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[Hallmark documents]  Settlement Examination
1816 examination statement of Thomas Hallmark of Stapeley.  Manuscript on paper, single side.  The paper hasn't been looked after and is now quite fragile, worn through where old folds cross, and a blank page is torn the entire length of an old fold.  Nevertheless the document provides information on Thomas's background available from no other source.  The paper bears the signature 'Thomas hallmark' which would appear to be in his own hand.  (ref 6931)  18.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Killmister document]  Letter to G R Killmister about Brother's Grave
This short letter was written to Macclesfield solicitor G R Killmister in 1879.  It tells him his brother is buried in the American Mission Cemetery Beyrout (presumably today's Beruit?).  Old folds, a little crumpled and a small tear.  (ref 219/25)  4.50 post-free 
Not for export

Killmister Funeral Bill
George Ridgway Killmister of Oakleigh died 5th October 1884.  On offer is the bill for his funeral including 8 for the hearse and 4 carriages, each with a pair of horses.  Several old folds, several small holes through being spiked while folded.  (ref  219/17)  5.00 post-free 
Not for export
[NB we have several other Killmister family documents - email for details]

[McKenchnie]  Vaccination Certificate, 1825
Printed form certifiying Alexander Miller McKechnie, son of Duncan McKechnie, had been vaccinated under the Compulsory Vaccination Act.  Old folds, foxed.   (ref 7630)  *6.00  
Not for export

[Newman document]  Probated will of Henry Francis Newman
Henry of Denniston, Bramhall, and formerly of Didsbury, died in 1904.   The grant of probate is accompanied by a copy of Henry's will.  Paper, rather grubby.  (ref 73/2)  6.00 post-free 
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[Ashton upon Mersey]  Farm Valuation, 1856
Valuations from two independent surveyors of an un-named 27 acre farm, though an accompanying plan shows it on the Carrington road leading from the Altrincham-Manchester turnpike road - anyone with local knowledge will be able to pinpoint it.  All 4 papers and the plan are overly folded and quite worn.  The farm, owned by Mrs Poole of Altrincham, was tenanted by a Mr Hulme.  (ref 524/71)  *12.00  
Not for export

[Baddeley] Abstract of Title to the Manor of Baddeley
This undated but approx 1811 abstract gives details of property deeds going back to 1743. Very much the concern of the Mainwaring family of Baddeley Hall. Manuscript on 8 large paper sheets. (ref 4/62)  *20.00 
Not for export

[Bredbury document]  Duplicate Copy of Conveyance of Part of Waterside Farm
This 1935 sale is of 2 tiny plots of land acquired by Cheshire CC in order to make improvements to the B6103 near Otterspool Bridge.  The document is accompanied by a useful 1:2500 plan.  (ref 408/185)  *5.00  
Not for export

[Broken Cross]  Letter re Right of Way across Moss Well Farm
Evidently Moss Well Farm came up for sale in 1886, as this short letter - signed by churchwarden Richard Wood - is informing the selling agent that they must advise potential buyers of the farm that, as owners of the adjoining farm, the vicar and churchwarden have certain rights of way used by their tenant farmer.  Paper, 2 sheets.  (ref 214/54)  *8.00 
Not for export

Notes on Burton Parish Registers
Rev P F A Morrell, 1908.  Just 40pp, beige cloth boards, cracked inside @ pp16/17 by an over-enthusiastic opening of the book - nevertheless you'd have to wait quite a while to find a better copy.  Bears the ownership signature of Robt H Tyndale, vicar of Burton 1946-1956.  Very scarce little book.  (ref 4885) 

[Chelford document]  Papers Concerning the Sale of a Plot of Land at Astle Farm
These papers concern a small plot of land sold in 1945 by Sir John Dixon to Macclesfield RDC.  Included with the papers is a location plan.  (ref 59/24)   8.00 UK post-free

Parish Register of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in the City of Chester 1532-1837
Transcribed, indexed and edited by L M Farrall, priv printed 1914.  Thick 8vo, an impressive 870pp inc several indexes.  So many entries in the registers that the index of names runs to 113pp, and there's even an index of 'diseases and causes of death'.  Recently re-spined incorporating the original backstrip (though the top & tail inc part of the gilt title was long since missing and has not been replaced with new), new eps, a nice firm copy.  (ref 2444)  70.00

Crewe and Nantwich - A Pictorial History
Richard Simpson, 1991.  4to, unpaginated but 174 mostly photo ills.   We seem to have acquired a number of copies, complete but with faults enabling us to offer them well below the published price of 10.95.  The most common faults are missing d/ws, page edges stuck together (with care this can easily be overcome), but several also have binding faults affecting the last couple of leaves and rear pastedown.   All are clean copies, though.  The best copies will be sold first.  By all means email for details.  (ref 625/11)  5.00

[Hale document]  Proceedings at the Session of Chester Common Hall of Pleas, 1828
This is an account of proceedings at which Peter Leicester and George Hardy claimed rights to property in Hale (dwelling houses, outbuildings and 30 acres) against Charles Potts.  Two tenants (Elizabeth Anne Ashton and Samuel Farr) were called as witnesses, and in the event the claim was upheld.  Manuscript on 1 large parchment sheet (approx 11"x29").  The actual property in Hale isn't identified by name, but if the two witnesses were still alive at the time of the 1841 census it might be possible to narrow things down.  (ref 524/67)  *18.00 
Not for export

[Hyde document]  Abstract of Title
This is an additional abstract, and as such it updates detail given in an earlier abstract (not here present).  The property (then known as Walker Field, the location of which cannot be identified from this document alone) was very much the concern of the Kenyon family from 1812 to 1830.  Manuscript on 2 large paper sheets.  (ref 464/32)  12.00
post-free    Not for export

[Macclesfield] House Demolition Order
This 1937 Order is for West End Cottage at the rear of 114/116 Chestergate. Signed by both the Mayor and Town Clerk. (ref 671)  *4.00

[Macclesfield] Documents relating to Rodney Street
This little group concerns 2 houses, 1 being 38 Rodney Street, 'the other in the yard behind...'. The deeds chronicle events from 1841 to 1885 when the properties were bought by John Day for 183, though he seems to have already lived there for the best part of 20 years. Very much the concern of the Day and Slack families. 8 items altogether, 4 of them on parchment and in nice clean condition. (ref 7603)  *26.00  
Not for export

NB We have many other documents relating to Macclesfield & surrounding parishes.

[Macclesfield]  Reports on Proposed Extension to the Cheshire County Asylum, Parkside
1894 8pp printed transcript in pale blue paper covers, the 8pp comprising of printed transcripts of reports by the Medical Superintendent and the County Surveyor on the best (ie cheapest) way of increasing the capacity of the asylum 'to accommodate the increase of lunatics anticipated'. Rust marks from the staple that once held it all together.   (ref 8140)       *3.00

[Macclesfield]  Deeds and Documents to Property at The Waters
An abstract of title, undated but with 1805 watermarks, gives details of a succession of owners/occupiers going back to 1718, when it was very much the concern of the Blackwell family of Rainow.  At that time it was described as a pair of cottages knocked into one.  In 1752 Thomas Blackwell sold to John Walker 'All that messuage cottage or a place called the further side of the waters.....'.  In 1757 John Walker sold the barn/stable to Philip Etchells.  It seems likely (though it isn't actually mentioned) that at some point the cottage was sold as well, for in 1795 Philip Etchells sold to George Pearson the cottage and buildings.. With this very useful document come originals or copies of all the deeds described except the 1795 one.  11 documents in all, of which 5 are on parchment.  The collection  (ref 63/16)  *65.00   
Not for export

[Macclesfield]  Documents re 4 Cottages at The Waters
Copy documents of 1727 and 1745 (made in 1747) and a 1747 document, the latter bearing marks of Thomas Peers.  The 2 earlier documents concern Grace Doxon (1727) and George Doxon (1745).  All 3 in manuscript on paper.  (ref 63/17)   *14.00
Not for export

[Macclesfield]  Sale Particulars of Various Properties in Brock St, Pownall St, Brook St, Boden St, Waters Green, Gt King St, Bread St, Crompton Rd
Printed particulars for 57-63 & 83-89 Brock St
21-37 Pownall St
116-126 Brook St
90-94 Waters Green
23-39 Boden St
86 & 88 Gt King St
13-19 Bread St
20-244 Crompton Rd
all of which came up for sale at the Pack Horse Hotel in July 1906.  This may have been the auctioneer's copy as each of the 22 lots is annotated with the hammer price and the name of the buyer.  Accompanying the particulars is a multifolding coloured plan scaled at 20 feet to 1 inch showing the Brock St/Pownall St properties divided into 11 lots.  Outside (as folded) very grubby & with several rust-marks.  (ref 30/52)  *12.00

[Macclesfield]  Papers re Plot of Land in Victoria Road
This plot of land was put up for sale by local builders Roylance & Co in 1923.  9 items in all - though some are duplicates.  Grubby.  (ref 30/16)   *8.00

[Mobberley] Report on water sample from well at Newton Hall
1892 report by the Manchester City Analyst. Headed letter, the actual report consists of just 3 lines. (ref G189)  *4.50

Nantwich Parish Church
G Cyril Green, nd c1936. Small [24pp] booklet with 5 plates. Card covers. G.  *1.00

[Nantwich - see Crewe]

Neston and Parkgate
Jeffrey Pearson, 1985. A5 booklet, card covers enclosing 80pp, 39 photos + other ills. Parkgate in its heyday was the principal port for journeys to Ireland. G. (ref 7488)  *4.00

[Rainow]  Sale Particulars for Farm
Printed particulars for the 1897 sale of an un-named 20 acre farm tenanted by George Brown.  Included is a folding plan which gives details of the 9 various fields, all of them named and sized.  One corner is torn away but the text is unaffected.  (ref 302/7)  10.00 UK post-free

Register of Services, St Faith's Mission Church, Preston Brook
On offer here is the actual register, a continuous record of services from 1942 through to 1990.  It provides a week by week record of services, showing who officiated, the numbers in attendance and amounts collected.  Covers worn, consistent with being in continuous use for nigh on 50 years.  A precious (and of course unique) piece of local history.  (ref 0000)  35.00

History of Runcorn with an Account of the Ancient Village of Weston
Charles Nickson, 1887.  4to, 232pp followed by list of less than 200 subscribers, 26 ills as required.  Ex-ref lib so no label covered with date-stamps, elaborate lib label to front pastedown, occasional blind embossed stamps (mainly to the plates), class mark in gilt on spine.  Rebacked incorporating most of original backstrip, bottom corners of 4 leaves missing, nevertheless this is a VG clean copy both inside and out - perhaps due to the purpose-built slipcase.  (ref 1145)  *75.00

[Sandbach document]  Copy of Bridge Building Contract
An undated but early copy of a contract awarded in 1825 to Newcastle stonemason William Smith for the building of a new bridge over 'the Brooke in the Town of Sandbach', the bridge to be built about 20 yards downstream from the existing one.  Manuscript on 4 large paper sheets with a 5th as the covering sheet.  All sheets are torn/worn where old folds cross and should be handled with care - the wear is such that the covering sheet is now in two halves.  If the original of this contract hasn't survived, this may add significant detail to the history of bridge building in Sandbach.  (ref 103/22)  priced for condition at 15.00 UK post-free

A Record of Stockport Volunteers and their Armoury
John Christie-Miller, 1969. 20pp booklet in buff card covers, 8 ills. G. (ref 7423)  *3.50

[Wallasey]  Papers re 1-14 Leasowe Avenue
These papers range in dates from 1897 - when the houses are described as 'recently erected' - to 1911.  Some of the items are only draft copies and a couple of carbon copies of legal bills.  However one item includes a plan of the odd-numbered houses.  21 items in all, some quite grubby.  (ref 30/29)  *10.00

Printed Sales Particulars
The following late 1940s/1950s particulars are available. All are on standard printed forms with typescript insertions. All are available at  *1.50 each:
A. (Rents of) 23-45 & 36-62 Ilfracombe Road, Woodbank, Stockport, 1949.
B. 22 Clovelly Road, Stockport, 1952.
C. 8 Porlock Close, Stockport, 1948.
D. 3 Westland Avenue, Stockport, 1941.
E. 10 Bossington Close, Stockport, 1951.
F. 41 Marcliff Grove, Heaton Mersey, 1952.
G. 25 Hartland Close, Stockport, 1952.
H. 67 Beverley Road, Offerton, Stockport, 1952.
I. 10 Hartland Close, Stockport, 1950.
J. 55 Beverley Road, Offerton, Stockport, 1952.
K. 17 Berkeley Close, Stockport, 1951.
L. 50 Ludlow Road, Woodbank Park, Stockport, 1947.
M. 13 Stratton Road, Woodbank Park, Stockport, 1953.
N. 38 Heaward Street, Huntsmans Brow, Brinksway, Stockport, 1948.
O. 96/102/104/106/108 Chatham Street, Edgeley, Stockport, 1951.
Also available is a small group of 5 late 1940s papers concerning the sale of 2 plots of land on the Woodbank Park Estate, Stockport, at *3.00

Cheshire Village Memories vol 2
Cheshire FWI, 1961. 108pp, 18 full-page plates, other ills in text. Extracts from the local history scrap-books and jottings of 39 villages. This particular copy has been very well looked after, VG. (ref 8285)  10.00