clean repair and refix the font in the most convenient part of the church'.
9.  A note of a vestry meeting at which it was agreed the nave seating should be replaced.  These would appear to be the old fashioned box pews as 'all the seats should be about the same height'.
10. A quote by Thomas Pearcy for renewing seats and floor under the belfry, including recycling some of the old seats (box pews?) into new pews.
11. Several advance notices  of vestry meetings, all signed by churchwardens Richard Pratt and Edward Frost.  One of the notices has holes in the corners and was clearly pinned up on the church door - this particular paper also bears the signatures of overseers John Glanville and James Veryard.
All 17 items are in manuscript on paper.  (ref 3883) 
 Not for export

[Payhembury document]  Sale Particulars for Slade and Lower House Farm
Printed particulars for what must at one time have been two separate farms, amalgamated to become the 240 acre Slade and Lower House Farm, tenanted by H H M Peeke.  Incorporated with the particulars is a large [approx 24"x28"] multifolding coloured site plan scaled at 1:2500.  It would appear these particulars were at the sale as someone has annotated the results against each of the 3 lots.  About average condition.  (ref 267/15)  12.00 UK post-free

[Plymouth documents]  2 Property Deeds for Higher Steart [or Stert]
These are all that appear to have survived from a sequence of deeds for 'All that field or close of land called by the name Higher Stert containing by estimation one acre and a half.....situate lying and being within the Borough of publick road or highway from Plymouth to Exeter on the South.....  The documents comprise the counterpart copy of a 1773 lease for 3 lives, and an 1817 lease for a year at a peppercorn rent - this would almost certainly have been followed up by a release [ie sale], but this is missing.  Both in manuscript on parchment with small seals and marks/signatures.  The pair (ref 273/3)  25.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Plymouth documents]  Papers re Sale of 8 Octagon Street & 17 Rendle Street
These 2 houses were sold in 1922 by the trustees of the local charity The Three Fold Cord Society.  The papers are mostly draft documents or Land Registry search results (checking on individuals rather than properties), all minor stuff, but there is a formal agreement for the sale signed by all parties.  The collection (ref 81/77)   10.00 post-free. 
Not for export

[Plymouth document]  Conveyance of 16 Oakfield Terrace
This 1912 deed records the transfer of 16 Oakfield Terrace by John Stone to his son William John Beer Stone.  16 Oakfield Terrace was previously 8 Marlborough Road.  Manuscript on parchment, bears the signature John Stone.  (ref 193/11) 
8.00 post-free  Not for export

[Plymouth document]  Abstract of Title to 8 Marlborough Road
This 1897 abstract relates how by 1894 one plot of land on the Cattesdwon Road Estate had become designated plot 63 Tressilian Street, and the house, shop and premises newly built became known as 8 Marlborough Road.  Manuscript on    large paper sheets.  (ref 193/22)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Stoke Damerel] Abstract of Title to Coach House, Stable and Garden at the back of Trafalgar Place
This 1849 abstract gives details of parties involved in this leasehold property going back to 1826 when the buildings were newly erected. The main names mentioned are Pickthorn, Milton, Harvey and Rundle. Manuscript on 17 large paper sheets. (ref 754/261) 10.00 post-free 
Not for export

Reminiscences of Tavistock
M & S Wootton, 1975 special ed.  142pp, many ills inc several photos. Green cloth boards, spine is plain.  Nice clean copy, VG.  (ref 6262)  15.00

[Uffculme, Cullompton & Kentisbeare document]   Official Copy of Board of Agriculture Order under the 1864 Land Improvement Act
This contemporary copy of an 1894 Order concerning part of the Bradfield Estate contains a schedule of 712 acres comprising farms, several blocks of land (and Bradfield Mansion etc).  The schedule is useful to local and family historians in that it identifies each of the blocks of land, names the tenants/occupiers and shows the acreages.   If you're uncertain about buying, by all means contact us if you think your ancestor was one of the 11 tenants [Frost, Grant, Southey, Pearce, Perham, Sellick, Rew, Eveleigh, Goff, James, Smale (or Small)].  Manuscript on parchment, approx 25"x19".  Some crinkling of the parchment - affected by water? - nevertheless nice and clean.  (ref 70/21)  15.00 post-free 
Not for export

Postcard - Widecome-in-the-Moor
Real photo postcard by Chapman & Son of Dawlish, their ref 10257, unused & undated. Long distance view, the only easily discernible building being the church, hills in background. (ref 2595) 2.00 UK post-free

A Guide to the Parish and Church of St Pancras at Widecombe-in-the-Moor
A later (1984) and updated version of the above, this one has a couple of holes punched through for filing in a folder. (ref 8268) 1.00 UK post-free

[Wiggaton document]  Sale Poster - 22 Acres of Farmland
Printed poster for the 1919 sale of 6 blocks of mostly arable and pasture land tenanted by Henry Jeffery.  Size approx 17"x21", worn through where old folds cross, but a decent enough copy.  (ref 267/11)  15.00 UK post-free

[various parishes]  Scheduling of South Brent Charity Lands by the Board of Agriculture
Official copy of an 1895 Order concerning 66 acres of land scattered amongst the parishes of Buckfastleigh, Ugborough, Churston and Owley.  The schedule very briefly lists the 10 blocks of land (some so small they don't rate an acreage) and names various tenants (Churchward, Sherwell, Peatlegjohns [surely Prettejohns?], Edmonds, Slidston or Stidston, Penny, Heath, Header and Ashford).  Manuscript on parchment, size approx 24"x19" though half this is taken up by a schedule of loan repayments projected over the next 25 years.  Nice and clean.  Bears the red embossed seal of the Land Loan and Enfranchisement Company.  (ref 74/10)  22.00 post-free  Not for export

The South Devon Coast
S H Burton, 1954. 181pp inc index, coloured frontis + 16 full page photo ills, multifolding map. Useful bibliography. G in G d/w. 5.00

Report & Transactions vol 123
The Devonshire Association, 1991. Familiar green card covers, 336pp inc index, several photo & other ills inc maps & plans. Contents of most local history interest include The Many Ancient Guildhalls in Dartmouth [25pp], The Royalist War Effort Revisited: Edward Seymour and the Royalist Garrison at Dartmouth 1643-44 [16pp], Royal Post-Horse Routes in SW England in the Reigns of Elizabeth I & James I [26pp] and Some Aspects of the Parish of Cornworthy in the First Half of the 19th Century [24pp], Lord Hambelden & Moretonhampstead [22pp], Blagdon Cider Barn, Paignton [10pp] and Limestone, Limekilns and the Limeburning Industry N & W of Dartmoor [18pp]. F. (ref 7801) 6.00