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The Diary of James Clegg of Chapel-en-le-Frith 1708-55 Part 3
Derbyshire Record Society vol 5, 1981.  Pp671-1026 inc 2 indexes.   James Clegg was a dissenting minister.  His congregation came from the scattered hamlets and farms around Chapel-en-le-Frith.  He was also a qualified doctor and was in demand over a wide area as both a preacher and doctor.  He was in touch, either in person or by letter, with a wide cross-section of provincial society.   Still in print at 20.00, this F copy in VG d/w  (ref 0000)  5.00   3.00

[Fox document]  Will of William Fox of Melbourne
This is the copy used to obtain probate.  The will is dated 1787 and it is annotated 'He dyed 26 April 1788'.  It mentions his brother Francis, sister Mary and several other relatives.  Although the seal of the probate office survives, the actual grant of probate is missing.  (ref 5422)  15.00 post-free  
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The Diary of Joseph Jenkinson of Dronfield [Derbyshire] 1833-43
Edited by Kathleen M Battye, Derbyshire Record Society Occasional Paper No 7, 1987. A5 booklet in cream card covers, 95pp inc index, 6 ills inc centrefold map of Dronfield in 1846 taken from the Inclosure Award. Joseph Jenkinson was born into a family of hatmakers. His sporadic diaries written in the years 1833 (Dronfield), 1839 (London) and 1843 (London) supplemented by a series of letters written in 1839 (from London) provide insights into the life and times of the skilled working class both in London and the Provinces in the 1830s and 1840s. All this is accompanied by a full introduction and notes plus appendices. G. (ref 0000) 4.00 post-free

[Pool family of Hullandward] Small Archive of Family Papers
A collection of about a dozen papers dating from 1793 to 1884. The papers revolve around two Richard Pool(e)s, one of whom made his mark on a 1793 conveyance of land in Cowdray's Lane, Duffield (the papers imply he died around 1810), and another who died in Hullandward in 1872. The papers also concern a John Pool who died 1829/30. Some original, some copies, but a nice little collection. (ref 7418)  30.00 post-free  
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George Sitwell's Letterbook 1662-66
Derbyshire Record Society vol 10, 1985. 301pp inc 2 indexes, 4 ills inc Sitwell pedigree. For most of his life, George Sitwell was involved in the iron trade and for upwards of 25 years he was a leading figure in the East Midlands iron industry. The 500 letters copied into the letterbook provide a wealth of information on the operations of a country ironmaster, his products, consumption of charcoal & other raw materials, sales locally & nationally. There's also much incidental detail on money-lending, credit, internal transport, the postal service and the activities of a gentry family generally. In print at 20.00, this F copy in F d/w (ref 0000)   10.00

[Sleigh document]  1735 Obligation Bond
A bond, possibly in connection with a mortgage, concerning Thomas Sleigh of Vicarwood, Mackworth.  Manuscript on paper, bears the clear signature Tho: Sleigh.  (ref 7408)  15.00   
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[Sleigh] Small Collection of Papers inc Solicitors Correspondence
All concern John Sleigh and covers the years 1855-1885. His abodes are variously shown as Bradborne, Bakewell and Darley, which may indicate more than one John Sleigh. 29 items in all inc an 1885 postcard in which he very briefly mentions that Alice (wife??) had broken her collar bone falling down the stairs. All 29 items are very minor papers. (ref 7411)  10.00 post-free 
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NB Other Sleigh items are available - all are Derbyshire or Staffordshire - ask for details


[Belper Market]  Royal Commission on Market Rights & Tolls - Enquiry Form
This is a contemporary copy of the form completed in 1888 giving details of the market.  The then charge of 9d for every 12' stall had been so 'for 50 years and upwards', but there is little real historical detail.  (ref 5457)  8.00 UK post-free

[Chatsworth]  William Senior's Survey of the Estates of the 1st & 2nd Earls of Derbyshire c1600-28
Derbyshire Record Society vol 13, 1988.  221pp inc 2 indexes, 2 tables, 3 figures, 8 plates.  One of the most extensive and most detailed surveys of a great landed estate (97,000 acres of which about half lay in Derbyshire, the rest scattered over 10 other counties) to have survived from this period anywhere in England.  This is of great interest to both family and local historians in that the survey breaks down each location into acreages and often provides names of tenant farmers etc - indeed so many people are mentioned the index of names runs to 13pp.  We understand the title is still in print at 20.00 - our VG copy 8.00

Chesterfield Parish Register vol 1 [1558-1600]
Derbyshire Record Society vol 12, 1986.  192pp inc index.  A transcript of the first part earliest surviving register.  Early entries are in Latin but in this printed version they've been translated into English.  We understand the vol is still in print at 20.  Nice copy, F in VG d/w.  (ref 0000)  8.00

Chesterfield Parish Register vol 2 [1601-1635]
Derbyshire Record Society vol 15, 1990.  Pp193-417  inc index.  A completion of the transcription of the earliest surviving register, the pagination following on from vol 1 above.  We understand the vol is still in print at 20.  Nice copy, F in VG d/w.  (ref 0000)  8.00

[Church Gresley]  Deeds to 33 Talbot Street
These 3 deeds are all dated 1923, though the abstract of title provides details of prior documents going back to 1902.  Principal names are Hall [1902-1913]; Heape [1913-1923]; and Storer [1923].  The group (ref 9/10)  15.00 post-free 
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Glover's Derby - The History and Directory of the Borough of Derby by Stephen Glover
1992 facsimile rep of this 1843 classic.  88+168pp followed by several pp of adverts.  F copy in VG d/w.  (ref 3321)  15.00

[Derby]  Sale Particulars of Ye Olde Spa Inne
Printed particulars for the 1933 sale of 'one of the best known and most frequented Public Houses in the Borough of Derby'.  This copy was used to record the sale of the inn (for 8750) to Strattons Derby Brewery Ltd.  A few other associated papers.  (ref 303/19)  10.00 post-free

[Dronfield]  Authority for Sale of Charity Land
This is an 1856 Order signed by the Secretary of the Board of Charity Commissioners, authorising the local charity The Grammar School of Henry Fanshaw to sell several plots of land known as Little Stubbing, Far Upper Stubbing, Near Upper Stubbing and Lower Stubbing totalling 9 acres to local farmer Richard White.  Manuscript on paper, 2 foolscap sides.  (ref 21/40)  6.00 post-free 
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Eyam Parish Register 1630-1700
Derbyshire Record Society vol 21, 1993.  206pp inc indexes of places & of names.  A printed transcript of the earliest surviving register down to the end of the 17th century.  Eyam was devastated by plague in the mid-1660s - in the space of 12 months perhaps a quarter of the population died.    We believe the book is still in print at 20.  Nice copy, F in VG d/w.  (ref 0000)  8.00

[Gratton document]  Fire Insurance Certificate
This policy, taken out in 1911, covered Rose Cottage. For two shillings, Elizabeth Coates (of Greengates, Winster) got 100 cover for a year from the Norwich Union.  Printed form with typescript insertions.  (ref G181/18)  4.00 UK post-free

The Building of Hardwick Hall Pt 2 - The New Hall 1591-98
Derbyshire Record Society vol 9, 1984. 289pp inc index, 7 plates, 4 plans. A surprising number of craftsmen and others are mentioned in accounts submitted by masons, carpenters, plasterers, glaziers etc, and the biographical index at the end of the book lists perhaps 600 of them. In print at 20.00 with d/w, this F copy in bright boards has lost its d/w and thus is offered at  (ref 0000)  7.50

Abstract of Title to Vickar's Meadow, Mappleton
This is an 1834 abstract drawn up following the death of Robert Millward, probably in anticipation of a sale of Vickar's Meadow. The abstract gives details of property deeds going back to 1731 when the land was also known as Peacock's Meadow. Manuscript on 15 large paper sheets, much water damage to the extent that virtually all pages have some text missing. Paper is very fragile in places so no examination has been made to extract the details of the various owners & occupiers over the century which this document covers. Priced for condition (ref 72/24) at 8.00 post-free  
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[Marehay documents]  Deeds to Property
A very useful collection of parchment deeds ranging in dates from 1683 to 1781, concerning 'all those two closes or parcels of land meadow or pasture.....commonly called or known by the  several names of the Pasture Close and the Upper Close containing by estimation thirteen acres or thereabouts.....and the lane adjoining to the said closes and lying on the North side thereof.....'.  The 13 acres were acquired in 1683 by William Stocks.  It was to remain associated with the Stocks family for another 75 years - by which time the lane had become known as Stocks Lane.  As early as 1748 an 'occupier' - probably a tenant smallholder -  is named as John Wizzall, a name that over the ensuing years becomes spelled Whisall and eventually Whysall as the family ultimately (1758) comes to own the land.  This important collection of 11 parchment deeds (ref 466/9)  135.00 post-free  Not for export

[Marehay documents]  Deeds to Property
The imminent sale of property in Marehay in 1876 prompted an abstract of title to be drawn up.  This document provides details of deeds and documents chronicling transactions going back to 1830 when local farmer John Whysall mortgaged 'All those three closes pieces or parcels of inclosed land.....called or known by the several names of the Far Close the Middle Close and the Little Close containing together by estimation twelve acres or thereabouts.....the lane called Stocks Lane......  The property appears never to have earned enough for John Whysall to pay off any of the interest on the mortgage - quite the reverse;  what started off as a 300 debt grew to 800 as he borrowed more and more until the point came where he forfeited his property which was acquired by Daniel Smith in 1850.  The property was immediately mortgaged again, a debt which over the ensuing years was variously topped up and transferred through a succession of fresh lenders until the land was put up for sale at the Royal Oak Inn in May 1876.  On offer here is a collection of deeds and documents, 14 on parchment and 6 on paper, essentially continuing the story of  466/9 above.  (ref 466/7)  135.00 post-free  Not for export

[Newhall document]  Draft Mortgage
This is the draft copy of an 1870 mortgage involving local draper William Elverson and a house, shop & outbuildings on a small plot of land on the West side of the highway from Swadlincote to Burton upon Trent.  A very scrappily written document (as all drafts tend to be) on 6 paper sheet with a 7th as the covering sheet.  A bit grubby o/w ok.  The chances are the formal (signed) copy hasn't survived.  (ref 7412)  5.00 post-free 
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A Seventeenth Century Scarsdale Miscellany
Derbyshire Record Society vol 20, 1993.  192pp inc index, 5 ills, pedigree of the Wheatcroft family of Ashover.  Three aspects of north-east Derbyshire:  A series of rating assessments for Scarsdale Hundred 1652-62, The Autobiography of Leonard Wheatcroft of Ashover, The Accounts of Chesterfield lead merchant Lawrence Oxley.  Still in print at 20.00, this F copy in F d/w (ref 0000)    8.00

William Woolley's History of Derbyshire
Derbyshire Record Society vol 6, 1981.  57+276pp inc 48pp of indexes, 5 ills inc Woolley/Sanders pedigree.  This hitherto unpublished early 18th century history provides brief genealogical and topographical details for each town and village.   Nice clean copy, F in VG d/w.  We understand from the DRS web-site that this particular title has recently gone out of print.  (ref 0000)  12.00

Derbyshire Feet of Fines 1323-1546
Derbyshire Record Society vol 11, 1985. 190pp inc a 40+pp index. Full summaries of all 675 fines from 1323 (where an earlier [1890s] publication left off) to the end of the reign of Henry VIII, this provides valuable info dating from the two centuries before parish registers - a period for which there is little else in print.   This vol is currently in print at 20.00.  F copy in F d/w.  8.50

A Derbyshire Armory
Maxwell Craven, Derbyshire Record Society vol 17, 1991.  205pp inc index of places, main contents are alphabetical by surname.  This first comprehensive dictionary of Derbyshire coats of arms contains some 2500 entries.  25 when published, now in print at 20, this M copy (ref 8256)  13.00

Another Copy
F in F d/w. (ref 8265)  13.00

The Derbyshire Papist Returns of 1705-6
Richard Clark, Derbyshire Record Society, 1983. Bright blue card covers enclosing 52pp inc index. Very useful background intro precedes returns from 177 parishes effectively giving us a county-wide census of Catholics from a time when there are almost no other official records.  4.50 UK post-free

The Derbyshire Gentry in the Fifteenth Century
Susan M Wright, Derbyshire Record Society vol 8, 1983. 287pp inc index, 3 ills. The first full-length scholarly study of any aspect of medieval Derbyshire - a time when the county had no major lay or ecclesiastical landowner, and thus the local gentry dominated politics and society. There is much here for the family historian. A F copy though without d/w can be ordered for 8.00 NB this vol is still in print at 20 + p&p

Derbyshire Pedigrees
Dr Richard Clark, Derbyshire Record Society, 1984. A5 booklet in yellow card covers, 36pp, contents alphabetical. A comprehensive index of the Derby Local Studies Library's collection of pedigrees of families with Derbyshire connections, widely recognised as being among the best such collections in England for a town its size. The booklet should be on the shelf of all serious Derbyshire family historians.  New copy. (ref 8238)  4.00 post-free

The Derbyshire Returns to the 1851 Religious Census
Derbyshire Record Society vol 23, 1995. 76+238pp inc index. As part of the 1851 census, returns were made for each church, chapel & other places of worship, of the age, size, denomination and seating capacity as well as details of numbers of worshippers. Invaluable background material for the local historian. Published at 30 and now in print at 20, this F copy in F d/w (ref 0000)  10.00

Derbyshire Tithe Files 1836-1850
Derbyshire Record Society vol 22, 1995. 69+173pp inc index. The 1836 Tithe Act provided for the commutation of tithes previously paid in cash or in kind into a rent-charge on land. The parish by parish details shed light on farming conditions and show how the rent-charge was calculated. Published at 30 and now in print at 20.00, this F copy in F d/w (ref 0000)  12.00  8.50