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[Adams documents]  Papers concerning the late Catherine Adams
A useful collection of late-1880s papers consequent on the 1888 death of Catherine Adams of Buckingham.  The paperwork includes a copy of her will, a probate application made by her niece Sarah Ann Hunt, and a funeral bill.  30 items altogether, some rather grubby.  (ref 208/14)  20.00 post-free  Not for export

[Brazell document]  Disposal of Assets of Bankrupt
Here you have the opportunity to acquire a contemporary copy of an 1824 release of property in Quainton left to Joseph Brazell by his father in 1813.  A debtor in Aylesbury prison, Joseph forfeited several plots of land, all of them specifically identified (though the modern researcher will probably only be able to work out their approx locations).  Manuscript on 10 large paper sheets, with an 11th as the covering sheet.  It is quite likely the original document hasn't survived, leaving this the only evidence of this sorry story - unless there's something in the Quarter Sessions records.  (ref 4917)  15.00 
post-free  Not for export

[Cayley document]  Paperwork re Elizabeth Cayley of Buckingham
An accumulation of perhaps 80 misc papers resulting from the 1899 death of Elizabeth Cayley.  Much of the paperwork is routine, but we noted a London Gazette with an appeal for creditors to make their claims; a typescript copy of her will which mentions Kirby, Box and Tibbetts relatives;  her bank book;  legacy papers and much solicitor's office correspondence;  a catalogue for the sale of her household furniture and effects annotated with prices - eg a 100 piece dinner service fetched 23/-.  (ref T120)  38.00
post-free  Not for export

[Carter Family of Buckingham]  Large Collection of Miscellaneous Minor Papers
Ranging in dates from 1852 to 1902, much of the paperwork concerns Richard Carter, died 1884.  The collection appears to have been rummaged through several times and this is all that remains - a few hundred minor papers, predominantly from the 1880s and 1890s, including such things as local traders bills, dividend statements, a few small account books and much routine day-to-day correspondence etc.   Latter papers concern Richard W Carter, presumably a son.  The collection (ref 333/12)  40.00 post-free  Not for export

[Denchfield Family of Boycott]  Family Paperwork
Richard Denchfield died in January 1853, leaving a widow [Alice?] and children William, Eliza and Mary Ann.  Here's your opportunity to acquire a quantity of family papers - mainly dating from the mid-1850s but one or two earlier - including  bonds, tax papers, many bills with spike holes in them, etc etc, hours of contemporary research material here  showing how Richard's widow carried on the farming business - apparently well enough to be able to afford  a four-poster bedstead for 2/5/- as well as all the day-to-day farming expenses.  Richard's oak coffin cost less than 5.  About 90 items altogether, predominantly small stuff.  (ref 212/1)  35.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Freeman documents]  Papers Re John Freeman of Gawcott
John Freeman was a Gawcott blacksmith who died in 1867.  Here you have the opportunity to acquire an accumulation of documents and office papers including copy will,  sale of his cottage 'on the right-hand side of the road leading from Gawcott to Buckingham'  the first stone of which was apparently laid at 9am on Tuesday 2nd September 1845.  Altogether there are 28 papers large and small.  The collection (ref 208/17)  35.00 post-free  Not for export

[French documents]  Papers re Robert French of Buckingham
Robert French died in 1877.  Here is a small accumulation of 24 papers, mostly minor stuff but including 2 copies of his will, a valuation of furniture etc for probate, and a formidable list of 44 creditors.  (ref  208/20)  20.00 post-free  Not for export

[Ive documents]  Land Tax Paperwork
A small collection of papers dated 1818 concerning George Ive's Land Tax.  He appears to have owned property in Amersham, Chalfont St Giles and Chalfont St Peter, though what those properties were isn't shown.  5 items, mostly printed forms with manuscript insertions.  (ref 6538)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Paragreen document]  Assignment of Mortgage
This 1848 deed is very much the concern of various members of the Paragreen family and indeed it bears the signatures of Thomas P of Water Stratford, of William P of Warwickshire, and the marks of Edward P of Radclive and Ann P of Water Stratford.  The deed is in manuscript on parchment - it has several wear & tear holes where old folds cross, it is somewhat over-folded and a bit grubby, but well worth acquiring for the contemporary Paragreen detail.  Attached to the deed are several relevant papers.  (ref 208/21)  20.00 post-free  Not for export

[Rowell documents]  Papers Concerning the late William Hillier Rowell, formerly of Sherington
William Hillier Rowell died in 1885 in The London Hospital, Whitechapel, but his roots were clearly in Buckinghamshire.  On offer is a very useful accumulation of 1880s papers.  Altogether 20 papers, some a bit grubby.  (ref 208/15)  20.00 post-free  Not for export

[Salmon documents]  Papers re James Salmon of Wolverton and Stony Stratford
Here you have a wonderful opportunity to acquire a good-sized collection of papers and documents resulting from the 1865 death of James Salmon.  The items range in dates from 1865 to 1886.  Altogether there are 88 items, some quite grubby.  (ref 208/18)  55.00 post-free  Not for export

[Thorpe documents]  Papers re Henry Thorpe of Buckingham
Henry Thorpe died in 1878.  On offer is an accumulation of 42 papers large and small concerning financial and other matters resulting from his death.  Some are quite grubby.   (ref 208/19)  30.00 post-free  Not for export


Reflections of Amersham
Jean Archer, 40pp, 17 photo-ills. Ignore the story book style - there is much local history to be found. Old fold in top corner of cover but still G. (ref 150/98)  2.50 UK post-free

Amersham Through the Ages
Monica Mullins, Amersham Museum, 1998. A5 booklet in green card covers, unpaginated but c35pp, several ills inc full page map of Old Town. Dates and events from AD1. In print at *3.70, this F copy (ref 40/109)  2.50 UK post-free

A Concise History of Amersham
12mo booklet of 37pp in green card covers, a 1982 reprint of a 1906 reprint of the original which appeared in T H King's Family Almanack of 1887.  Nice clean copy, VG.   (ref 100/42) 2.50
UK post-free

Another copy though perhaps not quite so clean.  (ref 210/62)  2.50  UK post-free

Amersham Official Guide
Nd but early 1990s guide, 36pp in pictorial card covers, folding street map at end.  VG.  (ref 210/61)  2.00
UK post-free

[Beaconsfield] Gentleman's Magazine, August 1810
Pp99-200 cloth bound, nice copy but with some scattered foxing. Contains a full-page steel engraving of Beaconsfield Church on p105. (ref 1362)  10.00

The History of Beaconsfield
Beaconsfield & District Historical Society publication No 4, 1975. Usual green card covers, 112pp, 24 ills inc photos. This copy has become partially unglued, so that the first few leaves are almost detached. There was almost certainly a blank fep & if there was, it is missing. Contents clean, covers becoming dogeared. (ref 110/23) 4.50
UK post-free

[Brill]  Sale Particulars for Garfield House
Garfield House, together with 4 plots of land - one called Leatherslade Garden, another called Lady Mead, plus a couple on Muswell Hill - came up for sale at The George in Aylesbury in 1920.  There's no site plan but none is implied in the text.  Tenants mentioned are Pointer, Adams, Wheeler, Dodwell.  (ref 360/4)   10.00
UK post-free

[Buckingham paperwork]  Papers concerning the Review of the Church Lads Brigade at Benthill, 1914
A thousand church lads of the Oxford Cadet Regiment (from Aylesbury, Eton, Oxford, Reading Slough, Windsor, Wycombe etc) met up at Benthill in 1914.  A collection of c60 items, all concerning the expenses and contributions by local people.   (ref 5005)  35.00 post-free  Not for export

[Buckingham] Election addresses
3 printed addresses 'To the Inhabitants of the Borough, Parish, and Neighbourhood of Buckingham' by prospective MP Harry Verney. All are dated 1831 and are in nice clean condition. (ref G443/12)  12.00
UK post-free

The Roll of Burgesses for the Borough of Buckingham 1913-1914
Folio size, 10pp listing the 728 burgesses, their places of abode and their qualification (as burgess). Several pencil annotations o/w a nice clean copy in plain paper covers. Folded into 4. VG. (ref B165)  10.00
UK post-free

[Buckingham Congregational Church] Receipt for Deeds
Signed by two of the trustees of the Society of Independents, this 1885 receipt is for three bundles of deeds obtained from the Solicitor's office. The contents of the bundles is not detailed. (ref T116/36)  2.50
UK post-free

[Buckingham] Deeds relating to a Cottage in Bonehill Lane
5 parchment deeds (an 1810 lease & release, an 1822 mortgage and an 1829 lease & release) for a cottage 'formerly in the occupation of Phyllis Beason, since of John North, late of... William Jones and now [in 1829] unoccupied'. The 1822 mortgage was taken out by William Jones so he appears to have lived in the cottage from then until 1829 when he sold it to Edward Cripps Westly, a local carpenter. (ref 44/268)  18.00 post-free   Not for export

[Buckingham]  Sale Particulars of Properties on Market Hill, High St & Well St
1911 printed particulars for the following properties:-
Tomb's Yard [23 High St] with 4 Tomb's Yard
2 shops & premises in the Bull Ring [fronting Market Hill]
1 & 2 Market Hill
54 Well St
Occupiers are variously listed as Gibbs, Densham, Swift, Marshall, Dudley, Carey and Holland.  This particular copy was used for the sale of lot 6 (54 Well St) to the occupier James Holland, and it bears his signature.  Decent condition.  (ref 333/20)  10.00
UK post-free

[Buckingham]  Grocer's Customer Account Book
Reynolds & Sons red account book showing articles bought between 1904 and 1906 - only the 1st quarter of the book is used.  In the printed prelims Reynolds lists their 'General Groceries and Italian Goods'.  (ref 333/17)  6.00 post-free   Not for export

[Buckingham]  Deeds to Property in Well Street
A small but early group of 5 deeds to 'all that cottage or tenement.....heretofore a shop situate standing & being in Well Street in Buckingham', together with an undated but probably 1747 abstract giving details of an earlier [1624] deed.  The deeds here on offer range in dates from 1706 to 1747.  The group (ref 206/25)  60.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Buckingham & Gawcott]  Sale Particulars for Primrose Hill Farm
The 71 acre 'very valuable small pleasure farm' Primrose Hill Farm lay in Gawcott.  With it came the 29 acre The Wood Ground, a 13 acre plot of building land 'close to the town of Buckingham', and the 2 acre Kirby's Meadow fronting the Bourton Road and running down to the Ouse.  The tenants were Thomas Watts and  W J Gough.  Accompanying the particulars is a large multifolding coloured site plan of all 4 properties, due for sale at The White Hart, Buckingham, in 1890.  The outside [as folded] is grubby but this is acceptable given the age.  (ref 360/3)  15.00
UK post-free

[Buckingham document]   Legal Correspondence - Vicar in Debt
Two documents dating from 1787 are on offer here.  The first is a 4pp document, 3pp of which are devoted to legal thoughts on the debts of the Vicar of Buckingham, Philip Bigg Roberts who appears to have borrowed 150 from his curate William Eyre.  The curate had to resort to the law in order to get his money back.  The situation was complicated by the vicar having already borrowed 160 from a James Bradford, and the document sets out the background and asks where Mr Bradford stands in the matter.  In a modern hand is pencilled some historical detail about the vicar.  Manuscript on paper, worn along old folds and small holes where folds cross, worn & torn at the top edge.   The second item is a transcript of  the 1785 deed in which Philip Bigg Roberts borrowed money from James Bradford.  This is manuscript on 3 large paper sheets and at the end a local solicitor is asking for guidance from Lincolns Inn.  This is worn and torn, but given the age not unduly so.  Interesting situation, and we wonder how it was resolved.  (ref 6921)  12.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Buckingham document]  Conveyance of Public House
This 1807 deed records the selling by Goodman to Bates of 'All that piece or parcel of ground with the a certain street there called Well Street.....and all that messuage or tenement standing and being on part of the said piece or parcel of ground commonly called or known by the name or sign of The Bell now and for some time past hath been in the tenure or occupation of the said John Bates the younger.....'.  Manuscript on two large parchment sheets and signed by all parties concerned.  (ref 44/238)  20.00 
post-free  Not for export

[Buckingham documents]  Papers Concerning The Cottage, Church Hill, Bourtonhold
An accumulation of papers variously dated 1880 and 1892 concerning a cottage owned by Mary Box of Radclive and leased by Henry Bull.  15 items altogether including an original leas

e agreement.  (ref 208/16)  17.50 post-free  Not for export

[Chalfont St Giles document]  Lease of Welder's Farm
This is the counterpart copy [ie the copy signed by the lessee rather than the lessor] of a 21-year lease of Welder's Farm.  The lease, dated 1863, hasn't been stored in ideal conditions and is in places heavily foxed along old folds - indeed where old folds cross it has worn away with the loss of a few words of the text.  Manuscript on 2 large parchment sheets, signed by the lessee Joseph Tate of Chalfont St Peter.  Priced for condition (ref 863) at 10.00
post-free  Not for export

[Chesham]  Sale Poster
Early (1835) printed poster announcing the forthcoming sale at the Crown Inn of 'two desirable dwelling houses near the Market House', being sold on behalf of the executors of the late Mr Joiner.  Two sitting tenants are named as Stedman and Joiner (no christian names).  Although described as dwelling houses the poster also mentions that they are 'admirably situated for trade, fitted up with bow shop windows, fire places and cupboards'.  Size approx 11"x17", single-sided so ideal for framing, extensively waterstained but quite probably unique - very few posters of this age appear on the market.  For those into provincial printing, this was produced by W Hepburn, Chesham.  (ref 5502)  22.00
UK post-free

[Chetwode]  Priced Catalogue of Farm Stock etc at Manthorpe Farm
This booklet contains a record of 127 lots of live- and dead-stock sold in 1904 consequent on the death of Joseph Waters.  (ref 208/11)  12.50 UK post-free

[Dinton/Cuddington document]  Schedule of Lands in Dinton & Cuddington
A schedule drawn up by the Board of Agriculture in 1891 of 539 acres of land owned by Lt Col Goodall of Dinton Park.   About 500 acres lay in the parish of Dinton, the rest in Cuddington.  The schedule is particularly useful to both local and family historians in that it breaks the 539 acres down into 9 blocks (inc 3 farms) and shows who are the occupiers.   Manuscript on large parchment sheet [approx 27"x23"], nice and clean though multifolded.  If you think your ancestor might have been one of the tenants, by all means check with us before you buy.  (ref 60/21)  18.00 post-free  Not for export

[Edlesborough document]  Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1929 sale on behalf of R and F Meakins of a couple of horses and a 'capital assortment of agricultural implements' which are only very briefly described.  Size approx 17"x22", decent condition.  (ref 299/10)  15.00 UK post-free

[Gawcott document]  Copyhold Admission
This 1887 manorial admission records the surrender of a copyhold on 'two messuages two tenements and two closes of pasture containing two acres and a plot or allotment of land containing four acres and thirty one Gawcott.....' by John Edward Bartlett Esq of Peverel Court, Stone,  in favour of Messrs Henry Hearn & John Cheesman of Buckingham, Edward Harper Ridgway of Bourton and George Warr of Gawcott.  Some interesting detail, including the fact that the 'said messuages or tenements are now in the respective occupations of William Turvey, Mark Bennett, Benjamin Bennett and John Harris.......'.  Manuscript on parchment, signed by the Steward of the Court.  (ref B165)  10.00 post-free  Not for export

[Great Horwood - see Nash]

A Country Parson - The Hambleden Valley 1937-1979
1994 edition of Wilfred Watts 1979 book.  A4 size, green paper covers, plastic spiral bound.  WW was rector of Hambleden for over 40 years and wrote this little book shortly before he died.  This copy is offered at the 1994 published price.  (ref 0000)  3.00

The History of the Borough of High Wycombe from 1880 to the Present Day
L J Mayes, 1960. Tall 8vo, 94pp inc index, 8 plates. G in G d/w. Most d/ws on these books seem to suffer from wear & tear at the tops & tails of the spines.  (ref 550/38)  20.00

[Ivinghoe document]  Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1929 sale of live- and dead-stock  prompted by the death of Mrs Margaret Bailey of Vicarage Farm.  Large [approx 20"x30"] poster with the inevitable offsetting resulting from 80+ years of being stored folded.   (ref 299/32)  18.00 UK post-free

[Lillingstone Lovell] Grant of Land to extend burial ground
1889 land grant (signed) by James Bogle Delap. Parchment. Site plan. (ref B165 - also on the Oxfordshire list)  8.00 post-free  Not for export

[Linslade document]  Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1929 sale of the household effects of 'Capt B J L Banks who is leaving the district', the sale to be held at 'Harcourt', Stoke Road.  Size approx 15"x20", quite nice condition.  (ref 299/11)  15.00 UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Sale Particulars for 27 New Road
Printed particulars for the 1913 sale of this 11-room house consequent upon the death of William King who appears to have acquired it in 1861.  Described as a hunting box, the house had stabling for 7 horses.  'The property is situate about 3 minutes walk from Leighton Buzzard Station'.  Some old damp-mould.  (ref 299/25)  10.00  UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Property Sale Poster
Poster printed for a 1927 sale (on behalf of Mrs L King) of 16 and 18 Station Road Terrace, Station Road, tenanted by S Metcalfe and F Tarbox.   Size approx 17"x22", top edge of an old fold worn away for about an inch.  (ref 299/78)  15.00 UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Property Sale Poster
Poster printed for a 1930 sale of 4 Waterloo Road, 'until recently occupier by the vendor' who was Mr A Metcalfe.  Size approx 15"x20", ink details (the wrong details) have bled through from the reverse side affecting an area approx 4"x3" o/w a nice poster.  (ref 299/65)  15.00
UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Furniture Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1929 sale of 'the whole of the useful household furniture' at 55 Wing Road consequent on the death of Mrs C L Carpenter.  Size approx 17"x22", some offsetting through long term folded storage but nothing to worry about.  (ref 299/40)  15.00 UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Furniture Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1929 sale of 'a quantity of nearly new and excellent surplus household furniture' at a house called Harcourt, Stoke Road. the sale held on behalf of Digby Whitehead Esq.  Size approx 15"x20", some offsetting through long term folded storage.  (ref 299/41)  12.00 UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Property Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1930 sale of No 4, Waterloo Road on behalf of Mr A Metcalfe.  Size approx 14"x20", some offsetting through long term folded storage, silverfish damage affecting the right-hand edge (text is unaffected, though) and ink manuscript details have bled through from the reverse side affecting a small are (approx 4"x5").  (ref 299/42)  10.00 UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Property Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1929 sale of 37 and 39 New Road, together with 'a range of excellent buildings situate fronting Church Road' comprising a shop-cum-office and a garage-cum-workshop.  Large poster (approx 20"x28"), some offsetting due to being long term folded storage.  (ref 299/38)  18.00 UK post-free

[Linslade document] Property Sale Poster
Printed poster for a 1927 sale of a semi-detached house in Rosebery Avenue, the sale brought about by the death of Thomas Yirrell.  Size approx 20"x30", some silverfish damage along an old fold.  (ref 299/82)  15.00 UK post-free

A 2nd copy - without the silverfish damage.  (ref 299/83)  15.00 UK post-free

A 3rd copy - and the best of the 3 copies despite an old dogear.  (ref 299/84)  15.00 UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Property Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1927 sale of a house in Rosebury Avenue following the death of Thomas Yirrell.   Size approx 20"x30", very slight silverfish damage.   (ref 299/47)  18.00 UK post-free

Another Copy - marginally better but little in it.  (ref 299/48)  18.00 UK post-free

A 3rd Copy - and 3rd best condition-wise.  (ref 299/49)  18.00 UK post-free

A 4th Copy - similar.  (ref 299/54)  18.00 UK post-free

A 5th Copy - similar.  (ref 299/55)  18.00 UK post-free

[Linslade document]  Sale Particulars
Printed particulars for a 1908 sale of the former N F Watkins & Co builders & timber merchant premises alongside the Grand Junction Canal, also an adjoining 2.5 acre plot known as The Elms, also several shops/houses comprising 24-30 Canal Terrace, Canal Road.  Rather grubby and has clearly been stored in an attic or perhaps a cellar.  The document incorporates a multifolding site plan - this has a tear in one of the top folds and a hole in an old fold.  The document is annotated in pencil with the bidding progression of the first six lots and was clearly at the sale - it may even have been the auctioneer's own copy.  (ref 299/99)  18.00 UK post-free

The Parsons and Parish Registers of Medmenham Buckinghamshire
Arthur H Plaisted, 1932.  A thick 481pp inc 3 indexes filling 79pp, 20 ills as required, sketch-map eps.  Of particular interest is the transcript of the registers for the period 1654 to 1930 enhanced by the Bishops Transcripts for the period 1575 to 1653, between them taking up well over half the book.  Scattered slight foxing here & there but a nice tight and tidy copy of this uncommon book.  VG.   (ref 3553)  50.00 post-free in the UK

[Nash & Great Horwood]  Sale Particulars of 4 Plots of Land
Printed particulars of these 4 plots of land which came up for auction at The George Inn, Winslow, in 1854.  An accompanying hand-coloured site plan shows the location of the fields.  Complimentary copy from the auctioneer, folded & posted to Wm T Buckell of Nash, still bearing a pair of penny reds plus postmarks.   The outside (as folded) is quite fragile due to damage by silverfish and careless unfastening & thus parts are missing (affects part of the text of the Gt Horwood property).  (ref 4078)  18.00
UK post-free

[Northall]  Important Collection of Deeds, Documents and Indentures for Property at South End
An incomplete run of deeds and documents going back from the mid-20c to 1673 when John Kidgell leased [for 2000 years] to his son Thomas a plot of land known as Thirty Acres (but actually measuring 28) 'next a certain lane there leading from Southend Greene towards Ivinghoe on the West part, next Middlecroft Field on the East part, next Southend Green on the East part and next the land of Dr Smith on the fourth part'. The boundaries of the land seems to have changed little - if at all - over the years as in a 1906 conveyance it is described as 'Firstly All that piece or parcel of land situate in the south end of Northall.....bounded on the north west by an accommodation road leading to Southend Farm, on the north east partly by the premises hereinafter described.....and containing by admeasurement altogether about thirty acres one rood and twenty five perches more or less, and Secondly All that cottage or tenement now divided into two tenements.....together with the orchard adjoining.....' [this 'second' property was acquired in 1885].   The documents chronicle a succession of occupiers and interested parties for well over 250 years and, although it is a broken sequence, it is possible to back track from 1906 either by names of people involved, or by mention of dates of earlier indentures, or by reference to Thirty Acres, all the way to 1673.   In all there are 45 items [11 of which are earlier than 1780] including a rather ragged collection list for the Northend Silver Jubilee Celebration 1935 which lists almost 50 names, a printed poster for the 1885 sale of the 2 cottages [damaged but frameable] and a scarce 17th century marriage settlement - this item alone would fetch at least 50 were it to be offered on the open market.  The collection (ref 77/10)  200.00 post-free  
 Not for export

[North Marston document]  Sale Particulars - Stevens' Farm
Printed particulars for the 1934 sale of the 76 acre Stevens' Farm.  This particular copy was used as the contract by which the successful bidder (Albert Line) paid the 10% deposit.  Old fold down the centre, grubby front cover, staples very rusty.  (ref 7714)  12.50 UK post-free

[North Marston document]  Sale Particulars - Cottage next to Stevens' Farm
As well as Stevens' Farm in the 1934 sale, the cottage next door was sold.  This particular copy was used as the contract by which the successful bidder (Cyril John Carter) paid the 10% deposit.  Old fold down the centre, covers a bit grubby, staples rusty.  (ref 7715)  12.50 UK post-free

[Olney] Parish Church Appeal for the Roof Restoration Fund
4pp printed appeal letter issued in 1931 to coincide with the bi-centenary of the birth of William Cowper. Old tears repaired. (ref L056)  4.00
UK post-free

[Padbury document]  Deed Concerning White Bridge Furlong
This 1836 deed records a family arrangement concerning a 15 acre plot of land known as White Bridge Furlong 'bounded on the South West by the Steeple Claydon Road and elsewhere by a stream which formed the boundary between the parishes of Padbury and Steeple Claydon.  The parties involved were Thomas and Alexander Shillingford, John and Mary Kightley (all 4 signed the deed) and William Harwood, the only party local to Padbury.  Manuscript on 2 large parchment sheets.  (ref 307/63)  18.00 post-free 
 Not for export

[Pitstone document]  Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1930 sale of a couple of houses and a block of 4 cottages on the Ivinghoe & Cheddington Road, the sale a consequence of the death of Jesse Williamson.  Size approx 20"x29", a couple of small areas affected by silverfish on the left-hand edge, general offsetting as a result of having been stored folded for 80 years or so, handwritten ink details have bled though from the reverse - however this is quite possibly the only copy in existence.  (ref 299/23)  15.00 UK post-free

[Pitstone document]  Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1930 sale of Fern Cottage in Queen Street, the sale prompted by the death of Bertha Collyer.  Size approx 17"x22", some offsetting as a result of having been stored folded for 80 years or so, and with some handwritten ink details having bled though from the reverse.   (ref 299/24)  15.00 UK post-free

[Shabbington documents]  Valuation of Fixtures & Fittings at the Old Fisherman Inn
Contemporary copies of valuations made in 1897, 1909 and 1933 on changes of tenant.  (ref 68/34)  12.50 UK post-free

[Shelswell]  Return of Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock
This booklet lists 342  lots of live- and dead-stock sold in 1904 consequent on the death of Joseph Waters.  (ref 208/12)  15.00 UK post-free

[Stewkley document]  Farming Stock Sale Poster
Poster printed for a 1929 sale, at Mount Pleasant Farm, of the live- and dead-stock of Mr C Wheeler 'who is retiring from farming'.  Size approx 17"x22".   (ref 299/76)  15.00 UK post-free

[Stewkley document]  Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1929 sale of building materials to be held 'in Mr E Faulkner's Meadow, Wing Road, Stewkley'.  The poster declares no catalogue would be produced, so the only details left to us are the very general descriptions on the poster.  Large poster [approx 17"x22"], the middle third affected by offsetting through long term folded storage.  (ref 299/10)  12.00 UK post-free

[Stoke Hammond document]  Furniture Sale Poster
Poster printed for a 1927 sale of household furniture of C H Horne at Rectory Farm.   Size approx 15"x20", some silverfish damage mainly affecting the top margin but there are also a couple of small holes on an old fold.  (ref 299/72)  15.00 UK post-free

Stoke Poges Church
25pp typical church pamphlet, nd but perhaps 1960s, 12 photo-ills. G. (ref 100/35)  1.50
UK post-free

[Stowe document]  Boycott Manor Tenancy Agreement
This 1895 document records the leasing of Boycott Manor by Gilbert McMicking from Charles Clarke Higgins of Upton Park, Slough.  The period of the lease was one year but clearly both parties were happy enough with the arrangement to extend it for a further 3 years.  Manuscript on paper, 5pp inc useful schedules of field names, states of cultivation, acreages, the whole totalling 528 acres.  Although not marked as such this must be the counterpart copy of the lease as it is signed by the lessee, not the lessor.  (ref 7720)  10.00 post-free  Not for export

[Stowe document]  Boycott Manor Tenancy Agreement
This 1897 document records the leasing of Boycott Manor by Gilbert McMicking from Charles Clarke Higgins of Upton Park, Slough.  The period of the lease was 3 years.  Manuscript on paper, 6pp inc useful schedules of field names, states of cultivation, acreages, the whole totalling 528 acres.  This is marked up as the counterpart copy, and as such it is signed by the lessee.  (ref 7723)  10.00 post-free  Not for export

[The Manor of Tingewick]  Admission of Copyholder at Jack O'Lantern
This concerns a house, garden & 4 plots of land together with part of the river at Jack O'Lantern (part of today's Grove Farm).  The total area was over 14 acres.  Contemporary copy of 1878 entry in the court rolls, parchment, grubby as folded.  (ref 333/16)  8.00 post-free  
Not for export

[Tingewick]  Miller's Bill
This is a small bill for a quantity of 'foreign barley'.  Hand-written bill from E D Pollard & Sons, 1896.  (ref 333/43)  2.00 post-free 
Not for export

[Woburn Sands document]  Sale Poster
Printed poster advertising a 1927 sale (at The Swan Hotel) of a pair of semi-detached houses called Pine Villa and Rose Villa, situated in Chapel Street.  Size approx 17"x22", some offsetting resulting from having been stored folded for 80-odd years, small hole along an old fold, not affecting text.  (ref 299/31)  15.00 UK post-free

Ordnance Survey Geological Map - Sheet 255
3rd ed, 1922, multi-section map with linen back, in original slip-case. Ex-Berkshire County Library though apparently not looked at for over 35 years. Centred on Beaconsfield and covers the approx square Hughenden-Rickmansworth-Hillingdon-Marlow. G. (ref 350/16)  8.50
UK post-free

Hand-Written Buckinghamshire 'Directory'
Early 19th century 200pp notebook, the unknown compiler noting down everything he felt relevant about the county and the various towns & villages.  Extracted from Howard's 'State of Prisons' are very interesting notes on gaols and bridewells at Aylesbury, Buckingham, Newport Pagnell ['Bridewell - 2 cells in the back court of a public house 7ft by 6 1/2 and 6ft high, the apertures in the doors 10 inches by 9....'], and High Wycombe ['This prison was lately removed from High Wycombe to West Wycombe and the keeper was dismissed at the Michaelmas Sessions 1778 for inattention...'].  There's also much on local elections, inscriptions on important gravestones/memorials, rectors & patrons of churches etc.  We'd imagine that today the greater part of the contents can be tracked down somewhere on the internet, so this item being a contemporary private collection of facts & figures is perhaps only of interest to the serious Buckinghamshire collector or perhaps one of the museums.  (ref 2776)  90.00 UK post-free

Probate Records of the Archdeaconry Court of Buckingham 1483-1650 and of the Buckinghamshire Peculiars 1420-1660
Index Library, British Record Society vol 114, 2001.  Tall 8vo, plum cloth boards, 483pp inc indexes, main contents are alphabetical by surname.  The number of entries is well over 15,000.  F copy of a book still in print at 32 + 5 postage, our copy (ref 2211)  28.50

NB the few documents listed amongst the books above are just a small selection from our stock of perhaps 15,000 items covering much of Britain - many of which relate either to Buckinghamshire people or Buckinghamshire property.  Email the names or locations you are researching and we'll provide details of anything we have that might link up.