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[Botley documents]  Deeds to Cottages near the Carpenters Arms
Between them, these deeds concern 7 or 8 cottages, several of which appear to have formerly comprised a property called The Thatched House.  The only clue to location is a reference to their proximity to a pub called the Carpenters Arms.  Our lack of local knowledge limits our ability to separate the documents, so they are offered as one lot comprising 6 parchment deeds covering the period 1783-1895, a pair of  1841 abstracts of title on paper indicating that at that time the properties were treated as two separate lots, and an 1897 paper document being a mortgage of 8 cottages.  Principal names involved are Castle (for the initial few years) and particularly Parker.  John Parker died in 1841 (which prompted the 2 abstracts of title to be drawn up) and his executors sold parts to Alice Baughan of Appleton and William Button of Botley.  NB an 1895 conveyance has the embossed tax stamps callously cut away.  As far as we can tell the Carpenters Arms is now a Macdonalds.  (ref 661/1)  55.00 post-free  Not for export

[Botley documents]  Lists of Furniture etc in the George
Two very brief lists dated 1927 and 1929.  (ref 68/18)  6.00 UK post-free

The Parish Church of St Peter, Caversham
4pp pamphlet, 1970. In home-made card covers.  1.00 post-free within UK

[Cumnor documents]  Inventory of Fixtures & Fittings etc at the Bear and Ragged Staff
Carbon copy of a 2pp typescript inventory drawn up in 1912 on change of tenant, together with a small paper dated 1924 detailing items (a new door etc) recently fitted and declared the property of the landlord (the brewery).  (ref 68/52)  10.00 UK post-free

[Harwell documents]  Inventory & Valuation of Furniture, Fittings etc at the Crown Inn
Contemporary copy of professional valuation made in 1938 on change of tenant.  5pp typescript.   Also a valuation of a Riley bar billiards table in 1938.  Also an inventory and paperwork concerning a previous (1936) tenancy change.  (ref 68/28)  20.00 UK post-free

[Harwell documents]  Inventories & Valuations of Fixtures, Fittings etc at the Crispin Inn
A 1902 note about the pigsty, accompanied by inventories drawn up in 1903, 1911, 1935, 1937 and 1946, some of which are contemporary copies in typescript.  In all there are 8 items.  (ref 68/31)  20.00 UK post-free

The Manor of Kingston Bagpuize in the Royal County of Berkshire
Capt A Henderson-Livesey, nd but c1930? Large 4to in ragged card covers, 28pp, location map, 15 photos + other ills. A quite dilapidated copy, most pp near detached, but copies in any condition are scarce. (ref 350/48)  8.50

Inventory of Text Books, Little Coxwell School
The actual log book compiled by the school, covering the period July 1959-July 1964.  A Berkshire Education Committee booklet with printed paper covers.  Of no great historical importance (yet), but presumably a unique piece of local history.  (ref 6942)  15.00
Not for export

[Longworth document]  Valuation of Fixtures & Fittings at the Blue Bear
1938 professional valuation in typescript, 3pp, made on change of tenant.  Everything seems to have been listed including '14 electric light bulbs throughout house'.  (ref 68/36)  10.00 UK post-free

Methodism in Maidenhead 1829-1979
Peter Hardiment, 1979. Tall 8vo, 112pp inc index, 30 ills. The history of the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists and their churches. F in VG but sunned d/w. (ref 8128)  8.00

A History of Maidenhead
J W Walker, 1909.  238pp, index is in the prelims, 7 plates.  Some embrowning of eps o/w a generally VG copy of this uncommon edition.  (ref 7686)   60.00

[Newbury documents]  2 Deeds to Building Land
Parchment conveyances of 1921 and 1923, both concerning Christopher Henry Saunders of Yattenden, for a 41 acre plot of land between Andover Road and Monkey Lane, and numbered pt62 on the OS map.  This large plot was to be broken up into more than a dozen fragments, presumably for building in the 1920s, and there's a list of the purchasers of these smaller plots.  (ref 107/14)  15.00  post-free 
Not for export

The Hearth Tax for Reading and Caversham 1662-3
Transcribed by Edgar Powell, 1913. Tall 8vo booklet, grey card covers, just 17pp inc index. Covers detached, worn & rather brittle. Ex-Berkshire Record Office, their stamp at foot of title-page. Scarce. (ref 350/46)  6.00 post-free within UK

Snare's Reading Directory, 1842-3 Pt 2 - The Post Office Key to the Country Round Reading
Small 8vo, xii followed by pp153-305 followed by 50pp directory advertiser. Worn copy, backstrip renewed, even so the edges are splitting, crudely re-sewn (some leaves are detached), new eps, extensively foxed, edges of some leaves have become so brittle they have fallen away. Ex-Berkshire Record Office, their ink stamp on title-page. (ref 7817)  33.00

[Reading]  Shop Receipt
A small receipt, 1895, of London Street 'Family & general Drapers, Silk Mercers, Hosiers &c' Long, Sons & Everard.  (ref 3662)  2.50 post-free within UK

[Reading document]  Sale Particulars for The George Hotel
Printed particulars for the 1891 sale of The George held on the premises.   In those days horses were important - there was stabling for 50 horses but only 24 bedrooms.  The sale was held on behalf of the proprietress Mrs Pontin who was retiring from business after owning The George for 37 years.  An accompanying site plan is unfortunately long gone.  There are tears along old folds and a section (thankfully blank) of one of the pages is torn off, but you'd probably have to wait quite a while to find another copy - in any condition.  Priced to take account of the missing plan.  (ref 3646)  10.00 post-free within UK

The History and Antiquities of the Town and Borough of Reading in Berkshire with some notices of the most considerable places in the same county
J Doran Esq, 1835.  Small 8vo, 298pp, single letterpress ill of the monastery, tipped-in frontis of  The Oracle near St Mary's church.  An ex-lib copy with strong but plain buckram boards, rather neglected, first few leaves  detached & worn, contents mainly clean apart from a section of about 10 leaves which are browned, occasional pencil underlining and lines in the margins.  Crying out for some tlc - a competent binder could make into a worthy copy.  Formerly owned by John James Cooper, author of Some Worthies of Reading.  (ref 4424)  10.00

[Remenham document]  Schedule of Lands
A schedule drawn up in 1881 of lands owned by Stephen Frewen Esq and occupied by Charles Headington Esq amounting to 178 acres, all of it in the parish of Remenham.   The schedule is particularly useful to the local  historian in that it breaks the 178 acres into its various blocks, many of them clearly names of fields.   Manuscript on single parchment sheet [approx 20"x16"], nice and clean though multifolded.  (ref 60/20)  15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Remenham document]  Schedule of Lands
A schedule drawn up in 1881 of lands owned by Stephen Frewen Esq and occupied by Charles Headington amounting to 178 acres, all of it in the parish of Remenham.   The schedule is particularly useful to the local  historian in that it breaks the 178 acres into its various blocks, many of them clearly names of fields.   Manuscript on single parchment sheet [approx 20"x15"], multifolded.  This particular schedule was drawn up in connection with intended improvements to Aston Farm under the Improvement of Land Act 1864, though it doesn't specify what those improvements were to be.  (ref 60/23)  15.00 post-free  Not for export

[Shillingford documents]  Inventory and Valuation of the Old Bell Inn Fixtures and Fittings
4pp typescript copy of the inventory drawn up in 1886 on change of tenant, the copy undated but almost certainly made in 1926.  Also a couple of associated papers from 1916.  (ref 68/15)  12.00 UK post-free

[Sonning document]  Release & Conveyance of Houses and Butcher's Shop
This is an 1809 attested copy of an 1807 sale of a house occupied by John Williams together with an adjoining house and butcher's shop occupied by John Bedford, the properties being 'in the village of Sonning in the Cross Street there'.  The transaction took the form of a lease (to give legal possession) and the corresponding release (to transfer ownership) and copies of both documents are on offer.  The release contains a schedule of earlier transactions going back to 1785 when the property was acquired by Sir Thomas Rich.  In this 1807 sale the property was acquired by Reading grocer Henry Challis.  Manuscript on 4 large (approx 13"x16") paper sheets with a 5th as the covering sheet.  (ref 5686)  16.00 post-free  Not for export

[South Hinksey document]  Valuation of Effects and Stock of the Cross Keys
2pp carbon copy typescript inventory made in 1930 on change of tenant.  There's also a couple of very small notes dated 1906 and 1907 of fixtures owned by the landlord (the brewery).  (ref 68/25)  10.00 UK post-free

[Stratfield Mortimer] Commuters' Village
Ruth Crichton, 1964. 109pp inc index, 14 photo ills as plates, 4 others in text. A survey of the life & problems of Stratfield Mortimer, the author having been a resident for 17 years. VG (though inscribed) copy in worn and barely G d/w. (ref 4830)  7.50

[Streatley documents]  Deeds to Cottages and Land
In 1856 an abstract of title was drawn up in preparation for a sale of property owned by the late Henry John Shepherd.  The abstract provides details of deeds and documents going back to 1790, at which approx time certain property in Streatley was settled on the marriage of Hannah Shepherd and Rev John Littlefield.  The then property consisted of 'all that messuage or tenement with the malthouse garden orchard and appurtenances on the South side of the street.....together with 11 acres more or less of arable land.....and one acre more or less of meadow land.....and also all that messuage or tenement with the appurtenances called The White Hart.....also all those 5 cottages.....on the North side of the street.....'.  In 1809 further property was acquired by a Samuel Shepherd consisting of '3 messuages cottages or tenements.....formerly called Southfield.....'.  Then in 1814 Samuel Shepherd bought 'All that messuage tenement and shop formerly a blacksmiths shop' then or later to become known as The Hutt.  In 1838 Samuel Shepherd (by then Sir Samuel Shepherd Knight, Lord Chief Baron of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Scotland) acquired further property, described as 'all those two several cottages or tenements....and also all that barn.....since converted into a cottage.....'.  Sir Samuel died in 1840 and the properties were left to his daughter Mary Elizabeth Brandreth.  On offer here is the 1856 abstract together with 7 parchment deeds comprising lease & release of 1809, lease and release of 1814, lease and release of 1828 in one deed, and lease & release of 1838.  There are no actual deeds here to The White Hart or the other property covered by the Shephered/Littlefield marriage settlement.  Nevertheless this little group forms a very useful miniature local history, even providing names of occupiers and tenants of the various cottages.  (ref 232/18)  65.00 post-free 
Not for export

Origin and Development of Sunninghill and Ascot
C W Searle, 1937.  142pp, 17 plates as required.  G.  (ref 2931)  30.00 post-free within UK

[Thatcham] Monkey Marsh Lock
Kennet & Avon Canal Trust, 1991. 4to booklet of 16pp in photo card covers, 22 photos show the various stages of the restoration which the Trust carried out between 1988 & 1990. Nothing remains of the original early 18th century pound-lock due to enlargement in the later 18th century to accommodate much larger barges. The restoration revealed several subsequent alterations, and the photos provide a unique insight into development followed by decay followed by this restoration after 40 years of disuse. Several copies available, all F. (ref 350/34)  each 3.50 post-free within UK

[Thrupp documents]  Inventories of Furniture & Fittings at the Britannia
An 1890 inventory, re-used in 1905, of items to be taken over by the incoming tenants, together with a slip of paper concerning recently installed property deemed to be the property of the landlord (the brewery).  (ref 68/40)  10.00 UK post-free

History of Uffington Part 1 - Ecclesiastical History
John E Little, 1979. A5 booklet, 48 roneo'd pp. G. (ref 350/11)  4.00 post-free within UK

Waltham St Lawrence - Parish Celebrations of Royal Occasions
M E Railton, 1978. Square 8vo in white card covers, 27pp, 45 ills, including photos & extracts from newspapers. Final leaf sellotaped on o/w VG. (ref 350/35)  4.50 post-free within UK

[West Hendred documents]  Matched Pair of Final Concords
This is a matched pair of final concords recording a 1762 land transaction between John Coby and John & Sophia Sexton.  Manuscript on parchment, both parts measure approx 21"x8".  As each party would normally have retained a copy, it is unusual to have the opportunity to marry the two indentures together again.   (ref 7084)  10.00 post-free 
Not for export

Kelly's Windsor Directory, 1956
322pp, usual printed card covers. Covers dogeared & with one or two missing corners. G. (ref 2545)  12.00

A Guide to Books about Windsor Castle and Borough
M F Bond, nd but c1944.  A5 in printed paper covers enclosing 12pp which detail 54 books or articles.  Cover stained o/w G.  (ref 170/48)  4.00 post-free within UK

[Winkfield document]  Board of Agriculture Schedule of Heathfield House & Grounds
Drawn up in 1893, this schedule shows Heathfield House and the 34 acres of grounds (not in any detail, unfortunately) as being owned by Harry Farquhar de Paravicini and occupied by William Hale Willats.  Manuscript on single parchment sheet, very clean, approx 20"x15", multifolded.  (ref 60/12)  15.00 post-free
Not for export

[Wytham document]  Scheduling of Wytham Abbey under the Board of Agriculture Act etc
A schedule drawn up by the Board of Agriculture in 1897 of the Earl of Abingdon's 14 acre Wytham Abbey estate.  Manuscript on parchment sheet [approx 17"x11"], nice and clean though multifolded.   (ref 60/22)  10.00 post-free  Not for export

Medieval Domestic Architecture in Berkshire pt 1
E T Long, reprinted from Berks Arch Journal, 1940. Grey card covers, pp39-48 inc 2 ground-plans & 1 photo (of Sutton Courtenay Norman Hall). This 1st part consists of the Introduction and 12th Century. G. (ref 170/16)  2.50 post-free within UK

Medieval Domestic Architecture in Berkshire
E T Long, reprinted from Berks Arch Journal, 1941. Grey card covers, pp28-36, 4 photos. This part covers the 15th Century. G. (ref 170/15)  2.50 post-free within UK

County of Berks - Endowed Charities - Index to Reports of the Commissioners 1912
Foolscap, 44pp.  An alphabetical index of the names and places mentioned in the Reports on Endowed Charities 1905-1910.  VG.  (ref 350/61)  8.50